Speeding in the Wrong Direction

When/If a written curriculum for counter-racism is published, this should be on page 1 of book 1 for 1st graders.

WHAT NOT TO DO. (otherwise known as “non-participation.”)

*Photo provided by D. Bellamy


8 Responses to “Speeding in the Wrong Direction”

  1. Cree,
    I agree! This image is a perfect example of what a victim(s) of white supremacy should not do.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Agreed, MinnieB. I am not many/any of us are beyond the primary grades in this curriculum as evidenced by our condition.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    MinnieB, What I meant is that this is the clearest example I have ever seen of what a victim of white supremacy should NOT to do—help our victimizers.

  4. Cree,
    The title is of this post is speeding in the wrong direction, do you mean a counter-racist curriculum for first grade is the wrong direction?

  5. Page 1 book 1 in the counter-racist curriculum for first graders.

    Vocabulary Word Builders

    Empowering children with words, and how to use them is an adult responsibility. The process of accurately defining and the redefining counter-racist vocabulary words from adult understanding to child understanding, is a tasking exercise.
    This requires root word recovery and refinement…constantly.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    screwutoo, what is the difference between humane and insane?

  7. screwutoo Says:

    The nerve of the human to act in such a humane way. Just what the hell is this world coming to?

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