Can Wealthy Black People Finance our Freedom? Compare two 2s.

Can the wealthiest black folks get together and start businesses that employ black people and do a lot to pull up the economic condition of the rest of us?

Well, wealth is relative. Those with more wealth can put you out of business by buying up your companies, taking all your customers by under-pricing you , or buying out your suppliers and/or employees. Even employing economic hit men with bottom lines that exclude no act—if you get my meaning. If they don’t do it, it’s because you are doing nothing that they don’t like…That means they are your boss. So, let’s take a look at the supposed wealth of the wealthiest black people in this part of the world–relative to white folks.

Oprah Winfrey is the wealthiest black person in the U.S.—-by a long shot. Ms. Winfrey has a net worth that is 5 TIMES that of the 2nd wealthiest black person in the United States, Robert Johnson, former owner of BET. Yet, Ms. Winfrey is tied with ten white people for 139th place amongst all persons.

Oprah Winfrey has more money than any other black person in the U.S..

BET co-founder, Robert Johnson. In 2011, Johnson ranked as the 2nd wealthiest black person in the U.S..

Warren Buffett, the 2nd wealthiest person in the U.S.. Bill Gates is the only person wealthier. And, the gap between Buffet and Gates is NOTHING compared to that between Winfrey and Johnson. This year, Tiger woods is said to be in that number 2 negro slot. Uhh, yeah.

The net worth of the 2nd wealthiest white person, Warren Buffett, is 71 TIMES the net worth of that 2nd wealthiest black person, Robert Johnson. That is, it takes the caches of 71 Robert Johnsons to stack up to the wealth of his white counter-part, Warren Buffett. And, Mr. Johnson’s net worth is less than HALF that of the white person in 397th place. That’s right, our 2nd place does not reach even the level of their 397th place.

All of the ten wealthiest black people in the United States accumulated their wealth in the field of entertainment. None of the top fifty of the wealthiest white folks made their fortune in entertainment. In other words, the money of these black entertainment “moguls” is the spare change of the really wealthy. For example, white billionaires use their spare change or hobby money to own sports franchises that employ/own black millionaires.

The wealthiest black folks have no financial leverage on white folks. We’re going to have to oppose the system of white domination some other way; and, that might include spending the money we’re allowed to have more effectively towards battling this beast. But, we cannot, essentially, buy our way out—with money.

About that Fortune 400 cover—Neither at the time of the cover in 2010 nor at any time since did Jay-Z rank as pitifully high as even Bob Johnson. But, the smartest white folks (racists) wanted to create an impression in us that the wealth of Mr. Carter is in the same league as Mr. Buffett’s. Why? If we thought otherwise, would we be trying to get like Jay-Z? Or, would we be plotting our way out of the glass game preserve that is this system of white domination?
Got 99 problems and White Domination is number 1.
The Big Picture


16 Responses to “Can Wealthy Black People Finance our Freedom? Compare two 2s.”

  1. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Real societal change always happens from the bottom up. We will have to save ourselves with little, if any help from those with millions. And the numbers that constitutes the pale beings so called wealth will only be significant up until the moment that Black people decide enough is enough. At that moment they will be eternally worthless in every aspect of existence.

    Cree always delivers the goods!!!!

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    All smoke and mirrors.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    On point again. !!!!

  4. Kushite Prince Says:

    That’s very true. I don’t think a lot of our people are aware of that. Most rich black folks know they have to stay in their place. if they tried to help blacks in America or the masses of our people in Africa–they would get a wake up call real quick! They are paid to keep their mouths shut and to give the illusion of progress. It’s all smoke and mirrors. They don’t want to get massa upset so they take whatever crumbs they he gives them.

  5. rbrownes Says:

    No, rich black people can not finance the black masses out of anything. If they even thought about it, all their monies would be taken away. They would come up with all kinds of tax laws they would say the black people did not pay and we would end up seeing Oprah and Jay-Z working at White Castle. And I think they know this so they don’t even try or will never try. So that is something unobtainable.

  6. Kushite Prince Says:

    I feel you. We have to give Cree her due. She’s a true asset to the community. I appreciate the hard work she puts into these articles. She’s really trying to elevate the consciousness of her people. I can really respect that. Although I’ve only heard her voice on the radio–she sounds like a very intelligent and beautiful woman. You can tell alot from a voice.

  7. Thanks, but you gotta give CREE Major Credit for exposing such important topics that you won’t find elsewhere. I think it’s time we all got really serious and take our thinking to another level. After all, economic survival is “serious business”. In these recessionary times, with all that is going on and affecting African-Americans, how can we “not” be serious?…

  8. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Amilkar Great post! Very well thought out!

  9. Right you are about the unique techniques that will be needed to improve our (Black) economic situation in the 21st century and beyond. There must be a reverse in the course of our economic activities/habits, if we are to prevent history from repeating itself by letting GDAMs (genetically-deficient albino mutants) “re-enslave” us through wicked financial means. Controlling your destiny includes being economically responsible and financially independent, as well as continually resourceful through the growth of business ownership, perpetual education and the means to transfer wealth successfully to the proceeding generation (generational wealth.) Whites have these tools at their deployment, even in these recessionary times. It will be just a matter of time before they will be able to regain nearly if not all of their economic/financial losses over the past few years. The question we should concern ourselves with is: what is our overall game plan?

    I, too, have read with diligence, innumerable financial publications and books over the years, to educate myself on how to survive the well-established plots (via the system of racism) planned against our pursuits for economic independence in the u.s., just as other ethnicities have been able to do in previous generations. Although if I was not able to attain the wealth I planned, it is still extremely important to prepare yourself and family for unanticipated opportunities. The financial tools and information you and I have read works; but we still need an articulated system to defend our economic gains. The problem is finding, defining, implementing, enhancing and defending that system to make sure it works for us, our youth and the proceeding generations. Other ethnicities often state that that came to the u.s “with nothing” and eventually became a success over two generations. I have nothing against these people. What I learned was that “the system of racism” worked in their favor and not for our ancestors. It’s a long story but I’m more than certain that you and other readers are knowledgable about our unique history as African-Americans in the u.s. At some point in life, you begin to think about the next generation and their prerequisites to have a competitive stance from which to work in this increasingly ruthless world. As Gus Renegade often states on his show: “It takes a system to defeat a system.”

    BTW: great show with Dr. Bynum, with a lot of very insightful commentary about the topic of “darkness”. As always, your probes during the dialogue produced another enjoyable show that should not be missed!

    I know that it’s wishful thinking, but it would be great to have more extremely-intelligent bloggers and talk show hosts who provide a vanguard for this type of dialogue for our people. One thing that I have noticed over the years is the continuing segregation of Blacks across the u.s. through the use of gentrification, civic negligence and other important economic factors affecting formerly-populated Black neighborhoods and cities, i.e. Washinton, D.C., Detroit, Chicago and South Los Angeles to name a few. This techinque counters the effects of having “strength in numbers”, which comes in handy when acquiring wealth-building tools such as buying and owning real estate.

    Since we know that “cloning” Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, Sean Carter (Jay-Z) and dispersing their wealth-generating skills into other technical and financial industries is not going to happen (lol!), we’ve got to come up with a different plan of action.


    Step #1: stopping blaming and hating each other. Let’s face it. We’re all victims of the system of racism, and one is no more better than nor has more than the other in comparison to our perpetrators. After all of the information we continually receive about what was planned “and” actually happened to us, how can we act this way toward one another? We’ve got to do as Dr. Welsing suggested, by becoming intellectual adults and get very, very serious about our intentions to survive, contribute to humanity and carry out our terrestrial duties as The Creator initially planned for all of us.

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you, Dr. Muhammad. I am encouraged by your words.

  11. Very constructive CREE.

  12. Interesting even though i really think oprah played a good game of using white people to create her wealth. there could be some type of esboration technique..

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Your reasoning is well-stated and quite thoughtful, amilkar. I spent quite a bit of time a over a couple of decades reading financial magazines and wealth-building books as well as reviewing material about the economies of black folks during Jim Crow. But, in the end, all of those stories of land stolen from our grandparents and great-grandparents at gunpoint or via re-zoning and property taxes or bail made me reconsider. Singapore, Dubai, and Brazil each poverty and misery distributions that mirror skin color distribution. Any wealth we develop, history has shown me, will be taken if we cannot defend it. and, given the galaxian stagger in defense technology we’re starting from, that’s going to take imagination–that I know we’re capable of—and/or intervention from Our God(s). That’s why I cannot wait for Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum’s book to be drop. I’m thinking that it is our brains, themselves, that hold the ultimate key and from which their is can no counter by our opponent.

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Couldn’t have hoped for better, more candid, feedback, Kushite Prince. I know I needed to say it but it felt like a note in a botttle thrown in the ocean that might not be found for decades. What relief that you found the bottle, sir. Turning the ships in another direction after making provisions and sacrifices is painful. But, we’ve got it in us to make corrections and to get where we need to be.

  15. If Black people controlled the destiny of our consumer dollars, by ensuring through a strategic-designed, systematic, well-defined plan that ensures each earned dollar benefits as many Black people as possible, through every economic ad social measure, before leaving outside of our “virtual” community, there would undoubtedly be a seismic shift in the economic habits we exhibit today. Why? Because by implementing a strategic plan into our functioning lives, from top to bottom, front to back, airtight with no wiggle room, “and” seeing the rewards of a truly-effective economic system workng for “us” as it does for other ethnicities (Singapore, Dubai, Brazil, etc.) would make a heluva difference.

    Although whites do have a large amount of tangible material wealth, i.e. real estate, businesses, high-tech hardware, etc., they rely upon, exploit, (even steal!) the intellectual properties and ingenuity of Black/People of Color in the u.s. and abroad. As a matter of fact, have always done so with Black people, from slavery to post-Reconstruction to urban riots (i.e. Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, a purely-perfect example of economic jealousy by OK whites) to the foreclosures and personal wealth losses by Black households and businesses over the past 4-5 years (Great Recession).

    The key to economic success from the system of racism is to use this “crack” in the wall of the dam, using our dollars to build a economic substructure as a bridge to detach ourselves from whites.

  16. Kushite Prince Says:

    This is nothing but the truth! And sometimes the truth hurts.

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