Molestation Victim is Zimmerman Defender

Joe Oliver, defender of the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. To be clear, the police report listed Zimmerman as "white Hispanic." No hyphen. Zimmerman was classified as white at the time of the murder.

Joe Oliver with his "wife" and offspring. Deep breath. There is only one person at whom venom should be directed in this photo. She's second from the left.


  1. It removes or reduces the suspicion that any white person who can practice racism does practice it. This reduced suspicion is then recommended to other non-white people with whom they talk—offspring, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, etc. ( During formal slavery, black people in this part of the world were clear about the fact that white people who pump us are not mutually exclusive from those who thump us. The fathers of many slaves were also their massuhs. )
  2. It confuses the non-white person about the supremacy of racism. If the bed is a racism free-zone, the victim of racism starts to reason that maybe the skateboard park is, too! This confusion is then spread to other non-white people with whom they talk—offspring, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
  3. It does not reinforce self-acceptance. Caressing the uniform of the enemy (the white supremacists) is likely to produce something similar to the Stockholm Syndrome.
  4. It can produce offspring with more acute effects of 1-3. It is extremely difficult to convince himself/ herself that a white parent may have been mistreating him/her on the basis of color even though the white parent pushed him/her in a stroller and swing.
  5. It compromises the non-white person’s will and/or ability to counter racism (white domination). At minimum, to avoid the disapproval of the white sexual partner, the non-white person will limit or stop his/her study and discussion about countering racism. More often than not, it produces victims of the system who become so confused that they act as “defense attorneys” for Racist Man and Racist Woman in court rooms, on camera, on social media, on the job, at the lunch table, etc.
  6. Mr. Joe Oliver gave up his job to do public relations work on behalf of the white murderer of Trayvon Martin, repeatedly saying that he knows that Zimmerman “is not a racist.” Oliver has recently admitted that he is not even a close friend of Zimmerman but only a former co-worker. Mr. Joe Oliver is a long-term victim of maximum racist aggression (sex between a white person and a black person). When the system of White Supremacy has been terminated, one can only hope that he can be fully restored to mental health.

    *FB friend Patricia Tee coined the term “defense attorney” to describe black people who have become so mentally ill that they vigorously defend their dominator at every opportunity.


8 Responses to “Molestation Victim is Zimmerman Defender”

  1. “The Treyvom Martin event was scripted. They are actors. It is a fiction created to push and agenda of hate…

    The Canadian WildRose political campaign is a fictitious as the Green party. They are also actors serving their master (Blacks Law Definition of Actor – look it up)

    Cast of Characters include:
    Roger Daltry – (The Who) as George Zimmermans Lawyer
    Corey Stoll – (Law and Order LA) as Court Bailiff
    Katie Holmes (Mrs Tom Cruz) AKA Megan Boones (Law and Order LA), Kate Middleton (UK Royal), Danielle Smith (WildRose Party leader CAN)

    They and the producers of the event as well as every station manager and network executive that propagated this lie need to be held accountable.”

    CREE please remember that white people (racists) are masters of manipulating events and emotions/feelings. They are masters of deceptions and they use the TV or mainstream media and 90% of alternative information on the web (Alex Jones, David Icke for example) for mass deception. The feelings that you have for the Treyvon Martin event could be a manipulation. Because you have to ask yourself why are they shoving this event down my throat at every conceivable manner.
    So check out the video and see, maybe he is on to something.

  2. His ‘seeds’ look like an ‘interracial’ experiment gone wrong. That’s all I have to say.

  3. rbrownes Says:

    You can always tell negros with white wives. It shows who’s the dominant one in all black/white relationships.

  4. vinniepaz Says:

    One other thing that I would like to mention here. The Media CHOSE to bring national attention to this situation. Situations such as this happens EVERY DAY all over this wilderness called “America” and do not get the national media attention that is needed. Because of this I would like to remind everyone that we can’t lose sight of what Racist Man and Racist Woman are doing on the national and global political landscapes. What, with elections coming up and all, they may very well be allowing this to serve as a “distraction” from other things that they are doing right under our noses. I’m not saying to stop demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. I want JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin, but I am also keeping my eye on the people in Capitol Hill and on Pennsylvania Ave.

  5. vinniepaz Says:

    Oh yeah, I am soooo surprised that step-n-fetch it, oops, I mean Joe Olivers sex partner is white. I never saw that coming.

    Listen y’all, I have NEVER, EVER in my life engaged in voluntary sexual molestation with a white female. Even before learning anything of Counter Racism I had always made it a point to NOT have one as partner. Bottom Line.

    And I have to echo what LBM said…

    “When Black males respond to such savagery differently, the perpetrators and their “friends” will think twice.”

    I second that.


  6. When Black males respond to such savagery differently, the perpetrators and their “friends” will think twice. Until then, the murder and foolishness will continue. I’m praying that the girlfriend of Treyvon’s father isn’t an oxyhominoid. In addition to everything CREE said, sleeping with anti-humans destroys the ability to properly advise other non-whites, particularly our youth concerning the dangers of any environment where there’s a number of anti-humans.

  7. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Cree This is a great post sis! I agree with all your points. Sex with whites will NOT get rid of racism. By the way,I’m SO surprised that Joe Oliver’s “wife” is white! Arent you?lol

  8. The white police officers from chief Lee on down said Zimmerman is white that’s enough for me. I advise all to read about James Dooley a black Male who in the state of Florida shot an unarmed white male named David James in 2010 killing him. Mr.Dooley is arguing Florida stand your ground law as his defense. Mr Dooley was arrested and is awaiting trial for manslaughter. Obviously stand your ground wasn’t a stay out of handcuffs or criminal charges for Mr Dooley.

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