White Federal Judges to President Obama: “You Sassin’ Us, Boy?”

Judge Jerry Smith with his wife at a Christmas event in Houston, Texas.

Answer me, boy! — by Thursday! Ya hear?!

This is yet another report of “BPWB.” Being President While Black:

Check it out. On Monday, President Obama commented about the the federal law suit challenging the Affordable Care Act (Physician Hospitals of
America vs. Sebelius), saying

“I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

On Tuesday, 5th Circuit Judge Jerry Smith ordered Obama’s Justice Department (i.e, black Attorney General Eric Holder) to explain himself in a three-page, single-spaced letter— by noon Thursday. Smith ordered the Obama administration to address whether it believes that the courts (white people) have the power to overturn a law that President Obama pushed for—regardless of previous precedent.

Unusual? Even white folks will admit that. That it reminds them of the way a misbehaving middle-schooler is disciplined? They’re saying that only in private with great glee over martinis, I’m sure. Followed by the concerts of nigger jokes.

For more than a couple of centuries now, those serving as POTUS have lobbied the federal courts for their programs. This is done indirectly, of course, by speaking to the people through news media. That’s because, despite what you were told in your high school civics class, judges don’t just apply the law. Judges do make law by defining words; for instance defining whether a “person” includes corporations or black folk or by specifying what is “reasonable” in a particular statute or in a phrase in the Constitution.

When white people don’t like the law being made by a judge, they call her/him an “activist judge.” They say the judge is performing his/her job incorrectly by going beyond their confined role of applying law to making law. Tsk,tsk. Now, you know how white people like their code words to have a double meaning. This code word, “activist,” communicates to the white collective that a judge is behaving like Dick Gregory or Al Sharpton or Thurgood Marshall. Nowadays, the term, “conservative activist” is sometimes used to describe the behavior of judges leaning more towards David Duke than Dick Gregory. But, when used that way, the punch of “conservative activist judge” still comes from the other meaning of acting like a nigger lover—the same way that the word “white” prefixes “trash” or “slavery.” Everybody is supposed to know that real trash and slaves are black people—- including a duly elected POTUS.

What will Jerry Smith do if President Obama and/or Attorney General Holder don’t do their assignment/punishment? Order an arrest? Will that come before or after George Zimmerman’s arrest?

Last month, the U.S. Justice Department (this time meaning the smartest white people who control black attorney General Eric Holder) let a deadline slip to challenge a federal appeals court ruling that left standing a new legal precedent for tolerating threats made against the life of a presidential candidate and, ultimately, the president. The white guy who made that threat, Walter Bagdasarian, hails from my neck of the woods (pun sort-of intended) here in San Diego County, La Mesa, California.

Bagdasarian posted on an online financial bulletin board in October 2008, “Re: Obama, fk the niggar, he will have a 50 cal in the head soon” and “Shoot the nig.” After a bench trial, a federal judge in San Diego convicted him of threatening to kill or do bodily harm to a major presidential candidate. However, last July, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit overturned the convictions, saying Bagdasarian’s statements did not amount to “true threats” prohibited by law.


This is not an election endorsement of anyone. It’s just a reminder that ankle bracelets or bars do a prison make. So many black folks cannot seem to get that. I understand. Having been born into this prison and knowing nothing else, comprehending this can be difficult. But once you do get it–really get it–being angry with Mr. Obama about what he has or hasn’t done as “president” will become almost impossible. I don’t pretend to know the heart of Mr. Obama except that I do not believe he wants his children harmed in some “accident.” Neither do I.


10 Responses to “White Federal Judges to President Obama: “You Sassin’ Us, Boy?””

  1. this is outside the box thinking it may seem alittle weird but its a thought that ran across my head just awhile ago.

  2. Hello again miss cree….

    I was just thinking….if racism is mental then its possible that the white supremacist are heavily involved in physiologist/therapist/ all areas of the human mind.

    Now I just wonder the number of white people that have jobs in that field. how many white people function in that field time from time…

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You better believe something is going on….Oh, yeah, asia.

  4. the white sumperacist just used obama to shut black people down.
    there was going to be a huge uprising in this country against the whites and most white people knew it..this is why I questioned the swift cool atitudes white people have with obama.Maybe its because he doesn’t really have any power ???? OBama is a puppet/human tool the white sumperacist used. what I find very weird is that tons of white people were buying guns after obama became president….is a mass killing of black people about to happen after obama leaves office? the police force was also began acting weird to me. something is going on cree….

  5. Kushite Prince Says:

    When did cavemen learn how to type on a computer?lol You’re more than welcome to give your opinion on any topic you like. I personally always like to get insight from genetic recessive mutant beasts. 🙂

  6. fukunig Says:

    fuck you nigger who will all be eradicated white power

  7. Kushite Prince Says:

    Yeah I hear you. It’s a great phrase though. Have you heard of the blog ‘Blacknotdippedinchocolate”? That’s a great site! i stumbled upon it by accident.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Kushite Prince, when it came to me, I thought it was too easy of a phrase for me to be the first to think of it. When I googled it, I found out I am far from the first to use it.

  9. Kushite Prince Says:

    “Being President while Black”.lol I like that! That’s going to be my new phrase. I hope you don’t mind me using that Cree.lol

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