Black Men in the Entertainment Industry who have dissed Black Women that Black Women still support!!!(((WARNING: Laced with madness, the stupid, profanity, and hella colorism)))

Found this on bougieblackgirl. Other than describing this terminally ill behavior of victims of racism as “racist,” I absolutely salute the author.

I am about to get real and raw. WAKE UP SIS!! These people hate you. They hate the very essence of you. They hate you, their sisters, their mothers, and their mother’s mother. Heck they hate the skin they live in and they are telling you.

Kevin Hart
#handsdown Light-skinned women usually have better credit than a dark-skinned woman…Broke as dark hoes…Lol

Dark skinned women take a punch @ da face better than light-skinned women…u soft as yellow b–ches…lol

Lil Wayne
Beautiful black woman, I bet that b*tch look better red.” “…my daughter is the first and last dark skin child I’m having. The rest of my baby moms [are] light skinned chicks. I even got an Asian baby moms to make sure I have a daughter with good hair. Too bad we had a son.

Young Berg
I’m kinda racist…I don’t like dark butts…You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men.It’s rare that I do dark butts – that’s what I call dark skinned women…I [don’t date women] darker than me.

I love the pool test. If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are and you don’t come out looking better than you looked before going in the pool – then that’s not a good look. Any woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin.

Pilow the Don
…black women need to get their shit together, period, point black. And if you’re in denial of that, you are part of the problem.

Kanye West
Rolling with some light-skin chicks and some Kelly Rowlands.

If it wasn’t for race mixing there’d be no video girls. Me and most of our friends like mutts a lot. Yeah, in the hood they call ‘em mutts

All the prettiest kids are light skinned anyway.

Tyrese (on not having Black women in his video)
I welcomed all women and went with the best…. I don’t do favors.

Brian White
You can’t call it a stereotype if it’s the majority. The most prevalent image in “urban society” right now is women like Nene [Leaks]. If there’s a fight that breaks out on “Love & Hip Hop” those people are one every blog, the cover of every magazine the next week. It’s not Taraji or Gabrielle, it’s whoever just got into a fist fight. Tyler’s not stereotyping, he’s holding up a mirror and people are mad at him because people don’t want to look at that image in that way.[sic]” read more of the madness here



These people hate you but they will gladly take your money. Heck some of them even said so. A chicken wouldn’t support KFC so why in the world would you support a man that hates you. I don’t get it. Is it Stockholm or battered woman’s syndrome. Someone and I mean somebody explain this madness to me. How many times do these Black Women abusers/haters have to trash you before you get it? They aren’t coming home, they are not changing, and no they don’t love you. Love is not pain. Love is kind. Love is sweet and gentle. Sister you are being verbally abused and assaulted and the thing is that you know it. You have become complicit in your own abuse. And guess what? The world sees it and shakes their collective heads because you continue to line your abusers pockets.

I implore you. No I beg you to walk away. Turn off the television. Don’t buy that CD. Go to another movie. Build your wealth, health, and self esteem. Heck even pray on it if works for you. Just let these people know you will not stand for it. I don’t care if they apologized. HELLO it’s complete and utter bullocks! They apologized because YOU line their pockets! Think of it like this. If a random white actor or singer said the same thing about Black women wouldn’t you be signing petitions and marching to get his ass fired. So why are these racist Black men any different?
I will close with more infinite wisdom from that great thespian Slim Thug.

Slim Thug
‘ It’s hard to trust a Black woman sometimes because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her – he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him. If that’s what you’re here for then I don’t want to be with you,” said Slim.

Most single Black women feel like they don’t want to settle for less. Their standards are too high right now. They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. We’re important. It’s hard to find us so Black women have to bow down and let it be known that they gotta start working hard; they gotta start cooking and being down for they man more. They can’t just be running around with their head up in the air and passing all of us.

I have a brother that dates a White woman and he always be fucking with me about it saying, ‘Y’all gotta go through all that shit [but] my White woman is fine. She don’t give me no problems, she do whatever I say and y’all gotta do all that arguing and fighting and worry about all this other shit.’

My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the s**t that I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that. She don’t be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit. And she’s a smart girl too. She graduated from Columbia [University] and I like that about her so it’s cool. I’ve dated girls that will buy a $3,000 bag and don’t know how to pay it off on their credit cards. They walk around in these Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars, so it’s just getting your priorities right.

White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Black women need to stand by their man more. Don’t always put the pressure of if I’m fucking with you, you gotta buy me this and that. Black men are the ones that motherfuckers need [but] I think a lot of them need to step it up too. A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of im going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood. Black peoples’ mentality is real fucked up in general [and] it’s affecting everything.

Black women need to be more genuine and be more 50/50 [but] It should be a fair exchange in a relationship period or eventually somebody is gonna feel like they’re getting fucked over whether it’s the woman or the man. I think that will help Black relationships out a lot.


22 Responses to “Black Men in the Entertainment Industry who have dissed Black Women that Black Women still support!!!(((WARNING: Laced with madness, the stupid, profanity, and hella colorism)))”

  1. ADD this one to your list also….SHEMAR MOOR “The woman was in Shemar’s backyard with a number of people when someone — not Shemar — pushed her in the pool. We’re told she got very upset and tried to come inside the house, soaking wet. She was asked to wait until someone could get her some towels. Shemar came to the door with the towels, but she became even more irate and he asked her to leave. Apparently one of them started the pushing, and she called the cops.”

    Though no arrests were made, is Shermar Moore known for pushing Afro American females into his swimming pool because he and his boys like to crack up when they ruin their weaves? Of course.

  2. You might want to add WACKA FLACKA to this list heres what he said about black women>>>“I’ma be real with you. Anything white people like is like … their grandmothers, grandparents probably was annoyed. As they grew up, that was part of our generation. And people don’t understand it ’cause they so old to the antique sh*t that the new and improved — like, yo kids gonna be even worse. My kid’s gonna be worse. They ain’t gonna go through the black/white sh*t. Like, they all gonna f*ck around and just walk a straight line. I feel like it’s just getting better and better. How you feel about white women lookin’ good right now? How you feel about that? Do you speak black? Spanish girls is taken — no, used to be black girls was the baddest sh*t, you know what I mean? Spanish, J-Lo be poppin’ … white women are poppin’ right now, man. They f*ckin’ poppin’. Imma just be real.”

  3. AAAHhhh,, Can’t stand it! Didn’t OJ marry a white woman? She got life time alimony! And spent that money on her boyfriend. Dennis Rodman married a white wman, divorced her and she wants $25 000 a month for 2 children, ( child support) instead of getting a job. These guys are just looking for an excuse to hate on themselves. They have no case, cause if you look at divorce stats, white women initiate and take a whole lot more. FROM ANYONE! Even if they be lesbians.

  4. All these guys are talking about L.A. women. Superficial women. They take a man to court for child support, no mercy. Terrel Owens is broke and is being sued by whom? BLACK WOMEN! One who received $20 000 a month for child support is suing him cause he can’t pay her any unearned money. Women, in America, in general feel entitled for doing nothing. And the courts support them for doing so. Regardless of color. THese “celebrity” men, just need to say “women in America” instead of prefacing it with “Black” women. Cause white, asian, all of the above will take em to court to get into their wallets if they get divorced, live with them….endless sh*t!

  5. okay … where’s the female that comes along and says “they aint talking to me.”

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You bet!! And, thanks for your work countering this wretched system of injustice, Lisa.

  7. Hi Cree7 Great post. Can I link up to my This is consistent with what I am writing about and I would like to post it on my Blog. Thanks

  8. @m1 you misunderstood, when I said “put to sleep” I meant in a nice warm bed so that my may continue the insanity.

  9. Hi everyone, yes these brothers are incorrect but let’s not talk about putting anyone to sleep when not one person talked about putting Mick Jagger Don Imus john Mayer or the countless white men to sleep for the same thing. We as black people must resist and not give in to gender feuds. Let the whites have their “war on women “

  10. I resisted reading this poison, that poisoned a little boy and made him into a facsimile of a human. Now I wished I had more willpower.

    Like someone once said in my presents: SOME NEGROES NEED TO BE PUT TO SLEEP! ON TV (the “on tv” is mine).

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you so, so much for sharing those thought, feelings, and experiences, Richard Brown. I, too, have come to the conclusion that it will require intervention from a much greater intelligence for black people to overcome our challenge here on this planet. I believe that white people have received help from an off-world benefactor to do what they have done to us…and if we don’t get some help soon, it’s over for us. But, even if I knew it was hopeless, I would never relent because I am the center of meaning for me. Even if I am the only person or thing on the planet like me, I will never voluntarily submit my essence— the value of it— to any other meaning no matter who or what crafted it. Nothing here lasts forever, so during my time, I assert the meaning of MY existence.

  12. Richard Brown Says:

    I’m not going to say much more on this but I disagree with Amilkar a little. No one is being critical of light-skinned black women here. But the notion that a lot of black men feel the lighter skinned black female is more beautiful is a problem because what they are saying is white is more beautiful and not that this hued black woman is more beautiful. Because the question becomes why is she more beautiful and no one ever asks that question. It’s just accepted that she’s more beautiful. It’s actually an understanding that does not have to be answered and I see that as a huge problem. It shows we don’t like ourselves, how we look. We look at ourselves as ugly (black). That’s a huge problem that need correction. I look at these statements from black entertainers with tremendous disdain because they are our elite and by elite I’m not saying they are any better than any of us but they are the ones looked up to by black people and by them saying statements like these poses a big problem.

  13. Richard Brown Says:

    To Rm, and I’m wondering what that R and that M stands for, that’s the most ridiculous advice I’ve ever heard. The people who are putting these ignorant ideas into the black mans mind, now the black female should date the ones putting these ideas into the black mans mind. How is that a solution? The one who tells that black man his woman is a gold digger, she’s ugly, she irresponsible, should be the one dark-skinned black women should date. That is certainly not going to help the problem and in fact with exacerbate the problem

  14. Richard Brown Says:

    Another thing that’s hurting about his is why has no other black entertainers stood up for black women? Why hasn’t any made a comment on this…pro or con? By not responding, I’m saying they agree with this. To me, these things said should be fighting words. I’d have no problem seeing on the news a black man whipping on another black man in defense of things said negatively about black women. These guys need to know what they are saying is ignorant. I’m sure they have no one telling them this but probably wouldn’t listen either. But something needs to shock them into reality and if it’s a fist, so be it.

  15. Richard Brown Says:

    This is unbelievable. But I understand it. This is the result of psychological damage from racism. A lot of these things these negros say are things white women have told them about black women. White women know just what to say to these negros. White women don’t have to ask these negros for anything. The negro just gives it to them. Then the negro comes out and says, “white women don’t ask you for anything”. She doesn’t have to stupid. You just gives it to her without her having to ask. They’re around whites all the time and I’m sure even white men make white women presentable for them. But he knows what that white woman will do to that negro. She will make that negro feel like he’s in heaven to the point where when she leaves him and takes most of his money, he won’t even be mad at her. But will fight to give a black woman a nickel of child support.

    I don’t know what is wrong with some black women either. I use to chat on BlackPlanet and was shocked at the support black women gave these black entertainers who only want white women. I found myself arguing with black women over this. The majority would just say they have a right to be with whoever they want to be. But I asked them is it not strange that he wants to be with someone that does not look like his mother? Don’t y’all see the problem there? So I stopped going there. The psychological damage has gotten worst. I honestly don’t see anything that can bring our people around other than divine intervention and I am not a religious person. Possibly if whites were to do us like the germans did the jews then we would come around but that is so drastic and I hope it would not come to that. And this is not just a young person thing. I have a friend who is 54 like I am. We were talking the other day and he said something so shocking to me although I knew he has a white identified mind. He said he wanted/liked hispanic women. Although I knew why, I asked him anyway and he said they were more beautiful. I decided to get off the subject. But my mind wanted to ask him why were they more beautiful but I already knew what the answer was although he would have denied they look closer to what a white woman looks like. He has already told me he would not have a problem dating a white woman. Now this guy is 54 and still does not know the ramifications of racism so I view this whole thing as a hopeless situation.

    I think we as black people expect nothing. We don’t think anything of ourselves so when others show us they think nothing of us, it does not bother us. I know I suffer from low self-esteem as a black man. The entire society reinforces this image of us as being nothing to the point where I feel I am nothing. It’s like the part Oprah played in the color purple. Remember how proud she was but after the white folks broke her down, she could hardly lift her head. That’s what white folks have done to us. Beat/broke us down to the point where we degrade ourselves and think absolutely nothing of it. I have given up on this world and just waiting out my time here. I have been aware of this racial problem since my very early 20’s when I was first introduced to the Nation of Islam and Minister Farrakhan. They were like a breath of fresh air and made me feel good about being a black man but a lot of things they talked about have not come to fruition. As a matter of fact, it’s gotten worst. I have never fathered any kids because I hate this world and wish I’d never been born in it. Even though some may would call me “successful”, I don’t feel that way at all. The whites I work around think nothing of black people even though they will come up and speak and smile at me everyday yet I know their true feelings towards black people. They have won. I listen to the few blacks I work around tell me about the troubles their sons and daughters are having at their jobs due to racism and I see this as a never ending problem. Divine intervention is the only thing I see that can save us and when I say that I’m not talking some being coming down from the sky but someone(s) born with divine inspiration that can galvanize the souls of black people for improvement. I don’t see that happening in my lifetime but maybe sometime in the future.

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Here, here, LBM.

    Notwithstanding that black females are the only females who are excoriated for wanting what it is a given that all females want, under this system frequency of black males who have anything substantial to share with an intimate partner IS comet-like. Males just accept alimony like death and taxes IF the female is not black…but if she’s black, the thought and phrase is, LITERALLY, “She doesn’t deserve it.” Unworthy by virtue of hue. Disgusting but successful brain-trashing by RM/RW and the lack of fortitude by black people in fighting for any self-regard..

  17. Hey CREE, of the many crude lies perpetrated in the piece – one can go under our “untruths oft repeated” : Black woman as gold digger. I continue to be amazed at how the few guys with a few coins that they willingly give to non-black women refuse to look at the larger condition of their fellow “brothas.” Truth is, most of them have no gold for a Black woman to dig. Unfortunately, too many Black women are trying to support black men and families with the copper they “dig” from rm/rf. So from the time anyone starts to propagate the nonsense that these rappers, actors, bloggers, average joe-qwans spew, ALL support from Black women should cease. The disrespect for Black women, especially those of the darker hues is out of control. I don’t have a list of counter actions at this time but pro-actively ceasing support of these enterTRainers as well as the asians who are making a mint off of our pathological desire to look like what the entertrainers espouse would be a healthy and economical start.

  18. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Appreciate them as what? An underdeveloped victim who can never know what the heck the non-black guy is doing and saying about black people when she’s not around. Appreciate them for that?

  19. Thats why dark skinned black women should
    be dating outside their own race,
    and find men who appriciate them.

  20. Kushite Prince Says:

    Great post! I agree with you 100%!

  21. Anyone who is knowledgeable about the SOR can clearly see that this persistent, self-defeating phenomena is a direct result of centuries of brainwashing Black men, and Black women too.

    I do not look upon these statements by particular Black men with as much disdain as I used to, having realized the ultimate motive behind such statements.

    Light-hued skin is nothing more than a factor and living proof of the brutality of u.s. slavery. We all know the story about the rapes, sexual explotation and outright abuse of our Black female ancestors. Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with light-skinned Black women; it is the use of cosmetic preferences for these women over other beautiful Black women that makes this phenomena unjust. all of us are created by The Creator, and given an individuality that makes each of us exclusive. Diversity in tones and hues of the epidermis was prevalent and uncontroversial throughout history, even before the advent of the u.s.

    For Black people, especially Black men, to put so much expensive and spiritually-depleting energy into the nonsense of Black women’s skin color, especially at a time when our collective conscience can be raised to a higher level of cultural understanding is the epitome of “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Instead, we should continuously work on becoming “adults” and preoccupy our time with much more serious and productive issues, such as reenforcing positive images and psyches for our children in every aspect of our functioning lives as much as poosible.

    The best way to counter this type of regressive behavior is, again, to love yourself first and appreciate the gifts endowed upon each of us by The Creator. In actuality, Black women are, hands-down, some of the most beautiful, highly-attractive, sexy and women in the entire world, along with having physical, spiritual and emotional attributes that are “e-m-u-l-a-t-e-d” by many, many women around the world. Has anyone ever paid attention to “this” phenomena??!!…

    One of the traits of the SOR is the art of deflection and deception, tools which are used to “hide” truth and the real, underlying intentions of those who want to be like us.

    I think that more Black women should confide more in the fact that there are many Black men out her who love them for who they are and how truly beautiful there are!

    “Haters are gonna hate.” – Anonymous

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