As frequent commenter, Blacka, said, “this is what the most threatened U.S. President in history has watching out for him. These are gonna be the same ones that [may] get him killed and I know the President has to know it.”

I, too, know that the President knows. And, you can bet that these agents want him to know. These are the same racists who allowed TWO state dinners to be crashed at the White House during the President’s first year in office—something that, to my knowledge, never happened to any of the preceding Presidents since there has been a Secret Service. These same white folks took part in that love fest with Ted Nugent to “inquire” about the aged white rocker’s statements threatening harm to President Obama. They are the point guards for the guy who got close enough last November to shoot at the part of the White House where the president, the First Lady and their daughters reside; the same white folks who were involved in that “incident” in which a cargo plane got too close to the first lady’s plane.

Black people need to stop bashing fellow victim, President Obama. He’s in the handcuffs and chains of unwritten rules that constantly threaten his life and that of his family. Enough with the Hunger Games, fellow victims.

innerstanding isness

After the prostitution scandal, many wondered if the agency suffered from deep-seated cultural problems. Which is exactly what a group of black agents — including Paula Reid, the woman who blew the whistle on the scandal — have been alleging for over a decade.

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Agents accompany President Obama in Florida.

In 2000, a group of black Secret Service agents filed a class action lawsuit alleging that they were systematically passed over for promotions because of institutionalized racism within the agency. Their suit, Moore vs. Chertoff, paints a picture of exactly the kind of “macho culture” some have worried exists within the Secret Service.

One of the suit’s original plaintiffs was Paula Reid, the Secret Service’s newly-promoted head of South American operations, and the one who blew the whistle on agents’ contact with prostitutes in Colombia. Reid, who is black, gave a statement alleging that…

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  1. Anytime the president’s security is compromised or breached, his/her immediate life was in real danger yesterday. That’s a fact that should have be taken extremely seriously by these unprofessional protection agents. Top it off with the fact that there has been an historically, unprecented number of threats made against the president and his family.

    This is not a game. The media makes me want to vomit, with airheaded hosts who sit on their asses in awe, lofting softball questions to governement officials who aiding such tragic events with their irresponsible and lackluster performance of duties.

    I don’t even want to begin to think of what will happen not just in the u.s. but across the entire world, if these hateful, ignorant perpretators are successful in any way in harming president and his family. at the same time, we must realize that there are such misfits out here, daily pursuing their bent fantasies of “re-whitening” the White House.

  2. Kushite Prince Says:

    Great post Cree. I’m interested to see how much coverage this will get from the mainstream media. It maybe something to hold us over until the Trayvon Martin case begins. You know how the media is great at distracting our attention from something else. When things like this happen,I always wonder that there is some other event they don’t want us to pay attention to. It’s all slight of hand. It’s what the media does best.

  3. “Hunger Games” that has gotta be the analogy of the year for the situation we as (Black) people find ourselves in. Very good Sista.

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