Who is the Actor? What is the Stage? Strauss Kahn is not finished.

Racist Man.
The globe.
It’s up to us to stop him.

Dominique Strauss Kahn and his victim, Nafissatou Diallo. The former International Monetary Fund chief Strauss-Kahn is now suing this black female housekeeper on the grounds that she hurt his career

Meanwhile, white folks are reportedly raising $1,000 per day for the defense of George Zimmerman, the sometimes white guy and killer of black teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Guest Post by Trojan Pam

(This was the email I received from the author this morning)


this super rich white male who had a vast reputation for sexually assaulting women is suing this poor. unemployed African woman who medical personnel said had injuries that indicated she was telling the truth about being assaulted?

Of course, in a white supremacy system that is showing its brutal hand more and more with each passing day, this is no surprise.

Whites are out full force to portray black people as the ones who are victimizing them. There are many articles where white people claim they are being victimized by “racism” (meaning us). Where white people feel they are more discriminated against (by blacks).

You will see more and more stories like this, where whites are seen as the “innocent victims” and bad blacks are the victimizers.

You will see a ton of imagery of crying white women aka “white women’s tears” and more imagery of black people being degenerate (the movie ‘Precious’) or buffoonish (like most black movies and sitcoms), and the increasing lies in the media about brutish Trayvon Martin (armed with a bag of Skittles) victimizing poor George Zimmerman (who was armed with a 9mm)

All staged to create the perception and a rallying cry that something must be done about these savage, lying, ignorant blacks who are hurting so many poor innocent white people.


25 Responses to “Who is the Actor? What is the Stage? Strauss Kahn is not finished.”

  1. Richard Says:

    I hear what you’re saying Cree about the exonerations using DNA but I have to be for anything that will/can get an innocent black man out of prison. White people are going to be white regardless. They don’t need DNA to put a black person away unjustifiable. But this DNA has gotten a lot of innocent black men out of prison.

  2. Something caused the Manhattan DA to snatch the president of the IMF, a French Nation AND a white man, off a plane in handcuffs, and charge him with rape.

    Something also caused the DA to drop the case.

    What was it thats caused the DA to drop the case?

    Don’t forget, rape used to be a capital offense; not rape and murder, but just rape.

    And these laws are still on the books if the victim is a child.

    The DA needs convictions in order to get re-elected. “protecting women” gets you the female vote; any nigger will do (the darker the better).

    I wonder how often the white supremacists cloak their racism in misandry in order to get the support of people who are not white and not racist?

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    ” i’m willing to bet that none of these women will come to ms diallo’s aid.”—that’s the bull’s eye right thaar, sir.

  4. Unfortunately Ms. Diallo joins the long list of black ladies victimized by white demons and not believed,now she’s being sued. A wealthy white trying to get money from a poor black maid. This is sick. i’ve heard more support for sandra fluke from black and white males then ms diallo. kahn has a long history of abusing women,mostly white ,however i’m willing to bet that none of these women will come to ms diallo’s aid. end racism.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Here’s a story that goes to your original point, thwack:

    Brian Banks, former high school football star, asks for NFL shot

  6. Cree, your point is well taken, and its precisely why I included the question regarding the nature of the penalty, if any, of a female making a false rape allegation.

    Don’t forget, SOFITEL is a French hotel and Strauss Khan was a top contender for the French presidency; if this happened to Obama when he toured Europe, would he be president today? (even if the charges were dropped and the accuser discredited?)

    The police don’t always wake up the DA to ask them “what do we do?” But in this case they did. They did because they had to because this could have blown up into a HUGE international “incident” with diplomats being expelled, armed forces being put on alert…

    Acctually, he should be suing the NYC police and DA for:

    1. a botched investigation.


    2. their failure to clearly explain and make sure the accuser fully understood the consequences of making a false rape charge.


    Maybe they could not accomplish #2 because there may be no criminal/legal consequences to a female making a false rape charge?

    And that may be why she did it.

    Also, as a side bar, don’t forget this: every hotel has a “vice president”.


    Because they are in the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY! The always have a person in charge of scoring pussy, drugs and any other vices… for their clients.

    Matter of fact, I bet your neighborhood bar has one too? (usually its the bartender).

    Its quite probable she had a side business makin good coin for tips from these high rollin French guys.

    She had the DA in her pocket; enough for them to drag that cracker off the plane in handcuffs and parade him past the cameras.

    And then they drop the case?

    Its called “covering your ass”. Her story fell apart with the people who brought the charges.

    Imagine how it would fall apart under cross examination?

    Its not her that would look foolish, all eyes would be on the DA.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    BTW, that’s somewhat of the problem I have with the use of DNA evidence to exonerate black people suspected or convicted of some crime. Since, the jury must take the word of some white persons(s) as to what the evidence is. It’s rather like a jury of blind people depending on a sighted person to tell them what is shown on a surveillance video. Eventually, if not already, it’s going to be used to convict black people rather than to exonerate them.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Good point, thwack. In this case wasn’t there evidence of physical injury consistent with rape? And, hadn’t he a history of sex with call girls and had been charged with sexual harassment with someone who worked for him at IMF? Does that make it more than just a female victim’s word against a male? Asking not making a point.

  9. The former International Monetary Fund chief was charged with rape, arrested, hauled off a plane and taken to jail?

    All based on the word of a black female hotel maid?

    A big decision had to be made in order to do this, who made it?

    Strauss Khan is a high roller. This event seemed to last just long enough to destroy his chance for the presidency of France.

    And then the case is dropped?


    Here are the questions:

    1. Is a females “word” all that is necessary for a male to be arrested and charged with rape?

    2. If the charge turns out to be false, what if any is the penalty the female is subject to?

    Nonwhite males must must use judgement before jumping on any “lynch tha white man bandwagon”.


    Because if they can do it to a white man, you know damn well they can do it to you.

  10. Amilkar Says:

    @CREE: I try to listen to your interesting shows as must as possible. I especially like when you feature such topics as anticiapted on May 31st (Black Science Fiction Society).

    Keep up the great work that you do CREE!

  11. just to demonstrate (though none is needed) the level of self-deception and delusions that make it difficult for non-white people to tap into our subconscious mind powers, check out this blog post

    it’s pretty long, but the section I’m referring to starts near the end, around May 17 2012

    neurotype’s posts are typical of those non-whites who spend time and energy debating other non-white people and defending white people while ignoring their own victimization by white people


  12. You’re right, there’s something going on on this planet and no, you’re not crazy.

    Have to check out the videos you mentioned

  13. @ Cree7 who said, “White folks keep us preoccupied with physical survival and/or with wanting to be like them and/or with conflict with one another in order to embargo our access to our superior natural resource of imaginings.”


    I will try to remember to catch your Black Science Fictions Society program on May 31! If you remember, send me an email.

  14. speaking of the non-physical world

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You make a sound argument, Pam, about the never-ending assault of their psyops even though they have every advantage in physical weaponry. It seems to me that, ultimately, since we are in physical form, our superconsciousness must be able to transmute physical forces—one way or another—to deal with these beings. This will be in the realm of science “fiction” until we find the principles to make it science fact. I have personally experienced superconciousness that was practical though I do not, yet, now know how to call upon it at will.

    Imaginings come from somewhere. They are a natural resource that can be used for practical advantage. And, I’d say, highly melanated beings have more of that natural resource than anyone else. We just need to mine it. White folks keep us preoccupied with physical survival and/or with wanting to be like them and/or with conflict with one another in order to embargo our access to our superior natural resource of imaginings. That way, the technology from their their very limited imnaginings can remain superior and imprison us on this planet while they roam the universe in their primitve spacecraft.

    I just confirmed with the administrator and creator of the Black Science Fictions Society for May 31 as a guest on CREE radio.

  16. Correction: (sorry, I typing too fast 🙂

    I believe the reason the white supremacists keep such a brutal foot on our necks is their fear that if WE ever open our blind eyes we will see what is really there and who they really are.

    I also believe the the planet is so out of balance on so many levels and so much evil is afoot that the entire ecological system, including plants, microbes, the oceans, the air, the animals, the earth, and its people have been damaged by one small group of (white) people that it is only a matter of time before the white supremacy system will be destroyed by the planet itself.

    One way or another, the white supremacy system is existing on borrowed time. And so are we if we do not solve this problem.

  17. @ Cree7 who said, “It will take something off-world. I do, however, think that we can access a super-consciousness that will convert is to off-world beings.”

    Absolutely agree, Cree!

    This GOD POWER is within the black collective conscious and subconscious mind because our GOD is within us. That’s why the slave-owners (past and present) tricked us into thinking our GOD was inside a building (a church) or represented by an image (a white Jesus) or is found in a book (the Bible). All physical objects.

    Why does this white supremacy system spend so much time, money, and energy to control our MINDS when they control all the guns and bullets and food and water that our PHYSICAL BODIES need?

    Because they know WHO we are and WHAT we would be capable of if we ever harnessed our conscious and subconscious minds to break the back of this system.

    This is a war of the mind, the conscious and subconscious mind. A SPIRITUAL WAR. A MIND GAME. A matrix. Magic made to appear real that requires the non-white victims to buy into their own imaginary powerlessness and inferiority.

    I believe the reason the white supremacists keep such a brutal foot on our necks is their fear that if they ever open our blind eyes we will see what is really there.

    I also believe the the planet is so out of balance on so many levels, so much evil is afoot, and has damaged the entire ecological system, including plants, microbes, the oceans, the air, the animals, the earth, and its people by one small group of people that it is only a matter of time before the white supremacy system will be destroyed by the planet itself.

    One way or another, the white supremacy is existing on borrowed time. And so are we if we do not solve this problem.

  18. Amilkar Says:


    I, too, believe in a higher consciousness. In these days, it seems to be a unique entity to possess. I also believe that each of you who comment on these discussions on this blog are, without a doubt, some of the most extremely intelligent people on this planet. Your commentary leaves me with a week-long thought-provoking analysis, observaton and interaction with others in my life. Give yourself credit for having the audacity to question the ridiculousness of the SOR.

    I once listened intently to a C.O.W.S. show, featuring Dr. Jeremiah Camara, about religion, the concept of “god” and its “dumbing-down” effect on Black people, especially here in the u.s. Religion was nothing more than another form of control used upon our ancestors. The program was a spiritual/conscious awakening for me, and has undoubtedly had a trememdous effect of my personal perceptions and beliefs of what a “higher being” constitutes. As usual, after much uncomfortable thinking and self-criticism, I now believe that the concept of god, under SOR terms, is nothing more than a distortion of truth, as have been proven the case in other features of human-acquired knowledge.

    There’s defintitely something going on on this planet. I’m not crazy, nor psychic or trying to create a fad. I’m more observant of current and unorthodox events than ever before. Before that, I never questioned a lot of this events and took everything for granted, never inducing a healthy dose of practical skepticism.

    before they were annihilated to less than 1% of their original population, Native Americans gave many prior warnings to the sacredness of a dynamic, self-replenshing Planet Earth, as well as our (humans) interaction with its wonderous, mind-boggling elements. Of course, they weren’t the only ones. I also believe that the SOR is a complete antithesis to this natural convention, created to rebel against all that was predetermined as “just”, as well as to abuse the sacredness of this planet. After all, SOR is nothing more than an invented protocol used to manipulate power, resources and wealth to advantage a certain rebellious group. All prosperity of every kind originates from the only thing we humans have ever known: Earth and its immense environment. I feel that it is just a matter of time before this event will expose itself, along with its inherent truth in reference to life we all should be living as defined by The Creator.

    “The Creator”, to me, is not some bearded, omnipresent white man in robe, surrounded by angels, constantly being antagonized by “the devil”. The Creator is revealed to me as a male/female spiritual entity, having equal powers/endowments, as evidenced by the “balanced” characteristics evident throughout the entire Universe. Nothing is imbalanced! When “justice” is applied to any imbalanced situation, element or event, the result is harmony. When there’s harmony, there’s peace. When there’s peace, there’s growth. In growth comes prosperity, the state of well-being. at this present moment, across this entire globe, there are more than 90% of us who are not within a state of well-being, including the confusion, marginalization and undervalution of Black people in this country.

    Again, there’s something going on and a higher consciousness, I think, will help to further understand the concusions to SOR.

    This way of thinking may not agree with many people but it’s working for me.

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I don’t know what it will take to change this insanity among us. I truly believe it will take divine intervention, Mother Nature, God, the Creator, and Universal justice. I just don’t think we are capable of doing this on our own.“—I agree Pam. It will take something off-world. I do, however, think that we can access a superconsiousness that will convert us to off-world beings. The technology called “brains’ can do much more than roll around here at high speeds. We can learn and/or remember to make them take flight at will.

  20. @ Amilkar

    You’re right, the mainstream media is more powerful than any weapon this system has. All over the world they broadcast these white supremacy brainwashing and what they were unable to do with bombs and guns, they have done with the movies and TV sets.

    No bomb could have forced Asian females to undergo eye surgery to look more ‘Western’

    No amount of guns would have persuaded African men and women to use skin-bleaching techniques that have caused death and disease

    My sister once said, ‘black people didn’t start acting crazy until we started seeing ourselves on the TV screen.”

    I’ll add one more thing. Integration and interracial dating added the nail to that crazy-acting coffin.

  21. @ rbrownes

    I agree, talking to other confused black people is just as tiring as fighting white racism. We will sit there watching a show like American Idol and watch white people and Asian people imitating BLACK PEOPLE, and watch the black person get eliminated and the white person who is imitating black people be chosen as the winner (?)

    That’s like me wanting to learn how to cook Chinese food, so I go to Chinatown and take cooking lessons, and I learn how to imitate (the key word is IMITATE) Chinese cooks. And then I enter a Chinese cooking contest and some white person decides I’m the winner. Now, I’m a better cook than the people who taught me???

    Do you think the Chinese people would accept that? H to the no. They would immediately dismiss that BS as BS. Yet, thousands of black people will sit in front of the idiot box and accept whatever nonsense this racist white media throws at us.

    “Well, that white boy could sing.”

    What part of the US do you hail from? I live in the Chicago area and I have found that black people in the western part of the U.S. seem to have this tendency to want to ignore racism and be more white-identified and more white-terrorized.

    It is one thing to be oppressed, to know you are oppressed, and to resist that oppression. It is a much more dangerous thing to embrace your own oppression and your oppression or pretend you are not being oppressed at all. At that point, you become the walking dead.

    I don’t know what it will take to change this insanity among us. I truly believe it will take divine intervention, Mother Nature, God, the Creator, and Universal justice. I just don’t think we are capable of doing this on our own.

  22. Amilkar Says:

    @TrojanPam & rbrownes:

    I agree with both of your statements and can clearly understand where this legal charade by DSK is going. It’s called “flipping the script,” persuading others that “he” is the actual victim of assult, rape, battery, etc.

    The SOR can be very tiring. Even Oprah winfrey has said so on one occassion.

    As for the majority of us who deal with this reality, in any of the 9 areas of a functioning society as described by Dr. Welsing, some of us are living in a delusional state of mind just to cope. After all, it’s broken down to an individual choice of how you want to conduct your life and how you handle life’s challenges. On the other hand, some of us have made the choice to “get uncomfortable being uncomfortable,” again, to quote Dr. Welsing.

    Let’s face it. When you’ve become educated to understand and clearly see how the SOR works, it’s very uncomfortable for many to choose to become more self-critical in their observations and reactions. Denial is a very effective mental weapon that helps to escape undesirable aspects of one’s life.

    The corporate-monopolized media can be a very controlling and highly-persuasive vehicle of both negative and positive images. From television to print publications to mobile phones/smartphones to the Internet, every interaction we have when using these instruments of information is bed-rocked upon one element: an image. Images can be perpetrated, manipulated, controlled, provide stimulation, whatever your intentions are for an audience, it can be done almost infinitely with “images.”

    This is why it is important to monitor what we feed our brain-computer. It has a dramatic and sometimes troubling effect on our overall pysche.

  23. rbrownes Says:

    I think “us” here do understand the games that are being played but try to explain it to another black person. They either don’t want to hear it or they act like whatever the white people are doing is not harmful to “them”. I’ve given up on trying to talk to black people about racism. They don’t want to hear it. White people have this wonderful machine called the media and they used it so expertly that they can make almost ANYBODY think the way they want them to think. It’s insurmountable. You don’t even hear anything more about the judge who implied Barack’s mother had sex with a dog. I’m sure he’s still working. But we are so bombarded with mistreatment that it’s too hard to keep up. I think the same thing will happen with the Trayvon Martin case so when Zimmerman is either let go or given a small sentence, no one will even cry out. Not because we don’t care but, I think, we’re just tired. Battling white people is a very, very hard job and it’s tiresome. With this media, they can control peoples minds, thoughts. They can make Trayvon the initiator. They can make this black female appear to be the one attacking that racist. I really don’t know what can be done about this. We as black people would have to “come out of her”. Stop trying to be friends with white people. Be isolationist socially. I think that’s where we can really start…be socially isolationist. We wouldn’t even have to tell them why we’re being this way. But I think the main thing we need to start doing is loving ourselves and each other. Start being parents. I”m not talking this pet-parenting we do but real parenting.

    You are right Pam. I have noticed these steady images of white females hurting or being hurt. It does seem to garnish this image of her being so vulnerable and in need of protection. I’ve been noticing this but did not put it all together until you mentioned it here. It’s virtually non-stop. Any detective show or news show portrays her as an innocent victim. I think it plants the seed that white people, not just white women, are hurting so you niggers shut your mouth about suffering. Again, the white male using his tool (white female). I hate to say it but it’s a brilliant strategy.

  24. Cree,

    Thanks for sharing this with your audience! It’s super important that we understand the game that is being played. We can’t control what white people think or do (a total waste of time)

    but we need to control and manage what we think and say and do.

    I have seen a disturbing trend in ‘white victimization,’ false ‘black racism,’ and white people twisting the facts to suit this purpose.

    There is an epidemic of crying white females aka ‘white woman’s tears’ where one can’t go a day without seeing a white female victim on TV, the news, or in the movies. All designed to portray whites as the only ones deserving of empathy, sympathy, and assistance.

    I have also seen a corresponding rise in anti-blackness among black people as black people become more white identified and self-hating and black-hating and confused.

    White identification is by its very nature ANTI-BLACK.

    ANTI-BLACKNESS by black people is by its very nature ANTI-SELF

    Hope you all will listen to Monday’s COWS program because we’re going to talk about anti-blackness including my own.


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