Counter-Racist Film Review: Snow White & the Huntsman (oh, yeah, and Star Trek, and Ray)

Guest Post by Josh Wickett

There is a new “Snow White” film that’s been altered to make it more commercially viable:

“The Hunger Games” is another example of the Hollywood phenomenon of producing movies that will appeal to both males and females. There is probably a name for it. “Jerry McGuire” is also a good example of a movie a couple could attend and both walk out satisfied.

Anyway, there is a review of the movie by Dr. Kevin McDonald. He’s basically a very refined white supremacist, but because he cloaks his racism in scholarship, he has proven difficult to attack and/or remove from his university post. He is probably best known for his book “Culture of Critique” in which he takes apart the “JOO”; but he does it in such a scholarly way that he shields himself from charges of “anti semitism.”

He’s slick.

In this modern adaption of Snow White he points out how the success of the movie is due to its deep connection and adherence to white subconscious themes/fears. He provides many examples. I had long suspected certain hit movies were successful because they stitched together “white themes” in an entertaining and exciting way.

The entire “Lord of the Rings” series is an example.

Sure, I thought it was a cool movie and all that; but it was only after I got into counter racism, specifically the work of Francis Cress Welsing, that I understood the deeper significance and more importantly, the VALUE these movies had to white people.

White people put things in movies that just seem plain WEIRD! Until you see;

See what?

See what you lookin at.

For example, I was a big Star Trek fan. I grew up watching that show. So when Star Trek “Next Generation” came out, I was all excited. Then I saw that they made the main black character “Jordi” wear a friggin BLINDFOLD FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES!

I was like, WTF?

They are not gonna let the black guy make eye contact with anyone?

You mean to tell me, in the 25 century, where they have spaceships with warp drive (faster than the speed of light)

A nigga can’t get a eye transplant?

I never watched the show again. That sh-t was refuc@ingtarded!

Please pardon my seizure, but I get annoyed just thinking about the fact them white people did that, and got away with it for several seasons. Jordi, had Mr. Scott’s position (engineering) and although he was brilliant and pulled captain Piccard’s nuts out the fire several times in order to save the ship, they just couldn’t let him be a normal black guy.

(((shakin my head)))

I have some theories about this. Yeah, what they did to the character was a racist attack. But being my age and having somewhat of an institutional memory of the white supremacist system, part of me suspects that white people also have a fascination with black people’s sensory organs; sight, hearing, touch, taste… especially hearing (which is indirectly connected to sight through blindness)

Notice how white people can’t get enough of some Ray Charles and some Stevie Wonder?

“ya know Becky, I think those negroes have some kind of built in radar? They are just absolutely fabulous when they can’t see”

But anyway, read Dr. McDonald’s review and also check out the comments section.

And for those of you who are commercially oriented, keep in mind; if you can successfully connect your product or service to an existing deep cultural meme or fear…

You gonna make some coins.

Snow White and the Huntsman is an example.

PS—In the comments section the discussion gets into the actress Charlize Theron. Her biography is very interesting. She was born in South Africa. So even though she looks like a “Nazi wet dream”, she can claim to be “African American”. This is why black people should NOT use that term to describe themselves. In addition, growing up, her mom shot and killed her dad and was acquitted.

24 Responses to “Counter-Racist Film Review: Snow White & the Huntsman (oh, yeah, and Star Trek, and Ray)”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Jordan, the only FUNCTIONAL form of racism in the known universe is white supremacy. Racism = white supremacy = a global SYSTEM in which all persons who are not classified as white are mistreated and/or denied help by those who classify themselves as and are accepted as “white people.”

    Some black people do not “like” one or more white people. Some of the reasons for this dislike are logical and some are not logical. However, even if all black persons disliked all white people, we do not FUNCTION as racists because we do not have the power to organize ourselves into a functional “race.” Black people are subject to the only functional race: “white people.”

  2. Wow the author of this artical is a blatant racist obviously too stupid to realize it. Just because you aren’t “white” doesn’t make you immuned to racism. YOU ARE THE RACIST!

  3. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    When macdonald was on the cows didnt he present himself as one of the whites who want racism to disappear(I know they dont really want that) and be replaced with something that does not diminish other groups? if so then his last paragraph is very telling and encouraged all of those ridiculous comments.

    “And it suggests that despite the dire situation we are now in, there is hope for the future, because the reality of what is happening to our people and culture is becoming obvious and will have very negative effects on the vast majority of Whites in the very near future. And when Whites think of themselves as a besieged, morally superior ingroup fighting for their survival against the forces of darkness, they will be a formidable force indeed.”

  4. Guys, this is also in the Matrix movies…with Neo, the white saviour, coming to the rescue.

    Good points on Snow White.

  5. Kushite Prince Says:

    @M1 You’re so on point my brother. Yes I remember that Superman reference when white folks went crazy. If anything Amerikkka stands for Lies and Injustice! All that justice and equality crap has never applied to us. These people are delusional at best. You’re also correct on the Charlize reference. She needs to go sit her pro-gay blonde hair,blue eyes ass down somewhere.

  6. Even though almost everyone on snow white is white it doesnt surprise me the film still has color coded racism. Another example of this is the show Dont trust the b—– in apartment 23. Also this is the 3rd telling of this tale this year. Snow White has as many versions as CSI it seems.And to Kushite Prince do you remember how mad white people got when in Superman Returns the movie left out the American way after truth justice . As if America is synonymous with truth and justice. Another reason for Charlize as the evil queen. white female groups (NOW Womens League etc.) after the little mermaid got fedup with Disney cartoons always having as its villian some middleage dark haired woman(code for white women). Hence blond Charlize.

  7. Kushite Prince Says:

    @M1 I agree with you. I never was a fan of Charlize Theron. After she adopted a black child I became even less of a fan. But I remember back in 2009 she compared the gay marriage fight to apartheid. That’s when I knew she had lost her damn mind! Here’s what she said:

    “I don’t like living in an elitist world, it bothers me. I don’t want to be part of an elitist sexual preference. Maybe it’s because I come from a country where I lived under apartheid. This is a form of apartheid and I don’t want to be a part of that.” The struggle for black liberation and justice is NOT the same as two people of the same sex who want to get married. I get so tired of these “liberal” white celebs who always put us in the same category as homosexuals. Their so-called civil rights have nothing to do with our struggle. Historically gay people have not been raped,enslaved,lynched,burned alive and denied the right to vote! There’s no comparison! It’s an insult to all black people. And this fool thinks because she adopted a black child she gets a pass. Think again Snow White!

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Most constructive insight, M1. I’m still trying to decipher the significance of her character in the latest, Prometheus. For sure the “alien”, when it first made an appearance look just like a penis—a detailed image. The alien then “impregnated” the other white female lead and she went to great lengths to self-abort it. and, as you mnetion her role in “Keep Your c@ck-in your-hand, ” i.e. “Hancock.” In this film, there is dialogue between her and the only black male in the film, the captain portrayed by Idris Elba, in which there is this cover of her being the sexual aggressor/initiator. And, he is just used as a sex toy satisfy her starved libido.

  9. This post like all the others is filled with good info and ways to see through deception. Star Term’s LT. Geordi LaForge(LeVar). He was given sight but had blue eyes. I could do a college paper on Geordi alone. Let’s not forget the original Star Trek how LT.Spock the smartest strongest person was 2nd to an inferior white person, and was subjected to the most name calling all due to his being the product of a Vulcan, dad and earth mom. Charlize made pro apartheid statements thus the baby is covet. Also. She was Will Smith’s “wife “in Hancock also for cover. I enjoy Hancock no recent movie tells black males to stay away from white femmes as that movie.

  10. Kushite Prince Says:

    @TrojanPam Yes,I know a few black people like that as well. Why do you think they can’t see the evidence? Do you think it’s denial? Or do they really not see it? I think we’ve been trained in this society to always have hope. And to look for a better tomorrow. To just look past the obvious evidence and be hopeful that one day whites will see us as equals. And just give us justice without demanding it. Looking at the history of white folks,I don’t think they would do this on their own. I don’t think it’s in their nature to be fair and just. All that “Truth,justice and the American way” crap,never applied to us in the first place. We came here as free labor and to build up this country and to a large extent–that’s what we still are.

  11. @ Kushite Prince

    There does seem to be a collective white conscious and subconscious that has allowed them to sustain their system by doing and saying the same things no matter where they are on the planet

    which explains why they have been so successful in dominating the non-white majority on the planet

    Sadly, most of the black people I know would think this is an exaggeration,

    and totally resist the notion that they — we — are living under a white-controlled system that totally dominates us — despite all the hard evidence.

  12. Kushite Prince Says:

    Heath Ledger won an Oscar for playing the Joker in The Dark Knight. Everyone praised him for a remarkable performance. Hmmmm……. Did anyone happen to notice the Joker ONLY killed black people in that film?? Maybe that’s why Heath was rewarded with an Oscar. Just a thought.

  13. Kushite Prince Says:

    The black guy always dies first!

  14. Kushite Prince Says:

    Due to the subject matter,I thought you may enjoy a few of these videos. This brother has some great videos! He exposes the TRUTH about Hollywood!lol

  15. fair 1 (fâr)
    adj. fair·er, fair·est
    1. Of pleasing appearance, especially because of a pure or fresh quality; comely.
    2. Of light complexion: fair skin.
    4. Free of blemishes or stains; clean and pure: one’s fair name.
    5. Promising; likely: We’re in a fair way to succeed.
    6. Just to all parties; equitable: a compromise that is fair to both factions.

    Which is why I always use pale to describe low melanin levels.

  16. Kushite Prince Says:

    @TrojanPam BINGO! Actually that first post about the grandson was one of the posts that stayed in my mind. It really shows that white people are aware of the power of films. Films really effect the minds of the masses. And white people always have an agenda whether it’s tv or film. They use the media to purposely push white racist ideas. I’ve had chats with white co-workers who swear they don’t see it. They’re either in denial or just But white folks on the internet seem to have no problem seeing white propaganda. It’s very rare to find a white person who will speak openly and honestly about race. I’ve only come across a few in my life.
    As far as films go? They get Lord of The Rings…..we get Colored Girls. They get Snow White……we get Precious. Doesn’t seem like much of a balance,does it??

  17. @ Kushite Prince

    you mean reviews like this:

    “I am encouraged that my grandson, now 15, has been raised on the Lord of the Ring stories. He loved those movies, and when the time comes, he will identify with his people, and fight with everything in his power to preserve them and their way of life. He and others like him, will be formidable indeed.”


    “They picked rather ugly actors to play Snow White and the Huntsman. They have broad noses and the huntsman looks brutish. I have personal friends that are much more attractive than these people! Compare the appearance of White performers from a few decades ago. In the old days you could also take as a given that the Evil Queen would have black hair.”


    “Great article! What can be more moral than defending a people from extermination and extinction? Whites are worth defending and they WILL survive. We should do everything in our power, spiritually, morally, financially, socially to wake our people.”


    “Beautiful article! May Whites awaken in such a way that they build strength and strategy, so as wisely to fight for what is theirs!”


    When I was reading this, I couldn’t stop thinking about Dr. Welsing and her theory about FEAR OF WHITE GENETIC ANNIHILATION. Only extreme paranoia could account for this sociopathic ABILITY to see themselves as victims instead of victimizers.

  18. Kushite Prince Says:

    Have any of you read the comments from the review? Those white folks are something else!lol They’re really going at the Jews pretty hard! Many if them feel that the Jewish-controlled Hollywood is too How funny is that? It’s always been interesting to me how blacks and whites can see the same films–but see them totally different . Whites definitely see things through a “white scope”. I don’t know how they can claim Hollywood is anti-white. I’m sorry,I just don’t see it. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough I

  19. @ Cree

    Only repeating what you, Gus, Josh, Dr. Welsing, Mr. Fuller, and so many others have said in multiple ways and multiple times.

    I know how potent that white crack is cause I have caught myself smiling at the idiot box as I got my first white crack high of the day….

    But I’m getting better…

  20. @ Kushite Prince

    I saw a pic of Charlize holding her non-white child, and it was so frustrating to know that we can no more protect our children from white possession than we were during slavery.

    The irony is many black people seemed thrilled by these white adoptions (more proof of ‘good white people’) as though these black children are luckier than the ones who have black parents

    But if you’ve ever read or talked to these adopted children when they become adults all you hear is sadness and a sense of not belonging anywhere. And they often speak of being victimized by the whites in their family and social circles.

    I think these adoptions are no different than the aboriginal children in Australia who were STOLEN from their parents and subjected to all kinds of mistreatment AKA destroyed.

    This is white supremacy in its most refined form, sabotaging the victim when they are young and the most vulnerable to guarantee they will NEVER oppose this system.

  21. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Me either. The “HUNTSman?” Hunting for white people is practice for murdering us. “Fair = white = beautiful? NOT.”

  22. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Shakin my head fast—vertically—-It hurts so good. THANK YOU.

  23. Here’s my two-cent perspective on the Guest Post by Josh Wickett (who has written some counter-racist movie reviews that reveal a ton about white supremacy (

    I agree that Hollywood films are often laced with white supremacy/black inferiority (which is precisely why i seldom pay to see movies).

    There are a ton of hidden AND not so hidden messages in most films but unfortunately, most black people (in my opinion) see movies and TV as just “entertainment” almost as though we’re wearing the kind of blindfolds Josh talks about.

    I have concluded that for us (black people) movies and television are a fatal form of escapism, a way to avoid our own reality, a way to avoid the work that must be done to make ourselves and our children safe in a racist society, and a way to get our daily dose of white crack (white people),

    cause face it, if you watch a lot of TV and movies, white people are about 95 to 99% of the people you’ll see. Not Asians, Not Hispanics, Not Black or Brown or Red or Yellow people. There might be one or two of us as background material, where we’re smiling and grinning and helping white people,

    but no real context of black or red or brown or yellow life or lifestyles.

    That being said, I have torn off my blindfold (for the most part) and try to see what is really there (white supremacy).

    The scariest part (to me) is the millions of black men, women, and children who are watching a ton of TV and movies and getting that white chip permanently rooted in their skulls with the message that:

    white is right, white is normal and white is the best,

    because you can’t tell me that after watching hours of white people doing whatever it is white people do, that you don’t develop an AFFINITY towards them. You’re watching them day after day crying, laughing, working, living, creating, discovering, and loving with very few images of black people living NORMAL lives or ACTING NORMAL.

    and so what happens is when you’re away from TV or movies what you really miss is your white people in the form of your favorite white characters on the shows and movies you enjoy most,

    and you’ll be cheering for them and smiling with them a hell of a lot MORE than you do with the real (black) people in your lives.

    and after the TV is turned off,

    most of us (i believe) seldom extend that type of loyalty or friendliness towards the real (black) people in our lives

    The proof is the way we put down and act toward our own (black) people and yet we think our growing dislike for our OWN people is just a coincidence…

    caused by too many black people acting like….niggers (not my word)

    It’s so bad that I’ve actually heard black people who are being victimized by racism (white people) still blaming other black people for being victims of racism (!)

    and more and more of us are looking at AND judging other black people through white eyes

    as though we are white, too.

    You might counter with, wait a minute, TV is escapism for white people, too!

    Well, yes it is, but they are getting a different message and that is THEY are the smartest, bestest people on the planet, always coming to the aid of these inferior non-white people,

    and if white people are not careful and do not keep that big white foot on those black and brown necks, these savages will wreck this wonderful society, world, and planet that white people built (all by themselves)

    The white supremacy in TV is a WHITE WAKE-UP CALL which is why you see more alien and monster themes, more Planet of the Apes sequels, and more black male and female villains (like the movie Precious, District 9, and certain Denzel movies)

    and this will lead (as planned) to more blatant racist acts/statements/policies/ and police actions against black people

    TV and movies are no longer ‘just entertainment’

    they are a rallying cry to get the white troops on line with the real message:

    white supremacy now and forever

    I just wish more of us understood this when we pay $20 for theater seat and a tiny bag of popcorn laced with artificial “butter”

  24. Kushite Prince Says:

    Charlize Theron is also added to the list of white celebs who have adopted black pets. Oops! I meant black children. I guess this gives her a bit more “black cred”. I won’t be seeing this garbage called Snow White. They even still use the line “fairest of them all”. Just more white supremist programming. I think I’ll pass and save my money.

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