I’ll Care About White Drug Addicts When We Are Legend

Crackdown on painkiller abuse fuels new wave of heroin addiction

When MSNBC does a monthly series for at least 10 years to counteract the defamation of black people who are constantly said in film, TV news, print, and documentaries to be in “communities plagued by drug abuse and dealing”; when MSNBC takes on a public duty to make it clear that black people do not use or sell illegal drugs more than anyone else AND that, given white people’s access to prescription drugs, it is likely a lot less DESPITE our constant abuse by white and other non-black people, THEN, I’ll think about caring about the “human”, i.e., “white” face of heroine and pain-killer addiction.

(((Shaking my head so hard I have a headache))) But, all I’ll do is take a couple of aspirin and ignore them.

But, nah, even then, I won’t really think about caring. Maybe, my great-great-great-great-great grandchildren will care to read it on their kindle-like black-star-powered neuro-implant when this thing accurately called global white supremacy has been replaced with a system of justice for at least three generations before they were born.

White folks like being in history records. So, they’ll get their credit then…. if they survive this epidemic and the next one.

I’m looking for a Robert Neville-like clan so we can be legends. Only, we won’t blow ourselves up and we won’t be mesmerized or trusting of any white mannequins and we won’t be trying to save those who should not be saved.


8 Responses to “I’ll Care About White Drug Addicts When We Are Legend”

  1. Yes you are correct, I think on a physical level where they are in close proximity to us it does remind them of what human traits they are lacking.I watched a movie on the vietnam war, and the actor nick nolte said that”Nature is cruel”. A quite different perspective from all I have heard about nature from blk people. Nature was cruel to them, and they know it everyday.

  2. I often wonder why most whites will sniff, snort, inject just about anything from white-out, glue, pills, even Nyquil. Then it hit me…the pain of living in white skin is so harsh, they must self meditate.

    I guess they “Can’t get over it” either.

  3. helium3 Says:

    It seems that my post was removed. All iam saying is that theese oxy hominoids got nerve to tell us to care for them while they never provide us with the things money can buy. And I could give a shit about them over-dosen in the process.

  4. Helium 3 Says:

    I don`t give a shit about no white Oxy Hominoid Drugs sniffen Bitches! Give the things that money will buy and get out my got-Damn Face!

  5. Kushite Prince Says:

    Great article. I love the line about trusting “white mannequins”lol Genius!

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Shakin my head slowly —vertically—with a smile.

  7. See it’s writing like this that keeps me sharp and my game up. Sista you gonna have me burning midnight oils so that can light both ends of my candle.

    There was a story in our local Creative Loafing (an alt newspaper) about white people and prescription drug abuse and what an epic epidemic it was. I was like SO!!! Prescription are just that and if you wanna stop it I’m sure you could. What this tells me is that white folks drive ALL drug markets, ALL the time and drug addicted white doctors and pill mill are the suppliers. I can bet sweet a#s that ain’t no Black people behind PD hitting the streets in any major way.

    I really wish we could give white folks back their bad habits as we step over the strung over the bodies of white teenagers. Care about white drug problems? PLEASE!!! I welcome it.

    As for Robert Neville….well, what you said.

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