Lebron James and the Hunger Games

Adulation for and Celebration of the Miami Heat winning the 2012 NBA championship has been muted. Predictably.

Erik Spoelstra, the Haymitch of the Heat?

White folks are pretending that this NBA finals win is not the biggest in the history of the league. No one is supposed to talk about it for what is is: Three black males, with genius talent, accepted the challenge of walking through the gate called “free agency” without permission from massuh and making a run for what they thought the free colored man’s promised land. They did this while in the cross-hairs of marksmen perched in trees throughout the landscape and, still, brought their crops to market. Those were long odds that were not supposed to be beaten. Las Vegas odds makers sure didn’t have the Bosh/James/Wade combo standing at the end of these Hunger Games. White folks like their prey to have a sporting chance. Ya know, “tally-ho” and all that. But, when precisely handicapped competitors actually convert the sporting chance into an escape, these maniacal predators seethe and sulk. And, like all tyrants, they create a threatening atmosphere against celebrating anything they don’t like. Then, to design a field with that “sporting chawnce” (British accent) that is far less likely to yield more than the occasional amusing fluke, they have high-level semi-secret summits like: NBA season lock-outs, rules change committee meetings, and conversations that have no formal acknowledgement.
So, Heat fans, a repeat, let alone a “three-peat,” for the Miami ensemble is highly unlikely.

Sportscasters and writers are busy giving the Miami Heat Coach, Erik Spoelstra, his credit for winning the league championship this season. But, he deserves less credit than the Hunger Games’ negligent coach, Haymitch, for the triumph of Katniss. Spoelstra’s glaringly absent smiles during his team’s successes have become his trademark. This feature has been attributed by various sportscasters to his goal-focused disposition. But, I HIGHLY suspect that Spoelstra’s lack of apparent joy in the successes of the Heat is much simpler than that. I suspect that Spoelstra’s assigned role was to ensure that the Heat did not win. Spoelstra, with his white father and brown skin is quite eager in his anti-blackness, me thinks. And, therefore, the perfect pick to carry out this dicey assignment. But, I think he got “made” (spy-talk for “exposed”) sometime between the end of last season and this year’s finals. That’s when the players–certain players— started coaching themselves and Spoelstra probably had to stop withholding playing minutes for the best combos and to stop directing play in ways that neuter talent. It is poetic that legendary and very black Bill Russell, the only player-coach to win a championship since black players have been in the league, presented the Finals series MVP award to LeBron James last night. It was also fitting that Spoelstra felt compelled to say during the arena celebration last night that, “Everyone knows I’m a Manny Pacquiao fan.” Yeah, Mr. Spoelstra, everybody also knows that rabid Pacquiao fans are about as fond of Lebron James as they are of Floyd Mayweather.

Congratulations to Mr. James and to Mr. Wade and to Mr. Bosh. But, as John Carlos and Tommie Smith can tell you, it’s just beginning. So, always watch your accountants and call on the name of the Most High. (Geezus not being it—from the evidence.)

The whole purpose of The Hunger Games is to provide an entertaining, transparent submission. As, Haymitch told Katniss, “They’re not happy with you. You showed them up.”
Mr. Wade and Mr. Bosh, you might want ask Mr. James to borrow his copy of the book if he marked it up and a discussion or two might be in order if you haven’t already done that.

Best wishes, sirs, as you and yours breathe and make moves off the basketball court.


13 Responses to “Lebron James and the Hunger Games”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Well, you’re right. Here it is: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/blog/eye-on-basketball/19316310

    Manny Pacquiao is a Celtics fan. And apparently that comes before fighting Timothy Bradley on Saturday night. From CSN New England:

    ‘I’m not waiting for Manny’s request on this one,” said fight promoter Bob Arum, who issued a statement indicating that the Saturday night main event between Pacquiao and Bradley in Las Vegas would not begin until after the C’s-Heat game concluded.‘”

    Yeah, I don’t suppose that Spoelstra is any happier being the coach of the championship Heat than Robert Kardashian is of being an attorney for O.J. Simpson’s criminal acquittal. And, Pacquio’s not the coach even. So, that’s what I would expect.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Hmmmm. If you could find that quote, it would be more than interesting.

  3. Nicoleizhername Says:

    I could of sworn Pacquiao said he was a bigtime Celtics Fan. Not Heat, but Celtics Fan.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Geezus….hyuck, hyuck!!! Dirk DID kinda look like that character painted my Michelangelo.

  5. Richard Says:

    You’re right Cree. I never thought about it but the celebration of the Miami Heat’s victory in the nba final has been a no show to say the least. When Dallas won last year it was as if Jesus had risen from the grave

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Right, I made a mistake. I meant to say that he is generally considered to be NOT white. Spoelstra has a white father, though not a white mother. Hence, that very Teutonic, Dutch name “Spoelstra.” Spoelstra is so dark-skinned, it makes you wonder wheter his mom is negrito.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ooops! I meant to say that I agree that Spoelstra is generally considered NOT white.

  8. Kushite Prince Says:

    I have a Filipino co-worker that thinks the world of Spoelstra. He said their families are from the same place in the Phillippines. He was happy The Heat won the championship. However he seemed a bit disappointed after I told him Spoelstra had a white mother.lol So I guess there are some people out there who did see him as non-white.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thumbs up to every single word, M1. I agree that Spoelstra is generally considered white. But, there might’ve been a few, a very few instances. But, so few, its’ not worth mentioning. But, they sure leveraged his Paul Kersey (stuffblacpeopledontlike.com) hopes. Spoelstra’s son will likely be just Kersey.

  10. Let us congratulate the Miami Heat. even though its racial theatre,they Lebron Dwayne Chris still did what they set out to do2 yrs ago when Lebron announced to the world ON HIS TERMS who he wants to be with. THAT IS THE KEY FOR US TO CONGRATULATE HIM AND SUPPORT HIM AND WADE BOSH. We also need to make sure that other black players dont fall for the good guy bad guy since they will be playing against him. Especially due to the fact that unjust vitriol can be demonstrated aginst someone who according to white supremacist speak is a great example of american exceptionalism the free market etc. Its only white supremacy/racism that also has a fan(FANATIC) THROW A DRINK ON HIM AND SECURIT DOESNT SEEK OUT THE DEMON NOW DOES DAVID STERN SAY THIS WAS WRONG NOR CAN I REMEMBER AT ANYTIME DID STERN SAY THE INCORRECT BEHAVIOR TOWARDS MR JAMES WAS WRONG. LET MR JAMES MR BOSH MR WADE GET ALL THE GRAVY THEY CAN GET AND SHARE IT WITH THEIR BLACK LADIES THAT ALONE IS WORTH PRAISE. As for Spoelstra if he suffers from anti blackness he needs to get rid of it,because he’s the no.1 coach now because of black players. Maybe he has Paul Kersey thoughts but its obvious that he’s not considered white read all articles on how he’s classified.Lets hope all those blacks that were in my opinion followingthe lead of racists end the hate Lebron mantra .KUDOS ONCE AGAIN TO THE BIG THREE.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yep, yep. Ummmmm, Yep!

  12. Kushite Prince Says:

    Great article Cree. The masses of white Amerikkka were not rooting for The Heat. After last year when Lebron and Co. said they would be a championship team. They were elated when the Dallas Mavericks won last year. I also find it strange that many reporters said Dirk had the image of “All American boy”—even though he’s from Germany!lol And Lebron,Wade and Bosh are from America. It just goes to show that whites view ALL Europeans has one of their own. And black people,whether born in America or not–are outsiders.
    I also thought it was kind of weird of Erik Spoelstra to tell everyone he was a Manny Pacquiao fan. I guess it was kind of a way to let the white people know “Hey,I may be the coach but I’m really not cool with these niggers like that. I’m just doing my job.” Although now that I think it about it a bit,it makes sense. Did you see Spoelstra’s father? They showed him sitting in the stands—are you ready Cree? Brace yourself. His father is white!LOL!!! Big surprise right?? Grand daddy Spoelstra had a little white boy with him. I assume that’s Erik’s son. He didn’t look very Fillpino to me. I think it’s safe to say that his wife is most likely white. Erik is another confused non-white person who is clearly white identified. smh

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