Why I’d Trade My Timid Black President for a White Guy With No Fear

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a regular contributor on the big media news. I do not recall seeing/hearing anything as clear and logical about racism (white supremacy/domination) by a person with that much exposure in a long, long time. It is definitely worth the read despite my mark-up of the professor’s composition…..

I do think it needs some re-mixing. Some post-production. So, I’ve done some lyrical rearrangements. I can do that here on this little blog. I’ve a lot less to lose than most including the majority of the years allotted me to breathe…..


what you do matters far more than what you believe on the inside.” Ab-so-loot-ly….
I’d add: That’s why the only functional definition of racism IS white supremacy. Nobody’s DOING any other form of socio-political supremacy…

The black community’s incessant need for financial security and white American validation serve as key factors which undermine our ability to fight for racial justice.”…

I’d have said it this way so that it is clear that this is not black people’s fault but white folk’s:…
“Black people’s deprivation of and/or insecurity of basic material needs handicaps our ability to do anything including fighting for justice.” …
(The word “justice” should never be qualified by the words, “racial,” “economic,” “environmental,” etc.)…

Even Father Pfleger might [should] admit that people would not consider him to be as much of a hero if he were a black man doing the same thing.”…YEP….

In fact, I would dare say that Father Pfleger might be well defined to be an angry black man.”…CLEARING MY THROAT, FINGER IN THE AIR

I wouldn’t dare say that. I say Pfleger is a white man. And, if he’s as sincere as people think, he’ll understand why black people cannot afford not to suspect him of being a racist (white supremacist) as long as the system still exists. If Pfleger is sincere, we’ll find out how he parties if he or anyone is left standing when this system of white supremacy/domination goes down.


4 Responses to “Why I’d Trade My Timid Black President for a White Guy With No Fear”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, nothing that special about Pfelger. He’s white. That’s the difference and he should say so incessantly

  2. Also pfleger can be bold because he is white. Whereas Pres Obama can only be bold with blacks and other people of color/non whites.

  3. yes be wary and suspicious of father pfleger because he adopted a black son maybe 2. also be suspicious because of his billy sunday routine.

  4. Yes! I agree 100 percent! This article was constructive for me in the fact that it can be used to get effective numbers of “black” people involved in the process of Replacing White Supremacy With Justice.

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