Zombies Go to Gas Chambers—ADDENDUM

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey is the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She stands accused of engaging in ‘immoral and indecent’ sex acts with a a six-year-old boy as well as bestiality and is still working at her position at the CDC.

Rudy Eugene is SAID to have consumed 75% of a white man’s face. There is no cell phone video of the event. No taser was used. Unlike Quinlan, he is not only not still holding a job, Eugene was shot dead naked and unarmed.

During last summer’s rioting in London, white folks took great relish in televising a a black male saying, “I’m ashamed to be black.” After the intense coverage waned, it became obvious that white folks were doing the lions share of that mob action that was curiously coordinated on blackberries while police looked on.

I read a status update a couple of days ago from one of my FB “friends” saying, and I’m summarizing, that if there was one more report of a black person engaging in cannibalism that she would be “resigning’ from the black “race.” On kulturekritic.com, a comment appears next to a picture of a white guy in a tie that says, “he [Eugene] reverted back to his animalistic state.”
These alleged black cannibalistic attackers were “believed” to have ingested this new “street drug” called “bath salts.” Black people have all kinds of ignorant, stinky slang for the nasty stuff we do. You know? You don’t know that? Hmmmm. Well, right now white folks don’t seem to be on the same page on how to explain this sudden behavior by black people. The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department said yesterday that no “bath salts’ were found in the body of Rudy Eugene. Now that white folks have ruled that one out, some of us are wondering what could have made Mr. Eugene behave in such a deranged way. Not me. I’m not wondering that. I’m wondering how that white man really got defaced. And, I’m wondering when an effective number of black people are going to start having confidence in their own reasoning ability and stop replacing it with the shame that has been installed in us by our dominators.

I watched the video that is being reported as the proof of the attack.

(((Shaking my head)))

It has arrows and narration telling us what we’re seeing. Because you sure cannot tell the gender, age, color, height of the shadowy figures on that video. You certainly cannot tell what either of the two figures on the causeway are doing. You really cannot see any kind of an attack.

How does a person, not a bear or tiger, gnaw away 75% of another person’s face for what we’re told is 18 minutes?

You can see three bicyclists ride by during what we’re told is the attack. But, why do none of them seem to slow down or stare?

A few minutes after that, you can see someone who looks to be an enforcement official (police) drive up next to the figures and get out of what appears to be a squad car. In short order, the enforcement-like figure seems to be pointing a gun in the direction of the two figures on the causeway. We are told by the narrator that the official fired at least five times at the attacker. And, we’re told that the attacker who had to be shot was this black male, Rudy Eugene. Why wasn’t a nude, unarmed man first tasered?

Then, then, security vehicles arrive. Security vehicles after police are on the scene?

Strangely, for the first time in the video, the camera pans in close enough to see two persons’ uncovered bodies laying next to one another. The quality of the video is markedly different. Why did the video get closer and clearer after the alleged attack was over? And, even so, I can’t tell that one of the persons is black.

The assassinations of Robert and John Kennedy are recorded on film to some degree but congressional committees were convened to tell people what the videos showed. And, it’s still inconclusive to many people. But, some unknown black guy isn’t going to get that level of scrutiny. Some newscaster narrates the video and then the suspect is just called “the attacker” or “the cannibal” in news stories thereafter as if it is an obvious conclusive fact . Just as it is uncertain to many that Oswald was the person seen at a shooting range in 1963 before JFK’s assassination, how certain can one be that either Rudy Eugene or that the victim, Ronald Poppo, was one of the shadowy figures in that grainy surveillance video?

“I knew my son,” Eugene’s mother, Ruth Charles, told ABC affiliate WPLG. “Rudy will never, never do something like that. Somebody killed him, and they just go and dump him.” That’s quite a bit more plausible than the story we’re being fed now…(sorry for that)

Is it possible that these black males were given some horrible drug concocted by white folks? Yes, it is. But, that wouldn’t explain the need for the questionable video. It would, however, play upon our mistaken belief that we are more susceptible to such foul play because we consume more illegal drugs than anyone else.

Did we learn so little from what has been uncovered about Cointelpro (Counter-intelligence Program) of the 1960s and early 1970s? That was a formal FBI program designed to counter intelligent thought, speech, and action by black people. Enforcement officials (police) lying is standard. These officials even have a name for it— “testilying.” And, their coercion of false testimony by severely compromised black people is also standard.

To my “friend,” you can’t resign from being a black person. You’ll only stop being a “black person” when there is no system that classifies people as such. But shame for being a black person—a victim of white domination? Pshaw. Let me help put this into perspective for you. The second comment, by “TheUnicornCracker”, under the video says “Well, without a doubt, this is by far the weirdest boner I’ve ever gotten.” It has a net 5 thumbs up. White folks needed a distraction maneuver from the Zimmerman and Sandusky cases that are poised to rip open the curtain on white folk’s routine depravity. I recommend you take a look at Cynikal Afrikan’s catalog of whitemarish deeds whenever you feel the urge to believe the next “disgusting black beast” clap-trap story.


7 Responses to “Zombies Go to Gas Chambers—ADDENDUM”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Definitely does NOT add up as told, Richard. Thank for reminding me. I was buying the Manchurian candidate/Sirhan Sirhan programming for a few years after it happened. But, ya know…that just doesn’t line up in my mind, either….hmmmm

  2. Richard Says:

    You know, I never really believed the story of the two black males who were supposedly doing those random shootings in the DC area.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    black people need to stop thinking so negative about other black people when they listen to these police accounts of what happened.“—Amen, Richard.

  4. Richard Says:

    Yea, I did hear about another incident of someone trying to eat someone else’s face. Why always the face? Don’t remember the state or where it happened either.

  5. Richard Says:

    Yea, it appears white folks have a need to show black people as being more “animalistic” than anyone else. And they do present news in a coercive way. I know here in St Louis, two black men were killed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. They claimed they were drug dealers. After some months, they showed the video. They had claimed for months the black men tried to run over the police officers and the police officers feared for their lives (sound familiar?). When they showed the video, it showed no such thing but the newspeople NARRATION coerced you into believing the black men were trying to run over the police officers even though it was obvious they were not. So the killing was justifiable. And sadly, this appears to work on black people. Even we are programmed to believe the worst of our own. We have a case now where a mixed female was picked up by a police officer out of the goodness of his heart. Had her sit in the front seat supposedly because it was too hot in the back seat. He says he was going to drive her to the hospital. She ends up shot and killed in the car and he claims she unbuckled his holster, got out his gun, then shot herself. Personally, I think the police officer’s pants got hot when he saw this 19 year old and offered her a ride and probably came on to her figuring he had the right and she fought him off. Bad thing is when these police officers stick to their stories, it almost HAS to be believed. In honesty, they have not shown the officer but I’m almost 99.9999% sure he’s white. As I’ve said before, all we can do is try to avoid situations where we may have to encounter police officers because they are like Gods. They have the right to spare a life or the right to take life away with no repercussions. And black people need to stop thinking so negative about other black people when they listen to these police accounts of what happened.

  6. I was listening to a program shortly after the toxicology report came out clearing Mr. Eugene of having ingested “bath salts”–which by the way can mimic several different “illegal” drugs. The doctor on that program by the name of Carley http://www.drcarley.com/ had talked about weaponized rabies and how it had been used for years now and still in the “testing” phase. She also mentioned a company called the Wistar Institute that was given a grant to produce an oral vaccine for weaponized rabies. Here’s the project details on the grant http://search.engrant.com/project/YccZzd/oral_vaccine_to_inhalation_rabies Why would they need a vaccine for weaponized rabies? Had it gotten out or are the unintended targets are need of cure? You can do some research on rabies and see that Ms. Eugene had the classic symptoms for rabies.

    Let me add something else to this mix. Here in GA. we’ve had a small outbreak of the flesh eating bacteria. They say it always presence, but for some reason we had several cases in a short time where there were none and in the same general area . Another CDC related event? Don’t know but I will keep an eye on this. Isn’t it really crazy that an agency would be so sloppy in the maintenance of the most deadly viruses known to man? Then house a suspected pedophile and animal abuser? What the hell is going on here?

    Ms. CREE is correct when she says the tape of the incident was bs from start to finish. Nothing on that tape would suggest this incident take place and without arrows pointing to this and that we would nothing. This is a tactic used all the time on the unthinking masses of people who’s brain has been turned remotely.

    And also, who the hell would let someone gnaw off over half their face and not put up any kind if resistance? Was that person conscious? And what is really going on here?

    The CDC had some kind of ventilation issue a few weeks ago, could that be set up? And why is a pedophile still working there? I don’t really know the answer to those question, but living here not to far from the CDC has me concerned.

    The zombie thing to me is smoke and mirrors, perhaps have us looking somewhere while they do something else. I have learned over the years that media takes it’s marching orders from government and corporations. Always look for the story there’re trying to hide.

  7. Yeah there’s something about this incident that doesn’t seem right. You’re right,you can’t see a lot from that video. I can’t tell whose who.I think the media is really playing up this whole zombie angle. Of course it’s perfect that the suspect is a black man. I don’t know if I believe the full account of what they say happened. There’s more to this story I’m sure. And for the record,Cointelpro didn’t stop on the 60’s and 70’s. It’s still going on as we speak.. They love to talk about Cointelpro in the past tense. I was thinking about doing a post about this subject on my blog. I’m curious how far the media will take this zombie story. I also heard there was another case of a man trying to eat a man’s face off. Did you hear anything about this? I forget what state it happened in. I need to do a little more research on this subject.

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