The Chosen Ones

Biblical. And, yes, in this case, I do mean literally. For those who know, you know.

LeBron James, NBA Champion MVP poses with Anderson Silva’s two sons. James has two very brown sons of his own.
Silva defended his UFC title for a record 10th time last night in the biggest fight in UFC history. This year, James’ team, The Miami Heat, won the most politically important NBA championship ever. See my previous posts on that. White folks hate them both.


13 Responses to “The Chosen Ones”

  1. I know what he means. Sometimes you just need a break from the madness. It can get to you. I wish there was an easy escape.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    BTW, KP, my husband said about your comment, “Tell him, I feel him. I have all the same stories. Tell him that I’m staying away from non-black folks as much as I can right now because I don’t want to hear it.” :- )

  3. Thanks sis. I was pretty amped up at the I took a big risk. It could’ve backfired on me. I been thinking about doing a blog on it. This issue needs to be addressed.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Sincere and large apology for the delay, KP. Now, THAT”S courageous counter-racism in on-the-spot, everyday life. THAT’S what I’m TALKING about!!. Hey, this is o good, it deserves its own blog post. How about you put it on your blog and I’ll re-blog it……

  5. @Cree
    I hope your husband is doing okay. I’m sure you heard the news by now. It’s a very sad day. Silva lost to an anti-human last night. People are saying he was acting to cocky and taunting his opponent and paid for it. I saw the replay and maybe he did underestimate him a bit. I still see it as a lucky punch though. Come on Cree,you think if they fought again he would be Silva? Not on your life!
    What was disturbing(and eye opening) for me last night was the gloating from co workers. I work late at night and get off around 11:00pm so the fight was over when I got off work. I heard all this hooting and hollering in the break room. I go inside and there are six of my co workers. One white man and the other five are Mexican men. They are watching the replay on their phones. One of them said “That cocky bastard got knocked the f**k out!” They all laughed out loud.
    One of my co workers told me to come check it out on his phone. I said okay I’ll look at it. Then I said “He let his guard down and got caught. It was a lucky punch.” The room got quiet……..awkward silence. Then one of the Mexicans says “Face it he lost! The better man won the fight.” I said “You think this guy is the best in the world? If they fought again–who would win?” *awkward silence again* Then the white guy says “What’s the problem? Why can’t you just admit the guy lost “fair” and square.”
    I said “I just find it interesting that NONE of you were rooting for Anderson. He’s the champ right? You’re all boxing and MMA fans. You say you just like to see good fights right? But I’ve noticed a pattern with these matches. None of you ever root for the black guy.(yeah I took it there).
    Mexican guy says “It’s not a race issue for me. I just don’t like cocky guys. Besides don’t black dudes root for black guys in fights?”
    “Yeah they do. I’m not a hypocrite. I don’t think it’s wrong to root for people from your own culture or heritage. It’s natural to identify with your own. But it just seems no matter who the black guy fights–you root against him. If an Asian fights a black guy—you root for the Asian. If a white guy fights a black guy—you root for the white boy. Why is that? Why wont any of you answer that simple question??
    **silence again* Then a Mexican guy says “Black guys are better fighters. They’re usually quicker and stronger. Everyone knows traditionally they’ve always been seen as the greatest fighters and athletes. So sometimes people like to rot for the underdog.”
    I said “Okay at least that’s honest. So basically you’re saying in the fighting arena things are equal. No guns,no nuclear weapons and no swords. When the playing field is even the black man is the best?” They all kind of laughed and chuckled but nodded their heads in agreement.
    I then said ” So the white man is the KING in everyday life because he has the most power. That makes him the most dominant. But in the fighting arena the black man is KING so anyone he fights is the underdog.”
    Mexican guy says “I like how you broke that down. But you’re right. No one wants to admit that because it’s not politically correct. But race is always going to be an issue. I feel what you’re saying though. I agree with you.
    I said” It’s all good. I’m just glad you guys admitted it. I know race is kind of uncomfortable for most folks. But these things need to be addressed at some point. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion because I say whatever I feel. But since we’re all in agreement on who wields the most power in our everyday lives— shouldn’t you all be rooting for the black man? After all,isn’t he the underdog?”
    They all kind of laughed. One of them said “You’re a funny guy! You have some great lines!”

    I never got an answer though. I wonder why.

  6. Really? I’m sorry to hear that. I hope everything is okay. Thanks,hopefully you’ll get a date soon. I’m really looking forward to it. He’s a real hero in my opinion.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, he was supposed to be on Tuesday. Yes, that pic of the gloved fists is the most famous in sports history. Dr. Carlos’ agent said that Dr. Carlos had a home emergency at the time of our scheduled broadcast. I’ve been in talks with his agent about a new date but nothing yet.

  8. Cree,wasn’t John Carlos supposed to be on your show this weeK? He’s a true icon! I would’ve loved to speak with him.

  9. Those are nice pics! I was glad to see Silva win last Saturday. There was a lot of hype before the fight. But after he won it seems like the media downplayed it. Figures,right?

  10. nicoleizhername Says:

    Thank U. Wow U’d think with all their movies expressing their fake masculinity that they would appreciate seeing what it really looks like. I think I just answered my own ? or was that rhetorical.
    Still Beautiful to see above.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    It’s the obvious. There is a safety raft that white folks use for the confident, masculine black males with prowess who do not bow and scrape. It’s a white “wife” or at least a non-black one. James and Silva have black mates—and the final blow is that they have male offspring with those black mates.

  12. nicoleizhername Says:

    How Beautiful are those pictures.
    We Building and I need to know why da hate otha than the obvious.
    I know I neva hear Silva’s name at all and Lebron and his teammates did the damn thing and not a blip on the national media’s radar at all.

  13. jumpingpolarbear Says:

    Two champs right there!

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