Mixed Up and Out

I just spent a dizzyingly nauseating half hour on the phone with “Sheila” who is the best female friend I have in the world who is not a blood relative. Regular readers might remember my mention of her in my review of the film, The Blind Side. Sheila breathlessly told me every tiny detail of the time she spent this weekend with her one-year-old grandson who has a white mother. When the baby is visiting, Sheila’s parents and brother (the baby’s great-grandparents and great-uncle) always travel 2hrs one-way to spend every minute with him. These same people cannot not get along well enough to travel around the corner for any other reason. Yet, they make this pilgrimage in silence and, then, for an entire weekend all sit there with goofy grins on their faces following EVERY move of the baby while they make the sounds you’d expect from a fireworks audience.

Sheila’s son, “Eli,” was a 20 year-old high school drop-out with no job when the white woman got pregnant. Before the baby was conceived and after, this white woman has cursed Sheila out on the regular even though she has lived in Sheila’s house at times. Even though her son was too young and too ill–prepared and even though Sheila and this woman had practically come to blows several times, when Sheila learned that Eli had impregnated this white woman, at no time could she plausibly pretend not to be overjoyed at the prospect of having a “mixed” grandchild. She tried to keep the corners of her mouth turned down when telling me that her son had gotten the woman pregnant—. No baby in that family comes close to the adoration this child receives. Those old folks even spend their meager social security checks buying clothes that that this baby may never get a chance to wear.

I am so very sad. It seems our greatest reason for existing as black people, in the main, is the hope that we can shed some significant part of our color and hair in successive generations. Life’s greatest prize (from a biological imperative) is to match one’s genes with the best prospect possible. And, in the main, black people believe this means a person who can produce our progeny with lighter skin and hair that is less nappy. All we want is to look more like the people who hate us.

Admittedly, Sheila and I are not as close as she thinks. Because we cannot discuss ending the system of white domination (racism), I can share so little of what I’m really thinking about any topic.

Black people are so mixed up that— sooner than we can imagine— we may be mixed out. And, I really believe when we are on the brink of that, we’ll begin to cherish what we have been trying so hard to stamp out. But, if that time ever comes, it will be too late.

I am going over to the Black Science Fiction Society now to see if I can find some content to promote—because we must rid ourselves of this self-annihilation virus we’ve been infected with through television, magazines, movies, children’s books, etc..


17 Responses to “Mixed Up and Out”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You brought it, LBM. I’m taking my serving and passing it around.

    Oh, I suggest we call them “hybrids.”

  2. I’m a bit late to this party but as I have been giving on and off thought to many Afrocentrics claiming that “arabs” raped African women and created what we now see as “north Africans” – I’m chiming in with my own logic to ask the question : How were what we see as “arabs” created in the first place? African males were attempting to civilize savages, building up europe and committing beastiality with euro females. Well what or who do we think the offspring of 6-800 years of this beastiality came to be? This crime of laying with beasts got us in trouble historically and continues to serve us naught. So I won’t get on my black box at this time but it’s clear to me that the offspring of African males committing beastiality has been coming back 1000 fold to kick our black asses. I haven’t given a lot of thought to naming beings with a white parent, especially those with a white mother – but from what I have observed, 99.9 times out of 100, they are of little use to those with two Black parents – who actually love being and want to perpetuate ourselves. We kinda have to deal with them in the same way we deal with straight up sub-humans – take no chances of perpetuating the sub-human genes. If those beings really consider themselves “Black” they should be understanding and consider TataPie’s code.
    We wan’t afford a weaning off period. We must stop having sex with subhumans. The extent to which we’re willing to do that ASAP will determine whether we continue to exist in these predominantly euro parts of the world. Subhumans , at least the “white” ones, can’t “breed us out.” globally….But how interesting is it that some other “white” skinned beings, who actually have the numbers that “whites” don’t are all up in Africa. And yet again, we’re proving that we’re unable to simply do business with other folk and not screw with them. The next rape of Africa will take place by yet another breed of “afroasiatics.” We will have to grow up real soon to have any chance of saving ourselves. No sex with ANYBODY who can likely perpetuate the beast gene. Let those with a white parent/grandparent mate with others of like makeup. Because contrary to Black partriarchy – the womb of the beast tends to overwhelm – or at the very least dilute- the seed of the “king.”

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “Everything thing in nature wants to exist (everything but Black people it seems).”—That was a sentence that is what “AMEN” is for.

  4. Jay in the Black Dimension Says:

    As a Black man, this article and this topic touches on a very deep subject and I’m glad to start hearing more Black women speak on it. It’s something that’s been on my mind for about the last 10 years now. Being mixed or breeded out of existence is very real.

    Just do a little research on what happened to the Black populations of Argentina and Chile. Argentina’s population was a quarter black at one point in time. They had a war for their independence where many of the Black males were killed, often times at the hands of other Black males (sound familiar). But war alone was not the cause for their demise. Waves of European immigrants from Italy and Spain came and the Black people, not thinking about survival, eagerly procreated (or maybe anti-created is better) with the whites. So much so that Argentina is now considered the whitest country in South America. There is a very good book the touches on this subject called “The Afro-Argentines of Buenos Aires, 1800–1900” by George Reid Andrews. Another book “Black Spark, White Fire” by Richard Poe touches on this topic in one of its chapters, but only slightly.

    Extinction is a very serious possibility for Black people. Especially in places where we are a minority. So if being called a racist for wanting our race/ethnic group/pheno-type to survive is what we have to endure, then so be it. Everything thing in nature wants to exist (everything but Black people it seems).

  5. @king either you’re a Halfikan, sleeping with women/men or you stumbled unto the wrong site.

  6. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    At this stage in the game those of us that claim to be counter racist shouldnt have any ambivalence to how to designate
    mixed/hybrid kids and the people who have them. With the preponderance of information that we have come in contact with,
    that information should be guiding our spirit away from being snookered in by the lighter skin of mixed/hybrid babies because
    they tend to add to the hell that the pale beings have created for us. I like the word hybrid because it invokes a particular mind set
    that helps with my focusing on the death spiral that we are in.

  7. To londell try not to use or say regular black person. This is only because our sister the Oreo experience, uses those words and variations of rbp to make fun of black people. Listen to her on the COWS and blogtalk radio to see my point.

  8. Lonzell Says:

    yea i noticed this too — why i give less praise to “mixed” people and more “praise” to regular black people to compensate for the equitable praise they should be getting — “mixed” people been getting treated like royalty by black people so long that they begin to expect it — tell’em to kik rox

  9. to hunglikejesus,is the father of this baby you speak of in the childs life? you say you went through pregnancy with her. you are a good friend,but in my opinion maybe you were too friendly.

  10. This article brings up a question that I ask myself often. Do Black people really love little Halfikans babies more than little Black children? I have a friend who has a little mixed baby in fact she has two little mixed boys. Well, I went through her last pregnancy with her because we work together and I would bring her things to work to eat. Nothing special just sharing. Anyway, when the little boy was born and I laid eyes on him, he both stole my heart and melted it, all while he slept. This connection I have with that baby is still just as strong and she sends me photos almost daily to keep me up on his development.

    I have to wonder if she had a little chocolate boy/girl would I still have fallen in love with said baby. I like to think so, but I question it as I am also a victim of this insanity.

    I’m sorry Ms. CREE for hijacking your blog.

    I think the mural of this story (Ms. CREE’s story) is to not sleep with white people. Imagine some white trash screaming at your mother and your mother gotta kiss her @ss so she can see her grand baby.

  11. to be honest with you, this post is just as racist as the stuff that i have seen on supremecy sites. are we so superior that we are only good if we look black? thats the same mindset that whites have. who are we to put a label on someone with a black parent and a white parent? each individual is allowed to label themself as they see fit.

  12. i believe what should a person with a black and white parent, can only be determined when white supremacy is over. afterwards black people i believe will have the correct title for such offspring.

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Understand your point, M1. What do you propose we call people who have one white parent and one black parent—especially who look as if they have two black parents?

  14. Very interesting post. It goes to what LBM said, black babies must come out of black wombs. I add from black dads. Even on a recent Melissa Harris Perry mother’s day show (and I support Melissa), she gave a special shout out to white mothers that raise black babies like her mom. Whether she was told by whites at MSNBC to say it or not still contributes to the effect that white moms are better and should be considered by black males that want to be dads.

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Agreed, Alpha2k. And, in scientific guesstmation, such a science will not only produce a better quality offspring but also greatly increase the odds of the biological process of falling in love. That, I think is the purpose of “tribalism.” Compatible genes for behavior and health and harmony.

  16. alphax2k Says:

    Once again another touching article. Black folks seem to cherish to their mixed children more. The point of having children was to help serve our community’s needs and be righteous citizen. In a distance past, our tribes would often preselect the best families or their offsprings to marry each other in order to benefit the entire communities and remove unwanted characteristics. They call this arranged marriages today, we called our civilization. It’s times we made sure the best of the best marry each other. We need to rediscover our mating sciences for the sake of our future.

  17. Cree:

    That is why I emphatically denounce interracial sex. We get rather confused when sleeping with the enemy.

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