Paris v Janet: White Folks are SUCH a Problem. No matter the Age.

14 year-old Paris Jackson, a white child/woman.

40+ Janet Jackson is no match for a teen-aged member of The Organization: Paris, it seems, is assuming the power granted to her by the global system of white domination/supremacy (racism).

So, about this latest demonstration— at the expense of the famous Jackson clan— of the power of white folks to wreak havoc on black people. I shudder at the number of black people I know of who’ve had white folks tear the relations of their kin asunder with some title of “husband,” or “wife.” And, even if rarer, the same goes when they assume the title of “son” or “daughter.” They dominate everything with a wave of their pinky and are as bold as a blazing sun at 1AM. Just think about how a room full of black people goes quiet when talking about our number #1 problem as soon as one white guy/gal/child walks in or by. Imagine if that clog is in the pipeline of your kin. This is an excerpt from blackbluedog about such an incident:

“Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, is the subject of the most recent controversy in a complex drama that has involved Michael’s will, family fights and a feud for the ages. The battle allegedly came to a head when Janet slapped Paris and called her a “spoiled little b*tch.

In typical spoiled California teenager tradition, Paris (age 14) then slapped Janet back and said, “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f*ck out!

Translation: “Nigger, step back! We’re white. We’ll take it from here. Stay in your place if you know what’s good for you. Black people get shot for less than this. ((SLAP)). Got that?”

One of the best things about counter-racist codification is that words, whole paragraphs and sentences can be redeployed in similar circumstances and be just as effective. Very economical. And, when working from disadvantage, being economical in time and effort is essential. From my March 2010 commentary on these white heirs of Michael Jackson:

FROM MARCH 07, 2010

Neither cosmetic surgery nor chemical hair-straighteners change genetics. Would Michael Jackson’s genes plus those of a a blonde “Scandanavian” produce what you see above? Are those young persons above likely, despite all their words at the most recent Grammy award show about their “Grandparents,” likely to be white persons who do and/or will practice racism (white supremacy)? The Jackson clan might want to contact Mr. Mark Riding who was a guest on the C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) Blogtalk radio show. Mr. Riding is a black male raising a white child and, well, listen for yourself…( the most applicable clip is at 1:17:26 to 1:20:01)

Let’s replace white supremacy with justice.


20 Responses to “Paris v Janet: White Folks are SUCH a Problem. No matter the Age.”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

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  3. @ Marc Stanley Thanks for the information. I really appreciate the feedback. Peace.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    That takes the gold medal for hilarious comments on this blog.

  5. One for sure way to test if Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson’s biological daughter is to hand her to her grandfather, Joe Jackson and let him pull out the belt from retirement and wip the shit out her ass until she produces some awesome musical talent. If she can’t play or sing a lick, then she’s definitely a fruad.

  6. Bryanna Sumruld Says:

    Be advised that some hair staighteners are really damaging to the hair follicles that is why we should avoid them. “,””*

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. @Kushite Prince. No, I am not a Moor, but I am Moor-ish-American, because half of my DNA decends from people of color that of the ancient Moabites, and the misnomer “BLACK” was branded on my application regarding the birth certificate. Although I look somewhat European, my melatonin and curly hair over rule: once you add color to the subject, it is that color and not White. I like dropping knowledge where it appears to be needed. I haven’t come across a White supremacists web troll yet that could make logical sense in trying to twist the facts. It’s likely because the truth I convey is in their favor. The flip-side is, is that we are not supposed to have such information. Yet, the iluminati is always testing our blindness by putting the answer right in font of our face.

  8. Fugg the scientific meanderings of the theories of “black vs. white”…

    The problem is this: you have this little pissy albinized girl, who is supposedly a product of a MJ seed, who thinks she can use her albinized skin color and the SOR to dominate, control and manipulate the future of the Jackson family dynasty…bottom-line.

    Let’s cut the bullshit and call it what it really is.

    This little piece of shit is doing nothing more than what Chancellor Williams has recorded historically in his book, “The Destruction of Black Civilization”, where these GDAM’s (genetically deficient albino mutants) use any instance to take advantage of a situation, with the ultimate goal of to thwarting any if not all of the financial, social, political or familial gains made by Black people, here in the U.S. or across the globe, in their favor to perpetuate the SOR.

    Janet would have done better for the family if she had just turned those damn smartphones off before putting Paris’ ass in check.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I do see the logic of your statements, Marc Stanley. No, “Black” is NOT the name of any country of which I am aware. However, from my observation, those who call themselves “white” generally do not abide by statutes, treaties,contracts, etc. that in some way stipulate behavior that somehow prevents mistreating those who they do not classify as white—including those that state rights that must be recognized by any person claiming a nationality such as those you cite above. To my knowledge those who classify themselves as white, abide by no law that prohibiting them from mistreating those who classify themselves as members of a nation. The evidence is that, for hundreds/thousands of years. there were/are thousands/millions of such persons on every continent who,when encountered by those who call themselves “white people,” were/are still stolen, murdered, robbed, etc. by those who say they are/were “white people.”

    I am aware that white people use language to reinforce their unjust system of domination. All thinks dark are bad and all things light are white in the way they use the language. As a matter of science, such appellations are not true. As a matter of political functionality, a “black person,” is a victim of their system. I am working to replace the system of white supremacy/domination (racism) with a system of justice. Recognizing that I am a prisoner is requisite for me to abolish the prison.

  10. Cree-Eight: Differences of opinion in the way definitions are conveyed are critical to better understanding and making checks and ballances. Perfect thought cannot be achieved with just one brain having correct answers for all. So, your intelligent defining is valued as well. Yet, the point I was making was that every American needs to understand the legal and/or Lawful definition of the lable they grow into believing is really what they are without question, that which comes with bad mental programing. I offered enlightenment on the word or lable, Black, to show its damning usage. You can’t get the same negitive results from words such as Puerto Rican; Italian; French; Nigerian; etc., because such words speak one intent: to describe a particular people’s true Nationality from which country one decesnds. When it comes to accepting Black as an actual nationality, there is no country recognized or envisioned as being turmed Black created by God. You’ve simply been blackballed; blackmailed; blacklisted; blacked out; blackfaced and blackbrained.
    Even Noah Webster defines so called Blacks as not being citizens of the U.S. as it fits snuggly there among multiple negative definitions of the same word. See how Webster defines a Mexican-American: “A U.S. citizen… .”
    The minute you consent to being Black before the defacto corporate courts, you just legally granted yourself over as their property for their assumable jurisdiction. “The best slave is a slave that doesn’t know they are a slave,” Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey, Exhuming of a Nation.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Marc Stanley, as a matter of physics, I do not concur with your definition of “black” and “white.” Black is the absorption by a surface or object of all electromagnetic frequencies detected by the eye/brain. White is the reflection/rejection by a surface or object of all electromagnetic frequencies detected by the eye/brain. Organisms live and perceive within a range of all conditions. And, so it is with sight. One can be blinded by too much light or too little. Light is simply energy. We detect it either in a stored (potential)or moving (kinetic) state. Black exhibits this energy in it’s stored state while white represents it in a completely moving state.

    As for the legal definition of those terms, I operate from a functional definition of “law.” A law, from a functional standpoint, whether scientific or political, is “anything that has an effect.” I have not yet witnessed any person cease being mistreated on the basis of being classified as black by white folks after self-classifying as something else.

  12. @ Marc Stanley You’re dropping some serious knowledge. I grasp everything you’re saying. It might go over heads of some if they don’t understand how laws really operate in this country. You sound like a Moorish brother I know. You wouldn’t happen to be a Moor,would you?

  13. EmissaryOfWar Says:


    “If you don’t understand the system of racism, what it is and how it works, then everything else that you do understand will only confuse you.”

  14. You should ask yourself, what does the word Black or White mean?

    If it was associated with race, then it would mean, of or relating to the country its’ people directly descend, and/or relating to their language. THERE IS NO COUNTRY CALLED BLACK OR WHITE.

    If it was referencing the color of a people’s skin, then such people would not possess color at all. BLACK AND WHITE ARE NOT COLORS. Black is the absence of light, & White is the light. Light allows you to see colors that are not absorbed by darkness when reflected or broken through a spectrum.

    If judged by Law, Black means: Civil Liter Mortuse; DEAD IN THE EYES OF THE LAW; A WARD OF THE STATE; A MENTAL SLAVE; A NEGRO; UNDER COLORED OF LAW; 14TH & 15TH AMENDMENT CITIZEN HAVING ONLY PRIVILEGES AND NO RIGHTS; PROPERTY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT; HAVING NO LAWFUL REMEDIES as was first established by Christian Black Code Laws. Consenting to be Black is consenting to maintain an unlawful status in America. U.S. Supreme Court & United Nations won’t help either, because dealing in property that’s seeking an appeal from them is out of their jurisdiction. Your owner is responsible for all your affairs.

    Consenting to be Black means you can never be a true citizen of the United States of America. United States Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, declared that all blacks — slaves as well as free — were not and could never become citizens of the United States. Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857).

    It was a justified decision, because property cannot have equal rights as free humans proclaiming a real Nationality. If property had equal rights, then the likes of Lassie, Bengi and Morris the Cat would start taking people to court and possibly win.

    The key is to know thyself and correct your status, for then you would be recognized as having rights Whites in power are bound to respect.

  15. Reblogged this on Innerstanding Isness and commented:
    Paris v Janet: White Folks are SUCH a Problem. No matter the Age.

  16. This is the reason why we tell Black men, rich or poor, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again to stop having sex with these white women!!! The white woman does not “love” you. She’s looking to perpetuate SOR. The mainstream news reluctantly reports the d-e-c-r-e-a-s-i-n-g number of white folks while Black people are held victim by ignorance, self-denial about the existence of racism and economic vulnerability.

    The one thing we (specifically Black people) have yet to learn is that these white folks are thinking LONG-TERM, meaning they PLAN for future generations. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said that the white woman was going to be the last tool used against Black people, in every aspect within a functioning society. Today, with events happening such as this tragedy, it gives credence to his words made over 50 years ago.

    What’s funny to me about the unfortunate Jackson Family saga was that as soon as it was reported, I pretty much understood what “might have” been going on. “If you don’t understand the system of racism, what it is and how it works, then everything else that you do understand will only confuse you.” – Neely Fuller Jr.

    Mr. Fuller was right. The only way to combat the system construct of “invented” racism is understanding the fundamentals of “what’s going on.” Maybe we can assume that Michael Jackson didn’t really understand the aforementioned societal machinations working against him, and obviously was a victim of the SOR.

  17. alphax2k Says:

    The passing of wealth, knowledge and tradition WERE the hallmark of so called African culture and society. Now its seems three adopted (it is genetically impossible to have those kids let alone three times in a row) poltergeists have hijacked the Jackson family estate. For every great black struggle there appears a great black distraction. Michael was an entertainer as is Janet. Entertainment is one of the nine areas of importance. This isn’t Paris vs Janet but rather Paris and Janet wasting our time. Of course, this means something (legally or legislatively ) important happening that we may have overlooked.

  18. Great post Cree. I knew these kids would turn out this way. It’s not a big shock. As much as I love Michael’s music,he had some serious issues with self-hatred. And I knew these kids would be VERY white identified. They don’t look very black to me at all. It’s obvious that Paris is a spoiled brat. But it’s to be expected when you grow up around such wealth your whole life. And poor Janet,she can’t compete with a 14 year old girl?? That’s pretty sad. But what do you expect from a system of white supremacy?? I don’t know how Janet allowed Paris to slap her back. Janet should’ve beat her ass! A child should not be able to slap their aunt without a penalty. Just my 2 cents.

  19. Separation is the key. We must form a kind of black sovereignty.

  20. Its the same construct that enables “white privilege” {Tim Wise} renders Arikan people unable to, articulate,confront,and challenge this behaviour, which internalises this fear into oppressive behaviour of Afrikan people.These same people will then, defend “master ” make excuses for their behaviour which renders the KKK and other extremists groups redundant , as we become the gatekeepers against our own community on behalf of the very people who interrupted our His-story.The fact that MJ chose and engineered Eurasian children to inherit his legacy is telling.

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