An Anthem for Survivors of Maximum Racist Agression

I cried.

“She called it her release, divorcing the beast. Not a tear shed in the least…

It’s been ten years I’ve been away from home. The prodigal son has returned no longer alone. With this confession, hey, I learned my lesson. Knew she was truer because I didn’t wanna screw her…”

It’s in my kin’s nature to want to share treasures, so here ya go. Check it out—just click the image and you’ll go to the YouTube link for the video. And, if you felt a need to play it more than 4 times, go on over to Netflix or Amazon or something and watch Medicine for Melancholy. It’s the longer version and with a tragic ending instead. It’ll make you appreciate the 3 minute gem even more. Oh, BTW, ignore the description of the film at IMDB. It ain’t what those white folks say it’s about. I lived it. I know.
The producer of BlackLove SuperStars, Seed Planter, has counter-racist clothing and paraphernalia for sale at a cafe press site. Please support this video work by purchasing something there. And, thumbs-ups will help with distribution of the video.


2 Responses to “An Anthem for Survivors of Maximum Racist Agression”

  1. race, culture, and class, connection must have
    we see eye to eye on all three, it’s a blast!

  2. That’s a nice video Cree! It was shot very well. I left a comment and I “liked” the video.

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