Uken Git Choself a Kiyss

I just read this article entitled “Why Two People in an Interracial Relationship Shouldn’t Argue About Race”.(Strike-throughs are mine.) It was written by a black female discussing an argument she was having with her white “boyfriend.”

Poor girl. Trying to convince any white person about anything concerning racism (white supremacy).

The average 13 year-old white person knows more about racism than the average 50 yr-old black person with a PhD in Africana Studies. White people RUN the system and THEY have the keys. If black people had the keys, we’d be out of this global, open-air prison. Every white guy/gal who sexes a black person knows this—growing up around all black people or not. Prison guards are around prisoners all day, too. That don’t make them a prisoner. Throwing a punch or two at the guard don’t make a prisoner a guard, either. A white guy/gal knows this as they sex and make goo-goo eyes with a black person. Frick the kissing and the compliments, “honey.” GET HER OUT OF THE PRISON!…The only way to do that is to take the prison down. Then, Mr. White Man, Mr. Oxyhominoid, uken git choself a kiyss..if she still wants to. If you’re still around. But, I suspect that you, Mr. White Man, Mr. Oxyhominoid, are simply having BIG fun deceiving this poor girl. I know. College-educated black folk who have digested the RBG reading list are like a rodeo ride when they are lured into sexual arrangements with you. The longer it goes on, the bigger the fun.

There’s a reason that rapist and racist differ by only one letter.


26 Responses to “Uken Git Choself a Kiyss”

  1. Nice post. I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information . Keep up the good work

  2. I wouldn’t even argue with a black man who speaks negative about black women. If he’s at the point where he voices these negative beliefs publicly then he’s a lost cause. I’d just say I disagree and explain why and leave it alone. I’ve found in these situations the black guy will vehemently try to defend his beliefs if you try to counter them. So I just say why I disagree and when he goes on his rant about black bitches this and black bitches that, I stop talking to him. He’s a lost cause. Maybe a black male there who has these same ideas but doesn’t doesn’t voice them will hear what I say and come around to not believe these negative things about black women. But I never argue with these sick negros. It’s a waste of breath.

  3. I’m late getting back on this but Cree, when you say you think most black peoples definition of racism is that white people are born superior to black people, I look at that as a positive for white people and I don’t think most black people have a positive feeling towards white people. I’m saying the overwhelming majority of black people have negative feelings towards white people. And I don’t think anybody believe white people are superior or the superior race more than white people do. If they didn’t, I don’t think racism would persist. I believe black people just feel white people are prettier, more beautiful, more handsome. I don’t think they go around thinking this white woman or white man is not racist or doesn’t have disdain towards black people like the “other” white people. I think it’s a physical attraction because of the constant bombardment of attractive white people that are constantly portrayed on billboards, magazines, television. We just look at these people as being extremely physically attractive. We’ll look past them as being racist just to have a pretty white woman or handsome white man. I know a black guy who told me once, “you have to let them call you a nigger”. He was talking about his white woman. But when you think you have some kind of “prize”, you’ll over look certain “blemishes”. Just my opinion.

  4. Good Sly Stone reference with this title.

  5. I agree, Richard, that black people have been made demented in viewing these creatures as not only of our species but even god-like. And, of course, this is operating in all of these sexual arrangements just as they are neighbor-to-neighbor, customer-to merchant, etc.. And, while many black people will acknowledge that the white person they sleep with is a racist, I don’t think that these black people are using the same definition for “racist” as you and I. I know my dad doesn’t. And, since he raised me, I didn’t always have this definition/understanding either. Most black people still believe that racism is a belief that white people are innately superior. But, you see Richard, most black people have been brain-trashed to believe that superiority probably more than white people. So, black people see the willingness of a white gal/guy to date them, kiss them, and sex them as proof that a particular white gal/guy has less of a disdain (less racist—so they think) for black people than even most black people. Understanding that white supremacy is a malicious SYSTEM of individual behavior that powerfully compensates for white folks’ natural disadvantage is just not something that most black people get. And, we certainly don’t get that sex is used as a weapon against us. When a black person gets THAT is when he/she understand just what we’re up against and that it ain’t nothin that laws, “diversity trainings”, hip-hop or cross-color kissing will ever solve.

  6. I read that article too. I posted a short comment on facebook about it and I said of course the white partner doesn’t want to discuss race because the black partner would know he/she is a racist but I had to rethink that. The black partner KNOWS the white partner is a racist and just accepts it. All relationships where one person is white and the other is black, the black person knows the white one is a racist. Some way deep inside most black people, white people are like Gods and to have God as a partner is so heavenly. No matter the evils of the white partner, the black one will simply ignore it and they have hypnotized/psyched themselves into not seeing their racism even when it’s plainly in front of them. It’s sad. In every black/white relationship, the white person will still practice deception. So, the only reason for us to be with them is this perception we have that they are like God. There is no other explanation.

  7. “I’m here on the heels of listening to a black male say that black females need to be more “feminine”. How does that play when you’re getting your ass kicked and black males are standing around watching?

    Hear here, there and everywhere, LBM. I know that serene, oxytocin generated feeling (think nursing) just ain't happenin when I'm under stress. Males need to make space for females to be feminine. Otherwise, we're just targets with no defense, self or otherwise.

  8. As usual I’m late to the party, but I’m here on the heels of listening to a black male say that black females need to be more “feminine”. How does that play when you’re getting your ass kicked and black males are standing around watching?

    hunglikejesush said black males with white females don’t bother him as much, as the females are usually “throwaways”. Well in as much as they are ALL throwaways, my concern is the product of that beastiality. More times than not, historically and presently, the underspring of such unions have been more than hostile toward Black people. I say Black males and females better recognize and start wanting to reproduce self.

  9. @Cree Thanks for that article! That was very informative. I hope everyone reads it.

  10. “how do we get our people to see it?”—Yes, how do we get enough of us to see it. The newest science says we only need ten percent:

  11. Yeah I that I saw someone impersonating a black “man” in that video. What a spineless coward! The REAL black men need to stand up and protect our women just like Malcolm X said. The black woman is the most unprotected and disrespected person in America. This needs to change ASAP!

  12. Jay in the Black Dimension Says:

    When I read articles like the one you posted Cree, it just shows me that at some point, if Black people want to survive and thrive and project our lineage into the future (as untainted as possible), we have to separate from Black people like this woman. She is aware that racism exist, but it isn’t “bad enough” for her leave whites alone sexually.

    Now what I really want to talk about is a statement that Kushite Prince made. “The world was the white man’s brothel”. A few month’s ago, I was looking around trying to find out about tourism in West Africa and I came across this site

    If you have a look around the site, you will see that it’s just some white man traveling the globe, for sex tourism and keeping score. I was extemely upset when I found this, particularly when he was in Black countries.

    Also looking around on tragic arrangements site and facebook, I found this

    The only positives that I can think of out of situations like these are that these particular white supremacist expose themselves. You don’t have to go around trying to prove what they are like liberal white people.

    Now the problems is, how do we get our people to see it?

  13. Another pledge of valor. I’m so appreciating my readers/commenters right now.

  14. I was having a mostly good day until I saw that video. I had a similar thing happen to me just the other day, but mine of course ended a lot differently.

    The fact that the caveman would attack a woman like that in public speak to who he is. Which goes hand in hand with the rest of what we talked about here. BUTTTT!!!!!!!!! The fact that he was not stop speak to who in the hell those other man-i-cans were. And if I ain’t mistaken, I did see some Black “men” shuffling around with their effing heads downs. Let me say for the record; I’m not a big person I’m about 6 feet 2 inches and I weight around 196 after a pretty good meal. If I had been standing there or anywhere around such BS it would have been nothing that would have stopped me from getting that animal off of that woman. NOTHING!!!

    And know this Black people: A white person spitting in your face–to me–deserve nothing less than you trying with all your might, to take that person off of this planet. You will be insane after getting spit on in the face or atleast I would be.


  15. Thanks sis. We have to all take a stand against this type of behavior. As black men we can no longer be silent. White worshipers need to move aside. The victim is Brandi Worley. She’s an accomplished author. She did not deserve this treatment.

  16. I’d heard something about it but I hadn’t seen it. Yes, Kushite Prince, sadly, this IS how black females are treated now. Efforts to protect and defend us are rare. I’m sure I could uncover more accounts of black males showing valor to protect non-black females even at the risk of physical injury or death than those who might only face arrest for defending black females. Thank you for bringing this out. And, thank you for your pledge of valor. May you inspire more of the same.

  17. I feel what you’re saying. I don’t think their impression of us has ever changed. They take delight in sexually abusing us. It’s for their own sick pleasure. Need anymore proof? Check out this blog:

  18. @Cree Did you hear about this video this week? It’s all over the internet. This guy calls a black woman a n****r and a b***h and then spits in her face! She was recorded him with her cell phone and he tried to take it from her.There are men around who stand by and do nothing! The man’s name is Josh Jambon and the men are his workers. Maybe they’re afraid of losing their jobs so they did nothing. But these men are spineless cowards in my opinion. There’s no way in hell I would have just stood by and watched that. He’s lucky I wasn’t there. Is this how black women are treated now? The black woman is being disrespected in every way possible! Black men have to stand up against this. We can’t allow our women to be treated this way.This kind if crap really pisses me off! Josh needs his ass KICKED!

  19. @Prince “For some strange reason I always get the feeling that’s it’s a sick fetish for white boys to bed black women.”

    That is my undying belief and I will tell any proud Black wife of a white man that. I would offer them a whole paycheck to tell about how surprised they were when the crazy sex stuff came out, cause I know it did. I KNOW IT!!!! White men are animalistic when not dealing with there own women. It’s kinda like when you rent a car, you drive it like a rented car. And to be honest, that is the hardest part for me. White hands on Black flesh, to me, is just not right.

    I have moved passed a Black woman whom I was/am crazy about dating a non-Black man, but it’s always in my head, though suppressed.

    Very good thoughts Prince, glad you and these ladies are in my corner.


  20. And, let the black people say, “Amen.”

  21. @hunglikejesush That site you put is very disturbing. It’s hard for me to see such attractive sistas with these albino losers. Most of them look like nerds. But if you worship at the feet of whiteness—I guess any white guy will do. I understand that it’s difficult for a lot of black women to find the right black man for them. I know it can get rough out there. But it still hurts to see them with white boys. For some strange reason I always get the feeling that’s it’s a sick fetish for white boys to bed black women. Like some type of “bed wench” fetish or something. I remember in an interview Frances Cress Welsing saying that for white men they’re really not considered “real men” until they’ve slept with a black woman. I think there’s something to that. I remember the old saying that “the world was the white man’s brothel”. They basically like to go around the world screwing all types of women. Those women on that site must really have low self esteem to be with these guys. I agree with Cree,many look very “fruity” to me. It’s funny how many attractive white women will turn down these homely effeminate white men–but beautiful black women can’t wait to date them. That’s really sad in my opinion. What kind of statement does that make?

  22. @Cree You are so right! I think white identified blacks are delusional. Whites don’t see you as an equal just because they’re sleeping with you in bed. I think they like to abuse and use black people at their leisure. Having sex with whites only confuses the non-white person. I believe all Oxyhominoids know this–I could be wrong. Though I doubt it. Just play it safe and don’t sexual sewer yourself.

  23. truthbetold, you ain’t neva lied!!

  24. And, thank you for yours, sir. Thanks for letting us know how it’s spoesta go down with our off-spring. I’m partying right now after hearing that my oldest nephew has fallen hard for a black girl. Out here, just a few miles north of the border, HQ for Filipino military, and as always playground for OH, that’s a miracle. I told him and his brother when they were about 8 and 5 respectively that there was no point introducing a white girlfriend to me and that I would NEVER go to any “wedding” with a white woman. No one else has ever said any such thing to them. So, I’m praying—yes I’m praying— this sticks.

    About that site you tumbled across—as white folks say, “FAIL!” I suspect that the blog is run by a black female. At least half those guys look homosexual. All of them look “insufficient” for the females. And, none of them look like their in a real “relationship.” And, yes, I read body language that well. Take my word for it. My hormonal pedigree is exceptionally high for that skill. I had it analyzed at Anywho, the poor females look pathetic. I mean that in the more antiquated definition; “Arousing pity, esp. through vulnerability or sadness.”

  25. I came across this tumblr the other day while looking for something about Black women on tumblr. BTW, tumblrers have the best collection of photos in one place.

    It made me sick and after I got the frown off of my face, I still couldn’t the imagines out of my brain. I REALLY don’t like that sorta thing.

    ” I know, college-educated black folk who have digested the RBG reading list are like a rodeo ride when they are lured into sexual arrangements with you. The longer it goes on, the bigger the fun.

    There’s a reason that rapist and racist differ by only one letter.”

    If I was the type to say something like “PREACH!!!”, then I would be saying it after those last lines. That,,,,,, me thinks sums it up, wraps it up and deliverers up in a neat little package. PREACH!!

    I let it be known that Black people belong with Black people and if that can’t happen then be alone. Nowadays it seems that Black folk break their necks for anything that ain’t Black, then gallivant around like they really got the prize. The Black men with white women is something that doesn’t bother me as much. I guess do to more exposure to it, but it’s still ugly and those women they catch are more than likely “throwaways” and can probably never go home to daddy again, as it should be. WHATEVA!!!

    To see a Black woman with a so-called white man is like a blow to the gut for me. For whatever reason it just seems like it’s against nature. Also, Black women seem to get off flaunting there OH in front of Black men (that could be my imagination). And it show a lack of pride, in both Black men and women. I always see that Black woman as a victim times two when they are with those “people”. I always wonder to myself, do they know the history of that “relationship” in this country or do they care? And what kinda white sex practices are being subjected to? Dogs and chains and latex and glass etc..

    When my step-daughter was coming up, I made it as clear as crystal that it was not gonna be happening here and if she did, you could forget about this family. Because “hooking up” with one is akin to spitting on everyone of the women in her family that came before her. NO!! Yes, here mother was down with that as well–her not being with a OH I mean. I gave her the rundown on the history, but being her mothers daughter, she thought “white boys” were gross and stink. That still holds true today. BTW, the boys and it was four of them, got the same lesson.

    Thank you Ms. CREE, excellent piece of your mind.

  26. I’ve said over and over that the best thing a black person can do to help stop this poisonous system is to cease ALL activity, especially sex, with ALL persons who classify themselves as white.

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