Know this face from MTV, MSNBC, ESPN, Rolling Stone, etc.?
He is simply known as “Toure.”

In an earlier post about Whitney Houston’s death, I referenced the book, “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders” by John Potash. It is a meticulously footnoted work. Guilty or not, there’s a lot of evidence in that book implicating print and television journalist, Toure, as a Cointelpro media asset who had a role in the set-up of Tupac Shakur’s execution. It’s enough to upset the strongest of stomachs. Since time and energy are in short supply for most black people, here’s a link to a summary of what Potash says about well-known journalist, Toure, at the site, Storify. Today, Dr. Boyce Watkins published a piece on YourBlackWorld questioning Toure’s thin credentials and wide opportunity entitled, Meet Toure, the Kim Kardashian of Social Commentary. Well, yes. Toure’s circumstances are puzzling, aren’t they? Are they?
In a prison, it is illogical to trust a cellmate. When the guards show up with their torture kit ready to extract healthy teeth from you and your dear ones without anesthesia OR to give you a year’s supply of fresh produce and quality dental care—-I know how it’s going down except in the very rare instance, .

I was once made an “offer.”

It was a hardly veiled threat to stop talking like I do and get a brand new Range Rover like the one that had been parked next to my beat up old mini-van in a parking garage late one night after work. Or, to wind up like Johnnie Cochran after I was assured that Mr. Cochran did not die of natural causes and told that “black women disappear a lot faster than black men.”

I didn’t take the offer. But, I’m not so arrogant to say there is nothing that wouldn’t scare me enough to buckle. Nor am I arrogant enough to publicly say what I think my buckling point might be.

PRISONS MANUFACTURE SELL-OUTS. Ain’t gettin’ rid of ’em until the factory that produces injustice has been shut down.

Let’s replace the global open-air prison of white supremacy with one of justice.



  1. Non white?lol Yeah I’ve been hearing that term a lot in regards to tragic relationships. I guess that’s the new way of staying away from black people. You notice these same people never refer to their spouse as “non black”.lol

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    SHOCKING, KP!!!! Oh, but, she’s “non-white,” right?

  3. @Cree
    Brace yourself for this one. I’m sure you’ll be shocked by this. Did you know that Toure’s wife is………not black!lol Shocking right?lol They got married a few years ago. Her name is Rita Nakouzi and they have two children. I believe she’s from Lebanon. So that makes her an Arab I guess. Whatever,just thought I’d throw this in the mix. Peace.

  4. @Cree Check this article out. Toure thanks God for abortion. This guy is too much.smh

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Well, for certain, Kushite Prince, there was no clarity about the actions of white folk in the system of white supremacy. That was patty-cakes with and attitude. and, he gets paid well to do it. Can’t have roll-overs that even a non-year-old could see. Then the black people chosen by white folks for racial showcasing, or worse, would lose there credibility and, therefore, effectiveness in deceiving us.

  6. @Cree I wanted your opinion on something. I remember watching this exchange earlier this year between Toure and Piers Morgan. They were talking about the Trayvon Martin murder. And things got a bit heated. Do you think these “arguments” are staged? I think many of them are not really heated debates at all. Since I now know the media lies all the time,it’s hard to take these exchanges seriously anymore. I know you have a well-trained eye as well,and are hip to the white supremacy game. So I was wondering what do you think when watching this video:

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    he doesn’t need to feminize Toure in spite of any issues I or himself have with Toure . If we’re going to speak of Kim K call her the serial abuser of black males she is and a problem.—Good catch on The feminization, M1. Now that you’ve pointed it out, it seems like one of those big red balls we used to play with in elementary school. I’ll tell ya, I’ve hot so many nigerization virus files scattered all over my hard-disk. Thanks for helping me delete that one.

  8. To LBM I didn’t know Dr Dyson was a part of attacking Dr jeffries and other black scholars. I remember Dr Gates doing it. As for Toure the village voice a liberal newspaper didn’t just use him to attack other blacks,Peter Noel was used in a similar manner. I hope this will end soon the same with Dr Watkins, he doesn’t need to feminize Toure in spite of any issues I or himself have with Toure . If we’re going to speak of Kim K call her the serial abuser of black males she is and a problem.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Indeed. It’s time, in my opinion to start some pressure on those carrots. When I saw that 10 minute video of 22-yr-old Derek Williams asphyxiating in the back of a squad car in Milwaukee, I knew that we have sullying those carrots handed out by racists to our entertainers if they don’t start sharing some of the big-house viddles with us to save some lives…..

  10. I watched one episode of Kamau Bell’s show – almost threw up. Apparently the show got extended so he “joked” about what he had to do to get the extra shows. He did a piece with him sitting and a white male standing in front of him – he’ s saying he’ll cut his hair and all sorts of crap then he said, “I’ll suck 47% of your_____” I was more than done.

    ….But like I said, the closer they get to their end, the more of this treachery we will see….and experience.

  11. Unfortunately we have to question anyone who gets much play with the anti-humans. Years back when Dr. Jeffries was trying to get the truth of African history in the the school system in NYC, Michael Eric Dyson not only came out against the suggested curricula change but ridiculed Jeffries and other Afro-centrics.

    Rats are at their fiercest when cornered. The anti-humans are and will continue to turn up what they see as survival tactics because for “some” reason, they can’t seen to subdue the negroes and grow themselves. They haven’t yet, and will never concede to THE Creator. “Offers” and threats will continue.

    So they can have their Dysons and Toures and how ever many of us they get in that position, their reign will run it’s course. The question is how much help are we going to keep giving them to prolong this shyt.

  12. That index finger moving back and forth between my forehead and yours. Can’t no one say what their limit of pain is until they’re dead. But , yeah, your checklist was a thorough analysis for the collective mistreatment.


    Excellent rundown and I must say very eyeopening. I have seen this Toure person and really paid him no attention as he was just some MTV generation mouthpiece. Now I’ll sit up straight.

    I know how the this selling out has eroded ANY AND EVERYTHING that Black people have done. I grew up with my father in the Panthers and they got ran roughshod through. My father spent time in prison and to this very day I can’t get him to talk about it. All he tells me is never join anything. My father is afraid of something and he’s now in mid 70’s. Black people for all the abuse we have faced you think we would have developed a spine of steel by now. What in the hell are they gonna do to us? Kill us in the streets…..check, flood our homes with drugs………..check, miseducate us……….check, maybe they’ll poison us morning noon and night………..check.

    Ms. Cree you know how I feel about you and I’m glad you didn’t take the offer, but if every a time comes when they give you an offer you can’t refuse, then in advance, I understand. They are the ones with all cards in their greasy, dirty, nasty, backwards hands.

    We can hang together or we can hang individually.

  14. Wow! That story is not surprising yet it’s still sad to hear. smh

  15. We really need to be more aware. This COINTELPRO crap is getting really old and tired.

  16. Okay, Kushite Prince. Here’s the email I sent to Ronnie. He and I go way, way back. I didn’t think anyone else would care about the details.

    Ronnie, I don’t have a price. Never did. Just not made that way. I have some things I would not want to happen. And, of THEM, I won’t speak .

    I thought you wanted to hear about the “offer” I was given a couple of years ago….

    I was teaching a class closely related to law at a local college. It met at night. I had taught a similar class during a previous term. In both classes, I used the wiggle room to ask questions that had the students wrestle with codified definitions of “justice,”, law”, “diversity,”, “discretion,” etc.. The white students hated me.

    Well, in the second class, a black male student (a young looking 40) was enrolled who was Mr. Perfect Student for the professor. His papers were a galaxy beyond the other students. He often ended or began them with obscure but spot-on quotes for the concept I was endeavoring to illustrate. He always wore a baseball cap with the number 7 on it. When he introduced himself to the class on the first day, he described his very unusual consulting business which was THE SAME as my very unusual consulting business. Namely, representing clients as their attorney-in-fact instead of attorney-at-law and placing cases with licensed attorneys. I still know of no one else ever claiming to do that. In addition, when he introduced himself to the class, he described this major case he had going with the feds who had detained his international businessman client on some sort of bogus national security grounds. Well, I had just three years before had a multimillion dollar case that only went south after a totally unexpected California Supreme Court ruling that California schools cannot be sued under the False Claims Act. So much in common, right??!! Never did smell right to me. This guy, would hang around in the class during dinner breaks when I would be doing preparations. He gave me his card and said we should work together. He kept asking me why I hadn’t called. I told him that it would be improper since I was giving him a grade….

    I habitually parked my van earlier than any student arrived and in a deserted part of the parking garage. I didn’t want my students to see that my car was far older and beat up than any of theirs. One night, after all the students had departed form the building, there was this Range Rover parked right next to mine. And, standing at my trunk was its driver….Mr. Perfect Student. He asked again, with a stern face, why I hadn’t called him about working as partners. When I began the usual explanation, he said, “Look at your car. You don’t have to drive that jalopy. I can get you a car just like this one. Name your price. What’s it gonna take?” Before I could respond, he said, “You know, professor, you better be careful. You know Johnnie Cochran didn’t die of natural causes.” I said, “yes, I know.” Then, he said, “Black women disappear a lot faster than black men.” He told me, again, that I should give him a call that his business was expanding and how they were moving to new offices. Then, he drove off. He finished the class with an “A” grade. And, I never saw or heard form him again.

  17. Nah, stupid you are not. Really, revolting isn’t it? And, this info has been known for YEARS! But, since so few black people are paying attention, They haven;t even had to switch him out of rotation. Even if all he is is somone REALLY white identified and not as described in Potash’s research.

  18. You’re right! How stupid am I?lol I overlooked it. Some brother sent that article to me a few years ago. I need to email you about that incident you had though. Did someone really threaten you? That is insanity to me! Totally nuts! I can’t believe that!

  19. Kushite Prince, that’s the article linked in my post…..

  20. @ Cree This Toure(House Negro 2012) character is a real low life. In my opinion he is a waste of human flesh. He would probably sellout his own mother for a quarter. I thought you might find this article interesting.

  21. Ronnie, email me and I’ll tell you all about it.

  22. say what?!!!…elaborate on this offer…

  23. Indeed—economics and religion. And, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, and war……

  24. religion is another institution for the breeding of sell outs…

  25. I’m glad, too, truthbetold. I’ll dare say, however, that for the best-intentioned black person, it is not the carrot (reward) that induces compliance. It’s that stick (punishment). All the carrot does is point you out to other black folks working on getting rid of the system of white supremacy (racism). Racists know us very well. They know that we will be oh so happy to focus more on the negro they’ve marked with bling than on the white folks who placed it there.

  26. Many blacks have long sold out for less than a Range Rover…my friend told me last night, when the revolution starts, if you have 100 bullets, the first 99 will be for the sell-out blacks.

    Glad you’re still on our side.

  27. Seems like they have us my the neck. He’s a made man and doing exactly what he’been told to do. I was hatin’ on him until it occurred to me he’s a victim of racism white supremacy, so I sighed. The knot in my stomach tighten. Justice for Justice

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