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A black man (African) told me that he finds black women unattractive because they are ghetto and have a lot of problems.He went further to explain his dislike by noting that he loves white women because they are beautiful and opposite of black women. I was disgusted as I listened to this man who was reared, loved, clothed, protected, supported financially by black people especially the black African womb that gave him life.

I cautioned myself however, sympathetic towards him as I reflect on the source of this black man’s confession of defeat and self hate. This pattern of thinking is common amongst many Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora. They lack self pride and have internalized the general half cooked stories, negative images they see of themselves, read in “history” books, news papers, magazines etc. “Mainstream” media paints black people negatively and gives one sided stories…

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  1. Sadly, this article is totally true. The only solution, and I can’t see how it could be implemented, is total separation from white people. As long as we are “attached” to them, these negative feelings towards ourselves will persist. And it will not be an overnight thing but will take hundreds of years. We don’t have a common idea, a common philosophy. White people seem to be almost totally unanimous in their beliefs about black people where we are all over the place concerning them. We’re the first to say color doesn’t matter and we all bleed red and stuff like that. I only see total separation from them as a solution and I don’t see how that can be done. So how can your bring enlightenment to black people when we have been trained to reject ANYTHING anti-white? I’ve stopped talking to my family about racism. They have totally rejected me since I started. I’m the relative not invited to anything anymore because they’re scared I might start talking about white people. Some have mixed kids and don’t want any anti-white talk around them and ignore the fact that when that white kids goes home to white mother she gets ALL the anti-black talk but that doesn’t matter to them. And they don’t even try to counter what the white child learns from her white side. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only answer I see to our problem is total separation. Another solution is a divine intervention of someone who is sent by God himself with divine inspiration. But I’m almost at the point where I think only God himself can heal us and not even someone sent (human) by God.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Can’t add nothin’.

  3. Sometimes you wonder if we’re just too deep in the manure. There’s so many things going on with a black male who postures as the one talked about above. He’s angry with the only people who actually give a damn about his anger. Unfortunately, a lack of reciprocal understanding is making our hole and therefore his hole even deeper. It’s sad that even when you have more black males willing to tell the truth about their experience with white females – it doesn’t serve as a warning.

    I’m so totally disgusted with the lack of respect shown for The Empress. White females are on their job, doin’ pretty well I must admit. I’m guessing Saldana has no idea who Nina Simone IS. If she does…

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