Black People: Do Not Comply with The Protocols for our Suffocation and Starvation.

Derek Williams being suffocated in the back seat of a Milwaukee Police Department squad car in June, 2011. The surveillance video was just recently released after 10 months of records requests and “negotiations” by the Journal Sentinel newspaper.

I want to talk about the preferred method of murdering black people by those who are not black and it does relate to the second and third pictures in this post. Bare with me.

Many have watched the recently released surveillance video of 22 yr-old black male, Derek Williams, being suffocated to death in the back seat of a Milwaukee Police Department squad car in July, 2011. Williams pleads over and over again for the window to be opened saying he cannot breathe. Hands tied behind his back, he falls over in the seat and manages to sit back up several times. Only after he has taken his last breath, having fallen over for the last time, is he checked for signs of life (death). At which point, fifteen or twenty white guys are summoned to stand around (pretending attempts) to revive him. A year later, surveillance video shows another black person, 35 yr-old Alesia Thompson, also suffocating to death in the back seat of police vehicle in Los Angeles. Who knows how many times this is happening without discovery? Black people certainly do not know what is being done to effect these suffocation deaths. I don’t. It does bring to my mind the police vehicles that are said to have been used at the beginning of the Nazi error in Germany to suffocate “Jews” to death.

This starvation of essentials is the preferred method that non-black folks —both genders, all ages, all income levels, all occupations, all geographic locations, and varying skin hues (within a certain range)—use to murder black people.

Starvation of oxygen. Starvation of clean water. Starvation of constructive information. Starvation of finances. Starvation of quietude/non-terror.

Non-black folks don’t want to just kill us efficiently and be done with it. And, that’s not because they’re too squeamish. They’ve taken too many photos of their gleeful families viewing castrated charred bodies of black people for us to believe that. There are too many accounts of their relatively recent ancestors using black babies for alligator bait; too many recent images of Indonesian Asians brutally murdering black people in Papua New Guinea; Arabs brutally murdering and dragging dead black people through the streets in Libya. So, they can do it and with relish. But, the logic is that they don’t want any chance of us fighting successfully to get the pillow off of our face. A person being slowly starved does not immediately recognize he/she is being murdered. He/she gasps for air, grasps for morsels of food, for any hope of quietude through luxury or just a job that he or she is told will surely result from persistence and a positive attitude (the law of attraction). This is why hood-rich people like Jay-Z and Oprah Winfrey exist. And, why just about every black person has heard of that one black guy who has held onto the same job at the power company for 15 years.

That’s the trick to starvation/suffocation. Provide something. Just not enough.

By the time the victim recognizes that he/she is dying, there’s no strength to yell for reinforcements or to fight off the killer. That is the position that we black people, generally, find ourselves in. Few of us know that we’re being starved out. So, we’re not willing to not “be nice.” To use desperate measures. Stealing and robbing are not desperate measures. You’ll get three hots and a cot with that action.

Do you see the windows being sealed shut? Look around.

Mexican day laborers, typical in Anytown, USA, standing on a street corner near some home improvement store or other place to pick up casual laborers. Many Mexicans say amongst themselves that black people (black bugs that roll feces), “mayates,” are lazy.

Spanish is the only language spoken by many of the clerks in these stores which are hugely profitable and a more plush shopping experience than Pavilion. The one in San Diego is expanding to be the largest supermarket in the county outside of Whole Foods. Businesses require capital, credit. Don’t start that , “Black people need to start businesses” crap here. Do your research. We are not financially illiterate, spendthrift, or lazy. Read the work of Duke University professor of economics, William Darity. No one will leave us alone long enough to save the capital from employment, let alone cooperate with us by extending credit.

Where— anywhere in the United States, any time of day, any day of the year—can one or more black males just go stand around in the open without interference by enforcement officers and have any reasonable chance of being hired to work and get any pay whatsoever??

What Mexican Taco Shop, Indian, Chinese or Arab “restaurant” can a black person be found working for pay? Where is the black-owned restaurant who hires only black people and does not get sued? I suspect that your head-scratching is the reason that I can name three “soul food” eateries, right here in San Diego that hire Hispanics/Latinos, Asians and the pinker white folk.

Are there suddenly no more black people who can competently staff a post office, a DMV, or other government office? Government used to be our refuge. Our Slave Shack.

SUGGESTION: We need to draft a general application for the employment of a black person. And, it should say clearly at the top of the form: “Request That you Hire Me, a Black Person.”

Qualifications: “The same as many non-black people you’ve hired.”

Desired Wage/Salary: “The greatest wage you pay new hires who are not black who are of the same or lesser qualification.”

Training and Education: “See below. (List any schooling you’ve had) plus the same on-the job-training you provide to non-black people.”

Every black person without a job should hand that to every non-black cashier or clerk they encounter—Pink, Mexican, Asian—whateva. Eff the company/organization application. Eff their web site. Let’s stop playing by their rules. Their rules are designed to kill us.
And, when you have any down time, learn that periodic table of elements. Leave the debating to President Obama.


28 Responses to “Black People: Do Not Comply with The Protocols for our Suffocation and Starvation.”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    rbrowns, I’m not for mediocrity in constructive work by black people either. I do want to, hopefully, add some dimension and perspective.

    It is my experience that black people work harder and more “by the book” than anyone else. When I was a social worker and a high school teacher, my white co-workers had the lightest and easiest class and case loads. They were like the numerous white professional athletes who are allowed to pull down substantial salaries while not being starters or top performers. Like the white celebrities who don’t have to have any top-fight dance skills or musicianship. Whenever I need to take care of a persistent problem with customer service at a utility or bank, etc., the problem seems to never get solved until a black person, particularly a black female takes care of it. There is no one more thorough and at the same time pleasant and professional.

    I won’t dispute that black people are TIRED OF WORKING AND GETTING NOTHING FOR IT. Even an ant will stop trying to move a rock when they get nowhere (Fuller’s reference). The point of profit—of getting something besides an early grave— on a job for a lower for a black person than for a white person because a white person’s total position is different. White folks can lose their jobs and still keep their lawns green and go on vacations because they have wealth to lean back on that has been passed onto them by or shared with their kin. White folks are working for second homes, boats, to pay of a mortgage in 15 years, to retire early, for hobbies that give them status like sailing or hang-gliding, or a real chance of having their work recognized in a way that leads to a significant pay raise and promotion at the same organization or at another. Black people are just working for food, shelter, and transportation—and doing it in a totally hostile environment that beats down on us like the sun on Venus.

    Further, rbrownes, those same white folks that you think are so hard-working and rule-following are permitted to slide in areas that you have no idea about. At a social work job I had with a non-profit here, a white co-worker not only lied about his graduate degree but was working at his family’s photography business when he was supposed to be out in the field with clients. White folks were keeping their mouths shut about it. The only reason I found out was that a white HR interim director was angry that they would not hire her permanently— so she squealed to me, a black person who she knew was aware that I was being mistreated at that job. We are generally kept blind about the slacking of white people. You only find out what the black people are doing that is breaking rules and slacking—because black people are not permitted to do what white folks do. White folks are much lazier than black people because they have no excuse for their slacking. All white folks benefit from their smartest. They know how to follow their smartest. And, yes, relative to us, most “Mexicans” are white and, therefore, racist. They collectin welfare AND workin and when they get the cash they stacked from that, they movin up—somewhere.

    As for the inconsiderate customers in supermarkets, I’ll take your word for it. I shop at a store at which half the shoppers are black. I have never seen that behavior.

  2. rbrownesr Says:

    Assume everybody that is not an american black person to be an anti american black person. We are not liked by anyone on planet earth, or as Gus says, in the known universe. If we went to planet Neptune and people were there, they wouldn’t like the american blacks. Man, I hope I can make this shorter than I think I can because there are countless things I can speak on here.

    I live in a small all black city named East St. Louis, IL. This is where Jackie Joyner comes from and most recently Dawn Harper who won silver in this years olympics. It’s all black and high crime. But I don’t have the problems you guys have as far as going to places of business and seeing mexicans or whoever working at grocery stores or fast food restaurants. But arabs and orientals have come in and opened nail salons and these quick market type stores. They are racist yet black people flock to them no matter how they are treated. I actually find it hard to be mad at them because we have the power to shut them down with this being an all black city yet they are all doing a great business. I don’t see anyone but blacks at the major grocery store here or at national type fast food places. All I can say to you, if it’s possible, is to go to white places to buy your groceries if you can. Buy black if that is possible. I think these people know that the majority of us don’t look at them as racist and they have taken advantage of it. Like I said, I can’t really empathize with you because it’s not that way in the small city I live in and St Louis, MO is one of the more racist cities in america and there are not a lot of mexicans at the stores. The ones there seem to work the lawn care businesses. But the advantage I think they have is a sense that we don’t know they are racists and don’t look at them like we would a white person and I think that is true. I hope I’m making sense.

    I may take some flack here but I’ll say some of the stuff Khalf says I agree with and have witnessed. No one can deny that there is something different about the last couple of generations. My thinking is we thought we had finally been recognized as being americans coming out of the civil rights movement and some progress was made but it became apparent that white people had not actually changed and we were still last hired, first fired. Racism was still here. I believe black people kind of gave up when they came to this realization and there was no national leader like a King or Malcolm here. I think we became aware of our plight and saw nothing we could do about it. We gave up and in doing this, I think our children suffered. With the man out the house and the mother sometimes having to work two jobs, there was not a lot of raising of children. So the television raised our kids and looking at it made us think it was a beautiful world out there and there was no one to tell us it wasn’t. I think that was the beginning of our demise from the “glory” days when we were black and proud. These foreigners don’t/won’t hire black people because they are racist but they did not just get racist when they got here. I would not look for them to hire us. Black people should stop patronizing those places but they will not. But there is something about black workers now. I’m not saying all but some of us don’t have that work ethic (as white folks say). We don’t care about doing a good job and mediocrity has become acceptable to black people. I can say this about myself. In my job, I am on call 24/365 and have only once answered my phone. Honestly, I only want to work my 8hr shift and don’t want to be called at any time to have to come to work. White folks have tolerated me for years and now have accepted that I only want to work my 8hrs. But those white guys will come in any time, miss their childrens graduations, weddings, funerals because of their dedication to the job. I have to give it to them. And although I’ve ran across some of are just as mediocre, most of them are hard workers and always try to do the best job they can. If they were not this way, they would not rule the earth. But I can’t name all the crazy things I’ve seen black folks do…getting caught sleeping on the job, on the phone all the time, being somewhere where they are not suppose to be. The mexicans are not going to do that. They will come to work and work very hard and be very little trouble. This is true. It’s no excuse to not hire us because all of us are not this way. But we’d better get our act together. We can’t say the man fired us for nothing and find out later that you had went home and laid down and went to sleep after clocking in. One story I can relate to was once I worked at a high price restaurant as a busboy. On payday they would give us our checks but we had to clean our stations before we left. They hired a black girl and black guy and their first check, they left. They knew they were suppose to clean their stations but they just left after getting paid. After I cleaned my station, I left. Those two got in trouble for what they did. Don’t you know those two negros were furious at me for not cleaning their stations for them. I couldn’t believe it. They were blaming me for their stupidity. So I can understand what Khalf was saying. Sometimes I work long hours on my job and those white guys seem to never get tired. In school they seem to have the ability to study hour after hour after hour. They seem to have a drive and biblically they were told to subdue the earth, to put it under their foot. We need to start teaching our children to do a good job. Don’t teach your children to be mediocre. I see black people knock things off shelves at grocery stores and won’t pick it up. I see them get to the checkout counter and put perishables on the newspaper stands instead of telling the teller they don’t want this and give it to them. The firelanes and handicap parking spaces are full because black people want to park as close to the door of the grocery store because they don’t want to walk far. Are we lazy? We are going to have to change our behavior. Yes, the root of all this is conversion from a proud black people in africa to a nigger by white people. But we need to recognize this and begin to do something about it or we are a doomed people.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Long time no hear sir Emmissary. Thanks for letting me know whasup with you of late. Glad to hear it.

  4. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Eff the company/organization application. Eff their web site. Love it Cree! I did just buy a physics book recently and I am looking for a good chemistry book to have. I will be sure to get that periodic table back into my brain.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    That is ironic isn’t it, mg4life0331? He was starved for oxygen before while trying to compensate for being starved for other things—most likely.

  6. mg4life0331 Says:

    Ironically, Derek was on his way to 3 hots and a cot for multiple robberies.

  7. You never know as being a human of color when you might turn the corner and walk into a klandestined snake pit. To escape such a tragedy of suffocation, you should always ware high density porcelain jewelry. In this case, a black porcelain earring with one or two good smashes of the side of the head, connecting the earring to the window would quietly shatter it. Porcelain teeth might work too if you don’t mind busted lips, which is what you’re gonna have anyway once your would be corporate murders find out what you did to foil their plan.
    @alphax2k Says: “Black Wall Street” was tried inTulsa Oklahoma with great success, but was destroyed in 1921 with help of propaganda; military forces, and jealous rage of the militant Caucasoids.
    If we can do just a simple thing like learn the original language of our ancestors and keep English as a second language, then you’ll find who we truly are and that we are not lawfully “Black, Negro or Colored.” We have no rights people in power are bound to respect under such labels: only privileges and immunities according to the 14th & 15th Amendments. Anything put into effect before the 13th Amendment does not apply to us as “Black, Negro or Colored,” because it was constructed by the free people for the free people without having slaves or chattel in mind. The Emancipation Proclamation simply changed ownership of chattel property from the States to the Feds. Research yourself and proclaim your nationality and get all the way free of the corporate government, and never let our people get suckered into any kind of slavery again.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Me, too.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    alphax2k, We certainly need some access to resources. However, didn’t those who now call themselves “Jews” manage to wrestle significant control without a contiguous land base of operation?

  10. Kushite Prince Says:

    I have heard the same argument regarding the Indians. That may be true.They do a color caste system there. Not unlike here in the states. It’s true that we have been here thousands of years before Europeans,Indians or Asians. Sometimes I think what it must have been like thousands of years ago in Africa. Can you imagine what it would be like to live your whole life without ever seeing a white face?? Wow! It must have been nice. I really envy them.

  11. Remarkable article and response to comments, Cree. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the issues you presented in this article. Sometimes these calculated financial assault and necessity will require us to either work together sort of like “black wallstreet.” However, there is one aspect that we are missing and was not discussed that all these groups have in common to our extinction. The answer is they have retained an ancestral economic home base. For instance, white-europe , chinese-china , indian-India, and Mexican-Mexico. We need to retain ours before they do. In another words, we have to expand abroad in Africa. Business is war and in the art of war the first sign of victory is recognizing the enemy/competitor.

  12. Cree:

    Can you help me to destroy wall street and pass this around:

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “We still have a chance to save ourselves. If we were a conquered people there would be no need to keep attacking us. But we will have to understand that we have ONLY US. We must stop the implosion. Stop attacking each other and stop propping up “non-white non-Blacks” and insisting that they are Black.

    We are not conquered – yet. But if we don’t backtrack through history and keep it real about what screwing other groups has really done, we will be doomed. Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act.”——————-


  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, Kushite Prince, that’s an observation that, I think, helps a “black person” see more clearly what is in front of him/her. Some say that dark-skinned Indians are indoctrinated via the Hindu color-caste system installed installed on them by the Aryans who conquered Indus-Kush. And, then, there’s a different explanation given for the Japanese hatred of “black” people, and still another for Arabs, on and on. And, there is still the question of who exactly cooperated with Europeans in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade on the continent of Africa….It seems to me, that the principle of fractals, that is, “As above so below. So without, so within applies.” There is something about the the type of people we call black in this hemisphere—who have been here for thousands of years before the “Indians” or Europeans arrived. Something that others are negatively hostile and envious of. And, when we figure out, more of what that something is, we can start USING it. That, I think, is what all these others are afraid of.

  15. “[They] do not hate us because we are black. They hate us because they are not black.”

    That’s the point to keep in mind. I think we have to allow ourselves that more than one concept, more than one reality can exist at the same time. White domination, presently, is for sure. That doesn’t mean that resentment, mistreatment. etc can’t come from elsewhere.
    I think the average dark-compexioned black woman – who deals with females of other ethnicities as well as white females – can prove this
    daily. We aren’t resented and attacked by ALL others because we’re not white. We’re resented and attacked because we’re Black and lovely and as much as everyone tells us we’re not, including many of our own men – they keep coming at us. Why? It’s not only white sub-human females whispering shyt against black females. And at this point in time, getting rid of the total anti-humans would be a big advance, but think about how the other “oppressed” groups will react when the white dominator’s foot is not longer on their neck. Do we really think they will embrace us? Where’s the evidence that that might maybe probably will happen? The japanese love Black folk….don’t they?

    We still have a chance to save ourselves. If we were a conquered people there would be no need to keep attacking us. But we will have to understand that we have ONLY US. We must stop the implosion. Stop attacking each other and stop propping up “non-white non-Blacks” and insisting that they are Black.

    We are not conquered – yet. But if we don’t backtrack through history and keep it real about what screwing other groups has really done, we will be doomed. Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act.

  16. Yeah I see your point. Maybe there is some type of jealousy. I guess being genetically recessive can do that. Dr Welsing talks about that in Isis Papers. The more I think about it,I don’t think we really have any allies in this fight. Can you think of any race we can rely on? I’ve even met dark skinned Indians that were anti-black. So even those with lots of melanin hate us. Don’t you find that a bit strange?

  17. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ya, know? That’s the logic as I see it, too, Jay in the Black Dimension.

  18. Jay in the Black Dimension Says:

    For some reason, Black people think that other none whites hate us because white supremacy trained them to. Just because the Lion is the most dangerous predator on the land, does not mean that it’s the only predator. A Heyana will eat you too. And it has nothing to do with the lion.

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    It seems to come naturally to them. Certainly not us. I agree with Neely Fuller on this one. “[They] do not hate us because we are black. They hate us because they are not black.” And, it’s not just the color. It’s all the physiological and neurological advantages we have. The one heritable handicap we have that others don’t is that we do not natively/genetically/by instinct recognize that we are not the same creature as them. That’s a helluva disadvantage.

  20. Well I was thinking of it in the context that white supremacy is a global system. I’ve seen the same thing in Brazil,Cuba,Colombia etc. What do you think? Do you think it’s something that comes naturally to hate what is different than yourself? Where does the anti-blackness come from?

  21. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Very crude racism (white supremacy) if you ask me. I just don’t buy that they are victims brain-trashed into anti-blackness. why is it that we, seemingly, must believe that this attitude had been created in them by pinker folk?

  22. @Cree You make a lot of great points. I have noticed that many times Mexicans do seem to get most of the jobs here in California. And there seems to be a growing tension between black and brown people. I have nothing against Mexicans at all. Growing up in Long Beach,two of my best friends were Mexican. And my younger sister’s best friend was a Mexican girl. But that was back in the 80’s. It seems like their attitudes have changed now that they outnumber us by a mile. What is their population now in California? 35 or 40%? I’m not sure but we’re something like 6%. I get the feeling that now that they outnumber us they don’t have to be friendly anymore.
    I think deep down many latinos have anti black sentiments. They just try to hide it most of the time. I can tell you countless stories of when I was in high school black buddies of mine told me their Mexican girlfriends wouldn’t let them come over to their house. Why? Because they were afraid their father would get angry. And in prison anytime there is a racial conflict,the Mexican gangsters join with the White skinheads against the black gang members. Well…so much for black and brown unity. I also hate the fact that they cross the border and right away they see themselves better than the “mayates”. I know a little Spanish and I once caught someone saying that about me at work. I can tell you about it later if you want. But it’s not hard to see where Mexicans get their anti-blackness from. White supremacy is everywhere. It’s right in their own country. Long before they set foot in Amerikkka. I posted this on my blog earlier this week. The video speaks for itself.

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    blackgoddess0, it can, indeed, be depressing. I, however, do not think that these “Latinos” had to be programmed or brain-trashed into their hostility toward black people any more than other non-black people including the pink variety. And, I do not think it will go away when the pinker folks’ power has been neutralized.

  24. This is so depressing. I live in a small town in Texas and every store, fast food restrauant, the city water company, school system you name it only Mexicans get the jobs…blacks need not apply. Also, even in the Korean owned weave shop they have Mexicans working. If a black wants to get a job, they have drive 30-45 minutes to Houston to get a decent job. In the classified ads and on store door it says “Spanish speaking only” Mexicans play white. “I’m white.” and they think they’re better than blacks. As a matter fact most of the immigrants have nasty attitudes toward blacks including Africans. “They are soo lazy,” said the Africans. I’ve been around enough African to know. It seems like the only non-whites are us black folk from the USA. The other so called non whites are NOT on our team. I suppose the white folks have been successful in brainwashing them to be anti-black (USA born black).

  25. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Khalf, thank you for expressing your views. I can only say that none of what you state has been my observation or experience. And, that my contrary experience and observation have led me to a different definition of “non-white” than you are apparently using. Except for a few people called “Afro-Latinos,” it has been my observation that Latinos can and do function as white at times. Many function as white all of the time. I do not view the assignment of a “white” or “non-white classification as a constant or, even, a discreet function but rather one that changes depending on time and context from decade to decade, day to day, or even minute to minute.

    Since, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 12% of U.S. businesses are black-owned and, of that, only 5% have even one employee, the fact that you have 50 employees and that you know another black business owner in the same area who also has more than a few employees would certainly make you a very distinct anomaly/exception. 5% of 12% of black people is less than one-half percent chance of being such a black person….and, yet, you know another? Right in your little area of the world? It is, I regret to say, hard to believe. That in this exceptional experience, you describe the behaviors of your black employees as would the typical white person is beyond interesting. Also, I do not know how any white guy in a pick-up truck would know how to distinguish between a “Chicano” and a “Mexican.” And, the Latinos who are not “illegal” and speak English fluently have little need to get work as a day laborer. They are employed inside of Home Depot, banks, with public works contractors, etc..

    As an experiment, I asked two black male associates to request applications at 4 different taco shops. All but one request was met with the response “we don’t have any” or “only so-and-so has them and I don;t know when he’ll be here.” It was clear that these Mexicans were angry at the black males for even asking about employment there. People, all people, will take chances and ask for work when they need it if there is any reasonable chance of getting it. The reason that black people do not apply more to Asian and Mexican restaurants is because experience has taught us that there is virtually NO chance of being hired there. A few black males are hired at supermarkets. They applied because they judged that there was some chance of getting hired. Supermarkets are a different story. Some white folks will use the freezing out of black people as an opening to make the stores union shops. And, these Asians and Latinos owners don’t want that. There are a few black guys pushing carts at the local Vallarta supermarket here in San Diego for that reason. I have hired a black employee six times for 3-6 month periods to do document courier work or maintenance work on my residence. I found them to be exceptionally conscientious and hard-working.

    Finally, the same black guys standing all day in the traffic median selling candy; or hustling hard at a gas station trying to make money washing windows and pumping gas; or at the do-it-your-self car wash offering to take over the duties for a little cash don’t, to me, evidence the detrimental “pride” you speak of.

  26. Interesting article CREE. I can’t say that it is constructive in unifying all “Non-white” people against their common oppressor i.e. The Racists (White Supremacists) but, it does mention some good points. Up here in Northern California, I’ve seen two “Black” people working at the “Mexican” chain store up here called “Mi Pueblo Food Market and one working at the “Asian” chain store called Seafood City. The is also one who works at the sushi place across the street from the Seafood City. I suspect that many “Black” people think that they won’t get hired at these places and that is the reason. As for “Black” businesses hiring “Black” employees. I am a business owner and out of the 50 plus employees that we have, approximately 30 are “Black” and most of them have given me the most problems. I am serious about that. They act as though I am the slave master, and only want me to be their “brother” after they’ve jeopardized my business and I have to fire them. The “conscious” ones are fine, I don’t have any problems out of those two. I know another “Black” business owner who once had all “Black” employees and would not hire anyone else. One day I walked inside her bakery and all of her “Black” employees were gone. She had all Spanish speakers working in there. I asked her what happened. She said that she got tired of arguing with the “Black” ones, about how to run her business. They would call off sick a lot, be late a lot, leave early, and give the least amount of work. She is a “conscious” person and hated to do it, but she had to stay in business. She said the “Mexicans” came early and left late. They did all of their work plus extra, without any complaints. I’d like to add that these “Mexicans” are not the “Chicanos”. “Chicanos” would not be allowed to stand around waiting for day labor, like the “Mexicans” would. They’d also be harassed. Unfortunately most “Blacks” and “Chicanos” would be too proud to do the kind of work that a “Mexican” would do. “Pride” is a detriment not a virtue. I am in Richmond and Vallejo, most of the time and from my observation many “Non-white” people don’t know how to get a job or keep one. I had to learn those things from employment assistance programs. We still practice slave behaviors. I don’t blame any of us for that. Racism (White Supremacy) has made us who we are, and we must resist it every chance that we get. I hope that this is constructive.

  27. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    they will have to create a world they wish to live in, with or without their parent’s help. It’s bad enough that many Black adults have indeed complied with the slow suffocation and starvation. But I hope enough of us feel the noose soon, and stop complying in an act of love for our children.” And, yes, backwards and forwards are relative, aren’t they?

  28. It’s not that your thinking is sooo forward, unfortunately the majority of our thinking is sooooo backward. Scared backward. Suffocated backward. Starved backward. Was listening to an educator ask a group of Black teens if they were looking forward to going to college, and graduating from college into “this world?” He challenged them to think about what they are willing to do if indeed they don’t want to live the same lives their dying parents are living.

    CREE, you once said Black women must work toward respect with or without the aid of Black males. That educator basically said to those young people they will have to create a world they wish to live in, with or without their parent’s help. It’s bad enough that many Black adults have indeed complied with the slow suffocation and starvation. But I hope enough of us feel the noose soon, and stop complying in an act of love for our children.

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