The holidays are amongst us. That means gifts, excess food and decorations for your lawn and house. The black spending power is set to reach 1 TRILLION dollars annually. Yet, we are jobless and uneducated and flailing in the wind. If I may make an honest observation about most black people, myselfincluded:

Looking good and having material objects is more important than going to school, having entrepreneurship, having property to pass on to our kids and building up our communities. Have you ever noticed how Jews and other non-black ethnic groups will cram themselves into a small apartment and work like beasts to buy individual houses and pay off each other’s mortgages in 5 years? Have you ever noticed whenever an ethnic, non-black person enters into a business, everyone within that group will recruit all other peoples of that same ethnicity to shop in their stores exclusively?

Have you ever noticed how…

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  1. I don’t know how/why black people get so into these white man’s holidays. Guess it stems from slavery and we were happy for the holidays because we didn’t have to work on those days. But giving them up is so hard because your friends and family will treat you like you killed your mother by not participating. I had a good friend. We were good friends for years. When I gave up celebrating christmas and stopped buying gifts and what not, this guy actually became furious with me because I wouldn’t buy presents for my mother. He was furious. Cursed me out. Said I was just being cheap. That was the last day I saw him. It left such a bitter taste in my mouth for him to do that. He has called me a couple of times in those years but I still can’t bring myself to speak with him. I have family members that tell me how rotten I am for not at least buying my mother a present. She even hated it initially but I guess she’s gotten use to it. I think that is another way we can begin to separate ourselves from white people’s lifestyle. It does not help us and we don’t really have anything to be celebrating for. Imagine celebrating the 4th of july. Independence day. We have no business celebrating that day. Same goes for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the celebration of the betrayal of the american indians. Now, I can’t see how we can spend a trillion dollars but I know it is a lot of money black folks spend on these holidays. But we do it.

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