Test Yourself: How DO you REALLY Feel About Black Females?

Move over LeBron James. Shidea Lane actually did something most foul in the city of Cleveland. But….

Most everyone now knows the story of Artis Hughes, 59, 230 pounds and Shidea Lane, 25, 135 pounds. He was a driver of a Cleveland municipal bus. She was a passenger. Both are black people. She spat on his face. Then, he punched her in the jaw with an upper-cut. That is the story boiled down to its essentials.

If you are a black person, in this post I offer you the closest thing to a self-administered lie-detector test on how you really feel about black females and, by extension, black people than you’ll probably ever get. (I’m not offering anything to white folks.) Follow me here.


Children carry the future of our species or, if you will, our sub-species. For that reason, children evoke from “adults” a sense of protectiveness. Nature has designed “adult” female people with lighter voices and rounder faces than their male counter-parts because the resemblance to children evokes protectiveness rather than aggression and this is necessary since females must bare and care for infants.

Ms. Lane spat at Mr. Hughes. Because of their evolutionary association with disease and death, excretion of body fluids activates emotional, non-rational parts of the brain (the basal ganglia and the amygdala). That’s why there are curse words in every language that reference such excretions. (see Steven Pinker on the language of swearing.)

Now, when a 10-year-old boy spits in the face of an “adult,” there are competing neurological impulses: The intense revulsion to another’s bodily fluid Vs. the instinct to protect the child who carries potential for the species or sub-species. In almost everyone, the instinct to protect the child will prevail—at least to the extent of not delivering an uppercut to his jaw even while you are aware that the 10-yr-old knew exactly what he was doing. For reasons already discussed, this deference will usually accrue to an adult female as well.

But, with most black people, as evidenced by the comments all over the web on this story, black females cannot compete with that evolutionary revulsion against bodily fluids. If you just can’t bring yourself to say that Mr. Hughes should not have punched Ms. Lane after she spat on him, well, you now know the truth about how you really feel about black females—even if you are one.

*“Adult” is used with quote marks because under a system of white domination (racism), all black persons function as children compared to white folk.


45 Responses to “Test Yourself: How DO you REALLY Feel About Black Females?”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “something biological would happen and he would not be able to move his hand/fist forward.”— 🙂 Never thought of that but yeah.

  2. @TrojanPam on oct. 20, I concur COMPLETELY!! I don’t understand how a black person can’t see how this is totally incorrect behavior by this black man. Imagine a white man hitting a white woman like this. Again, best case scenario would be him losing his job. To white people, it would be inexcusable for a white man to do this to a white woman…end of discussion. Yet, there are still blacks that say he was right. I had thought we may could begin to right ourselves in a couple generations but I fear it will take more.

  3. @LBM, again, your post on oct. 18 is a good one. I don’t look at 59 as being old and broke down at all. Smoking Joe Frazier could not have delivered an uppercut as well as this 59 year old did. And I liked what you said about seeing some 60 year old men as attractive. I feel so unattractive at 54. But I see this as what I’ve talked about in the past about not having proper upbringing. In no way should a grown man hit a woman like that. No way. It’s no justification unless you felt your life was in danger and you can’t assume this person is going to give you an uncurable disease by spitting on you and even if so, hitting her would not stop that because she’s already spit on you. I fear black people that say these things have been witness to black females being punched and hit like this which is a sad commentary on our lives.

  4. @LBM, on your post oct. 17. You are correct again. I also brought up that same thing on facebook about possibly killing that woman and to the ones that said they would do it to a white woman I asked what if they had killed her. Now, for a momentary lapse of reason, you are spending the rest of your life in prison, regretting what you did. Of course that scenario would never happen and although I don’t think the black man would have gotten any time if he had hit and killed a black woman, I would hope he would spend the rest of his life regretting what he did…I’d hope.

  5. @LBM, very good post for oct. 16. You were right on the money. But I disagree with your last part. If black males responded to rogue police like this guy did to this black female, there would just be more black male killings by the police.

  6. When I first saw this video on Facebook, I said the black female should not have been acting a fool but in no way was that brother suppose to hit her like that. But I was not amazed to see blacks say the opposite. “If she was acting a fool like that and spit on me I would have hit her too”, I would read. I made the point that if it were a white female, no black man would have hit her like that. Would not have laid a finger on her and some negros said they would do the same with a white female. Now, that’s denial. In no way would a black male breathing oxygen hit a white female like this. His best outcome would have been to be fired. That would have been his best case scenerio. But I believe if the black man pulled his hand back to punch a white woman, something biological would happen and he would not be able to move his hand/fist forward. It would be a biological/psychological force that would have prevented his hand/fist from moving forward. I could see him pushing her hard to get her off him and letting her know he was getting pretty angry but not hit her like this. But us being the way we are, I was not surprised to see black people side with this brother. Remember, we hate ourselves so of course we would see no problem with a black man doing this to a sustah.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Maverick, the answer you gave makes me doubt that you are, indeed, a black person. The gauge I use may not be 100% accurate. But, it is nearly so. I only share that gauge with those who are known to me to be black and then only in a relatively secure conversation. I do not approve posts of nonblack persons I believe to posing as black persons.

  8. Awkward question but I understand your concerns. I know what I am because it’s the ethnic experience I was raised in and have roots from. How did you know or come to find out you are/were a black person?

    And I’m certainly not seeking to undermine or hamper the progress of black people. That would be ludicrous.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for your response, Maverick. Whenever I suspect that a person may not actually be a black person but is a non-black person seeking to stop the progress of black people in keeping with white/light supremacy, I ask. If the person answers that he/she is a black person, I ask the follow-up question,”When and how did you find out that you were a black person?” Would you please also answer that question as well, Maverick? I will respond to your other comments after you post your answer to that question.

  10. Yes I am a black person, although I don’t know why the heck that matters. Mind you that I’m speaking specifically of my concerns about this post. I happen to enjoy many of your postings and speaking out against white supremacy.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Maverick, are you a black person?

  12. Also that woman was emasculating and effemenizing him

  13. That woman spat, grabbed and punched and hit him first. The man stayed in his seat. She camd to him.

  14. I totally disagree. I feel as if the author would use racism as a tool to defend this woman’s wrong behavior. I believe the bus driver would have punched the woman if she had been white.

    I bet if he did not hit or punch this black woman people here would be saying that ppl fear black women and that black women are viewed as a threat. So either way ppl would find an excuse to say it was racism just to cry foul or scream racism.

    Aside from that that woman regardless of her race DESERVED what she got. The bus driver was defending himself and retaliated in self defense as that woman was a violent and harmful threat. Same with if she had been white or any other race or combination or whatever. No one should spit or put their hands on anyone. If the bus driver had been the one to throw the punch or use violence first obviously he would be wrong. The person that touches or results to violence firsts is the one that is wrong.

  15. @ TrojanPam
    “There is NO excuse for an adult black male to hit a young black female like he was in a prize fight. Yes, getting angry and/or cursing would be normal. Pushing or retraining her would be understandable

    But cold cocking her like a man would hit another grown man — something this black male would have NEVER done to a white female — is totally inexcusable.”

    I agree. had she been a white woman–I doubt he would’ve hit her like that. It’s just very hard for me to imagine.

  16. Still digesting this super important topic and reading the responses shows some of the damage that comes from 500 years of self-hatred/self-contempt programming.

    This highly dysfunctional way of relating to each other, particularly the callous disregard for the welfare of black females, will GUARANTEE that we will NEVER sold our problems.

    There is a reason Mr. Neely Fuller says over and over again that black males should never hit black “ladies” except in defense of their lives.

    It is NOT about letting black females “off easy” it is about UNDERSTANDING that mistreating each other is what the white supremacists want us to do

    and that abusing and disrespecting the women who represent your mothers, sisters, wives and daughters keeps black males IN an inferior psychological and spiritual condition (my words)

    I grew up in the inner city and used to dress very feminine-like until I realized that femininity and vulnerability made me a target of disenfranchised and angry black males, who didn’t see me as a person who should be respected or protected

    which is to be expected in a system of white supremacy.

    and with today’s female-contemptuous rap music and the degraded images of the black female, while white and non-black females are portrayed as a better alternative

    we will continue to see this SICK anti-manly behavior toward black females.

    Bottom line

    There is NO excuse for an adult black male to hit a young black female like he was in a prize fight. Yes, getting angry and/or cursing would be normal. Pushing or retraining her would be understandable

    But cold cocking her like a man would hit another grown man — something this black male would have NEVER done to a white female — is totally inexcusable.

    Until black males collectively understand the incorrectness in the way they respond to black females collectively, they will never understand what manhood is, or the importance of regaining their manhood.

  17. Passengers on the bus described the young lady as appearing “drunk”. If they could say that from their vantage point surely the driver could observe it as well. We certainly can agree to disagree on opinion but let’s not misrepresent the facts. The complete video showed a verbal fistacuff taking place for quite some time. Let’s not say the young lady just stepped on the bus and started wailin’ on the dude.

    I have plenty love for Mr. Fuller but if that particular view is correct I go back to an original question : WHO has made him impotent? When will the black man uppercut the one who has made him impotent? And if he TRULY thinks it’s the black woman can we maybe channel Malcolm and ask him why he said the Black woman is the most unprotected, disrespected AND neglected person on the planet ? So if the Black woman is neglected, disrespected AND unprotected – and the black male doesn’t have the “potency” to change that – but he does exercise his ability to exacerbate it- what do we do?

  18. Mr. Sausageton, logic seems to be amiss in your last post.

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    LBM, I’ll let you take this one…..

  20. Denzelsausageton Says:

    @LBM point lets go with premise that the young lady is “mentally challenged” or “inebriated” how is the bus driver suppose to know that?

    Is the bus driver suppose to have medical records on hand for every customer that enters the bus?

    The man is driving a bus, he has an unruly customer cursing at him, punching him, and spitting on him while he is driving the bus!

    I’m not cutting her any slack for what she did, she went after what neely fuller calls the most impotent group of individuals in our society “the black male”. I doubt she would even try that on a white male bus driver….

    Let’s say for the sake of this debate the roles were reverse, if for example the bus driver was an elderly black female and the unruly customer was a 25 year old black male. That women would be on GMA, Oprah, Tom Joyner, and other media outlet celebrating the fact she “defended” herself!

    I also suspect some of the black females who post on this blog would celebrate that too, that’s just my two cents. I am done.

    This will be my last post regarding this topic.


  21. Note: I know a couple of 60 year old black males that were I not married I might…Given the poor health in our community it’s not unlikely to find a 40 year old more “broke down” than a 60 year old these days. I’ve seen more limbless and wheel chaired young black men than I care to think about.

    First off, I come from a line of folk whom many lived healthily beyond or close to a hundred years of age – so I know well that 59 is not old and weak. Many black folk know this. The man was driving a municipal bus so he wasn’t the elderly weakling some are perpetrating. That said, I would like to ask Denzelsausageton if he is willing to allow ANY slack for the fact that the female was inebriated or otherwise mentally distressed – or was she just “rachet” by the fact of being a black female? If she was deemed to be mentally challenged, at least at that time, what was the responsibility of this “elder” in dealing with her?

    Any thoughts as to why he didn’t grab her and return some spit (perhaps chewing tobacco laced) back into her face? Can we talk about “proportional response?” Are we really saying that delivering a potentially deadly blow was called for? Really?

    Can’t we just admit that boyfriend WANTED to hit that female and proceed to discussing why? An “instinctive” response is still a conditioned one – one conditioned by racism/white domination. It’s a sorry effect of domination that we’re not even allowed to respond “instinctively” spontaneously. Had that black female been ANYONE else, including another black male – let alone a “mental” black male – that scene would have been directed much differently.

  22. Denzelsausageton Says:

    In my defense to your last response, I want to say that I was not questioning your comprehension skills by asking you re-read my first post, i was merely trying to point out to that I don’t think what the bus driver did was either wrong or right. I don’t condone violence, but only in self-defense, and what he did was “HIS” form of self defense. Everyone reacts differently when they are put under stressful situations.

    Now, with regard to term “ratchet” it may or not have been the best word to use, i was only using that word to describe that particular female. It was not meant as blanket term to describe ALL black females.We have to have the courage to call out bad behavior when females break bad on anyone and vice versa.

    And to suggest by using that word “rachet”, that white people have a “mental hammerlock” on me is incorrect and somewhat condescending , and I don’t agree with it.

    All in all let’s just agree to disagree. I respect your stance, please respect mine. Any rate it’s a bad look for us as black folks when videos like these goes viral.

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I read every word of your comment the first time, Denzelsausageton. And, even though I have an extremely high score for all reading comprehension tests ever administered to me, I read it again. Sadly, in this second comment, you put a second underline to the point against which you were railing in that first comment of yours. The “ratchet” description of a black female, for which there is no equivalent for a male of any color, FURTHER demonstrates the mental hammerlock that white people currently have you and many black males AND females in on this matter. That term—“ratchet”—- is addressed in the pic accompanying the newest post.

    Denzelsausageton, I have been asked that first question that you directed to me numerous times since I’ve taken a public position on this matter: “What would you do, Cree, if someone spat on you?” This question is asked, I’ve concluded, by persons who FEEL so strongly that that Ms. Lane got the response she deserved that logic cannot persuade them otherwise. More than sad. At any rate, my consistent response to that question has been and remains: “If that someone is half my weight and less in strength, I would curse I’m sure. Then, my immediate response would be to remove myself or the person from my vicinity. As vile as the behavior of that female was, there is a greater principle at stake here. When disproportionate counter-force is condoned on weaker persons, there is no hope for developing any civilization.”—-If it were not for the overwhelming power that all white folks have under this system of white domination, I would make smaller white persons an exception for this personal policy.

  24. Denzelsausageton Says:

    @Cree7 Ask yourself how would I react if someone spit on me?
    @LBM & Cree7 I feel like ya’ll misunderstood my post, please re-read it again.

    I also want to add that rachet female is not a kid, she is by all accounts a grown woman, a 25 year old woman at that. She spat on a senior citizen, i believe the age of that male is 59, he’s damn near 60.

    I feel like you are rewarding bad behavior by not calling out forcefully what that woman did. When someone throws their bodily fluid at that it’s crazy, you don’t know if that person has hep c, herpes, syphilis or any other kind of diseases. I am all for self-defence. That woman was not going to stop, so she got put in her place. Next time she’ll think twice about spitting on someone.

  25. […] Cree7's Blog One black female's effort to use words to help replace the system of Racism (White Supremacy) with a system of Justice « Test Yourself: How DO you REALLY Feel About Black Females? […]

  26. For the record, they were verbally abusing each other. He was taunting and threatening to get someone to ‘kick her ass’ as well. The verbal nonsense went on for quite some time before anything physical happened. Had a male gotten on that bus with her, and the same thing of her digging for fare happened – would the driver have even engaged in the verbal back-and-forth, let alone the physical assault. And isn’t it interesting that he felt pretty sure that NOT ONE of the black males on that bus would have stepped to him. If one male had stepped forward during the verbal match, even if he wasn’t effective at stopping it – that driver would have thought twice about the level of his physical assault.

    What’s ironic is the fact that the bus boycotts started because Black women were being assaulted by white males on the busses. How far we’ve fallen.

    P.S. I do believe spitting on someone is a most humiliating act, but in the scheme of shyt we’re doing to each other, I’d rather young girls and boys be spit on than sodomized. I’d rather women be spit on than have their eyes knocked out of the sockets or teeth knocked out of their mouth. I’d rather have black males spit on than stabbed or shot or gang beat with lead pipes. I’m jus’ sayin’…..Years ago my cousin (female) was accosted by a white homeless female asking for money – in a bank no less – and was spit on by this old white crow when she said no. My cousin went ballistic and started hitting this woman with her (Coach) bag. As fiercely as she started was as abruptly that she stopped because it “hit” her than when the cops came and saw this black chick beating on this white coot she would be the one getting arrested, or worse. I’ve also witnessed a white female get in the face of a black cop who was writing her a double parking ticket. She was in his face calling him everything but the son of god (as the saying goes) and he stood there, continued to write the ticket, but said not a word to the witch. Not even a “stand back lady.” I watched in awe of the power of white female KNOWING that had she been a black female he would not have had such “restraint.” Sad commentary.

  27. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    As you yourself, DenzelSausageton, have thrown logic out the window, you have demonstrated the point of this post.

  28. DenzelSausageton Says:

    When you spit and hit on someone you have to expect the unexpected. I don’t condone violence, but when you are dealing with ratchet behavior you almost have throw logic out of the window, and deal primarily with instinct.

    I notice while watching the video that none of the black females on the bus said anything while this ratchet of a female was verbally abusing this driver, but the minute he uppercut that females, all the black females had an opinion.

    Sad to watch but in either case they are both losers in this unfortunate interaction.

  29. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    LBM, these are codes of conduct that are companions to a general regard for one’s self and for the other gender. I think. But, explicit codes oF conduct in gender relations do need to be explicitly taught from an early age. Kudos to you and your husband. I am SURE it will yield fruit in a ripple like wave. And, YES, if Ms. Lane had died, a solid case for some form of murder could’ve been made.

  30. I come in contact with youth on a daily basis usually around school premises. More than a few times I or my husband have had to break up kids “roughhousing”. Now it could be that for some reason we’re the only ones seeing the same 2 scenarios time after time: It’s either a dark complexioned black boy being hit or kicked by a “latina” or otherwise high bright complexioned girl. Or it’s a young man with a dark complexioned female in a headlock or otherwise dragging her. When my husband or I approach, both the kids say “we only playin'” , then of course they get our little speech. I personally teach against ANY contact between males and females after a certain age but even if one does not, I think it’s imperative to teach our young ladies and young men what type of physical contact is acceptable. Otherwise when they get to be 25 and 59 it’s the same incorrect behavior with the ability to cause a fatality. That bus driver could have killed that female. People HAVE been killed by a single blow to the head.

  31. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Hey!! YES!!! Need to find one…Until I do, Rosa Parks will be a good place holder.

  32. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    EXACTLY, alpha2k.

  33. I forgot to add something: imagine if a white women had done something like this to the black bus driver (according to what I have read here). Do you not suspect that more restrained would have been used by the bus driver instead of an uppercut? Compare that story to one in parentheses (http://newsone.com/1068615/black-reporter-shomari-stone-white-supremacist-fight/). In fact when was the last time a black male uppercut a white female.

  34. I personally never saw the video and have no intention of ever watching such filth. The reason that I do not watch such videos is because it would desensitized my feelings towards black women and turn me into a helpless watcher. Hence the purpose of the video going viral.
    The desire result would be that black males would not care to do something or offer mediation or even going far to strike black women even more. Monkey see, monkey do. The result for black females would be to view black males as violent prone or cowards. Finally, white people would be motivated to be white saviour in our disputes or be entertained by our disputes or be reassured in harming our black females knowing that black males will not do something. The total outcome is negative. An immediate solution would be a video in which a black female was supported by a black male even if was staged as some of these videos have been in the past. That would be my chess move.

  35. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “I don’t say ‘If you want to act like a bitch I’m going to treat you like a bitch.'”

    One of LBM’s Greatest Hits. Of course, the pun is intended.

  36. The reason I can Love Black Men is because I don’t engage in acrimony with Black males. If I encounter a black male that I can’t respect or exchange civilly with I LEAVE HIM ALONE. I don’t say “If you want to act like a bitch I’m going to treat you like a bitch.” I LEAVE HIM ALONE. No fussin’, no threatnin’, no coddling.

    Obviously the young lady was mentally “challenged”, at least at the time. There was no reason for him to argue back and forth with her and threaten to get his daughter,or granddaughter to kick her ass or comment on a scar on her face. He’s working. He’s responsible for the safety of the other passengers. Why is he arguing, while driving, with one passenger. There’s a protocol for dealing with belligerent passengers. He made no attempt to adhere to any protocol. Seems to me he wanted to amp up the situation. The physical act of throwing the female off the bus could have been done in the first place if he wasn’t going to make any attempt at protocol.

    If Black males responded to rogue police the way they respond to “combative” Black females we’d have much less police brutality.

  37. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    He’d have phoned the policy enforcement officers (police). That’s all.

  38. Kushite Prince Says:

    @ Cree I may need to watch that video again. I was looking away a lot the first time I saw it. I may have missed some things.

  39. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Hold-up Kushite Prince. The video is clear that Ms. Lane was just standing there when he walked over to her and threw that punch. Now, you might wonder what went on behind the driver’s barricade when she leaned over. But, Mr. Hughes was in no danger from Ms. Lane when she was punched by him. And, while it is clear she threw no punch after he parked the bus, it would make no difference. He had means to restrain her without punching her like she was a male.

  40. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    No nothing is wrong with you, Kushite Prince. —on this issue, anyway :-)—

    As vile as the behavior of that female was, there is a greater principle at stake here. When disproportionate counter-force is condoned on weaker persons, there is no hope for developing any civilization. You do not have a level of contempt for black females that overrides this basic principle that is present in these other black people. Take your health-card to the counter-racist equipment window and return to duty. 🙂

  41. @ Cree Oh boy, this is a tough one. *sigh* I know many people are conflicted about this. I’ve saw the video all over Youtube this past week. It’s very hard to watch a man punch a woman like that. I know there are those they say the woman was acting crazy and stereotypically “ghetto”. And to a degree they’re correct. She really was out of line and should have just paid her fare and sat down. But it escalated into a shouting match. I couldn’t see clearly because someone was in the way,but it looks like she hit him first. And of course people will say he had a right to defend himself. A lot of black men on Youtube have been leaving comments saying she got what she deserved and it was a beautiful executed uppercut. It seems as though they’re taking delight in seeing a woman get punched. I take NO delight in seeing a man punch a woman. They are many women in abusive relationships that feel they have nowhere to turn. I’ve known a few women in relationships like this.
    At first I thought the bus driver was going to grab her and make her sit down. Since he’s a man he’s obviously stronger than her. He can easily overpower her. I know she was WAY out of line in the way she was acting. And she should have never put her hands on him. I think some women know a lot of men are passive and will never hit a woman. But there are many men who aren’t passive as well. I’m not sure what response you’re looking for,Cree. But I didn’t like it at all. I can’t say what I would do in his position. Maybe I’m in the male minority,but I hated looking at this altercation. About a month ago I showed you the video of the white man spitting on that black women. I thought that was deplorable! This bus incident may have been worse in my opinion. I know I should be like everyone else(including some women) who believe she got what was coming to her. But I just HATE seeing men beat up women. Cree,is something wrong with me?

  42. I love and respect my black females. I know the uppercut is a YouTube phenomenon, but I haven’t and won’t watch it. Don’t need to see something that contributes to a splitting of our relations.

  43. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for not allowing us to side-step that, ALCHEMIST. Lighter-skinned people are treated with less harshness and that results in darker skinned females being viewed as less female and darker skinned males being viewed as more brutish……White supremacy is set up to be refueling, isn’t it?

  44. ALCHEMIST Says:

    in our culture dark skin in associated with masculinity and lighter skin in associated with femininity. This is one of the reasons black women are not viewed as feminine. This is very true for darker skinned black women. I’ve heard lighter skinned black men say that they are considered “soft” by other blacks. Femininity in our society is associated with lighter skinned women.

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