“If He Wants to Act Like a Female, I’m Going to Treat Him Like a Female” ??

Chronically un/underemployed? Is “wifey”, “mama,” “big mamma,” auntie, sister, etc., at work on the plantation? If she breaks from the strain, will someone call her a “ratchet female?” Will you?

Here is a follow-up piece, to the one posted Monday night, Test Yourself: How DO you REALLY feel about Black females?, that critiqued the majority online opinion of black people that the black female on that Cleveland public bus, Shidea Lane, deserved the George Foreman-like punch she got from the black male driver, Artis Hughes, after she traded insults with him and spat in his face. It has been said by this chirpy majority, that Lane DID, indeed, deserve it because she is a typical “ratchet” female and one who was acting like a man and therefore deserved to be treated as one. Well, why not? Madea as well as both Shineanea and Pam of the long running series, Martin, can take a punch, right? And, so can Precious. White folks have convinced you that punching a black female is hilarious, right? Comedy is the flavoring that makes our degradation taste so sweet that we’ve developed a voracious craving for the poison.

What follows is a guest post by frequent commenter on this blog, LBM. Stay tuned. This blog will have dedicated coverage regarding this general issue until further notice.

If He Wants to Act Like a Female, I’m Going to Treat Him Like a Female” ??
by LBM (Loves Black Men)

I, for one, am ready and willing to have the discussion on why black male insanity is constantly trying to be understood while black female mental health issues are not even acknowledged. This is some B.S.. I could see within 3 seconds of the video that the young lady was not in a right mind. Someone even said she seemed “drunk.” Now, if every black male who got drunk and started acting the fool was cold-cocked from the jump, we’d have less domestic abuse going on. Anyway, that ain’t even my damn point. Obviously the young lady had something “unstable” going on. The bus driver should not have engaged her from the jump. There was plenty of jabbering going on before anything physical that should not have been going on. He should not have said anything about marks or cuts on her face – not knowing how she may have gotten them. Could have been someone who looked just like him that caused the marks. How ’bout that???? If a passenger could see that she was “impaired”, certainly he could see it. So my logic is telling me that he WANTED to assault this female. Why would he engage in even a verbal assault. He’s responsible for the safety of 30/40 passengers? Why is he arguing with ANYONE, let alone someone who is “mental?”

I don’t absolve her [Shidea Lane] of what she did but HE [Artis Hughes] could have chilled that situation out within a minute. He WANTED to assault her. NO WAY he would have dealt with a white female that way. So based on what he said upon his attempted murder, I want to know what it would look like if black females decided to say :

“If he wants to act like a female, I’m going to treat him like a female” OR

“If he wants to act like a child, I’m going to treat him like a child.”

How in the hell would that play out for the black male TODAY?


19 Responses to ““If He Wants to Act Like a Female, I’m Going to Treat Him Like a Female” ??”

  1. EmissaryOfWar Says:


  2. @LBM Yeah you’re right. It’s really sad how we stereotype each other like that. We have totally been brainwashed to hate our own people. To say we need healing would be an understatement. Thanks LBM,I really appreciate your thoughtful words.

  3. Kushite Prince, what you say is true as evidenced by some of the web comments assigning a whole lifestyle and set of characteristics to this black female who they saw in a single incident on a web video.

  4. White women are always seen as victims. If she was white and he punched her like that—-he would be the villain of the year. he would be seen as a “big black brute” who punched a unruly but “defenseless white woman”. But since it’s black on black violence,it’s acceptable. And black women are demonized in this sick culture. So that “loud mouth ghetto whore” got what she deserved.This is seen as normal in the system of white supremacy.

  5. Living in NYC you need only walk past certain pub ridden avenues on a Friday/Saturday night and see more than a few drunken, obnoxious white females. Working in an office dominated by white females, it’s a challenge when they’ve taken their meds but Lord have mercy if they miss a dose. The issue here is that non-black women can be “damsels in distress”, black women can not. White women can “have a bad day” and not worry about facing permanent damage for “talking out the side of her neck.” I have heard from Black males and witnessed non-black women assaulting them and not being KTFO. The reason why we can’t come to a meeting of strategy to fight the monster that manufactured the global disdain for dark female is because too many of us won’t accept the pain of admitting that it is a fact. Growth is often painful, it’s okay. Not only is it okay it’s necessary for us to progress. Black psychologist Amos Wilson (RIP) said it is necessary for the dominator’s to enforce a distorted understanding of black on black love. The ravaging of that basic support – that of black male and black female loving one another- is enough to maintain the system of white domination. Some of you want CREE and LBM to “let it go.” Problem is, our oppressors want us to let it go as well. They don’t want black male and female having the discussion of “what’s wrong with us” because maybe, just maybe, we’ll begin to see the very deliberate, very calculating hidden hand.

    Just like those two black males who beat Fannie Lou Hamer , just like the grown “bucks” who raped black girls on the plantation upon the order from white savage male, that driver was conditioned to think little of assaulting a black female. When we fix this conditioning, we won’t be able to be so easily dominated as were being now.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You speak the truth, alphax2k. That’s a heavy, heavy lift when the environment is booby-trapped with enticing lures of the degradation of black people. I explained that using kid language to my nepews when they were small. From then on, when I saw them laughing at black people being degraded on some video, I’d say, “tastes sweet going down, doesn’t it?” They’d try their hardest to get that grin off their faces, but the fact is that the grin was their to be wiped off—and it was hard to keep that grin off their faces. Laughing gas is all around us…..

  7. Black on black violence went from concern to comedy. In the system of WS/R, value of black females in the eyes of black males must be reduced and vice-versa. Mental state of people accepting or tolerating WS/R will always be imbalanced since such is the state of mind of a victim. However, we need to stop accessing their mental state because none of us truly know what their intentions/motivations were. We need to access the crime scene carefully first before we “attempt” to establish motive.

    NOBODY attempted to mediate justice or offer assistance to both individuals in the bus that day. A black female could have been prevented from brutalization and/or humiliation. The black male could have been restrained from committed a criminal act and possibly losing his employment while facing incarceration The key is prevention and it will require foresight but foresight requires insight and understanding. You will not prevent something unless you know of its danger or detriment to our people. One such form is to prevent your black children and people in their 2nd childhood from watching these videos unless they have been taught and tested with an understanding of replacing RWSWJ.

  8. […] “If He Wants to Act Like a Female, I’m Going to Treat Him Like a Female” ?? « Cree7′s B…. Rate this:Share this:MorePrintEmail Pin ItShare on TumblrDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Kushite Prince, it should be a given that there would have been no punch if the female who behaved in the exact same way was white. But, I error sometimes in not saying things that, to me , are obvious. But, yes, that point was made by both LBM an rdestiny in threads of the last two posts. It was also made clearly on my last radio program.

  10. @rdestiny “To our sick eyes, non-justice looks like Justice and Justice looks like weakness (instead of the result of controlled strength, codification, and wisdom that it is).”
    That pretty much sums it up. That was very deep. I was on Sister Truth’s blog and she asked an interesting question. What if the female was a white woman? Would there have been the same reaction? Anyone have any thoughts?

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Sentiments entirely shared on this matter, sparkle86.

  12. sparkle86 Says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog and blog talk program. What a breath of fresh air. I was very disheartened by the online comments I have read these past few days on the incident. There is definitely a larger issue at stake. It speaks to just how visceral the hate is for black females by other victims. I have no doubt the bus driver would’ve had more patience and followed protocol if the female had been white or lighter skinned. I try do my best to avoid and/or reduce conflict. I sometimes feel so helpless and frustrated watching two confused victims in this video all the while having a nagging feeling that a white supremacist is laughing in the background.

  13. I meant that I agree with RDESTINY.

  14. I agree with the posts by LBM on this topic. I still haven’t nor do want to see this punch. Hopefully our conflicts will end soon.

  15. I agree with what SOFOREAL has said. I certainly agree with the last line, while at the same time acknowledging that there IS an imbalance in our willingness to “be careful with one another.” I really must hold our brothas to the fire to acknowledge who their real enemy is and focus their contempt in that direction. I ask them to stop being sponges for the media assault on Black women. Think about, as Sonny said, what “space” has been given to black women to be “feminine?” We were right next to you picking cotton. In addition to picking cotton a strange “buck” was sent to rape many of us from the time we spotted blood. Our rapists wasn’t always the white massa. Think about our journey from that time on. How safe are our girls from the “bucks” today? What will be the emotional development of a female who is afraid of the males in her own community? How long will a female be “feminine” while she is tasked to rumble with the white male AND female to support her family including her man? I’m begging my brothas to see that if you begin to have the proper regard for YOUR woman, the dignity that will come from that will propel you to not just “act” like a man but actually be one. If what the young lady did on that bus was “actin’ like a man”, we need to get rid of that definition of “manhood.”

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgment in that last sentence, soforeal.

  17. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    rdestiny, I’m speechless. That felt like an oxygen mask given to me at high altitude. Thank you. Thank you.

  18. I suspect that it is the tolerance and/or acceptance of non-justice that caused, gave rise to, and continues to feed the system of Racism (White Supremacy). We are subject to the masters of non-justice now and all we can do is giggle and laugh when a 135 lb female is punched by a 230 lb male with all of his might. What does that say about us if a sizable number of video and real-life witnesses to this event did not see it for the disordered behavior and unjustified use of force that it was? To our sick eyes, non-justice looks like Justice and Justice looks like weakness (instead of the result of controlled strength, codification, and wisdom that it is).

    I have not watched the video. However, I’ve been forced to see that uppercut repeatedly because some enterprising individual made an animated gif out of the event and I have also read about it in detail. I am about Lane’s size. I could see that immediately. And I know how easy it is for the average male, particularly someone over 200 lbs, to physically neutralize a typical female. The fact he opted to punch her, rather than restrain her, speaks volumes. There was another popular video some years back of a petite black female on her way somewhere, who was grabbed up effortlessly by a black male and subsequently raped behind a vehicle. From the video, one could not easily tell the racial classification of the rapist. I was hoping he wasn’t black but that turned out to be the case. This is our reality as Victims of Racism. Monsters and Monstrosities, indeed.

    I feel black females, particularly dark-skinned black females, are just “out here”. But yet, I have to constantly hear that the target of Racist Man and Racist Woman is only the black male. I have a lifetime of trauma that says otherwise, not to mention what my ancestresses endured. It wasn’t exactly a cake-walk, now was it? It is this tendency to look past what black females go through under this system of terror domination that intimates we are unworthy of empathy, protection, or care. I’ve no doubt that this black male would have showed restraint and followed the code, as outlined by his employer, if the female in question (no matter how out of order) had been white or pale. It’s something to behold to read the comments about this event on a site like Huffington Post (with a substantial reader base of those who classify themselves as “white”). The vast majority of commenters, who I suspect classify themselves as “white”, have lead the way in anti-black rhetoric alongside confused black male Victims who believe their vitriol will permanently sever them from their black female counterpart. What do they hope to gain?

    It is the divine balance of male and female energy that is the basis of Order and Justice. If you can’t want for black females what you want for yourself, then how on earth can you even imagine you can produce Justice on this planet? How can you speak against non-justice of any kind in the future if you can’t speak against it now, especially as it relates to your “sistren”. I am speaking to the black males who are supposedly less confused who see nothing wrong with this behavior. The female in question, based on the descriptions of the event, was probably imbalanced and should have been handled as such. Every service industry job I’ve ever held attempted to prepare one for such behavior. Artis Hughes was older, stronger, and in a position of responsibility (he was responsible for dozens of passengers let alone the multitude of drivers and pedestrians who shared the road with him). The impetus was on him to behave in a manner that reflected this dynamic. Instead, he chose to behave in a predatory manner and engaged this substantially physically weaker female who should have been promptly removed from the bus, which could have been done no problem. And LBM is correct, he could have killed her with a blow that powerful. It used to be black males were taught about this potentiality which is why you don’t hit or strike people who are weaker than yourself particularly someone who you outweigh by at least a hundred pounds.

    I’ll remain focused on the cause of all this madness, but felt I had to weigh in on this because this has all been so disturbing to me. I’m leaning towards what you shared on your program which is we have to get this right before we think we are going to do anything else. As you said, the foundation for any society is the female and male relationship. Even if our relationship involves distance to an extent. We certainly should not be championing each other’s abuse no matter the source of that abuse.

    Black males and females should come together for constructive purposes only, minimize contact to minimize conflict, always keeping in mind our fragile condition caused by a lifetime of Racist abuse. As one photo I saw and reblogged recently stated, which featured a black male and female, “BE CAREFUL WITH ONE ANOTHER SO YOU CAN BE DANGEROUS TOGETHER”.


  19. alright, alright, alright. he should have just put her in a peruvian necktie, and she would have went to sleep… thus leaving him little resistance of taking her off the bus. na i’m just kidding but what this shows us is that we have a long way to go as a people. the black man and woman are suffering from illnesses that we got from coming in contact with white folks!

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