Listen to Counter-Views: “It was Self Defense—She Got What She Deserved”—NOT

Punching a Black Female: Sport, Laughter, Contempt…The audio (CREE RADIO podcast)

The hosts, Cree and Sonny, discuss the reactions to the video and their implications. It seems to the host that many victims of the system of white supremacy need attention in the infirmary before they are ready to even begin counter-racist basic training and that others already on the battle-field need to report to the infirmary as well.


10 Responses to “Listen to Counter-Views: “It was Self Defense—She Got What She Deserved”—NOT”

  1. shawn369

    I looked at almost two dozen videos from different sources reguarding Lt. Josey. I went painstakingly frame by frame on each one, some of which were sped up. I concluded based on this disection that Lt. Josey lunged foward
    in an attempt to SWAT the container from her hand. She held on to it at which time she struck herself on the left Side of her mouth with the container. I never saw a closed fist, only a open hand by Lt. Josey. If he did so called ‘sucker punch’ her, the right side of her face would be
    wired shut. Lt Josey is a big man. This female was trying to start a riot.
    They start out by shouting angrily at the Police as they move throughout the crowd. They then throw water, food, etc… which in turn gets someone else to throw bottles, rocks etc… Now you have a full blown riot where innocents including children get hurt or killed. Lt. Josey saw what she was doing, circumnavigating the crowd to incite a riot.
    How gullable all to many peope are is very disappointing. It only proves how primitive many of the human species are. They are not capable of critical thinkng.
    Look before you leap!


  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “It’s interesting that each blog/outlet that decides to run the Cleveland video runs less and less of it, so you see very little of what led up to the physical conflict. I also noticed from the video that one can’t actually see if the bus driver was actually spit on. As far as I know HE said that. Is there any witness to an actual spitting or did she agree that she spat on him?”—-Don’t know how I missed that paragraph before. LBM.

  3. @LBM: You should hold onto your hopes and desires concerning your quests. Don’t give up. That’s the fatal thing that you or any Black woman can do. And, understand this: these types of incidents are quite naturally going to get a higher amount of exposure and disseminated flow within today’s overly-sensationalized, supra-hyped and saturated media. Corporations figuratively suck our blood and thrive off of the most negative aspects of the Black Diaspora. It’s the 21st century version of the minstrel show, amped on the bewildering power of modern media technology.

    On the other hand, I still believe there is a slow but steady awakening in the psyche of those who’ve come to the realization of what’s going on. It happened to me a few years ago…and here I was thinking I knew everything about racism and everything enveloped within its arsenal. Just because I’m a Black man. Wow, what little I knew about the “s-y-s-t-e-m” of racism, its far-reaching effects and how I and others like me were encapsulated within the cocoon, from birth to the present day. We all go through the phase of denial and acceptance of our weaknesses, just as the drug addict whose had enough of the self-torture but still has to go that last mile and muster up the courage to acknowledge the truth.

    This desired redemption for our people, a desire based upon our love for them and acquired wisdom, may not be happening as fast as we’d like, but it is happening. We have to believe this. I too, had the same type of impatience. But I learned that time was on our side, as the SOR is undeniably unsustainable, as with anything in this life. Nothing stays the same forever, as history has shown us in all episodes good and bad.

  4. As I check around the web I’m not as hopeful as I’d like to be. At the same time I’m more hopeful than I was when this thing first hit. The shame, contempt and mis-placed anger is just too deep for some – but I see signs, on some other blogs, that some (some) folk are willing to at least ask some of the questions that we’ve asked here. The more we hold the line of truthful, productive dialogue the more the hateful tripe will rear. But I do think a number of Black females are thinking about the ways in which we’re continually denied our humanity, our femininity, our spirit. It’s an “interesting” set of dynamics to have to fight RWD without and insecurity within. I’m so damn sick of the anti-humans, I hope we can get it together real soon and bring about wholistic justice.

  5. I listened to the entire show, as I always do. The bus driver who called in was a very mature and wise individual. I found myself agreeing with virtually every comment he made. Caller “9103” also made some very poignant points on preemptively deciding what strategic moves are to be used at minimizing conflicts between Black people (highly-highly-highly recommended chess move).

    A part of the major problem is that podcasts, blogs and essential CR information of this nature are not getting across to the very blocs of Black people who need to absorb this. Therefore, the mission is going to be a long and arduous one.

  6. I should have specified that the driver who called in is married to a BLACK female.

  7. The bus driver on that CREE program is so well worth a listen. Note that he’s married and has a daughter. He took me back to the 23(?) year old who called on one of the complexion topics.

    We’ll have to have the discussion of what is “deserved” for what offense. I think a child molester/rapist should die and I’ve had opposition to that view on the grounds that it’s extreme – not proportional.

    It’s interesting that each blog/outlet that decides to run the Cleveland video runs less and less of it, so you see very little of what led up to the physical conflict. I also noticed from the video that one can’t actually see if the bus driver was actually spit on. As far as I know HE said that. Is there any witness to an actual spitting or did she agree that she spat on him?

  8. @m1 I remember that incident. You have a good memory!lol I totally forgot about that.

  9. I downloaded this episode earlier this week. It was a very good show by you and Sonny. I also like the callers that called in. The school bus driver had some really interesting stories. Overall it was a very constructive show. Kudos!

  10. Recently there was another YouTube sensation video. A Philadelphia leo named Lt Joseph Josey was at the Philadelphia Puerto rican day parade. He felt some liquid had splashed on him and other Leos. Josey grabbed Ms Ada Gusman(a non black female white or Hispanic your choice). and punched her in the face and cuffed her.Lt Josey a 19 yr veteran of the force was fired and is depicted as the aggressor, while Ms Gusman is depicted as the victims.

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