On the Subject of Who is the Primary Target of White Supremacy

While we’re on the subject of who is the primary target of white supremacy and how black females are thought by many black males to have it so easy compared to them, here’s a terrific piece by a black female. I mean terrific. (LBM found this one.)


8 Responses to “On the Subject of Who is the Primary Target of White Supremacy”

  1. Part of the problem is that popular media, mainly tv and film, has brainwashed us all to respond sympathetically to those piss tears. Black women are born to help white females, black males are born to save white females/girls even at the cost of their own life. The imagery is nauseating for those of us who peeped it long ago.


    Lisa, would you say that white males learn how to be racist from their white mothers?

  2. I found this very informative. I think brothers should give it a read. A lot of times we don’t know the stress that black women have to deal with when it comes to white women in the workplace. I’ve heard white women can be very deceptive and stab you in the back. They’re very cut-throat. I learned quite a bit myself. Great post!

  3. […] On the Subject of Who is the Primary Target of White Supremacy « Cree7′s Blog. […]

  4. One of the cons that white women use against non-WW especially BW is the shedding tears, This is sometimes called the tears of a white woman phenomena and is a passive aggressive act. When a BW confronts a WW on her BS she starts to cry, preferable this scene will take place around men. The crying allows the WW to be framed as the soft innocent white goddess like victim. The BW is framed at the angry black she-man amazon that was mean to the lady like ultra-feminine southern belle. The shield of mythical white femininity is brought out to protect the WW from her own actions and allows her to practice white supremacy without suffering any consequences.A codified response is needed to counter the potency of WW tears.

    Abagond did a post on it @ http://abagond.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/white-womens-tears/

    another good post is @ http://stuffwhitepeopledo.blogspot.com/2010/06/rush-to-aid-of-crying-white-instigators.html


  6. Diaryofanegress, thats a great post. I want to read more of the responses before I reply further. One thing is for sure, sleeping on the white female can indeed cause more than a little grief. One must know when they are dealing with the HRIC.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    ooo-weeee, diaryofanegress!!! And let the black females say, “Ayyyy-men!!>” (going to read that piece now).

  8. Miss CREE:

    White women are the root cause of Jim Crow. That, my dear, says it ALL.

    I do not eat from them.
    I do not drink from them.
    I am never alone with them lest a “story” is born.
    If I am alone with them, I have my secret tape recorder in my pocket.

    If for any reason I accidentally leave my food in the workroom overnight, I throw it out the next day.
    White women coerce white men to kill, maim, lynch, rape and torture blacks throughout history.

    Being eternally protected, they NEVER face up to their evil…which is why white women are the most racist creatures on earth.


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