“A chicken wouldn’t support KFC so why in the world would you support a man that hates you?”

Bougie Black Girl

Yes there is a war. It is an all out well financed massive attack. With daisy cutters, propaganda and all. They are winning the war against Black women because Black women are funding it. According to an article in Madame Noire, “The vast majority of African-American consumer spending is done by females. Some marketers say 85 cents of every $1 spent by blacks last year was spent at the influence of black females. Others estimate black female buying power at upwards of $565 billion last year alone.  Either way, the buying habits of this group of consumers could well decide the fortunes of many of the world’s largest corporations.” Wake the heck up folks.

Folks we have also been bombarded with stories, movies, songs and books about how inadequate we supposedly are that YOU Black women are still buying.  You see, apparently we are not good enough to…

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  1. toomanygrandkids Says:

    D.L. Hughley is absolutely correct. Unfortunately, he and Micheal were all over the map w/ this conversation. Both men sounded confused and scatter-brained INHO. They went from black women in general to his daughters, who are young black girls. About his daughters he says that he loves them but he doesn’t like them or he dislikes things about them. Like what, they wear make-up? Or, that they’re becoming grown women? Some ppl say that fathers hate when daughters become adults b/c he has to protect them from ‘boys/men’ that dad usta be. I’m just saying that’s what I heard some men say.

    Anyway, like I said earlier, D.L. is right about black women being angry. They call Los Angeles the “Home Of The Angry Black Woman.” And D.L. knows this. He’s really speaking of his own experiences. Hell, I’ve been around angry, mad, and confused black women all my life. These females (like so many others) have been angry about problems they brought on themselves. Admitting to self-inflicted problems proves that someone did wrong. But if you’re perfect and know everything then you blame everyone else. This is the bulls**t black women do.

    D.L. made those comments at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

  2. But here’s a funny glitch with that: black parents are quick to tell children they won’t feed them and take shit from them; black parents tell a child that if they want to how their ass they can get the hell out from under their roof. Yet, a Black female will allow a man to show his ass and kick hers, all the while financing the craziness. I’m jus’ sayin’…

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Long time no hear, Dark Matter!!!! That is a very needed insight. The idea that might makes right makes for winners and losers but not justice. Black people cling feverishly to our right to hit our offspring in the same way that black we (both male and female) seem to cling to the right of males to females who are “acting up.” This is the reason, I think, for the persistent popularity of Shahrazad Ali’s book, The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman.” It’s got a non-fictional dose of Celie’s advice to Harpo to “hit her!”

  4. I have really enjoyed your coverage of the Cleveland incident and other topics related to the mistreatment and/or devaluing of black females. I still have some confusion when it comes to black males using excessive force or physically abusing black females. It seems to me like some of the black males and black females who agree that black males should hit, punch, strike or otherwise physically assault black females is because they need to be put in their place or disciplined because they are being too aggressive, talking too much, or being disrespectful and the male has the right to make the women obey or learn. In my experience these individuals also seem to have this same view when it comes to children. Such as children need to be beat, hit, whipped as a form of discipline or teach respect, intimidate, control etc. It seems like there is a correlation between males who abuse females and males who abuse children and females who abuse children. It seems to be the view that adults or males have the right to abuse children and females because they are above them or stronger than them and they can take out their anger on these individuals because they cannot fight back. There also seems to be some sort of radical or extreme feminist viewpoint that there should be no special treatment of females by males because females can fight in wars, be hit, be punched, fight and do anything that a male can do because there is supposedly no difference between males and females. Since females want to be treated equally they should not want to be protected by males. Then mixed in with the above viewpoints is the colorism, the supposedly aggressive and masculine nature of black females and the lack of protection provided to black females. I am confused as to which one of these issues is the cause of this behavior is it all the same or is one part more important than the other? I am also aware that it in the past it was more common for parents to teach their sons not to hit girls. I did hear adults tell boys not to hit girls and in my family it was not seen as acceptable for males to hit females. But up until reading your analysis of the bus incident on your blog and blog talk radio and thinking more about counter racism in the past couple of years I did not see anything wrong with a male hitting a female.It does not seem like protection of females or not hitting females is promoted as much as it used to be. I have made a big effort in my opinion to keep from supporting those who mistreat black females. I do not buy music , movies , clothes that support that or magazines that supports mistreatment of black females and males. In the past couple of years I have stopped viewing blogs that promote mistreatment towards black individuals and especially black females.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Let those who know say, “Amen.”

  6. I agree and I think we need to think in terms of ALL the ways we spend money on those who abuse us…rent, car fare, child support, food, as well as media/celebrities…

  7. sparkle86 Says:

    We have to start being more miserly in how we spend our money.

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