Race-Prisoners: Let a Boy Show You how to Be a Man

First, about the title of this piece: The general reader will see nothing strange about the use of the word “man” to refer to a black male. But, readers may be perplexed who know that I try to practice the scientific use of words to counter white domination (racism) [as explained in The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept for victims of White Supremacy by Neely Fuller, Jr. ]. Since black people are dependent on white folks then, relative to white folks, black people function as children not as adults.
From that, it follows that, as long as white domination exists, no black person can be a man or a woman–only boys and girls. Yep, boys and girls just as white folks referred to our grandparents before white folks got slick. Yet, even today, lots of black people refer to our closest black associates as our “girls” or our “boys.” Slang ofttimes conforms to logic that is calculated at the subconscious level. Until recently, I followed that logic.

A couple of days ago, I had an email exchange with another black female/woman who, like me, would be considered middle-aged. She said the following:

I understand the difference in the power dynamic but if we’re going to classify black males as “boys” then what’s the beef when they have relations with our 10-12 year old daughters? I just don’t think an adult black male should be able to claim “rape” upon realizing he was played by Becky….maybe it’s a language issue but I’m having a hard time equating what takes place between an adult and a child, or a willing male and absolutely unwilling female with what takes place between a willing adult male and willing adult female. I think it reduces the brutality of “rape”. While I understand Fuller’s logic – and can agree within the context of that conversation – I still think we need to be careful calling adult black males and females boys and girls. Rather than it being an incentive to want to be “grown” – it’s more of a crutch to remain childish. I hear it among counter-racists too often, “well, I’m not really a man/adult so……” So what? That’s the excuse to continue to be mediocre, inept? At what point do we expect Black males and females to be what’s necessary to really fight out of this cage – men and women. If we’re going accept and assist us being boys and girls – and WE DO – what’s our point?

Counter-racist codification is supposed to produce thought, speech, and action that is the best known way of replacing the system of white domination (racism) with a system of justice. If black people using the words “boy” and “girl” to refer to all black people promotes behavior that is compliant with our brutalized state, we need to not use them that way. We need words that reveal the truth that we are in a state of unjust dependence on white folks but not words that do not promote countering that dependence. So, I will henceforth use the words, race-prisoner, race -prisoner man and race-prisoner woman, race prisoner child/girl/boy to reflect that dependence. This is a term that I think more clearly focuses on race = racism. A boy or girl has no ability to not be a boy until nature changes that. A prisoner always has a chance of getting out of the prison by any means necessary. The “boy”/”girl” reference is a metaphor. But, I don’t think it is an accurate definition because there are critical differences in what an 8-yr-old black person or what a 17 yr-old black person can do and what a 35-yr-old black person can do. The brain of a 35-yr-old is physically different than those younger persons. The older brain is generally capable of more abstract thought and has more complex needs.
In the video linked to the pic above, the race-prisoner girl behaved terribly. She needs some memorable and harsh consequences that are not in conflict with justice. But, an upper-cut punch to her jaw by the race-prisoner boy is not what she needed. That is not what black people need to see either. This girl also needs some attention to her behavioral and mental health needs. She’s not just “some lil black bitch.” The race-prisoner girl needs some urgent care in the form of therapy sessions with a reasonably sane black care-giver. And some long-term attention to her behavioral and mental health needs by way of help in understanding how the global system of white domination (racism) has made all the black people around her dysfunctional to varying degrees—including her kith and kin. The race-prisoner boy needs exactly that same care and he needs to be applauded for showing black men how to behave as men in such situations. Somewhere there is a father/father figure he had/has that I want to send a gift card to. (The foul language…that’s another post.)

One last thing: A black male cyber-space associate of mine, S-Dot, explained that the girl’s behavior might have been a set-up—a set-up that is based upon the accepted premise that males should not strike females. S-Dot explained the following to me:

This female has been socialized to be ‘bait’ since she constantly affirms “I’ll get somebody to…” clearly indicating her motive for the conflict…[bait is for] males seeking conflict justification against other males encourage females to engage in behavior that will increase the possibility of physical altercations so the female is ‘justified’ in getting backup without others getting involved. Hence, being “bait” to trap prey. So-called “gangs” use this tactic quite consistently.

Twisted, isn’t it? Race-prisoner men need to turn away from physical conflict with Race-prisoner women—whether “bait,” deranged, or standard. Race Prisoner Men need to turn away from conflict with other Race-prisoner men, too. Race-prisoner men need to turn directly to face Racist Man, Racist Woman, and Racist Child.


28 Responses to “Race-Prisoners: Let a Boy Show You how to Be a Man”

  1. This story made me think of the florida football player, his decision to hit a female, but that female was white. The situation concluded recently.

    Oh how different the outcome when the female is white. The article omits completely the actions of the white woman, per usual. On the other hand, Johnson was kicked out of school, AND pled guilty. Meanwhile, she looks forward to medical school in the fall. Wow.

    Afrihoteps statement that if the male race-prisoner had allowed the female race-prisoner to hit him, she could have killed him; so much pathology in that one statement. He either is one of our oppressors, or a black man that internalized the white supremecist mindset of our oppressors (as have many of us, in the past or present). And I agree with Cree about his/her handle.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I see, Mr. Conners. As a male, I will defer to you when you say the force was excessive. I had thought that since there were two women attacking, he did what he had to assure his safety— although, I did see other employees holding him back as he continued to wail away with that rod. I thank you. And, obviously, I was operating on an incorrect assumption with you. Apologies. I’m hyper-alert due to the wide-spread affront of opinions from black males in the other direction. I very much needed to hear that it IS possible to persuade a victimized black male of the error of that viewpoint.

  3. Sean Conners Says:

    I just thought the video another example of a black male using excessive force when confronted by a black female. The video host’s reaction fully endorses the behavior base d on the fact that she wanted to “act like a man”. Very similar to the bus driver incident.

    When I first saw this video many months ago I felt same way. As a black male myself I am not proud of that, but that’s the truth.

    I know if she was white the black male would have done time. If a male is aware of his greater physical prowess in relation to a female there is NO circumstance were excessive force is justifiable.

    But I am a victim of brain trashing, who is hopefully on the path to becoming untrashed. When everything is put into the proper context (white supremacy) it makes it all easier to understand.Thanks for holding us (black males)accountable.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Sean Conners, was your goal in posting this video to show either of the following:

    a) to show how much more masculine black women are compared to other women?

    b) to show instances in which it is justifiable to find it satisfying when a woman is punched by a man?

    My impression of the video—including the comments–are that the male employee was justified in the violence her used to defend himself.

    I find the behavior of the females indefensibly incorrect. That behavior was also tragic, But, it is NOT but not representative of black women.

    Black women are not fatter than white women and less fat than Hispanic women though you’d never know that from the media images and web sites touting the opposite. In the YouTube world, a similar phenomenon is afoot marginalizing even more than has already been done to the femininity of black women in general. For awhile, even I was buying the propaganda that there had been some uptick in masculinized behavior of black women. And, then, I started paying attention to the behavior of women according to socioeconomic level and observed no difference.

    I suggest you go on over to Cynical Afrika’s site to see the down-low antics of white women. Black women are not in the same galaxy of misbehavior.

  5. Sean Conners Says:

  6. […] Race-Prisoners: Let a Boy Show You how to Be a Man « Cree7′s Blog. […]

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    To black readers: One thing we must do to counter racism effectively is to be efficient with our time. Therefore, when it is clear to me that a poster is not addressing the core issue in a post, I will not respond. Also, if I strongly suspect that a poster is a white person posing a s a black person, I will not reply to his/her comment.

  8. AfriHotep Says:

    I’m sorry but since when does defending yourself from physical harm make you white? If that’s the case then I guess black people are white then.

    I guess if you have a son who was being attacked by a male or female and he defends himself then he is white. The idea that that’s white or that that makes you white makes no sense to me whatsoever. I would love for you to explain to me how that is white.

  9. AfriHotep Says:

    No one is saying to kill anyone. He stood there and had restraint. He could have used restraint. Yes there is excessive force that may not be necessary. NO ONE should be hitting anyone. Everyone should keep their hands to themselves. Also what if the blows that that woman was delivering to that guy killed him. She was the violent perpetrator. The person that uses violence first is the one that is wrong. We can agree to disagree on this matter. I just think that this needs to be reexamined. As a black man I love my people and want us to do better and live in a system where there is equality and justice. I just felt that another aspect has to be looked at. Mind you that any man who perpetrated violence is wrong.

    And that white women in Austrailia in that video was out of line as well. Luckily there was restraint but they were with in their rights to retaliate in self defense if things got crazier or out of hand.

    Same with this video. I’m glad to see that there was restraint and that it did not get even worse or more deadly. Things in these videos as well as the one you mentioned are examples of altercations that could have gotten worse.

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    See the next post, lady.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I am suspicious, too, Big Jo. whipping up more animosities and causing us to use our time and energy inefficiently

  12. “But yes we should always avoid violence but when one causes harm to you first with imposition of violence you have a right to fight back.”

    For the record, it looked like the the black male suffered no physical harm whatsoever.

    I’m very suspicious of many of these posters. Quibbles and filibustering on the core topic.

  13. I think I understand what S-Dot said. Here’s another take on Black females “baiting.” Oftentimes it’s not bait for an altercation but ‘bait” for verification/validation – verification of what she hopes is a fact that yes, she may be “reprimanded” , but she will ultimately be treated as gently/femininely as possible. The problem here is that the mental illness of black female is simply not acknowledged. There have been studies on prisioners kept in solitary confinement revealing that many of them “bait” prison guards just to have “interaction.” Are they asking to be stun-gunned, bitten by dogs, beaten by 6-7 officers or shot? Of course they ‘re not. They simply need human – even if it is inhumane – contact. The same way so many Black females keep begging for some sort of affirmation from Black males. It is sick. They “bait” wanting attention, wanting confirmation that they are indeed “female” and thus will not be knocked out. The young lady in the Cleveland case said “I can’t believe he hit me like that”. Even in a possibly drunken stupor she thought he would see her as the female she wanted to believe she was.

    I’m really not understanding why some Black males refuse to recognize mental illness in Black females. I don’t understand why some Black males feel that mental illness in Black females should be met with violence- while at the same time EXPECTING Black females to understand what the white man’s racism has done to him. This is the wall I’m “baiting” for some Black males on this blog to penetrate for me. I know Black males who haven’t worked in 2-3 years who are depressed as hell but they live with women whom they EXPECT to understand and stand by. I know black males who are ex-cons and perpetually underemployed and ornery yet live with women they know are being abused on their job but EXPECT them to come home and “take their position.” ?? I also know Black males who KNOW ” a bitch is crazy” yet still pursues her and EXPECTS her not to be crazy with him and accepts whatever support she offers – and yet feels justified in knocking her out when she gets “out of line.” We have some serious craziness going on in our “communities” and much of it centers around our mistreatment of Black female. We can continue to have a lot of movement around combatting white domination – but we will continue to have very little FORWARD movement if we don’t attend to this internal problem that frankly has been a dis-ease since we were forced on those ships, if not well before, as evidenced by the fact that we’re even in this mess.

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    AfriHotep, your handle seems like something a white person would have tongue in cheek. So, I must ask, “When and how did you first find out that you were a black person?” Please be specific.

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    AfriHotep, given that, no one has yet said on this blog that any of the black females in the instant cases were innocent, it seems to me that something else is going on. And that “something else” is that most black males feel that it is justifiable to smash a black female—a person—as if she were a fly. She pesters him, annoys him mightily, maybe even gives him hives, and you feel he/you should be able to respond with no restraint. Deliver a blow that might give her concussion, break a bone, or even kill her — even when she poses no real challenge to subdue or escape and no danger of significant harm with just her hands and.or her mouth. Watch how those white guys in Australia responded to the white female who battered them. And, you will see just how horribly black males regard their counter-parts.

  16. But yes we should always avoid violence but when one causes harm to you first with imposition of violence you have a right to fight back. Also what if a white woman or white male had been victims or involved in fights in any race/gender combination? I’m certainly not trying to defend white people and white privilege but just wanted your opinion or thoughts depending on the scenario because of the differences and shifting of power dynamics and and semantics etc.

    Thank you 4 posting Cree. This will make great discussion with other like minded and conscious individuals.

  17. Well it seems as if whenever a woman gets hit regardless of if she was the perpetrator or not is always often viewed as innocent no matter what. It’s almost like how society says that no man is ever suppose to hit or put their hands on a women. I definitely don’t condone violence but in this case, it’s an example of how a man is in justifiable grounds to retaliate and fight back at that moment. She was the perpetrator. All I’m trying to say is why isnt anybody outraged at this woman going crazy and perpetrating and being physically violent with that man. If that man had attacked this woman I’m pretty sure people would have found an excuse to condemn a man defending themselves. All I’m saying is it’s unfair to think that a man should not react with violence or the same actions of violence being imposed on them.

  18. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    No worries soforeal…I wasn’t aware that what you’d done.

  19. “typo” should have wrote blogs, but anyway.

  20. ms cree, sorry if i made the direction of your justice for women post, take a turn into the a direction you didn`t want it to go in i don`t want it to come off as me battling blk women. so from now on i will stick with the program peace and love.

  21. loudnclearslap Says:

    wow! sounds like either some guys on this thread r white or they just want to have a reason to battle a black woman. Pretty pathetic!!!

  22. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    So that I’m clear, exactly what double standard is being demonstrated in this piece, Afrihotep?

  23. AfriHotep Says:

    I read it Cree and will share with others to get their thoughts. All I’m trying to point out is the hypocrisy and double standards of gender etc.

  24. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Did you read the article, Afrihotep?

  25. AfriHotep Says:

    Now you see right here. Clearly that woman crosses the line and was completely out of line. Why isn’t their outrage over this female attacking this male. She’s clearly a perpetrator. In this case this female clearly should have been fought in self defense. Are you defending this woman’s behavior?

  26. Clearly, this went over someone’s head.

    The kid showed incredible restraint, I give him that. Certainly a contrast between the bus driver’s course of action.

    I wish that teacher would’ve tried to step in (smh).

  27. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    hunglikejesush, in this post, I’m not referencing as correct the behavior of anyone except the boy in this video.

  28. THIS is your example of righteousness are you kidding? Have you seen this dudes other videos including this one? You may need to look a little further at his other videos and bet my right leg you won’t post anymore of these. SISTA!!!!


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