Bait, Ratchet, or a Black Female Begging to be Affirmed as a Female?

This pic shows up twice on the first page of google search results for “ratchet female.” Virtually all the pics of people in the reults are of black females.

Future Ratchet ? ?

A ratchet is commonly what one means when referring to socket wrenches that are thrown back carelessly into a mechanic’s tool box by his greasy, dirty hands. In mechanical terms, a ratchet is a female part that is used to fix the male connector of something.

The tough, loud, lewd, often obese, less than human, and MUCH less than ladylike black female is called a ratchet. That is the overwhelming representation of black females in film, television, music videos, internet hype videos, and, thus, the general regard of everyone. So, “ratchet” is really a term that can be applied to any black female—A female who is just marginally one. So that a black male in drag is thought to be an adequate representation of us. Since we are basically just men in drag, when we get unruly and combative, there is no reason not to punch us as if we were men in drag.

In the last post on this blog, I referenced an explanation given to me by a black male cyber-friend, S-Dot, about the black female high school student who screamed in her black male classmate’s face asking him to hit her. S-Dot said that the girl saying that she was going to get someone to f@#K the boy up was an indication that she was acting as bait to get some other boy hurt when this other boy came to her defense. That may very well be the case. However, her out-of-control behavior may be just as likely or more likely to be that explained in a response to S-Dot’s interpretation.. What LBM said goes to the very core of what matters here:

I think I understand what S-Dot said. Here’s another take on Black female “baiting.” Oftentimes it’s not bait for an altercation but ‘bait” for verification/validation – verification of what she hopes is a fact that yes, she may be “reprimanded” , but she will ultimately be treated as gently/femininely as possible. The problem here is that the mental illness of black females is simply not acknowledged. There have been studies on prisoners kept in solitary confinement revealing that many of them “bait” prison guards just to have “interaction.” Are they asking to be stun-gunned, bitten by dogs, beaten by 6-7 officers or shot? Of course they ‘re not. They simply need human – even if it is inhumane – contact. The same way so many Black females keep begging for some sort of affirmation from Black males. It is sick. They “bait” wanting attention, wanting confirmation that they are indeed “female” and thus will not be knocked out. The young lady in the Cleveland case said “I can’t believe he hit me like that”. Even in a possibly drunken stupor she thought he would see her as the female she wanted to believe she was.

I’m really not understanding why some Black males refuse to recognize mental illness in Black females. I don’t understand why some Black males feel that mental illness in Black females should be met with violence- while at the same time EXPECTING Black females to understand what the white man’s racism has done to him. This is the wall I’m “baiting” for some Black males on this blog to penetrate for me. I know Black males who haven’t worked in 2-3 years who are depressed as hell but they live with women whom they EXPECT to understand and stand by. I know black males who are ex-cons and perpetually underemployed and ornery yet live with women they know are being abused on their job but EXPECT them to come home and “take their position.” ?? I also know Black males who KNOW ” a bitch is crazy” yet still pursues her and EXPECTS her not to be crazy with him and accepts whatever support she offers – and yet feels justified in knocking her out when she gets “out of line.” We have some serious craziness going on in our “communities” and much of it centers around our mistreatment of Black female. We can continue to have a lot of movement around combating white domination – but we will continue to have very little FORWARD movement if we don’t attend to this internal problem that frankly has been a dis-ease since we were forced on those ships, if not well before, as evidenced by the fact that we’re even in this mess.

What can you do if you are a black male to help affirm the femininity of black females? I’ll tell you the kinds of things that worked for me. Let black females see you doing the following:

+ Give your seat up to a black female if she is standing; especially if she is pregnant or elderly
+ Stop to offer to help push a black female’s car that has stalled in the middle of the road
+ Offer to escort black females from class at night when you know there is string of unsolved rapes and/or murders in the area
+ Offer to help carry heavy packages for a black female
+ Greatly limit profane language around black females—even if you hear black females being profane
+ Encourage your daughters and nieces to wear skirts and dresses and tell them how pretty they look when they do
+ Walk your daughter into school until she is out of middle school—even if you walk behind her to give her social space
+ Learn how to repair a few things like closet doors, door locks, or table legs and offer your skills free of charge at least three times a year to a black female
+ Compliment a black female who is not light-skinned on her complexion if it is blemish-free and glowing.

Don’t expect black females to immediately trust you when you display these gentlemanly behaviors. It will help if you do your very best to separate these behaviors from those designed to get you sexual intercourse in a direct and quick way. Give it some time to catch on and sink in. No pun intended, sincerely. Perhaps that pun will help you remember the selflessness that goes with the manly behavior that will help regenerate the working relationship that black males and black females will need to triumph over Racist Man, Racist Woman, and Racist Child.

For advice to black females on how to resume a more feminine presentation when this heat comes off and even before, I recommend visiting the amazing posts on


15 Responses to “Bait, Ratchet, or a Black Female Begging to be Affirmed as a Female?”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Sheez—Yes, Sparkle86, now we see what white folks REALLY lost in that election.Obama takes his role as a figurehead seriously. On Father’s Day 2008, he famously chastised fathers who fail to engage with their children. He has made a point of going on “dates” with Michelle and spending time with his daughters in spite of his busy schedule.

    No, no! He’s not just doing what he always did. He’s rubbing it in their faces! And, saying that his daughters are beautiful? Ohhhh, the horror!! That’s just not fair (white)! Bravo, Mr. Obama. I’m going to make it a point to disseminate as many images like that as I can. It’s the closest thing I’ve come to remote torture using voodun.” That’s what I meant by playing offense in the last piece I wrote on the President

  2. White woman chastises Pres. Obama for calling daughters beautiful. SMH.

  3. @Cree Thank you. You’re far too kind.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Will also mention your new blog on my Facebook page and on successive radio programs, KP. Thank you so much for this. Not being a spectator. If more of us can do this, we’ll be out of this thing way sooner than we thought we would.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KP, Will do…Look for a Link in my blogroll before the end of the day. We REALLY need that kind of information. Can’t think of ANYTHING we need more.

  6. @MK82 Are you serious?? I thought about seeing that film but now I think I’ll pass. Do you remember Denzel’s film Man on Fire? He sacrificed himself for a little white girl. It was really pathetic! I’ve noticed a pattern of black people dying to save white folks. This is done on purpose so that we believe that their lives are MORE important than our own and that it’s only right we DIE for them. This clip is from the film Legion. As you can see the same pattern is in full effect.smh

  7. @Cree Thanks a lot! Be sure to check out my new blog I recently created. It’s a blog about black people getting prepared for whatever comes down the road. We can’t trust the government to do for us. We have to do for self.It’s dedicated to the physical,mental and spiritual survival of our people. We need to be prepared for any type of emergency that may be just around the corner. I don’t think enough of our people are prepared for a natural or man-made disaster. We have way too many distractions thrown at us on a daily basis. We need to get our priorities in order. I would appreciate it if you could spread the word about my blog. Thanks,I always appreciate your help Cree. 🙂

  8. […] Bait, Ratchet, or a Black Female Begging to be Affirmed as a Female? « Cree7′s Blog. […]

  9. Cree,

    Sounds like you saw the movie to me, lol. SPOILER ALERT – Yes, him going out of his way to save and be with some random White women, but FAILING to try to repair his relationship with or reaching out to his BLACK ex-wife and son in an effective manner. I was seriously saying to myself wtf?!?

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Have not yet seen it MK82. Will have to wait until it comes out on DVD….Whay is your head hurting? IS it all about him risking life and limb for some white woman?

  11. Cree,

    You have been doing a great job with these last couple of post highing the issues of how Black females treated. I am asking your opinion on this new movie “Flight” with Denzel Washington. You have done some great movie reviews in the past, just wanted to get your insight on this one. My head was hurting by the end of the movie….

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    It will simply make her more angry, and more self doubting.“—-Coming from a black male, that’s l,ike a drink of cool water in the desert, Kofi Obibini

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I curtsy and thank you, sir. You are rare. May your seeds bear plentiful fruit and fast.

  14. @Cree Great list you came up with. I’m proud to say that I do a number of the things you mentioned.

  15. I would add another suggestion to the practices tha Black men can start working on.

    +When your brotha is having a dispute with his woman, be honest and true if they come to you as a mediater. If your brother is wrong, tell him that, and why he is wrong. If she did something wrong, tell her what she did and explain why she shouldn’t have done it.
    Too often we take the man’s side, just out of a mis-placed loyalty. That loyalty won’t make his life easier and and wont make her’s easier. It will simply make her more angry, and more self doubting.

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