Multitasking on the Re-election of President Obama: Defense AND Offense

The overwhelming number of times that I’ve lost a chess game to my gentlemate/partner/husband as well the few times I’ve beaten him have taught me something about how to view Barack Obama’s re-election as POTUS:

A successful war strategy strikes a balance between optimism and skepticism. Being too optimistic makes you prey to traps. But, if you’re too skeptical, you’ll fail to move on opportunities to advance to victory.

So, the question is whether Mr. Obama’s election in 2008 and, again, in 2012 were Trojan horses—traps. Or, whether they were opportunities to move against racists (white dominators) in more than a cosmetic way. I am one who does not think that is clear. And, I don’t think the smartest racists know how it will turn out either.

I’ll fall back on my living room chess experience. In the middle of a strategy, there are lots of moves that are gambles. Advancing in one direction leaves a corridor for the advancement of the adversary. On a competitor’s way to positioning for the win, he/she becomes vulnerable—often several times— in some way that he/she can only hope the adversary doesn’t see or doesn’t take maximum advantage of. Offense is strategic but defense is mostly spontaneous. A defensive move can throw off the moves you need to make for your offensive strategy. That’s why, in the middle of the game, the board almost never looks like you or your adversary hoped. So, you have to be able to make new strategies as the game goes along.

I don’t think the board looks as the racists had hoped when they began this strategy of “refinement.” Why not? Making black people feel like racism is not as bad as it used to be so that it can be practiced without costly violence comes at a risk: They have to let black people do things that allow more of us to learn constructive information. And, they have to project images that promote the idea that we can learn and do anything they can learn and do.

So, I agree with many race-prisoners that Mr. Obama is being used successfully to amp up anti-black sentiment and to provide cover for racist policies. However, white folks’ offense has slackened their defense a notch. For instance, there will be more black people expecting courteous and affectionate relations with their opposite gender partner. There will be more black people who aspire to be in charge of there own affairs and will be angrier when they find out that the system of white domination (racism) still prevents that. There will even be more black people who keep their limbs and kidneys or do not die because of care they receive through Obamacare.

I’m just saying, don’t refuse to take advantage of every opportunity to advance on the opponent on the grounds that each opportunity is a trap. The opportunity could just be something unintentionally created by our opponent’s offense. Strap up, yes. And, move forward, too. That Trojan horse has some wood that can be broken up for arrows, fortresses, and ships.

About our defense:
white folks are sighing about or trumpeting that 70% of voters who identified themselves as “Latino” voted for President Obama. So expect an acceleration by white folks of the re-classification of “Latinos” as white. Be careful about whom you regard as a fellow confused race-prisoner and whom you regard as a racist.


16 Responses to “Multitasking on the Re-election of President Obama: Defense AND Offense”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, Carlos Munoz on Thursday and Part 3 of the Nuclear Option on Saturday. Hope you can call in to one or both.

  2. You’re very welcome. You deserve it.You definitely do your part in the struggle for liberation and justice.We need more sistas like you out here. Thank you,you’re far too kind. Hopefully I can catch your upcoming show. Is it this week?

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Why thank you, Kushite Prince! I’m truly honored, kind sir. I have promptly and proudly placed the badge on my sidebar and linked to your fabulous page. I am ever more motivated to
    stay on my CR grind

  4. @Cree I threw your hat in the ring. Hope you don’t Just a small way of showing my appreciation for your counter-racist work. It’s very much appreciated. Stay on your grind. 🙂

  5. Black folk need to nullify the Obama Effect by letting it be known that indeed we’re not pacified by the presence of “a person of color.” No direct address to Obama is necessary. No laundry list of what we want HIM to do. We must make it clear to the controllers that we recognize that our condition is bad and has gotten worse. Black males will have to come to a consensus that perpetual unemployment and underemployment will no longer be an option regardless of who is the face of empire. Black females can help by forcing the hand of Black males to shyt or get off the pot. The fight to RWSWJ remains the same fight. When we have Black males willing to do what Obama is apparently willing to do for his Black wife and children…things will get damned interesting.

  6. White males talk about the need to use violence to bring all non-white males back in line.

    “As men, Force is the greatest weapon we have … We must use it,”

    Refined white supremacy isn’t working fast enough for some of them.

  7. Oh yeah Cree, I just wanted to thank you for the shout-out on your program Thursday night. It was greatly appreciated. 🙂

  8. Yes I see what you mean. You would have to put pressure on those pulling the strings. I’ll tell you what though,if he did do something for black folks he would be a hero to many. It would be very noble if he did sacrifice himself for the greater good. But people like Malcolm X,MLK and others are a rare breed. Most are scared to speak truth to power.But it’s obvious that he’s being used as a scapegoat for the rising anti-blackness in this country. I just wish more people could see the game being played. But I see your point. The deception is the name of the game.

  9. Yes, Kushite Prince, if we push the white folks who are behind him—asking “Are you white people tying President Obama’s hands from doing something about black unemployment, anti-black violence, mass black incarceration, …?” But, otherwise, no, I don’t think so because his health and welfare and that of Mrs. Obama and their two offspring will be threatened after he leaves office. But, if we push the white folks, then they’ll push him in order to keep the deceit going that he doesn’t answer to them.

  10. @Cree
    “I’m just saying, don’t refuse to take advantage of every opportunity to advance on the opponent on the grounds that each opportunity is a trap.”

    You must be reading my This is exactly what I told a friend on mine o Tuesday after Obama won. We have to be alert all times when an opportunity is there for the taking. I understand where LBM is coming from. We haven’t really seen an advantage to having a black man in office—other than the symbolism he represents. We need RESULTS–not a great speech that gives us goose bumps. But of course,he can only do what he is allowed to do. The reality is that Obama is on the plantation like the rest of us. he’s just being a lowed to reside in “massa’s house” for the moment.
    A friend of mine asked me a question yesterday. I’m curious on your thoughts about it. He said that since Obama is in office for another four years and doesn’t need to be re elected—-will Obama do something for black people? In other words,will he help us and go out with a bang so to

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    So that’s a “no” on the optimism piece, LBM? I hear ya. I’m not so sure. But, of course, you could be correct.

  12. You know how I feel about white female’s children. Title doesn’t change that. I didn’t vote for either one but I was looking forward to NOT “keeping false hope alive.” We’re just so hardpressed to acknowledge the real work we gotta put. I’m not even seeing any fruits of the symbolism.

  13. […] Multitasking on the Re-election of President Obama: Defense AND Offense « Cree7′s Blog. […]

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    diaryofanegress, On the first matter of Obama, that could very well turn out to be the case. I do believe that is the racists’ plan. I’m just not certain hat is will turn out per their plan. I voted and cast my vote for Mr. Obama because I think we can exploit that plan better than the one they had with Romney. But, I could be incorrect.

    As for the other points, I wholeheartedly agree

  15. Miss CREE,
    I’ve made so many enemies on my blog telling folks to beware of the Obama deception and stay away from voting.

    But folks will see and hear as they wish. This election could be the demise for black folks…we have to wait and see.

    Latinos will eventually become “white”, the ones who can pass, as whites will need to up their numbers.

    Brown vs. black will increase as non white coloureds will vie for more white status. Hate crimes will increase against blacks and unemployment will go up.

    Things will be bumpy…real soon.

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