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The biggest issue in the world is what is going on between Palestine and Israel. I personally refuse to take a side. My heart breaks for those innocents who are caught between the self serving arrogance, religious fanaticism and inhumanity of small men with little diplomacy skills.  However, I for one cannot understand how my Black American progressive friends can talk about the injustices over there without addressing the deportation, abuse and enslavement of Black people there. This isn’t happening in the United States or in an European country. This is going on in the Middle East and parts of Africa.  This topic is rarely discussed but it is happening in Palestine and all over the Arab world.

Here is an interview with Dinka Bol Gai Deng and Dr. Abdelgabar Adam. Dinka Bol Gai Deng was enslaved in Sudan and Dr. Abdelgabar Adam was a Darfur refugee.

“Arab racism towards Africans has…

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  1. Should be an interesting part 2. Hopefully more men will call in so we can get to some solutions. We shall see.

  2. Fo sho. We on for tomorrow night 9:30PM your time?
    The Nuclear Option for Black Women- Part 2

  3. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is one.

    The anti-humans attack our very humanity, orchestrate this abyss that were in – then “spy” to see how much of the game we’re peeping? Sick. Can we see how our silence – our unwillingness to speak out on shyt that actually matters – is what keeps them dominating us with such ease? If they’re so concerned about us just discussing what they are doing to us what does that say about the need for us to do just that?

  4. Actually I should clarify. I have had my pic up before. On Youtube and my blog. Someone I trust and spoke to over the phone asked to see me. This person is on Youtube.They had already showed me their videos. I felt comfortable enough to do so. I’ve also had my pic in my avatar before. Although I don’t do it very often. My girlfriend is not on Facebook,Twitter or Myspace. But she as well as I and a few friends are on a social network with our families. It’s not a very popular site but it’s a way we can keep in touch with all our relatives who live out of state. Also I have co-workers who are on Facebook and Myspace. And I don’t want many of them to know all my views and opinions. My girlfriend was cool about it and I’ll leave it up for awhile. But not very long. Everyone uses their own discretion how much information they’re willing to put out there. I tried to answer your question as best I could.

  5. Thanks, KP. I read the comments and it looks to me that Sister Truth acknowledged that hunglikejesus was joking. I don’t know to whom she is actually referring but, yeah, for sure, we are being watched. Question, if you don’t reveal your face for safety purposes (as I do not), why reveal your girlfriend’s?

  6. @Cree Here is the post Sister Truth put up a few days ago. hunglikejesus even makes a comment on the post,you can read it for yourself.

    I don’t know all the details of how Sister Truth came to this conclusion. You would have to ask her yourself. But I trust her judgment and think she must have some good evidence to come to this conclusion. I think we all have to assume we’re being watched by “others”. We are all familiar with Cointelpro and know that it still exists. There are white posters on the internet pretending to be “black” people. And then there are actual black people working for certain “agencies” and gathering information on us and our thoughts. This is one of the reasons many of us don’t show our faces. It’s not that we have anything to hide(I sure don’t). It’s for your own protection. There are some bloggers who do have their real pics online. However,they aren’t all fighting against white supremacy. When you deal with the subject matter we deal in–it’s a whole different ballgame. You can’t be too careful these days. Times are hard and overt racism is becoming more and more prevalent.
    In case your wondering,that’s my girlfriend in the avatar. Don’t worry she said it was okay to put it Glad I could help. Let me know if you need anymore information.Peace.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KP, thank you for the intelligence report. Can you give me link to the exchange that led you and Sister Truth and to conclude the hunglikejesus is white?

  8. @ Cree Beware of poster hunglikejesus. He/she has been exposed by Sister Truth. I believe they were posing as a black person. Just giving you a heads up. Stay on your counter-racist grind and stay alert. Your brother,KP

  9. I still have to work out everyone who is not Black is white–but I’m totally good with Black/non-Black. I feel no camaraderie with “hispanics” , or “asians” or “indians” etc. I mightmaybe cut a bit of slack depending on the circumstance – but like Cree said – any of these folk are likely to mistreat my black butt at a given time – on the basis of color/hair. I just had to “read” an “east indian” chick in a pharmacy today. Chick was actually darker than me. She wished she were “untouched” by my tongue by the time I was done. Black folk ain’t got no “friends.”

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    TOTALLY AGREE, LBM. Recently had a conversation on FB in which i shared a piece of my code. This code was written as a more accurate problem statement. Without an accurate problem statement, an effective solution cannot be reached. So, here it is. It’s been working for me but I now offer it up for scientific peer review. Talk me down (show me the error/s):

    White person = in any significant activity in economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and/or war, a person at a given time who is NOT mistreated on the basis of color or factors associated with color .

    Black person = in any significant activity in economics, education, enter
    tainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and/or war, a person at a given time who IS mistreated on the basis of color or factors associated with color.

    My definition of “white person” takes into account that a person can be white at some points in time-space and not be in another. My definition also takes into account that there IS a hierarchy in terms of color and that persons higher on the hierarchy have more power than persons lower on the hierarchy.

    I don’t use the term, “nonwhite-nonblack” because, by my definition, a person is either white or black; either non-white or nonblack. One can never be both by my definition. I prefer to use the terms “nonblack/ black” as opposed to “white/nonwhite.” Why? Because it is practical for me to suspect anyone of mistreating me on the basis of color who insists that he/she is not black. However, it is not practical for me to withhold suspicion of anyone of mistreating me on the basis of color who insists that he/she is not white.

  11. The Africans who are being mistreated in the “middle east” are Muslims as well so to concentrate on religion would be sidetracking. THE problem continues to be THE problem. BLACK people are mistreated globally. Darker people are mistreated globally. No exemptions based on “religion”, “culture” “nationalism”, etc. Black people here in america get consumed with the mexicans and other “hispanics” but do we care that Black Caribbean people – some who have been working here, have built families here, been here for years – are being deported and otherwise jacked. This is also happening in places such as the netherlands where young black males are being deported to Aruba if they don’t work – even those who were born in the netherlands, never been to the Islands.

    I’m wiling to have the discussion about the “middle east” and “arabs”, especially if we’re willing to follow the philandering phallus of black males that largely created these “half and half” people. If we look at a place like Sudan, we can see lighter complexioned BLACK folk mistreating darker complexioned ones. Same in Ethiopia. How do we classify “black” here but flip the script when come to Africa? This myth that anyone of black sperm but not black womb is “Black” has been having perpetual residual negative effects on us.

    BLACK people are deported, abused and enslaved GLOBALLY. Check the prison system in this country. Not debatin’, I’m jus sayin’.

    P.S. All “arabs” are not Muslim and most Muslims are not arab. Attempting to defend an African Muslim as an African or Black while disregarding their religion circumvents the attempted help. If we stick to Black people being mistreated by ALL non-blacks (with a serious side-eye on white female’s children) we’ll stay on better course. IMO

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Not before you just asked me, Cmptrwhiz. But, now that you mention it…. ??? THAT is a waaay important question that will lead to a lot of other critical insights. Why do you think, Cmpterwhiz?

  13. Have you ever pondered WHY the united snakes doesn’t deport those of Afrikan descent?

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