The Crucifixion of Kasandra Perkins:Victim Blaming, Black Maternal Homicide and Stupidity


Folks couldn’t even wait for the body of Kasandra Perkins to be lowered into the ground before they started blaming her for her own death. I don’t know if horror is the right word to describe the coverage of Kasandra Perkins death by mainstream media, Black blogs and Black Twitter. Almost immediately the discussion on Black blogs turned to what Miss Perkins must have done to cause her own death.

Meanwhile, mainstream media is conspiring to make sure that Jovan Belcher isn’t held responsible for Miss Perkins’ murder. They are working overtime to attempt to make her murder about traumatic brain injuries instead of the controlling bullying and entitlement bred by sexism and misogyny. The focus in mainstream publications is NFL concussions and the headlines on the Black blogs will be child support and Trey Songz concerts instead of maternal homicide and intimate partner violence.

In other words-> Let’s Blame Concussions and a Dead Woman because we don’t want to acknowledge sexism and misogyny and we certainly don’t want to hold a young Black male millionaire responsible for his own actions. Lucky for you, you don’t have to rely on or accept the mainstream media narrative.

According to the CDC, black women have a maternal homicide risk about seven times that of white women. Black women ages 25-29 are about 11 times more likely as white women in that age group to be murdered while pregnant or in the year after childbirth.

Go tweet about THAT!

Not twice as likely. Not Three times as likely. Not five times as likely, but ELEVEN times. Miss Perkins was just outside the 25-29 age range. Victim Blaming 101.

The Kansas City Star reports that Jovan got into a heated argument with Kasandra around 7:50am stemming from her arriving home at 1am following a Trey Songz concert.

OH dear. SHE went to a Trey Songz concert. SHE arrived home at 1am. SHE caused a heated argument. Other articles make it a point to mention that Miss Perkins was drinking while she was out with friends and Mr. Belcher called her several times to inquire about her whereabouts. Oh dear, a woman over the age of 21 who had arranged childcare went out with friends for a concert and consumed alcohol- oh the HORROR!

Then came the stories about how GREAT Jovan Belcher is. how no one saw it coming.

“Jovan was a happy, proud father, with pictures of his baby on his Facebook page,” Jovan’s agent Joe Linta told’s Peter King on Saturday Dec. 1. “This is shocking. Something went crazy wrong, and we’ll probably never know what it is.”

OH he must have SNAPPED. She must have done something to “push” him over the edge because HE could not possibly be a controlling murderous bully.

Then came the outright defamation, obfuscation and redirection. Deadspin published a hit piece courtesy of an anonymous “friend” of Mr. Belcher.

I won’t post the defamation here, you can read the article over on Deadspin where everything from her college transcript to her employment record is used against her.

The friend wanted to stress that the concert was, at most, a tipping point, and that the relationship had soured previously. In further emails, he was frank that his aim was to give us Belcher’s side of the story, and in defending his late friend he came off as cruel toward the murder victim, going so far as to call her “the catalyst.”Deadspin<


SHE was the catalyst? HE had no control over his action because HE probably had a TBI- oh no it has to be concussions that are responsible….ANYTHING other than Jovan Belcher was a controlling bully who felt entitled to shoot his girlfriend.

Because mind you, Mr. Belcher managed to not kill his mother who was in the next room. He managed not to kill the security guard at the Kansas City Chief’s stadium. He managed not to kill his coach and the team manager. So were these some special “concussions” that only affected the part of the brain that deals with girlfriends?

In 2008, ESSENCE magazine asked me to write an article about Dorothy Dixon. Dorothy was a mentally disabled Black women who was tortured and killed- and by tortured I mean for months, knives sticks, cuts, burns and they also used her body for target practice. The coroner pulled out dozens of BB gun pellets that were embedded in her skin. She was pregnant and had another child who was an infant. ESSENCE’s angle was that when pregnant Black women are tortured and killed, mainstream media doesn’t cover it. While the deaths of pregnant White women, such as Laci Peterson, get covered for years.

In the course of writing the article, I had to do an ton of research on maternal homicide. New and expectant Black mothers were killed in the most gruesome ways. Almost every single case! We’re talking baseball bats, being buried alive, duct tape. Mr. Belcher shot Miss Perkins 9 times! Many of the girls I wrote about were teenagers killed by much older boyfriends. That was newsworthy in and of itself, but the fact that so many of them are dying -11 times as many- should have cause some type of community-wide outrage and campaigns— but crickets. I finally concluded that we didn’t want to cover the genocide on new and expectant Black women and girls in order to protect the precious:

I point out the difference in response to Black women and girls being slaughtered and our community’s never ending quest to preserve young Black men.

I should have added AT ALL COSTS.

If you’re shocked that Miss Perkins is dead, you shouldn’t be. Because she was a Black woman in her 20s with a child of less than a year old, statistics tell us that she was at a relatively high risk of being murdered by her child’s father. ELEVEN TIMES more at risk of being murdered because she was a Black woman and almost certainly to be blamed by certain segments of the Black community for her own death. You won’t read this anywhere else but HERE.

For any reporters or bloggers that would like to write something DIFFERENT about this story, please do consider doing something called “research” by typing in “maternal homicide” and “Black women” into Google. I know Google searches are incredibly difficult, but try and stretch yourself.

Here is a summary of the CDC’s report on Homicide in new and expectant mothers.

So in closing, because I can never say this enough, the person responsible for Kasandra Perkins’ death is Jovan Belcher. There was nothing Miss Perkins could have done to cause Mr. Belcher to murder her in cold blood. He pulled the trigger the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th, and 9th time he shot her.


13 Responses to “The Crucifixion of Kasandra Perkins:Victim Blaming, Black Maternal Homicide and Stupidity”

  1. rbrownes Says:

    But I agree with Cree. These guys are masters of knowing just what to say to women. They tell women exactly what the woman wants to hear and even though she may know it’s not true, it just sounds so good to her.

    So if the goal of a male is to get sexual attention from females, should he adopt this technique?


    Do you know of a BETTER technique to achieve the goal of sexual attention from females?

    (BTW– your description of the technique kinda describes Obama?)

  2. @thwack, I have asked myself this question and have talked to some females that admit it. You show me a guy who doesn’t work, ignorant, irresponsible and I’ll show you a brother with more women than he knows what to do with. It seems like women gravitate towards them. But I agree with Cree. These guys are masters of knowing just what to say to women. They tell women exactly what the woman wants to hear and even though she may know it’s not true, it just sounds so good to her. They are quick to tell women they love them and that seems to be like kryptonite to women where other men are honest and won’t tell a woman that if they don’t mean it. And they just go from woman to woman doing it. I also think sustahs find guys like this “exciting”. They’re exhilarating to them.

  3. I’m not making excuses for this guy but no matter how much money we make or how successful we are, black males still suffer from inferiority complexes. Black women are strong and independent because they’ve had to be. So maybe this rich black male felt she should be totally subservient to him because of his status and she was not. That is a tremendous blow to a rich black man’s ego. Not making excuses. I’m just saying.

    I have a cousin who is dead now. But he moved off somewhere and we didn’t keep in touch. But we often wondered why he never visited or why he did not care that his children did not know this side of the family. Well, after he died we discovered he was rather a bully and he eventually got put out of his own house and he had really no love from his x-wife or children. We figured this is why his children don’t care about knowing his side of the family. But I think this stuff comes from black mens feelings of being less than a man and what he does supposedly have control over (his family) is taken or being taken away from him. I don’t think anything can be done about this because the white man holds the key to the black mans have access to employment. But I’ll say this, for every black guy that would/will kill his wife/girlfriend, a hundred others just succumb to their condition and just accept they are niggers and don’t even try to be even a sketch of a man. They drink, get high, party excessively, mess with a lot of other women, are irresponsible and they figure why even try. Either way it’s terrible.

  4. I don’t agree with Thwack’s premise as a general statement but let me offer this : I was listening to a program talking about “daddy’s girls”. Many black males don’t want a “daddy’s girl” because they don’t want another male in her ear telling her dude ain’t worth her time. So few Black girls today can, unfortunately, even claim to be “daddy’s girls” because father black male abandoned them, leaving them exposed for “violent misogynistic males.” I was a daddy’s and granddaddy’s girl and both those men taught me how to know from the jump when a “n——– ain’t shyt.” But again, too many Black females don’t have that Black man to school them on or protect from the black male predator.

  5. Thwack, your theory and mine are prolly very different. Since I’m talking to you, I’ll try to be concise. Sociopathic males, about (1 in 20) far outnumber alpha males (by my experience they are less than 1 in 100). Sociopaths never announce themselves as such. Quite the opposite. Sociopaths have no true sense of normal people but they learn how to impersonate very well and to learn the weaknesses of others so that they can be used for advantage. They use a technique called “love bombing” to leverage their impersonation of an alpha male and their knowledge of weaknesses of their prey to employ the sociopathic method of “love bombing.” That is to flood the brain of the woman they’ve targeted with dopamine by flattery and attention and then take that attention away thereby setting up a the pattern of craving and addiction in the brain.

    I don’t know what the female equivalent of an alpha male is—but one quality she most definitely has is that she does not fall prey to male sociopaths.

  6. I would like some insight from females regarding why violent misogynistic males have such an easier time getting sex from females?

    Come on now, we all know about this phenomenon but nobody wants to talk about it. Lots of guys scratch a hole in their heads trying to figure it out?

    I have my own theories, but I want to hear from the females.

    Why are abusive men never lacking of female sexual attention?

  7. Folks fussin’ and fightin’ ain’t cute and it’s become too acceptable.

    Let the church say, “Amen.”

  8. Belcher’s child and mom were also in the house. He had been with a woman the night before. He didn’t murder them and I’m assuming that if he had TBI, it wasn’t present according to whom he was dealing with. I have no problem looking at TBI when that is the issue. But since the fact is that intimate partner Black women are being killed and otherwise abused across the employment board of the male – we need to keep the focus on the fact that this young lady did or said something that Belcher didn’t like and he, in that moment, felt justified in murdering her. Shot her 9 times. I don’t know what went on in this case but, we must deal with this issue of Black males thinking if a woman “run’s off at the mouth” it warrants a physical attack.

    P.S. We must also deal with the idea that having “Ike & Tina” dealings is some “cultural” part of our relationships. Folks fussin’ and fightin’ ain’t cute and it’s become too acceptable. Jus’ my opinion.

  9. Good that you are putting the death of Ms Perkins on the front page(so to speak). You mentioned traumatic brain injuries. I have talked about this for about 4 yrs. There have been dozens of football players killed or dying of traumatic brain injuries. This is something that started from 2005 on. Even with all the injuries football players suffer,you never saw players from the Bart Starr,Jim Brown Jim Thorpe eras dying or being killed before 35. Now the white media is making this about gun control and only gun control.


  10. […] via The Crucifixion of Kasandra Perkins:Victim Blaming, Black Maternal Homicide and Stupidity « Cree7&#…. […]

  11. sad that it had to come to this, now the baby is without a father and a mother. he should have just moved on with his life rather than to just kill her. there’s plenty of other women out their, it’s not that serious he didn’t have to do this.but this i what insecure guys do.

  12. cmptrwhiz Says:

    On point – completely!

  13. This case is heartbreaking beyond words. It left me speechless. First he shoots his wife,then takes the coward way out and kills himself. My heart goes out to that poor baby. To become an orphan so young. smh

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