A Tribute, Apology, and Thanks to Emissary of War

It has come to my attention that a commenter to this blog with the handle, “Denzelsausageton” has the same handle as Tariq Nasheed, producer of the documentary series Hidden Colors. While looking for commentary by Denzelsausageton on this blog, I found this gem by EmmissaryOfWar addressed to Mr. Sausageton. I so very much regret that I did not reply to it when it first appeared. The reason that I did not respond is that I barely skimmed it because I could not bare to read it then. You see, EmmissaryOfWar has been someone who has always been so supportive of logic even when it took a detour of whatever was popular in a given clique. He has also been an investor in my efforts by allowing me to purchase several books by authors I have interviewed on my radio program. I was terrified of my disappointment if even he had turned a deaf ear to us. My soul just could not take it.

When I read the comment this evening, with my soul re-charged from the relentless hammering by black males who I’d never questioned as allies and followers of logic before, what I discovered was the only summary by a black male of the case that the black women on this blog have been making about our collective mistreatment by our counter-parts— including their refusal to listen to us talk about it. So, this post is a message from Mr. EmissaryOfWar to Denzel Sausageton (AKA Tariq Nasheed?) and other black men who hold views similar to those Mr. Sausageton expressed on this blog

“There are BASIC ideals that need to be understood before we can think of defeating our supreme enemy and some of the primary ones are. The UNION of the OPPOSITE. This ideal according to Ourstory is many millennia old and seems to play an important part in balance. Another truth seems to be, that you cannot rise higher than your Black women. She reflects the status of your society/home. So if it is ok for her to be punched, beat, raped, abducted, ritually sacrificed and then discarded, then what chance does our group have and how much longer would a such thing as the Black man exist. Seems to me that the height of selfishness for Black men would be to protect the Black womb from where he comes, at all cost.
Yeah white people are problem 1a but Black people and our behavior and relationships towards one another are problem 1b. We are going to have to multitask and work on both at the same time. And yes multitasking can be difficult, but I don’t think we have any other choice. This topic, that Cree and other Black women are relentlessly bringing attention to, has to be dealt with in order to recreate the UNION that is Black Woman/Man. It can be tough to hear some of their words but those words need to be said and we HAVE to listen. She carries the life and also civilizes the society, so if we truly want Maat, then her energy and concerns need to push thru; forcefully sometimes. Black men should never try to shut up a reasonable Black women and we should walk away when reason is not being displayed. Another basic ideal is that the Black man is the protector of his society and we have failed at that greatly(many say we are cowardly). So we may want to work on protecting our women instead trying to quiet them when they are pointing out deadly flaws.”


couple talking


23 Responses to “A Tribute, Apology, and Thanks to Emissary of War”



    I very sorry for your loss.

  2. @Cree I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure it’s a tough time for you and Sonny right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Here’s a poem by Marcus Garvey titled Black Mother. It’s one of my favorites. I thought you might like it. Peace and God bless.

    The Black Mother

    Where can I find love that never changes
    Smiles that are true and always just the same,
    Caring not how the fierce tempest rages,
    Willing ever to shield my honored name?

    This I find at home, only with Mother,
    Who cares for me with patient tenderness;
    She from every human pain would rather
    Save me, and drink the dregs of bitterness.

    If on life’s way I happen to flounder,
    My true thoughts should be of Mother dear,
    She is the rock that ne’er rifts asunder,
    The cry of her child, be it far or near.

    This is love wonderful beyond compare;
    It is God’s choicest gift to mortal man;
    You, who know Mother, in this thought must share,
    For, she, of all, is Angel of your Clan.

    My Mother is black, loveliest of all;
    Yes, she is as pure as the new made morn;
    Her song of glee is a clear rythmic call
    To these arms of love to which I was born.

    I shall never forget you, sweet Mother,
    Where’er in life I may happen to roam;
    Thou shalt always be the Fairy Charmer
    To turn my dearest thoughts to things at home.

    Marcus Garvey

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you, soforeal. I wish the very same to you.

    The timing of this piece was more than ironic. The thrust of the comment by Big Jo was centered in his analogy about the eulogy at a woman’s funeral.
    About an hour after I clicked the “publish” button, I learned of the unexpected passing of my husband’s mother at the age of 57. The cause of death would accurately be stated as “Strong Black Woman Syndrome”— A poem describing that syndrome was posted by THE ALCHEMIST in the comment thread of An Official Withdrawal From The Battle For Black Manhood

    My husband wrote and delivered his mother’s eulogy/obituary at the public service.

    Replace white supremacy with justice.

  4. Happy New Year. Ms Cree

  5. EmissaryofWar, you have spoken truth. I don’t know if they still do but I too heard Farakhan teach that “god” was made of a black man and white woman. I remember watching the DVD and expecting every sista in the joint to walk out. Didn’t happen. I also have an issue with them not recognizing Elijah Muhammad’s real wife, dark complexioned Clara, and calling a white (complexioned) green(?) eyed female his “wife”. That’s an issue unto itself but the facts of the matter speak to our topic here.

    Having been to Brazil and witnessed the “curly haired olive-skinned” “portuguese/brazilian” play the Afro-Brazilian card ever so conveniently against the Black Brazilians – again, you ain’t lied. With the university quota now in place, a whole bunch of lighter Brazilians with “moorish” blood somewhere – who would not call themselves “Afro-Brazilian” before, are doing so now to get into university. So again, the product of those unions, usually are not of any good to Black folk.

  6. http://blackdatingexperiment.blogspot.com/

    Those comments are beyond disturbing!They are sick! These guys are seriously brainwashed and full of self hatred. They must also be very desperate and hard up to let a “white woman” insult your race like that. And still fawn after her like that?? That’s a damn shame.smh

  7. @Willie If you’re not bringing anything constructive to the table–there’s no reason to leave a comment. I also suspect some of you “men” are really white guys. Although knowing some black men do suffer from “anti-BW syndrome” I could be wrong. Either way,your comments are not helpful so please be shut up.

  8. @ Big Jo
    “A black person is a person that has at least 3 grandparents who would generally would be accepted as black.”

    3 grandparents?? Hmmmm…..I kind of like that. I may use that one. I’m sure some people will not like it though.

  9. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    In regards to the offspring of the counter racists, afrocentrics, nationalists, and NOI our current status, for the moment, reflects their effectiveness. Farrahkhan, from his own lips thinks that Black and the features that go along with being Black is a curse and he is the leader of the noi. So that group for the moment is trash. If anyone thinks I am being extreme in that assessment I can point you to the audio. Counter racist think that we belong to a group called non-white. We are the primordial people how did we become nonwhite people all of a sudden. The leading afrocentrics and nationalist are trying to get paid off of our starvation for real information on OurStory as well as real solutions on how to fix us, or they are just plain ol’ bootlicking. Yes, we should support our own but many are out there repeating information that has already been there many years prior. Well with the moors, the more history you dig into the more it seems that a big part of their civilization process was comprised of sticking the phalluses into the cave female and allowing it to play a big part in the subjugation of the Creator’s first choice as life bearer on this planet and that is the indigenous/Black woman. Portuquese are also credited with the word negroe(please correct me if wrong, of course), in conjunction with being original slave traders and we know the history of those with mixed blood. Dr. Clarke and Dr. Chancellor Williams amongst others gave us that information. You are connecting the dots just fine LBM. Most people who are out there talking are not that serious and for that reason many of us are going to pay with our lives. But I still feel in my bones that we will prevail.

    Thank you very much for the words and, of course, Thanks for the effort that you have given!!

    Somebody let willie know that cowards tend to attack the oppressed instead of standing up to the oppressor.


    The responses of the black males to the “Blonde Allure” woman are very disturbing. I’m still processing what I read.

  11. black women are unbearable, wack, welfare queens, if only white men could take all of them it would be a dream come true so black men don’t have to deal with them that’s why i tell other black men to travel, because women from other countries are more lady like and are not with the drama they are not rough like black women aka the terminatrix who’s soul mission is to bring black men down even more.

    america is a cesspool of hoodrats who want to be treated like queens without having to change they’re dirty ways!!! but want to complain that black men are to be blamed for every single problem they have, can’t pay the light bill blame it on the black man and etc black men need to get away from these american black women, THEY ARE UNBEARABLE AKA THE TERMINATRIX.

  12. The ALCHEMIST – that’s a serious find. Really, really sorry. I guess the anti-human female with the assault rifle and multiple handguns was feminine and demure and sensitive as well. With all our supposed “masculinity” and “attitude” how many black women do we know who have gun arsenals? How many have one gun? Fact is Black women who are domestically killed are likely to be killed with a gun. If we’re being accused of being “ruff” now, imagine if we arm ourselves like the “feminine” others do?


    I found a website created by a biracial woman and her white half sister. They created a fake profile of a racist blonde white woman on a dating website. The blog details the responses of black men interested in dating the racist white woman. She insults their mommas and black people in general and the black males don’t seem to care.


  14. I use a nascent criteria to safely classify someone as black:

    “A black person is a person that has at least 3 grandparents who would generally would be accepted as black.”

    With the code 2.0, the only people who could potentially be allies are black people. When I say “could be allies,” this reflects that the confidence level that, that person could be an ally is at least 1 order of magnitude higher than that of a non-black person.

    As you can see, this definition has a recursive aspect to it. Although, I think the mathematics of this theory could be debunked, I am unconcerned because others opinions really have minimal bearing especially if you have concluded that your code directly impacts your safety.

    So by this working definition, many “black” people who have a white parent could not be “safely classified” as black.

  15. @LBM

    And my question is: What has been the role of the offspring of those unions?

    They usually end up being considered “black” by default. Or non-white at the very least since whites wont fully accept them. But like I said before they are used against for things like the standard of beauty for black folks. Have you noticed the white media loves to uplift “beautiful people” that have at least one white parent? They love to do this and it plays games with our self esteem. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing. The further you are from being dark skin,nappy hair and full lips—–the more attractive you are. WS at it’s best! Makes me SICK!!!

  16. @Alchemist
    “You black b*tches need to play your position, stay in your lane, and submit to benevolent black male patriarchy. I can always jump the fence and get a Latina and still produce black children/non-white without you. According to the counter racist code Latinos and Asians are non-white.”

    You know I used to be one of those “people of color” folks. But I’m starting to rethink that position more often. I really don’t think other races want to unify with us to destroy WS. They use us when it’s convenient for them. I also think we may have to rethink calling biracial/mixed people “black” because it seems they are always used against us. Throughout history many times biracial people have stabbed us in the back. And we can’t afford to be side tracked in our quest for liberation. I know it will be hard for most black people to NOT see Halle Berry,Alicia Keys,Lenny Kravitz and Barack Obama as black. But that just may be what we have to do. We have to retrain our minds if that’s what it takes. I for one don’t think black men or women should be procreating with any non-blacks at all. I think too many kids grow confused in the long run. And many will be quick to tell you they’re not black. It only divides us even more. We’ve seen this pattern before and it needs to stop.

  17. “You black b*tches need to play your position, stay in your lane, and submit to benevolent black male patriarchy. I can always jump the fence and get a Latina and still produce black children/non-white without you. According to the counter racist code Latinos and Asians are non-white.”

    Emmissary – that position can’t be emphasized too much. It’s the so-called counter racists, afrocentrics, nationalists, and NOI. And my question is: What has been the role of the offspring of those unions. I recently heard someone speak on how many “portuguese” had/have moorish (black) blood from when Moors “civilized” europe. And yet history tells us that portuguese were the first triangular trade enslavers of Africans. Am I connecting the wrong dots?

  18. @TheAlchemist: Totally agree

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Agreed, THE ALCHEMIST. All the more reason I so appreciate the statement made by EmmissaryOfWar that included the excerpt you reference..

  20. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KnowledgeSeeker, Your clarification is most appreciated, sir.

  21. KnowledgeSeeker formerly known as (DenzelSausageton) Says:

    I just want to say that I have no ties to Mr Tariq Nashhed, and that I am not trying to pretend to be him it no way shape or form ( In a small way I know that I may have done so by using his nickname).

    I just want to publicly apologize to Mr Nasheed and Cree7 for using Mr Nasheed’s nickname for posting comments on this blog and for any confusion that it may have caused.

    Again I want to REITERATE that my opinions are my opinions and mines alone. Please do not associate my comments to Mr Tariq Nasheed. It was wrong to use it, and again I apologize.

    To avoid any further problems in the future, I will post new comments on this blog as (knowledgeSeeker).



    EmmissaryOfWar said,

    “Seems to me that the height of selfishness for Black men would be to protect the Black womb from where he comes, at all cost.”

    As long as some black males believe that they can produce a “black child” with any race of women, they will never value and protect the black women (black womb). Black women will be viewed as replaceable. it goes something like this:

    “You black b*tches need to play your position, stay in your lane, and submit to benevolent black male patriarchy. I can always jump the fence and get a Latina and still produce black children/non-white without you. According to the counter racist code Latinos and Asians are non-white.”

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