Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. In 2005, during his first interview in the United States, Chavez said: “When we were children, we were told that we have a motherland, and that motherland was Spain. However, we have discovered later, in our lives, that as a matter of fact, we have several motherlands. And one of the greatest motherlands of all is no doubt, Africa. We love Africa. And every day we are much more aware of the roots we have in Africa…. Katrina is—indeed, has a lot to do with racism–no doubt about it. Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth, because of my curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it’s African.”



Over 18 months period four progressive leaders of Latin America were diagnosed with cancer.

In August of 2010, 60-year-old Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo was diagnosed with a tumor of lymphatic system. One.

In October of 2011, 66-year-old former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was diagnosed with larynx cancer, nine months after the transfer of power to Dilma Russef. The doctors did not operate on Lulu, saying that as a result he may lose his voice forever – an extremely important tool for policy and communication.the ex-president who had a firm intention to return to politics. Two.

At the end of June of 2011, 57-year-old Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was diagnosed with pelvic cancer. Three.

In late December of 2011, media reported that 58-year-old Argentine President Cristina Kirchner would undergo surgery for cancer of the thyroid gland. Kirchner was re-elected for the second term in December of 2011 and takes a firm anti-American stance. Four.

Speaking on December 28, 2011, during an end-of-year address to the armed forces, President Chávez hinted that the odds of these persons all contracting cancer in such close succession could be a CIA plot. It is a matter of record that the murder of Fidel Castro was attempted numerous times by white folks and biomedical weapons have advanced since most of those attempts.

I believe that Hugo Chavez fights for us powerfully on the other side. It is certain that he does not rest in peace.



  1. Sad, tragic and very terroristic. When will we get it. Separation from these CREATURES are the only solution. Listen to Min. Farrhkan’s lecture series, The Time and What Must Be Done.

  2. Your welcome, here is a link to the entire interview video: . Take care.

  3. I don’t claim to be an expert on Hugo Chavez or his style of governing, but I do know that poor black/brown Venezuelans liked him and wealthy white Venezuelans disliked him. America has a pattern of not supporting political leaders that put their poor before US and corporate interest. I can’t say with 100% certainty but CIA assassinations does sound very likely.

  4. Was it the son of a CIA agent that gave Marley a new pair of boots that had some sort of spike in one?? Yeah, the cancers and heart attacks are getting tiresome. Then in another arena the so-called world court can only find African leaders who have committed “crimes against humanity.” These creatures are not capable of even pretending to behave justly. The sooner we get real about what we’re dealing with, the sooner we’ll adopt a more protective stance as Chavez did. There are Venezuelans who are reading for the first time at 70 years old. Remember master Clinton removed Aristede of Haiti when he dared to speak of a national literacy program for Haiti. There can be no justice until the anti-humans are neutralized, one way or another. They constantly show us what they are – when will we believe?

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Cancer gun, eh? Ima hafta check that video out. I BEEN knowing they had a bioweapon for cancer. Someone wrote a piece on it way, way back. It used to always be brain cancer…..

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    No, I have not seen that. I will check it out. Thanks, M1.

  7. I was listening to some caveman radio program talking about how Chavez was burning in hell. A caveman? Says someone is burning in hell? Well, who would know better who’s going to hell than the gate keeper. I don’t know much about how Chavez ruled his people and I really don’t care because I wasn’t one of them. That’s just that. I do know that he stood up to the US and that is the reason they buried his ass. Now, me thinks all the doctors involved should be looked into.

    We were at the break the other day talking about Chavez and how the US killed him and of course the massa lover wouldn’t hear of it. If it ain’t on CNN then got damn it they don’t believe it. It’s really hard working around such willful ignorance, but we do what we must.

    I was on disclosure tv today and they were talking about a cancer gun. and how they used it to take care of people without any one hands getting dirty really. Now I said a cancer gun? That could explain so much in Black life. It would be genocide on a scale that would make the middle passage look like boating accident. This gun is said cause cancer and heart attacks and who knows what the hell else. Could this be what they us on world leaders they don’t kill on the streets on tv? Could this be what was used on Chavez and the rest of them? If it really does exist then you can bet your bottom dollar that they are using it and using every single day.

    Thank you Ms. CREE for your insight.

  8. @Cree
    Have you seen the film “South of the Border” by Oliver Stone? It’s very eye opening! In light of recent events I think it will give people a better idea of what’s going on. You can find it on YouTube. I think you’ll like it.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Alright. What a pool of knowledge here. I WILL pay attention to Citgo, M1.

  10. hello all. i thought he’d hang on,when you hear of people having cancer for decades and he dies within 21 mos. its odd. As much as he was hated from the beginning,I believe he really signed away his life when he came to the UN amd gave that blistering speech against W. Pay attention to CITGO. See if CITGO stays in the new leaders hands or will it be privatized by the usual oil men.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I’d be shocked if white folks DIDN’T cause his cancer, diaryofanegress

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thanks for posting this Kofi. This documentary was the first time I learned about Chavez. And, he’s had my heart ever since.

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Indeed, TrohanPam. I also took it hard. I want the correct people to win for once. The last one I know of who wasn’t murdered was Robert F. Williams.

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I did NOT know that Kwame Toure stated that suspicion. Wow. Thank you, Oneilove!!

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I have been slow in checking email the last thwo or three weeks, KP. I’ll check it tonight.

  16. Miss Cree

    I don’t know enough about this but I do know that anyone who speaks out against white racism and dares to speak truth is made to look:

    On drugs

    Cointelpro is a master of this tactic. I can’t say too much about this but it would not a shock if they caused his cancer.

  17. There’s a great documentary about Chavez and the 2002 attempted coup attempt. (white folx heavily involved) called “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

  18. White people even killed mlk, colluding between themselves FBI CIA kkk etc, (it was proven a court of law in the uk a few years ago)
    Great blogpost Cree, thanks for the info. I’m not even that knowledgeable about specifics on politics but I know about Hugo Chavez, when I saw yesterday that he was dead my jaw dropped- smells like white people!

  19. This news hit me hard in the heart. He was a great leader, who deserves immense credit for fighting as long and as hard as he did.

    It takes courage to live by your conscience and to understand that

    once you lose your fear of death, you need not fear any enemy.

  20. Also note Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture also died on cancer at age 57 and he expressed in one of his last interviews with C-Span that he felt the government gave him cancer. He went to the doctor for leg pain and came out with prostrate cancer. After he left American he kept working in Africa for black liberation and was a threat because he wouldn’t compromise in his public work or private life. I guess we should expect cancer as a bio-medical tactic.

  21. @Cree
    Yes I meant the white I see your point about anyone helping black folks. That’s a big no-no under this system. Funny you mention Gaddafi. I think Chavez told Gaddafi he could stay with him back when he was being attacked. Now less than 2 years have passed and they’re both dead. Strange right? Can’t forget Bin Laden as well. Is it just me or does it seem like a lot if leaders are dying rather quickly? I don’t mean to sound paranoid but it seems like no one is noticing what’s going on. It’s almost like there seems to be a deadline for something and they’re speeding up the pace.
    By the way,did you get the email I sent you yesterday about Chavez? I thought you would find it interesting.

  22. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    We will catch a brake soon!!! Please try not to get discouraged by the sad news.

    Black Liberation!

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KP, by “the press,” do you mean white folks? Chavez was the only prominent leader that I know of who talked about racism (white supremacy) and it’s direct equation with anti-blackness and was doing something about it using the leverage of the natural resource of oil. He was influencing other leaders in Latin America to do the same. That would have spread to other areas with other sources of leverage. Yes, he offered help to the victims of the Katrina terrorist event. But, white folks would not let the victims have it. He set his sights on helping Africa, particularly, Mozambique, because of the average life span there that is under 40 years of age.. Can you see how threatening that would be? Sounds a lot like Gaddafi, doesn’t it? When anybody starts helping black folks in a substantial way, white folks want that to STOP.

  24. @Cree From what I hear Nicolás Maduro will follow Chavez. I’m interested to see how the mainstream media will treat him.
    I thought I remember hearing that Chavez gave aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. Do you remember hearing that? He also called President Bush the devil. Now that I think about,I see why the press was not that fond of Can you think of a few other things as to why he was not well liked?

  25. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ahhh, good for his VP. White folks’ lies all over their EM transmission are falling on more and more informed ears. That’s a silver-lining piece of news, Kofi.

  26. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KP, Chavea thought white folks were out to get him. They weren’t surely. –(my rare employment of sarcasm).
    No, I haven’t been watching news stories I get 95% of my news from text sources on the internet. I usually will look for a transcript instead of watching a video clip. I little to nothing about what are white folks’opinions. I look for facts and then, with a fine-tooth, suspicious comb.

  27. Yeah….this isn’t suprising. Chavez knew what he was up against though. His VP just expelled the american embassadors and said that Chavez’ cancer was caused by his enemies.
    One can only hope that he influenced enough people that they will keep his bolivarian dream alive.

  28. @Cree
    “In August of 2010 60-year-old Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo was diagnosed with a tumor of lymphatic system. One.

    In October of 201166-year-old former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was diagnosed with larynx cancer, nine months after the transfer of power to Dilma Russef. The doctors did not operate on Lulu, saying that as a result he may lose his voice forever – an extremely important tool for policy and communication.the ex-president who had a firm intention to return to politics. Two.

    At the end of June of 2011, 57-year-old Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was diagnosed with pelvic cancer. Three.”
    Hmmmmm…..that’s seems a bit odd. Do you really think that… couldn’t be. They wouldn’t ….would they? I need to do a bit more research on this Cree. Something doesnt add up here. Do you know who is replacing Chavez? That might give us some more insight about what’s going on. Have you been watching the news? Thryre joking around that Chavez thought someone was trying to kill him. They’re saying he was crazy and paranoid. Imagine that.smh

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