My Official Stance on Homosexuality in Black People: following the logic that seems to have no crowd


Homosapiens/people are the only species that can intervene in nature to make a birth defect occur more frequently.  There are interventions that might involve intentional altering of the biological environment–such as estrogen-containing plastics in the water supply.  There are also social policies that can increase the natural occurrence of homosexuality.  I am going to discuss the social policies because those are the things that are most debated on this topic amongst black people and are most accessible to counter-racist efforts.

I do believe that homosexuality is innate in the overwhelming number of people who practice it.  To me, it is logical to assume that instinctual behavior—especially that leading to reproduction—is exceedingly difficult to alter.  I am differentiating homosexuality from gender-atypical behavior (interests and demeanor) though the latter is present in most homosexuals.  So, the clear agenda to effeminize black men and to masculinize black women which encourages atypical gender behavior in black people is not what I am addressing here.   I am here referring to policies that will lead to an increase in the rate of homosexuality that can likely be diagnosed in early childhood because it is innate in the child.

Being tolerant of and kind to people with birth defects is important for a society so as to not step onto that slippery slope of  savage totalitarianism.  Without such tolerance, some group of people will be set up to decide whether various types of people should be exterminated including those deemed too short,  who stutter, who have asthma, who are dyslexic, or who are simply “too” old. 

It seems to me that all birth defects have a natural limit because of the decreased likelihood of people with them being selected for sexual reproduction due to  the disabling effect(s) of each defect . The defect of homosexuality formerly had such a  limit. 

That limit is now greatly expanding because of the increase of homosexuals finding alternative ways to produce children with their genes.    And, this acceptance increases with each erasure of a social stigma associated with homosexuality—the ultimate of which is the acceptance of same gender marriages.

For all of these reasons, I support policies that prohibit legal discrimination against homosexuals that deny them the means to sustain their lives and some sense of happiness. As applies to black people, I see no reason to exclude them from discourse on the effort to replace white supremacy with  a system of justice  as long as such discourse does not include advocating acceptance of their disability as normal or advocating policies that promote such acceptance.   Of course, I adamantly oppose verbal and physical battery of homosexuals.  But, I also adamantly oppose policies that tend to remove the stigma of the condition.  All disabilities have a stigma as a self-correcting mechanism in nature.  Policies that remove this mechanism include the projection of homosexuality as normal in mass media and school curricula and, obviously, the legalization of same-gender marriage.

I am sorry that anyone has a birth defect.  No one has more empathy for this sad reality than me.  I’m all for science that can decrease birth defects of all manner.  But, we cannot ignore that these defects exist. 
We should not ignore the people that have them nor blame them for their own disabilities by saying they “choose” them.
Yet, black people, least of all, can  afford to pretend that defects are really just uneventful “differences” because, if we do, we as a collective will become more disabled.


29 Responses to “My Official Stance on Homosexuality in Black People: following the logic that seems to have no crowd”

  1. Michael Jon Barker, everything that exists does so for a reason. However, that reason does not always serve the best interests of our species.

  2. I think people are born gay. I think it is a part of evolution that a certain percentage of the population is gay. Their is a gay gene that’s identified with intelligence and that to me indicates a way through natural selection that gives humanity a different view at invention which helps move humanity forward. You can call it a birth defect but its their for a reason.

  3. Very much a mystery to me but I’m very alarmed by the tenacity of the white supremacy to validate it (like homosexual marriage?)

    and how they’re encouraging it among black people even to the extent of making President Obama come out publicly to support it as “The First Gay President”

    Beam me up, Scotty!

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I sincerely thank you for your reply.

  5. @ Cree

    I believe heterosexuality is the norm because there is no other way man/woman could reproduce. I don’t believe sexuality was created for simple enjoyment, I believe it was designed to be such an instinctive and compelling force to guarantee that the human or animal species will perpetuate itself.

    Nature created that design, otherwise why wouldn’t man and woman have dual sexual organs so man and man OR woman and woman could reproduce?

    Some people in prison once they are out revert back to heterosexual behavior and some don’t but I think sexuality is more complex than hunger.

    And there are many social pressures that affect one’s desire to continue their homosexual prison behavior out in “free” society which is why some stay in the closet. Who knows what drives a person who bounces back and forth between the sexes? I don’t.

    Of course all of this is my opinion, there are many things I do not know about the causes of homosexuality but I will never believe it is a BENIGN or “normal” behavior because it serves NO PURPOSE in NATURE and everything NORMAL in nature has a purpose.

    in my opinion

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You also make many excellent points, Pam. I pray your indulgence in one question: If sexuality is not fixed, how can it be said that heterosexuality is the design of Nature? That extreme conditions can alter innate tendencies is true. Many People will turn to cannibalism if deprived of food long enough. But, they revert back to their natural diets once out of that extreme deprivation. On that point, what am I missing?

  7. @ Cree

    There may be as you said, some innate degree of femininity and masculinity with which each of is is born but I think a man who wants to dress up as a female is acting out of environment NOT biological programming. In many cultures, heterosexual males wear necklaces, and body make-up but there is nothing homosexual about their rituals.

    I believe biology is more than physical, I believe many black people are in the grips of “racial memories” from our slave experiences, and during slavery black males and females were raped. I believe our CONTACT with Europeans has led to this tendency toward homosexuality, particularly in black males. I know that children as young as two years old can pick up social cues of the people around them.

    I also believe that sexuality is NOT fixed, and the best example is the prison system, where male and female sexuality is often compromised and sometimes permanently altered by environment.

    I also think there’s the influence of YIN and YANG where many female-headed households often breed passive males and I have seen women become more “alpha male” and the males become more “passive.”

    Also, there is a HUGE influence caused by diet, where many babies and children are ingesting hormones that may be altering their sexuality.

    There are so many factors in the “development’ of the homosexuality personality (behavior) that I don’t know how many are just “born” that way or whose NORMAL development as heterosexuals have been compromised as early as infant hood.

    I agree that with you that — “I’m more concerned with the social acceptance of homosexuality as “normal” than with the actual number of black males putting their penises in other males’ orifices.” — although I am concerned with the number of penises going awry 🙂

    There may be other agendas, no doubt, but I think the black male is the ultimate target because the destruction of black people are the main target of white supremacists — in my opinion.

    but you make some excellent points and give much food for thought!

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Trojan Pam, I hope you know that I value exchanging views with you. I agree that there are many feminine things that heterosexual black males do as a matter of their environment—which is the system of white domination (racism). Yet, there is some innate degree of femininity and masculinity with which each of us is born. Nature’s/The Creator’s design is feminine female and masculine male. Feminine people are naturally drawn to self-decorating with flourish. To be gradual and curved in lines of movements rather than abrupt and sharp. Masculine people tend to be the opposite. I, honestly do not believe that large numbers of heterosexual people can be made homosexual or that innately masculine men can be made feminine in demeanor. I DO believe they can be made to FUNCTION more as female than as male by being stripped of the ability to provide and protect for others and to defend themselves. That has eventually led to less black males’ penises in black female vaginas because, at some point, black females realized that there is no support for the offspring of these encounters. And, I’m more concerned with the social acceptance of homosexuality as “normal” than with the actual number of black males putting their penises in other males’ orifices. Accepting it as “normal” makes the “wimping out” of black males, in comparison, much less offensive/humiliating to black males–and, therefore, makes them much more likely to surrender completely.

    I do not believe the main target of the homosexual agenda or of any tactic is black males. I think that whatever the racists do, they know it’s always a twofer.

  9. I side with MOTHER NATURE who created the DIFFERENCES between the male and female sex for the SOLE PURPOSE of REPRODUCTION and to create a (highly pleasurable and instinctive sexual) BOND that would ensure a commitment by males and females to raise their offspring.

    Any OTHER use of the vaginal or anal or oral cavities is PURELY manufactured. The ANUS is a ONE-WAY orifice DESIGNED TO ELIMINATE WASTE. The VAGINA was designed to conform to a PENIS (not a TONGUE) and as part of the BIRTHING CANAL.



    Sexual excitement + pleasure + intercourse = REPRODUCTION

    I agree that humans can decide (behind closed doors) whether they CHOOSE to stick other foreign and human objects (like tongues, fingers, dildos and such) inside the ANUS, VAGINA, and MOUTH cavities


    Homosexuality is NOT an IDENTITY; it is a BEHAVIOR. It does NOT define the person, it defines their BEHAVIOR, It is not an ethnicity, it is something that can be hidden until the person practicing it CHOOSES to practice it.

    I know there may be some homosexuals who claim they were “gay” from birth (or early childhood) but I don’t believe you can be a homosexual UNTIL you practice homosexuality because it is a BEHAVIOR. Why some people are drawn to IMITATE the opposite sex is a mystery I am not qualified to solve

    However, I DO KNOW that there is NOTHING BIOLOGICAL about a male wanting to wear makeup, high-heels, dresses and wigs.


    (even females are not BORN wanting to wear make-up and high-heels, that is a LEARNED PREFERENCE based on what the culture believes is “feminine” behavior and attire)

    Even more insidious is WHY are the white supremacists literally FORCING HOMOSEXUALITY down our throats (and punishing those black males who oppose it)

    or why they are trying to FORCE African nations to accept homosexuality


    Otherwise, why are they pushing it? Certainly none of us are NAIVE enough to believe the white supremacists suddenly care about people and their sexual/social rights?



    and to provide UNLIMITED ACCESS to his GENITALIA for the racist homosexual white male who is literally obsessed with black male sexuality AND his desire to COVET and EXPERIENCE IT

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for commenting Mr. Miller. I agree with everything you wrote in your post-script and we seem to agree that justice is the most important goal.
    Here is the definition of justice I have had for some time:

    Justice = A condition in which no one is mistreated AND in which the persons who need the most help receive the most help if any help is given.

  11. Vincent Miller Says:

    I disagree completely. I know that my feelings are real despite whatever research or “science” that you bring up to prove otherwise.To me, it’s all a mind game being perpetuated on one side by the religious conservatives (both white and other races) and on the other side by a large amount of the black power movement.

    To be clear, what I mean by mind games is the action of moving peoples attentions from what’s actually there in front of them, what’s real, towards abstract ideas, thoughts, and beliefs all of which are easily manipulated. Anyway, I learned not too long ago not to fall for them anymore, thankfully.

    Anyway, thanks for the article, it was quite thought provoking! And, to be clear again, I am a young, black, GAY male and happen to be perfectly fine with the way I am. I only seek to be a better person than I was yesterday, be good to other people, follow what I desire, and do what I can to bring some love and happiness to this world. Take care!

    p.s. Rather than focusing on trying to discredit people’s good feelings for one another, may I suggest you focus on tackling people’s ill will, hatred, and other devastatingly negative intentions for one another. I’ve personally learned that rather than judge one another for whatever perceived faults, we’d all be better off helping each other, when we mess up, caring for each other no matter the circumstances, and not tolerating any ill will towards one another, no matter the circumstances. (^_^)

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Amilikar: Hear, hear. I am to hear for those who are willing to be empirical and re-evaluate our conditions as we RWSWJ.

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I hope you will accept the delay in approving your comment Amilikar. Though I’ve only had a chance to skim it thus far, it seems quite thoughtful and I, as always, I appreciate hearing from you. As soon as i can, I’ll read it thoroughly and respond. Thanks again

  14. Amilkar Says:

    Lots of use of the word “logic” here, which is a good thing in the end. Logically & critically thinking, if and when it is classified as an official birth defect, I see no problem with that. If I already have compassion for human beings and have never been in the business of harming or persecuting others without warrant, why should there be a problem? As history has recorded 99 times out of 100, those with repressed or obvious personal insecurities, specifically related to sexual issues, have done the most harm to others.

    Recently, I listened to Gus’ show and got a more clarified understanding on this subject from his guest Cleo Manago. this is an even deeper issue that even we as Black folk don’t want to admit. But as always, getting a better. more expanded comprehension about the true diversity we have among ourselves as individual Black people and non-white people is always a good thing. Still learning….

    If I had my way, the focus should be directly upon increasing the number of individuals in joining us in this global task of RWSWJ. We can iron out the wrinkles later, as justice means treating/respecting others “justly”, as one would wanted to be treated in kind in all areas of a functioning life. Constructively, that’s where our concentration and effort should be, considering the multiplicity of problems inherent within this type of sexuality/lifestyle, and how it applies to the involved lives of Black and non-white people in the currently white-dominated world we all live in. Dialogue can be conducted by respecting our individual differences in opinion, as “independent” thinkers as often quoted by Mr. Fuller. Our commonality of seriously seeking justice is the bond that helps all of us become stronger.

  15. @ Cree,

    I see your point. It would be an interesting (and constructive) conversation to have hopefully one day.

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Hear, hear.

  17. Well thats the thing. A lot of times we as black people don’t think long term. We sometimes think if it doesn’t happen in our lifetime then it’s irrelevant. When the crack epidemic happened in the late 70’s and early 80’s many had no idea how bad it would destroy black families and neighborhoods. But today we can see the result. We seem to forget that racist man and woman will wait twenty or thirty years to get the results they want. They don’t mind dying and not seeing the result. Just as long as they know in the end that their children will benefit in the long run. That’s the type of attitude we need to have. The problem with black folks is we only look for physical war. If we don’t see machine guns and tanks—then its not real. We don’t look for physiological warfare. And from my research,many times that can be even more deadly.

  18. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Okay, KP. We’re on the same wavelength. Though I can’t say I’m passionate about the issue, I do recognize its importance. The grievous effects of social policies on homosexuality to the gene pool are incremental, I think. I don’t think it would be recognizable in our lifetimes. I could be incorrect. Nevertheless, we have to learn to be concerned about things beyond our individual lifetimes.

  19. Yes I read and understood your post. I was just stating my case. I’m very passionate about this issue. Sorry if there was some confusion. I assume you thought I thought you were in support in support of the gay agenda.

  20. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Kushite Prince, help me out. Did I not make it clear that I do NOT support gay marriage?

  21. Very interesting post.My thoughts in homosexuality is no secret. I think it’s anti-life and anti-nature. Anything that is not in accord with nature I’m usually against. I guess homosexuality could be considered a birth defect since most people are not afflicted with this condition. I always thought it could be some type if chemical imbalance. I stated this to a few gay/lesbians and they were not pleased. I understand why they get upset though. But they have to understand that this is not normal behavior. No matter how “natural” it may seem to them. I also don’t have a problem with civil unions. But marriage is a different matter. I always get the feeling gay people want to change the definition of marriage. Then it will be seen just as normal as anything else. Sorry Cree, I can’t roll with that. And I’m not just saying this from a religious standpoint. It’s simply a morality issue for me. But then again, there are a lot of immoral things that are legal in this country. This society doesnt seem to have a problem with injustice and inequality,right? I need time to think on this a bit. Thought provoking topic though.

  22. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, Tracy, I have given it quite a bit of thought. Black people talk about this topic A LOT and with good reason. It forces the most precision balance between the logic of not mistreating individuals and not harming the collective.

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    hunglikejesus, you asked, ” I mean if it’s just sex then it wouldn’t matter if you could see your partner’s face or not, right?”

    Great question. I don’t know. with your permission, I’d like to give it some thought and get back to you if/when I think I have an answer.

    Behind the Candelabra,—– Disturbing, of course. From its description, I am unsure if it projects homosexuality as abnormal. I’ve no plans to watch it. If you find some important counter-racist lessons in it, please let me know, and I’ll reconsider.

  24. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    TrojanPam, you said, “it makes no sense to spend large amounts of energy trying to harm or argue with or distance ourselves from ANY segment of the black population that wants to see an END to white supremacy.” I can’t say it any better.

    Per the antagonism part, I don’t see why that has to be. I don’t see why a homosexual should be in the closet about their condition any more than would a deaf person. Secrets like that are NOT constructive. If a homosexual does not agree that the condition is a birth defect, that’s when United-Independent Codification to reduce conflict between black people should be applied. We should disagree and move on to another topic. If two black people of the same gender want to come to a meeting held to exchange views on countering racism (white domination) and hold hands, etc. it is up to the person who has the legal right granted by white folks to ask the persons to leave or risk being charged with trespassing. To avoid that even, I suggest that no public displays of affection are made at such meetings except that between parents and their offspring. There’s too much sexual-“show-offism” going on amongst us anyway.

  25. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I understand that concern, Counter-Racist. Given, however, that I think most homosexuals are born and not made, very few black male homosexuals who are not locked are not in the dating pool for black women—-unless they’re deceiving a woman. And, I don’t want that.

  26. wow, this is a thought-provoking post.

    Gus recently had a guest, Cleo M., an outspoken “same gender loving” black male (his word choice) who does not identify with the “white gay” movement — which is just as racist as any other segment of white society.

    and I sort of came to a similar realization that whatever common ground we can find between the so-called straight and homosexual counter-racist movement needs to be dealt with

    because it makes no sense to spend large amounts of energy trying to harm or argue with or distance ourselves from ANY segment of the black population that wants to see an END to white supremacy.

    I think a lot of us (secretly) believe too much contact might be “contagious” not so much sexually but psychologically by accepting their behavior

    and here comes your argument — to see homosexuality the way one would view a “birth defect” and to not mistreat people who have one.

    Of course, that view would be antagonistic to homosexual black people so would we have to keep it a secret?

    what a dilemma!

  27. That photo almost made me skip this one.

    “Homosapiens/people are the only species that can intervene in nature to make a birth defect occur more frequently.” I have never even considered this aspect of the agreement. And, if one follows the logic (of which I can’t) then that tired ol’ “even animals are gay” line just falls away. Also, the fact that humans are the only animals that I know of, that can have intercourse face to face would make it pointless if one (other animals) counldn’t. I mean if it’s just sex then it wouldn’t matter if you could see your partner’s face or not, right? Do animals think on that level? I think not. So why would animals be “gay”? I think it maybe just something people say to justify a behavior that is counter productive. And lawd knows if something needs justification is “gayness”, especially if you happebed to be wrapped in Black skin.

    Sorry for going off course. OH!! Speaking of disgusting behavior. Behind the Candelabra premiers tomorrow night. What is that you say; you gotta google it.

  28. Wow. Homosexuality as a birth defect. Brilliant. It appears that you’ve given this alot of thought. If we could see it as such we probably would not be so judgmental and perhaps a little more understanding. I agree that policies should not be that we are force to see this as correct behavior and teaching that it is in schools will only confuse. I applaud your efforts to help us (especially non white people) see a different point of view. Right on!

  29. A Counter-Racist Says:

    Hi Cree, Isn’t it important to also add here that blacks cannot afford to promote this behavior given the white supremacist mass jailing of black men and their quasi absence from the black dating pool?

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