Congratulations James, Wade, Bosh: Live in The Moment and Know Your Opponent


I can’t think of anything better than when a black guy who tries to be a man gets more for the effort than just the satisfaction of knowing what he stood for.

In my fantasies, James, Wade, and Bosh announce retirement today. They won’t. They love basketball. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that. But, the current unrelenting system being what it is, playing on will just serve up new chances for the malicious white folks and the confused black people to defame them again. I’d have liked them to make a statement about what it was really all about. Playing under this historic duress and scrutiny means that winning more championships together is unlikely. I’ve been in conversations with those who cite the revenues this Miami Heat team generates as the reason the NBA is fond of these guys and wants them to keep winning. I reply to that by repeating the proven dictum that “Money NEVER trumps racism—EVER.”

That post-game conference last night looked like a news conference after a school shooting in a white neighborhood—except that the questions were so sparse and slow. And, like what happens minutes after a victory by black UFC champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, instead of allowing James and Wade to savor the moment of victory, before their cardiac-respiratory rates even returned to baseline, they were asked to focus on the next competition. The next chance for white folks to “stop that man.” (famous words said about Anderson Silva and Tiger Woods)

“Congratulations” was not said one time by any journalist asking questions at the conference.

When James and Wade retire, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, I wager they will be offered no coaching or management jobs in the NBA or even college basketball until they are so old that some piddly adjunct offer is made to cap the effort to demean them. I don’t think James or Wade see it coming— how they will be ostracized from the game they love so much. I hope they will develop sincere avid interests outside of it so they have a chance at weathering that emotional bomb.

Per the contention that this championship served no counter-racist purpose because the trophy was handed from one white guy who owns black athletes to another? We are ALL owned by white folks. Muhammad Ali was owned. Jabbar was owned. Robert Williams (Negroes w/ Guns) was owned. Some slaves are rebellious. I applaud that and white folks mean to punish it—ALWAYS.

A pleasant addition to the upside of this event: Earvin “Magic” Johnson” was the ONLY sportscaster/analyst last night (that I saw—and I watched A LOT) that congratulated LeBron James. He did so unequivocally and boldly. One thing I’ve observed in my years on this planet is that you never know when one of the veteran pleasers of white folks will just have a seizure from decades of contortions and go Mau-Mau.


11 Responses to “Congratulations James, Wade, Bosh: Live in The Moment and Know Your Opponent”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KP, I did hear about that and am told that FB and Twitter lit up about it. It is a HUGE deal. HUGE. And, any black man who says otherwise is aggressively resisting.

  2. @Cree
    Did you hear the fuss over the BET awards last Sunday? Black bloggers are talking about Dwayne Wade calling Gabby Union “my Black queen”. He said it in his acceptance speech. It got quire a reaction. I think this was pretty cool to say in light of the attack on black love in the media. I have a new found respect for Wade now. Do you think myself and others are making too big of a deal out of this? A buddy of mine said it was no big deal. I beg to differ. Any black man that can say on national television that he loves his black woman is a BIG deal in this current climate.
    Anyway,here’s a video of Dwayne and Gabby arriving to the show. Looking very elegant I might add.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Sir, I”M HONORED. I’d never thought about coining a term for it or even thinking of it as a theory!!

    THANK YOU. But, that makes all the sense in the world because. as you say, there exists now no terminology that easily conveys the idea. I did not know that this concept is basic to electrical systems. Your were correct that I was thinking in mathematical terms. I.E., that racial classification is a continuous function rather than the discrete function that we are accustomed to thinking it is. I did not know that this concept is basic to electrical systems.f(x,y) is the nature of a interpersonal interaction, where g(x) is the racial classification of person.seems PREFECT!

    I’m so glad you took the time to comment on that radio broadcast on this blog. I made acquaintance with LBM, my frequent radio co-host, the very same way. Apologies for the delay in approving and replying. It had nothing to do with the content of your comment. Thank you so much again, Mack.

  4. I listened to your program with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva. I noticed the communication difficulty in transmitting your theory of racial interactions due to the complexity of the matter and lack of terms thereof. I know exactly what you mean and it is indeed a difficult concept to explain tersely.

    I think this is due to the fact that your concept has heavy roots in mathematics and understanding how functions work.

    Essentially your theory has deep roots within Electrical Engineering under the topic of Signals & Systems.

    Essentially in Signals & Systems, there is a system that exists and has its own specific nature. The system is fed inputs and it outputs a response/function/signal based on those inputs. Another concept is the feedback loop in this field of study.

    With your concept, essentially the system you are descirbing is WS that receives a “continuous racial classification” signal.

    And I can see that you were trying to qualify a specific interaction between two people. Given those two people’s “continuous racial classification signal” the system will dictate the output, the nature of the racial interaction, whether it is combative, abusive, friendly, etc. based on the system of white supremacy.

    The interesting thing is, the “continuous racial classification” signal is the output from a system itself. This could be a system that ingests inputs from hair texture, skin complexion, eye color, are of world, etc.

    I think my relation is getting away at this point. But I think the key element here is, is that the systems are relatively simple, but you must somehow convey that you cannot get bogged down with the variation of the signals. Those are dynamic. And the system is in constant reflection/molding of the dynamicity of those inputs.

    So you are essentially describing a high-order function. A function that is a function of input functions of racial classifications. f(g(PersonA), g(PersonB)). f(x,y) is the nature of a interpersonal interaction, where g(x) is the racial classification of person.

    Signals & Systems are useufl in electrical applications especially with sound. Where you can feed a particular effect any sound input and it will for instance, echo the output. But the effect is relatively predictable and varies based on the input. And with computers you will things like functional programming.

    I guess I say all this to say, that you may be able to coin a term for your theory possibly using some of the terms used in these fields. I didnt know how to get this to you other than your blog. And please correct me if I misinterpreted any of your concepts.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Why do white fans root for the white athlete?
    It’s only sports. A game. Entertainment. Right? Wrong. Sports contests are major psychological warfare. Knowing this, Adolf Hitler invested major sums and resources in it.

  6. Yeah you’re right. Many of the MMA fans can’t stand Silva. You should read some of the racist comments on MMA sites. They hate him but must admit he’s the best. Silva is a phenomenal fighter and none of these white guys can beat him. It just kills them!lol Kind of reminds of Muhammad Ali back when he was champ. I also don’t like MMA president Dana White(fitting name). He some beef with Silva last year. Fans were claiming he didn’t defend his title enough and that he was brash and cocky. Hmmmm….does that sound familiar? Black athletes must always remain humble or be punished in a racist society. Dana White comes off a lot like NBA commissioner David Stern. They break out that whip when negroes get “too uppity”.
    Anyway I like Silva and hope he doesn’t lose anytime soon. But Cree,you have to keep in mind that the people who buy most of the tickets in MMA are white. And they like to see themselves on top. They don’t want to see some black man dominating any sport. Be it MMA,NBA,boxing,golf,basketball etc. Maybe that should be your next post:
    “Why do white fans root for the white athlete?” That post should be about one sentence

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I think you should do a post on the correlation between black athletes with non black wives and how the media treats them. I think it puts them in the “safe zone” with white media. It’s definitely a subject that needs to be addressed.” yep, yep. Totally agree. It’s on my to do list.

    KP, as far as rampage v jones—I didn’t notice that. I DID notice it on Jones v Evans (My husband is an MMA junkie. I only watch the fights with Jones and Silva or Evans vs any non-black guy. Because these three, IMO, are the most hated by non-black folk.

  8. Gooooo Heat!!!!!!!
    Ok I got that off my I noticed at my job most of the mexican,Asian and whites were going for the Spurs. There was one Filipino guy I know rooting for the Heat. But that’s because the Heat coach is half Filipino. Most of the non blacks hate the Heat for the same reasons these elite whites do. The Heat are perceived as ungrateful black thugs who just happen to be good athletes. And they must know their place. Money doesn’t trump racism?? No lie
    You mentioned Jon Jones in this post. Do you remember he fought UFC fighter Rampage? He’s also a black fighter. I remember when they fought Rampage was stereotyped as the “bad n—a”,while Jones was looked upon as the “acceptable Negro”.
    I was confused at first. But then it made more sense when I saw a picture of Jones and his melanin recessive(white) girlfriend. I ammediately thought of guys like Tim Duncan and Tiger Woods.
    I think you should do a post on the correlation between black athletes with non black wives and how the media treats them. I think it puts them in the “safe zone” with white media. It’s definitely a subject that needs to be addressed.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    ♫ A-men.

  10. A follow up. True statement Money NEVER triumphs racism EVER. OJ thought his money allowed him to get away with murder. Whites waited 14 yrs to get him. Michael Strahan thought a prenup of 7.5 million was enough for his ex white wife.Considering his 1st ex black wife only gets 2600 a month for child support. Racism dictated that his prenup was no good and she deserved 15 million. In his apology press conference Tiger Woods stated” I felt I was entitled ” to have all the sex i wanted. Racism dictated he had too many white females(even though they were low rank gutter femmes,not supermodels,oscar winning actresses even princesses that white athletes get.),therefore he must be prevented from continuing getting titles. Money didn’t prevent Serena Williams from being racistly mocked by her “friend”,stuffing towels in her underdeveloped body and insult Serena. Even suicide didn’t prevent Don Cornelius’ ex white wife from benefitting from his death. Racism even allowed a white beneficiary to collect life insurance . Let’s see if a insurance company in California will payout rich white guy’s suicide who was married to a black lady.

  11. Last year I said the NBA finals would be a repeat of Heat/Thunder with the Heat repeating as champions. Well the important part of my prediction was correct about the Heat repeating. I wont make anymore predictions ,but I’m glad the Heat repeated. Let’s hope they make the correct decisions on court and off court. I found it interesting that after Heat owner and Stern held the NBA trophy,the next person to hold it was some white player I’d never seen. A heavily tattooed white guy at that.Not MVP Lebron James, Chris Bosh Dwayne Wade the Big 3 who are the nexus of the team. Go figure.Well the white media is jumping on Lebron’s gaffe about putting off his wedding if he lost.I heard “i know one person that might not be happy.” As if they care about his fiancee. We must remember this is due to Lebron attempting to determine what HE wanted out of the free market,on HIS terms.Which is supposedly what capitalism is all about. Its also good that this is Stern’s last term as Comissioner.Let the Big 3 and other important players enjoy what they can and be as aware of all attempts to vilify and harm them.

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