Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power

Kushite Kingdom

Last Saturday I heard the news that MMA fighter Anderson Silva lost his title. He lost to some guy named Chris Weidman. I’m not very familiar with him but I’m sure he will be marketed as “the great White Hope”. Anyone that follows MMA fighting knows that Silva will go down as one of the greats. His record is (33-5,16-1). In my opinion he is the greatest UFC champion of all time(bar none). But that’s not enough for some guys.Many of the guys at my job were quite elated at his lost. They seem to take a lot of pride in his loss. I noticed that none of the guys were black by the way. As a matter of fact,they were all white or Mexican men. They were in the break room hooting and hollering about how great it was that Anderson had lost. Many of them said he was…

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13 Responses to “Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power”

  1. […] Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power […]

  2. […] Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power […]

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Shucks. Well, I do hope he re-captures the title, then. But…

  4. Hello all. The rematch is on for UFC 168. Anderson Silva Chris Weidman is official. Hopefully Mr Anderson Silva will recapture the title.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “It is my personal belief that within each of us lies a dormant champion of some sort, just waiting for its time to be revealed. It is my hope that future generations continue shining with these gifts from The Creator.”

    We are in one accord. I concur with everything in your comment, Amilikar. When we get much closer to our real potential, white folks’ antics will be permanently jettisoned like exhaust.

  6. “How many Rocky films have been made?”

    You know?!….But then again, refinement is in the process of continuing the SOR (mistreatment) with each new movie.

    Another thing to reflect upon is this: when we get involved (are allowed) to compete within a sport (or people activity), we raise the bar of expected performance…”upping the game” so to speak.

    For example, look at the sport of tennis:

    Before: Rather elitist, predominantly anglicized and occasionally played with a leisurely approach by rich whites.

    After: Along comes a Black woman by the name of Althea Gibson and brings the sport to a whole new level.
    Things got r-e-a-l serious after that. Why?

    Look at who followed her…

    Arthur Ashe…

    Zinna Garrison…

    Yannick Noah…

    James Blake…

    The Williams Sisters…

    Taylor Townsend…

    …to name a few…

    The same can be said of all of the other eight areas of a functioning life, where when given a chance, we repeatedly disprove and smash all conceived stereotypes and racial myths into meaninglessness.

    It is my personal belief that within each of us lies a dormant champion of some sort, just waiting for its time to be revealed. It is my hope that future generations continue shining with these gifts from The Creator.

  7. Yeah I had the same thoughts. We’ll see what happens next.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    No, I hadn’t heard that, KP. If it happens, I’d hod to me suspicion that pressure is still being brought to bear.

  9. @Cree
    Not sure if you heard. But there are reports that Silva wants a rematch. And he wants it this year. This should be very interesting. Any thoughts?

  10. @M1 Thanks brother. Rocky in the Hall of Fame?? How insulting!!! And heard they had to fight to get Joe Frazier(real person) a statue in Philly YET a fake character like Rocky Balboa already has one! WTF?! White supremacy at it’s finest.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Wonderful piece, KP, thanks for writing it!

  12. Good post Kushite Prince. Thanks Cree for reblogging. Read this post. You are correct on what has been worded. I got into MMA recently . When this type of fighting was 1st introduced ,I found it lame. I do hope Anderson Silva comes back to reclaim the crown.When I got into MMA it was good to see Anderson Silva dominate.It was also good to see Anderson Silva with his black wife. While most black athletes are married to Black ladies,this is still good to see.It counters the propaganda of showing the RG3,Scotty Pippen,Sugar ShaneMosley and those Black athletes and their non Black wives. How many times was Brock Lesner allowed to comeback get a title shot after getting tired of WWE.If anyone questions why you have a picture of Rocky 3. Even though the character is fictitious Rocky Balboa became the official heavyweight champion for whites. So much so that Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. COME BACK ANDERSON.

  13. Thanks for the reblog sis. Greatly appreciated. 😉

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