Who Stole all the Black Women from Britain?

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by Emma Dabiri

There is no love left between a black man and a black woman. Take me for instance. I love white women and hate black women. It’s just in me so deep that I don’t even try to get it out of me anymore. I’d jump over ten nigger bitches just to get to one white woman. Ain’t no such thing as an ugly white woman… and just to touch her long, soft, silky hair. There’s softness about a white woman, something delicate and soft inside of her. But a nigger bitch seems to be full of steel, granite-hard and resisting…I mean I can’t analyze it, but I know that the White man made the Black woman the symbol of slavery and the White woman the symbol of freedom. Everytime I’m embracing a Black woman, I’m embracing slavery, and when I put my arms around a White woman…

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  1. My goodness, talk about late to the party!! I thought I had been checking in for new posts, I guess not often enough. I have many thoughts on this thread but most are in agreement with one or the other of you so I won’t rehash. But I will say that I’m following much of what CREE is saying on genetics, DNA etc because my position about “white” creatures being of a different species (at least sub) bears itself out daily. Afrocentrics like to argue that Africans/Blacks were the first humans- cool, but that doesn’t equate to “first species” or “only species”. Land, water, animals ,etc- were here before the human. I think there’s a lot to white folks projecting the ape theory onto us even though by their own admission neanderthal “evolvement” occurred in “europe.” Anyhoo….

    I’m feeling my sister Pam and others who have become wary of being pummeled not just by the easily identifiable self-hating black male but by the ones who supposedly know better.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thanks for sharing that level of thought with us, rbrownes. It is no less a plausible/scientific hypothesis than m/any others about how this entity called “white folks” came to be.

  3. The only reasonable answer, to me, about why whites are the way they are comes from the bible. The bible begins with them coming into the world as taught by Elijah Muhammad and no, I’m not a muslim. But his explanation makes the most sense to me. This man “Adam” was told to subdue the earth and put it under his foot. Now I don’t know the concept of what “God” is. Who he is or what he is or if he is even actually one person or entity. But someone called “us” made a man in us’s image and in us’s likeness. Us being plural. But this man Adam (including eve) sinned (whatever that means) and were cast out from the garden of eden. Well, it’s widely excepted that these two, adam and eve, are the mothers and fathers of everyone on earth but I do not believe that. By one man sin entered into the world. That tells me that there was a world already in progress when this man adam and eve entered into it. Now I don’t understand the whole mechanics of how they came to rule and why did not their creaters allow them to take over the world and subdue it but from looking at them, they have succeeded. Elijah Muhammad teaches that the white race was made from that weaker part of the black male and woman. And when I say weaker I’m not talking strength. Can’t think of the words now but the part of us that is evil that we keep in check. They were created from that part of us. He teaches that there were civilizations much more advanced in this world than what is here now. He teaches that at one time this entire planet was black people and from us came all races of the world and they came about thru some form of genetics. And it took hundreds of years for this. Starting with the brown man, then the red man, then the yellow man, and finally the white man. And they found that this new white race was more evil and wicked than all the others. They were master manipulators and liers. They mixed truth with falsehood. They were masters at throwing stones and hiding their hands as if they’d done nothing. Not literally throwing stones. So they were cast out of the “garden of eden”.

    I may not be telling this story completely right because it’s been quite a few years since studying his teachings but I think I’m pretty close. It’s the only explanation of white people that has ever made sense to me. Why they are the way they are and why they do things as they do. They were made to rule. You see it even working with them. They have an abnormal need to be the best, to be in charge. THey seem to never get tired and will work way over their 40 hours a week. They will work 10-12 hours a day then come in on weekends to work. I’m actually amazed at this. We like coming home to our wives and children but with then it seems to be all about keeping in charge and being better than anyone else including their own. They’re something else. I work overtime on my job and after 10 hrs or so, I’m tired. I start dragging. I’m ready to go home. But they just go on and on. Even in school they can study hour after hour after hour. They have this need to be the best, to be in charge, to run things. It’s how they were created. Now why this “god” allowed this I don’t know. That’s another story. Anyway, my two cents worth.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    What a sadly poignant but refreshing honesty, rbrownes. Can’t disagree with any of that either. White folks are what they are. Males, as a collective are what they are. It is up to black women to recognize that like gravity and design our actions with that understanding. I cannot fault you at all for giving up.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    That is a reasonable position though it is one with which I disagree a present, rbrownes. I had to ask myself, why white folks started the system of white domination in the first place and why its start was so successful. But, certainly, reasonable minds can disagree on this matter. I will say, that even if our DNA for detecting threat by other homo sapiens is defective in comparison to other homo sapiens, it is possible for us to train ourselves to act counter to that inborn inclination to trust the shared humanity of non-black folk and, thereby, change that DNA after some number of generation. Quantum mechanics is not intuitive. Yet, physicists have trained themselves to design things based upon its existence.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    There is absolutely NOTHING you just said, rbrownes, with which I do no strongly agree. And,I do know what you mean about FB. It is the first and only opportunity black folks have had to see what we really think about ourselves, non-black folks, and the world in general. And, it is also the most effective and accessible mass media that black people have ever had. Yes, if the the game were to be called anytime within the next 5 years, it is certain we will have lost But, I take heart in men like you rbrownes because it is always the exceptional few that move history. And, most of those exceptional few I am certain do not have their names scribed to any widely known document.

  7. I don’t think it’s genetic. It’s a product of conditioning. I don’t even think racism is genetic. These are learned behaviors. We are taught outwardly and subliminally that we are inferior where whites are taught the opposite. Both are also raise that/this way. Most of this learned/taught behavior comes from the television. It has become the main teacher for both black and white people. The world for that matter. Just my opinion on that. It’s in the way you are taught and raised

  8. “Don’t mean to discourage anyone reading this, but fighting racism and trying to share info with black people (to the best of your flawed ability) is definitely not for the faint-hearted.”-TrojanPam

    This is the understatement of the century…lol!!

  9. I don’t agree with the many anti-black female “counter-racists” are fighting homosexual tendencies. I’ve never heard of fighting these tendencies by having sex with females of another race. Fetishes, yes, I’ll agree with that. I know it was that way with me. She was in all the porn movies we use to watch. She was on all the tv programs. You grew up watching these white women every day. So the fetish part I agree with but not that we are sexing her because of homosexual tendencies. If you’re repulsed by the woman part, doesn’t the white woman have the same woman part? I think it says more about the black male as far as his rejection of the black female than the black female. I talked about that in another comment here. Now, I do wish more black males would agree with me because I’m pretty sure the reasons I’ve given for why we reject her is correct. Black males seem to not want to accept this. But they don’t want to look at the problem as themselves.

  10. @TrojanPam
    I have been accused by sustahs of blaming them for the condition of black males. I have said that I think the black female can make the black male a better man by withholding her body. It ain’t a lot of white women waiting in the wings for these black men who are uneducated, mostly ignorant, and unemployed. I think she can make the black man a better man or possibly TRY to do better. Now, the black man has no incentive to try to do better because there seems to be warm beds waiting for him elsewhere. So I do put blame on black females there. Also, and I probably will take some heat here, it is the black female who is raising each succeding generation because most times the man is not present. And black men need to stop using that excuse of the mother won’t let him see his children even though he pays child support. Black men need to leave that excuse alone. I have found black women would LOVE for the father to help raise the child even though he’s not in the home. So we need to stop that lie. But since the black male is not there, I do put the fault of the way our youth are at the foot of the mother. Who else? The black man has inpregnated you and ran off and has nothing to do with the child he left. That’s a low down thing to do, to not have anything to do and don’t want anything to do with the child you left. So unmanly. But he did it and you are left with the child. In the past, black women resolved themselves that the deed was done, he’s ran off, and I have a child and I’ll do my best to raise my child the best I can and love my child. That was then but not now. Black women today have also absolved themselves of responsibility like the man. She rejects the child and looks at the child as a burden since the man is off “having his fun”. So the child is brought into this world unwanted and unloved. Since the man is all but non-existent, the fault, in my opinion, falls on the mother. Black men have been knocking up black women and leaving for decades but how have our youth gotten to the point where they are today? It’s because the child has been rejected by both parents. It’s easy to see why our youth are the way they are. I see posts on facebook saying the most negative things about our youth and their pants sagging and it shows we don’t have the understands of what has happened to our youth. Some talk about fining them and putting them in jail and throwing away the key. Unbelieveable. Our youth are miguided. I brought of the point of these white kids on crystal meth and heroin and no one is talking fining, jail time. They’re talking treatment and therapy. But with us it’s lock them up and here you have black folks saying the same thing. Incredible. But I hope you understand what I mean when I say I think the fault lies with the black female. The man is gone. He’s dead and that’s why I say the fault is with the mother.

    As far as who’s sexing who, I still don’t like it. I’ve never got angry about it. I really don’t understand it because the white person is not going to change so it’s the black person who has to accepts whites racism and that’s the part I don’t get. I have messed with a couple of white females in my youth and they were racist. I was young and stupid then and even though I recognized their racism, I accepted it just to have a white girl to have sex with. None of those relationships were long lasting though. I quickly grew tired of their racism. I’m sure white females and certainly white males have not change and probably are worst today so I know what black males are accepting to have these white women. They are accepting the whites racism. Some even agreeing with their racism. But Pam, I don’t like seeing it. My blood pressure doesn’t go up but it does bother me that this black person is in acceptance of white racism. It’s hard for me to understand why.

    I’ve said before that I think the only thing that would galvanize us is if whites started mass killing of us. I don’t want that to happen but it’s the only thing I see that would FORCE us to come together. Right now, I see us in complete disarray and not getting better. I don’t think the natural disaster would bring black folks together. Look at Katrina. Blacks don’t hold any ill will towards whites for letting us sit in that dome 5 days, I think, with no food, water, toilet facilities. We don’t get mad at white people for much of anything really.

    I don’t agree with your assessment of black womens pain being a soothing lotion for black males. We would have to have sense for that to be true. That would have to be something thought out. So I don’t think black males are getting their jollies knowing you’re hurting. He doesn’t even realize you’re hurting. He sees you working, having a place to live, a job, he does not see you hurting. His rage at you is his feelings of not being a man. This may be a bad analogy but it’s like what we did during the riots. We trashed the white mans property. It was not that we were a bunch of hoodlums just destroying stuff. We were mad at the white man but couldn’t get to him so we trashed his property. Black men don’t know why their mad but they take it out on what they perceive as the “enemy” and someone CLOSE. Just my take on that. Again, we are the problem.

    Even though I don’t know if it’s good for me and the race, I also have detached myself from any type of relationship. I don’t feel anyone cares for me or think I have any sense. I am always the one called a crazy talker, talking silly, a racist by black people. Even my own family. I don’t like going around my family much anymore. Don’t like going around anybody really. I feel rejected also. And personally I think I’m too far gone for any type relationship now and will probably die alone. Trying to save up enough money to hopefully have enough to pay some nursing home to take care of me. I have no desire for sex anymore and have even accepted the white mans anti-depression drugs to make me feel a little good about myself. It is what it is. I don’t feel loved or respected either and have become a loner. I’ll admit, I’ve given up.

    I was first introduced to this counter-racism theme thru Cree. Just surfing one nite and ran across blog talk radio and just surfing the site and ran across Cree. I was blown away. Started downloading all the podcasts. That was my first introduction. I had always been race conscious but now was finding those who thought like me. But over the years and after getting on supposed counter-racist groups on facebook, I’m not seeing how counter-racism can be achieved. The main reason is we don’t have love for one another and I don’t see anyone that realizes this. We talk about pooling money, starting school systems which I think will fail MAINLY because we don’t have the love for one another. But I’m called a weak negro and whatnot. Name calling. Potshots. It’s a simple concept. Love, and we don’t have it for one another. Without that, everything else will fail. That’s why I think counter-racism will not work. The love has to be there first. And when I see a negro upper-cutting a sustah and black males AND black females saying he should have, certainly the love is not there.

  11. From my time of facebook, there are so few of us that think the way I do. I’m telling you, being on facebook has totally left me feeling like we are in critical and unstable condition. The way we cut each other down. You can disagree with someone but you don’t have to take jabs at them and resort to name calling like we do towards each other. And I have seen those anti-black female posts from black males. And I’ve seen post from black females on black males but I feel as the MAN, we should understand her feelings. It is incumbent on the black man to be the one to bend in my opinion. But even the criticism from black females, to me, doesn’t have the harshness that the black males criticism of her has. It’s not the same. We are so estranged from each other yet we see and live around each other every day. I have my criticisms of black females and I’ve heard sustah’s rebuttals but It’s not as harsh. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess I’m saying all this to say, and I hate to say it, white folks have won. They have completely turned us inside out. Black men don’t want to be themselves and black females don’t want to be themselves either and I’m not talking every single black male and black female. But it’s way too many of us and possibly the majority of us. Even the so called “conscious” black males seem to not be able to understand this. I have been accused of taking up for black women too much. Can you imagine that? It’s like we don’t want to face up to our responsibilities as men. I’ve been hurt by black women but I understand why she is the way she is and that is what I tell guys on facebook. Black women, in my opinion, are starved for attention. I’m guessing it’s because most have probably grown up with no good father or father figure in the home. Or they were brought up with black males who were no good. Fighting the mother, goofing off the money, not working. They have no confidence in us after going thru all that. But she’s still seeking love and you see her dressed in the most outlandish ways with the hair, nails, weaved hair. These girls are starved for male attention and you have the black men right there to take advantage of her. Black men who are not into that type look are probably the more intelligent ones and that’s why it seems she is always with guys who are no good and she goes from one no good brother to another and I’m sure would quickly tell an intelligent brother to go to hell if he asked her to wear her own hair and take off the long nails. But in all truthfullness, the sustahs that dress that way do get the most attention but it’s not good attention. It’s men that just want to sex her. But they do get the attention that they’re starved for. It’s so messed up. I don’t know where we could begin a healing process. I keep saying I’m going to leave facebook alone but I keep going back and I just can’t help it if I see someone post something that makes no sense. There are some good bothers and sisters on there but it doesn’t appear to be the norm. Even some I thought were good will occasionally make statements that are so inflammatory.

    Anyway, I’ve said enough. Black men, it’s incumbent on us to be the ones to start this healing process, I think. I go out of my way to be courteous and respectful to black women even if she is not behaving respectfully. You know, sustahs can say things that cut to a black mans manhood. Not that she’s lying but could lead to black men actually wanting to use his fists on her. And our manhood is so fragile. Even though we may not realize it, we feel less than men. We feel valueless, unwanted. It’s hurt on both sides. We are in critical and unstable condition right now.

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Maaan, rbrownes, where do we get an army of black men like you??!!

  13. I haven’t read the entire article but I’d say this says more about the black MAN than the black woman. You mean to tell me these guys go around their white girlfriend or white wives and there is no degrading talk about black people and if it is, it’s obvious he is going along with it and agreeing with it. What does that say about him? White people don’t all of a sudden become less racist when those negros come around. They still don’t hide their racism so the black males is accepting it so the problem is not the black female. I’m feeling bad about this because the white female is so HEAVILY promoted on tv, magazines, internet and she’s always dressed scantily, heavily made up, always showing her at her absolute best and I fear most black males don’t have the…how do I say this nicely…sense to know that there is a manipulation going on. All he knows is this white woman looks so beautiful. So I’m saying this “removal” of black women is a deliberate social engineered thing. They know what effect they’ve done to the black mans mind and they are pouring on the gasoline. And I guess I have to say this, it’s obvious I am not talking about every single black male. The black female is still there and these phony excuses black men give for not wanting the black female…those negros should stop it. Those are excuses whites have put out that these negros are using. She’s hard, she’s bossy, she’s less feminine. White people put that stuff out there and we jumped on it because it gives us an excuse to not be men. White women only demand sex from a black man but black women want more than that. She wants a MAN and not a boy. So to avoid this demand, black men pretend black women are so unappealing. All this has been socially engineered. Black man, get some sense.

  14. […] Who Stole all the Black Women from Britain? […]

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Amilikar, you said, With the amount and frequency of information we have available these days, we should be able to see that this is a long-term biological and genetic war between us (People of Color) and “them”. In the multiplex theater of economics-education-entertainment-labor-law-sports-religion-sex-war/counter-war, most are going to fail in getting a grasp of the reality of the matter because they will not accept “our” reality: the biological/genetic dissolution of Black (original) DNA.

    It’s amazing how frequencies are aligning. Yes, I agree, it is CLEARLY a war to destroy certain genes/gene types of black people. CLEARLY.

  16. So, essentially, the same thing that we’re experiencing here in the western hemisphere is also be experienced by the Black British. As Mr. Fuller has sometimes stated, sometimes we need to need to step back and take a look at what’s really going on. With the amount and frequency of information we have available these days, we should be able to see that this is a long-term biological and genetic war between us (People of Color) and “them”. In the multiplex theater of economics-education-entertainment-labor-law-sports-religion-sex-war/counter-war, most are going to fail in getting a grasp of the reality of the matter because they will not accept “our” reality: the biological/genetic dissolution of Black (original) DNA. This is the only sure-fire weapon that they have at their avail if all else fails. I know things are a little more complex, but the 8th area of PA seems the be one of the most troubling entrapment for both genders.

    As far as changing one’s mind or overall perception relative to counter-racism, I wholeheartedly accept these shifts. as a matter of fact, it is to be expected. It is a sign of growth, as anybody (human) should be allowed to change their mind based upon analysis, review and conclusions of acquired information. And we should expect more of us to change our views about the SOR after continuous study, thinking and observation. Mr. Fuller, to my knowledge, has always encouraged “independent thinking”, even within the realm of seeking justice.

    “If” Black women are being single out exclusively and disrespect in the same fashion by Black/non-white men as done by the SOR, it defeats the entire purpose of seeking justice, where no one, absolutely no one, is mistreated for predetermined reasons and those that need the most help get the most help. “If” it is a fact that Black women are being treated as described, no sound or superficial justification, then yeah, we all might as well hang it up as far as working together as men and women of color. If your thought process has no come to see why this very act is a very defeating chess move, then you are definitely not comprehending the big picture in its entirety. Although I personally doubt that such mistreatment is widely perpetrated by ALL Black men, we can only hope that this debilitating aspect of our being will only get better in the coming generations.

    Exponentially, we all grow stronger when one can help herself/himself and are more effective on an individual level. Along with personal growth and changes in behavior and thinking, we should expect differences of opinions, perceptions and independent thought on the SOR, while not losing sight on the ultimate goal of justice: the status of Universal Man, Universal Woman, and Universal Child.

  17. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thanks for reaching out Power. No, I did not give up. I eat and breathe counter-racism due to the unfortunate state of affairs in the known universe. I just find that, for me, it has been more constructive as of late to exchange views on social media and to refine my understanding of the system of white domination and how to counter it by studying the subjects of biology and history amongst other things. Ultimately, as I said on the post following the Zimmerman verdict, it comes down to DOING. Imagining and, then, acting on that imagination. We’re all just kidding ourselves, methinks, if we seek to end this system without inventing some defense technology.

  18. Hello Cree its been a while since you posted. What took you so long? Were you on maternal leave? Did you give up on counter-racism? I never hear you on theC.O.W.S anymore, what gives? Are you and Gus beefing? I am not trying to start rumors, just searching for answers.

    Anyway glad to see you writing again.

  19. Cree,

    Interesting. That seems to correlate what with someone told me years ago. I was a pup then and didn’t quite understand and still don’t. One thing they said is, “I believe it is genetic.” And another thing that was stated was, “Not all black people are our people.” That one has lingered in my mind ever since, still not quite grasping the depth of it. But it’s interesting that you’re saying the same exact thing.

    I think it’s noble for anyone who deviates from the crowd in search of truth. I think it takes courage to be a trailblazer of any kind.

    Trojan Pam,

    It’s not discouraging. There are a group of people who have felt this way for a long period. They don’t want to be factious, but they may have a gut feeling that something with their mental model may be out of sync. Acknowledging that is simply being truthful–refusing to lie to yourself.

  20. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Big Jo,

    After studying biology—particularly what is known about inheritance and evolution, what differentiates one creature from another at the subspecies and species level, how that differentiation takes place, I concluded that the ferocity with which white folks cling to their ways and the ferocity with which some black people respond to white folks is rooted in DNA. I need to emphasize here that, while all genes are DNA, very little of our DNA is on genes. There is DNA that is affected by all kinds of things in the environment—including the experience of ancestors. It is very likely that there is DNA that differentiates the natures of black folks with the same general genetic and phenotypical profile. There are too many examples of black people raised in the same environment, sometimes even the same parents, who have completely different responses to the sexual aspect of white domination and other aspects as well. Some are motivated and able to turn their heads back around and fight for the integrity of our presence in this universe. Others cannot. I have decided that more of what I want done can be done by dealing only with those “creatures” who are like-minded BY NATURE in fighting for said integrity. Nature is nothing if not complex. I’ve accepted that. I am always looking for elegant, i.e., simple scientific solutions—such as those proposed by Neely Fuller and Dr. Welsing. However, I will not keep proceeding on the assumption that the simple explanation is correct when the evidence is to the contrary—just because it is simple or just because it is revered. Until I find a more elegant solution to tie up the complexity of nature, I’ll just proceed with the the one I’ve got. There are many, many different kinds of “black” people. A particular type of us cannot, by nature, accept the mental program of subordination to non-black people. That’s my clan. I’m working with them—united independent fashion.

  21. @ CREE

    I greatly admire Dr Welsing and Mr Fuller for staying the course for so long in spite of what must have been discouraging signs. I know many others senior to me who threw in the “actively fighting for justice” towel a long time ago.

    Don’t mean to discourage anyone reading this, but fighting racism and trying to share info with black people (to the best of your flawed ability) is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

  22. Seems like you all have underwent a paradigm shift as it pertains to your response to White Supremacy. I’m curious to what triggered it. And what improvements does this new perspective offer over what you refer to as “counter-racist (mask)” view. Nevertheless, you all are profoundly smart women, I’m sure you all are on the right track.

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    That matches my observations as well, Pam. And, yeah, once someone has planted themselves somewhere with no potential to ever provide nutrients for me, I’m out of that flower pot….

  24. @ Cree

    No problem, I’m glad you’re alright (you never know)

    Would it be possible to switch my comments so they read in chronological order? if not, no biggie.

    Regarding my new attitude, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that “counter-racism” is often a mask for personal frustrations RATHER then seeking justice for other black people.

    SInce the counter-racists I once had respect for refuse to follow THEIR OWN RULES (in terms of targeting other victims), I will continue to write what I like and say what I think and let the powerless chips fall where they may.

  25. DAYUM, PAM!!!! show me the line where I CO-SIGN 1,000 %

    Apologies for the delay in approving your comments. You see, I, too, decided some time ago to stop talking to the wind. Nature is having at. And, I’m a part of nature that intends to still be here in spirit when these lessers have become extinct. Let me take the time to say that many, many of these obviously anti-back-female “counter-racists” are fighting homosexual tendencies, IMO. They have fetishes for non–black women as a distraction from being repulsed by the “woman” part. They need
    “otherness” to cover up the most recognizable female to them. Like white noise to counter ringing in their ears.

  26. In light of the overwhelming evidence that black females have little to no value in the black culture – OR in the so-called black counter-racism movement — as we are blamed and demonized for all the ills that afflict black people in a white supremacy system

    I am making a transformation of my own.

    With every passing day I care less and less who is sexing who.

    It’s like watching a snowstorm. No matter how much you rant and rail against the falling snowflakes it’s going to continue snowing and there is literally nothing you can do to stop it because it is a FORCE of NATURE.

    The same is true of those whose nature has been so GREATLY DEFORMED that they literally cannot help themselves.

    This uplifting of any female who isn’t black over those of us who aren’t is going to continue like the raging snowstorm of insanity until it is time for it to stop.

    What that “time” represents could be the end of black “freedom” in the U.S., or mass incarceration of black people, or some natural disaster that forces us to come to terms with our reality — I don’t know. which, but I strongly suspect that it will be one of the above scenarios.

    And for some, it wont’ stop no matter how great the oppression OR how dire the circumstances — until they draw their last breath:

    As Eldridge Cleaver once said:

    “Take me for instance. I love white women and hate black women. It’s just in me so deep that I don’t even try to get it out of me anymore. I’d jump over ten nigger bitches just to get to one…I know that the White man made the Black woman the symbol of slavery and the White woman the symbol of freedom. Every time I’m embracing a Black woman, I’m embracing slavery, and when I put my arms around a White woman, well I’m hugging freedom (Eldridge Cleaver).

    Black females getting upset and angry and hurt and emotionally devastated over this male hatred and subsequent rejection means nothing to the ones who engage in it.


    In fact, I’ve found that our pain is a “soothing lotion” for those black males so mired in their own pain and self-pity that they don’t see a way out — and so turn their frustration and rage in our direction.

    Which means, the more aware of this I become, the more detached I become — and what used to hurt, hurts less and less with each passing day

    Perhaps, because I know –from personal experiences and impersonal observations — who will be the MOST DAMAGED in the end– and it won’t be me.

    I am developing an EMOTIONAL PRO-SURVIVOR STRATEGY that has supplanted any “Counter-racism” strategy I ever had

    because as the white supremacy oppression ramps up, I can see and feel and taste the madness growing around me, especially the anti-black-female-ness

    and I refuse to remain silent OR passive in the face of those who look like me BUT who chose to be my enemy instead of my allies.

    (continued)….Submitted on 2014/02/17 at 8:38 am

    Unfortunately, it will be black females who will be expected (no, demanded) to clean up the messy aftermath of smashed black egos and bank accounts once a REALITY CHECK hits hard — and it’s coming just like that inevitable stormstorm

    and, just as unfortunately, some of us will continue coming to the “rescue” of those who despise us. This is a MAINSTAY in the black community regardless of who denies it.

    For the sake of black female SANITY everywhere, it’s time to step out of the way and detach ourselves emotionally, financially, and especially sexually from those who have no love or respect for us.

    LET THEM GO THEIR WAY — and do not keep a light shining so they can find their way back.

    Because it is NOT just the Tommy Sotomayors who are spewing anti-black female rhetoric all over the Internet, I have found it is just as common among some (not all) black male “counter-racists” in blog posts and on Internet radio programs,

    For example, Thwack, a long time black male “counter-racist” that I won’t mention by name, illustrates this point:


    Unfortunately, I have concluded that counter-racism is doomed.

    Perhaps, it will take the most dire and devastating of circumstances to make us take it seriously but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

    As I once said to “thwack” in an email:

    The black females who are insightful enough to understand white supremacy and counter-racism are also perceptive enough to know when they are being mistreated.

    Until we’re honest about WHO we are, WHO we want to be, and WHAT we’re willing to give up in order to get “justice”

    And “justice” is NOT SPELLED “just us”

    There will be no EFFECTIVE counter-racist strategies that will WORK

    And there will be NO justice until black females are included in the “definition” of who deserves it

  27. Kushite Prince Says:

    That article is an amazing read! She makes excellent points about the standard of beauty. Although she is speaking about how it exists in the UK, it doesn’t matter sense white supremacy is a global system. Thanks for posting this. I wasn’t familiar with this blog.
    How you been Cree? We haven’t seen you in awhile. I hope things are going well. Peace and be well. 🙂

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