How to Unconciously Defend Racists: Chris Paul not Saved by the Bell

ChrisPaul's KellyKapowski

Former L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling/Tokowitz, goes to a black baptist church for forgiveness. His former star black employee, guard Chris Paul is given, for a birthday present, an autographed pic of a white woman that the now married-to-a-black woman hoopster says was his first love. Racist Man and Racist Woman are a devastating tag team.

Sterling warned his cha-cha, V. Stivano, that she was viewed as a “Latina or delicate white woman” and to stay away from black men. Chris Paul protested that statement. But, he’s married to, in the parlance of the world of people Sterling is in, a not-so- delicate woman: a very brown-skinned woman. The delicate white woman was Paul’s first love. By, implication, it is his first choice. Especially since he flipped out about getting the pic. How would that play in your marriage? I know how it would play in mine. And, it proves that Sterling was justified in his concerns. Why does King Kong deserve Fay Ray?

9 Responses to “How to Unconciously Defend Racists: Chris Paul not Saved by the Bell”

  1. Chris Paul should be ashamed of himself to say what he said. He didn’t think at all about how that would make his wife feel. These black millionaire athletes are total assholes when it comes to black females. You mean to tell me he didn’t have sense enough to not say that about such a wonder birthday present and not being able to see thru what Sterling was doing (driving a wedge). Come on black males. Stand for something. This should have been a no brainer for Chris Paul on how to handle this.

  2. The uncounscious speaks in myriads of way…Personally I would not have taken offence romantically that is, racially of course there is something insiduous at play but I also imagine that the old man may well have himself lusted over the pic and the mixture of both dimenssions is truly sickening. We are talking about two grown men and a pic of a teen?

  3. Kushite Prince Says:

    Blinded by whiteness!! LOL!!! That’s a good one! I’ll have to use that one!lol

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yep., KP, his “first love.” A married man acting star-struck over a white woman, As Scotty Reid said on FB, “Her whiteness blinded him.”

  5. Kushite Prince Says:

    Jimmy Smits was a pretty cool guy. I used to watch him on LA Law all the time. I got the chance to meet his co star Blair Underwood about fifteen years ago. Blair was really down to earth. of course all the ladies love
    You said:
    “But, like I said in the article, he evidences, in a most humiliating/depressing way to his black wife, that he still has that preference.”
    Is Chris saying he HAS or HAD that preference? I’m not sure if he’s saying he still has a preference for her “type”. You know what I mean? It seems like it’s more of a nostalgia from his youth. I could be wrong. Am I making any sense?lol
    The part I don’t like is the hashtag “My1stLove” in that pic.That kind of rubbed me the wrong way. If it said crush I could deal with it a little better. Maybe that’s just me.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I have no problem with it if it was in the past and has been put to grave/rest. Hell, how hypocritical that would be of me. But, like I said in the article, he evidences, in a most humiliating/depressing way to his black wife, that he still has that preference.

    As for my celebrity crushes? A younger Robert Redford, Michael Jackson before the surgeries (used to have dreams about him coming to my street and wanting me for his girlfriend), Jimmy Smits, DENZEL WASHINGTON (from his St Elsewhere days when he was Alfre Wooddard’s love interest). Lawd, lawd, Denzel.

  7. Kushite Prince Says:

    What’s up Cree? I saw this post and had to laugh a What a small world we live in. I believe I told you before that growing up in Long Beach I knew rapper Snoop Dogg. I used to play basketball with him in junior high school. Well I also went to school with………yep..Tiffani Thiessen. Your cover Back then she was simply known as Tiff. Her boyfriend at the time was a friend of mine(Sorry Chris he was a white guy). She was friends with my girlfriend and all four of us would eat lunch together all the time. Of course I was a young naive 7th grader at the time. I knew nothing about counter racism so I saw nothing wrong with eating and chatting with white folks. Around this time Tiffani was already modeling and would brag about whatever modeling project she had coming up. She was a cute girl but not what folks hyped her up to be. My girlfriend Nicole was actually prettier than her. (Don’t worry Cree,she was black).
    Anyway I knew her about three years before she started Saved by the Bell. I was shocked to see her on the show. Watching her on Saved was kind of surreal in a way. You don’t expect someone you knew to become famous. As for Chris Paul…..not totally surprised. Most black people have crushes on white folks as youngsters. I have aunts that say they loved Tom Selleck and Kevin Costner. When I was a kid my male cousins liked Debbie Gibson,Alyssa Milano and Nicole Eggert. My crushes??? My first big one was Janet Jackson. Then it was Whitney Houston. I really wanted to marry Then it was actress Regina King from the sitcom 227. Got to see her on Arsenio last year. She’s still a beautiful woman! Then I went through my biracial I liked Lisa Bonet and singer Vanity. That’s about all I can think of right now.
    What about you? Who were your childhood crushes? It’s okay you can name a white boy or two. I won’t hold it against you. 🙂
    I won’t come down too hard on CP. Most of us have found one or two “melanin recessive” attractive at some point. It’s understandble living under the system of WS. I see your point Cree. But the important thing is in the end he married a sista. At least he came to his senses. I just feel bad for the ones that never “awaken”. That’s what people like you,me,Pam,Gus,HLJ,Fuller,Welsing, Universal Jones…and countless others are here for.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ah, M1!!!!!!!! The character that was her boyfriend was……………Zach, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar the idol of former CREE guest, Paul Kearsey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like . Kearsey said he idolized him, in part, because they are both one-quarter Pacific Islander.

    BRAVO!!! And, thanks for the catch!

  9. Hello Cree. Chris Paul married to a black lady, is excited to get a autographed photo of a white actress. This isn’t even her current image. Meanwhile,V Stiviano is being subjected to verbal now physical abuse for revealing her partner’s racism. NYPD comissioner Bratton,questioned “why she was in town?”,instead of asking who would assault and racially slur her? Bonus for you Cree. The white
    femme in the photo ,played the girlfriend of what
    character? Who played her boyfriend? How is this person related to your radio program?

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