Honorary Whites and the Collective Black

Told y’all so….


Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

If there’s one thing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s banal discourse on race reveals is a fundamental dynamic in our “post-racial” society. Much of mainstream America virulently denies it is racist, while simultaneously having racist attitudes and beliefs. Of course the mainstream media will deny this, and call for Sterling’s head, if nothing else out of pure embarrassment. But what played out between Sterling and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, on their now-infamous 9:23 conversation, yields insight into the middle ground Latin@s hold in America’s evolving race debate.

Let’s not even get into the connection between racism and patriarchy here, where Sterling’s main motivation seems to be that as an eighty something year-old playboy, he can’t stand to see his twentysomething girlfriend post photos of herself with Magic Johnson on Instagram. Outside of that, he insists, he loves black people. He’s fine with making millions in philanthropic contributions to…

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13 Responses to “Honorary Whites and the Collective Black”

  1. I’m not going to take you up on that bet, I needs my pennies.

    “One is more inclined to put up with the mistreatment on the basis of being classified as black is one thinks (or convinces one’s self that said mistreatment is coming from a fellow “victim”…”

    Ooh boy. The many places we can go on that truth!….Now that we’ve debunked the notion that white females aren’t just as victimizing as their male partners – many have put such energy into insisting “other” non-Blacks are indeed Black. Tryna handle the cognitive dissidence of “RGB counter-racism anti-blackness” while sleeping non-Black…and being mistreated.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, LBM, I do think that sexual arrangements with people who claim to be neither black nor white renders black people more confused than with those those who are undeniably white/white all the time. And, I’ll bet the evidence is that these marriages last longer, too. One is more inclined to put up with the mistreatment on the basis of being classified as black if one thinks (or convinces one’s self) that said mistreatment is coming from a fellow “victim” at the time of the mistreatment. I think that was an incisive question, BTW

  3. Than with white anti-humans.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    LBM, for clarification, more confusion than when?

  5. Hey CREE, would you say there can possibly be more confusion when black people have sexual intercourse with non-black,non-white folk. It just seems that many who do this make that extra effort to emphasize that the sexual partner is not white.

    A former black male co-worker was sent to the therapist by his “East Indian” wife who tore his ego to shreds when he was out of employment for four months. It saddened me to see how truly hurt he was just telling the story. Too bad he wasn’t up on her color status amongst her own – although I don’t know that he would have gone there even if he did. But think on my question.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Good to hear from you, Amilkar. The position you cite is well-reasoned and one upon I once stood. I have shifted my stance on this matter to accommodate what I believe are the empirical facts. I have not yet put this to writing but, if you find the time, you can hear these thoughts on the BTR Justice Lab program on which I was an invited guest and a a caller. In both clips, I discuss the questions of what is a white person and what is a black person. The first clip is made in the context of discussing what is and is not a “tragic arrangement.” The second clip is in the context of the anti-blackness of “Latinos.”

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justicelab/2014/03/18/on-non-black-sexual-partners-w-cree from about 14:30 to about 28:35

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/justicelab/2014/05/23/abc-anti-blackness-in-context-black-vs-non-black from about 58:10 to 71:10

  7. The article is a perfect example of the type of confusion that those classified as white continue to manufacture, to pit Blacks and non-whites against each other with more time-consuming, distractive, and marginalizing confusion. While whites are kicking our butts, we keep blaming other Blacks and non-whites. At the same time, the focus is dimmed on whites, who are lurking in the background, creating yet more confusion (…sigh…) The SOR at full-steam. We have to continue due diligence, to learn, analyze, and preempt as much of this foolishness that keeps all of us in a state of perpetual confusion. By now, we all should know that this is one of the main objectives of the SOR, especially with its new brand of psuedo-scientific B.S. called “tri-racial structure”. Truth of the matter is, the world was always as diversified before the advent of whites (genetically-deficient albinos/albino mutants) on the global scene as much as it is today. The more we overstand these creatures and define the reasons, beforehand, why they do these things, the better we will be able to counteract and ultimately neutralize their efforts. Above all, I think we have to keep reminding ourselves that there is only one “race”, as the rest of us are actual “humans”. I have my personal reasons for making this clear distinction, too.

    …A luta continua…

  8. “…within a half-day of sun exposure, as dark as one’s self”

    I like that CREE :).

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, classifications can change, M1. Nothing in existence, whether constructed by some other force, remains constant.

  10. Hello Cree, yourself and others have been discussing this topic for couple of yrs. Recently this came up on Justice Lab. Some object to honorary white person,but its the same thing you and others have suggested. Can a person who is black or non black be white at some point? This has come up with several people, George Zimmerman, Elliot Rodger Paul Kersey,Mark Paul Gosseler people who have non white moms but considered white by a lot of people.
    This shows the automatic free pass that whites had is no longer in effect. Which I support. As for V Stiviano it shows that if Donald was being genuine your premise is correct again. Plus the topic of the
    2010 census of Hispanics checking the white box is in media discussion again. Donald may pay his employees millions, but not philanthropic organizations. From what I read they get lowballed. According to Dr Boyce Watkins, his lifetime achievement award fron the NAACP was given after a 45,000 dollar donation. If he donated millions elsewhere let me know.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I’m not sure to what you refer about previous tangles. There’ve been a few. But, my articulation of position on this matter has refined some. My code is STILL that proposed by Tater Pie as pertains behavior related t foo dating and mating: No dating, sex with, marriage to and/or, compliments to anyone who is not, within a half-day of sun exposure, as dark as one’s self. Pretty specific, eh?
    But, that does not mean that a person’s behavior cannot qualify them, to me, as someone who is black functionally and instinctively.
    The thing is, all these johhny-come-late ambiguous people who want to stake their position in the “collective black” are a dollar short and a day late. Those who are/were for justice didn’t/don’t need a position paper to identify as black. It came/comes natural.

  12. Hey CREE, do you remember the actor George Stanford Brown? He’s Cuban – you think he’ll ever be able to pass as white? LOL What about Rita Marley?….It’s a legitimate consideration, I guess, but I tend to steer clear and concentrate on African descent on both sides, regardless of language. The ambiguous “latins” do the same thing as the ambiguous Brazilians – they claim “Afro” when it means receiving something such as university seats reserved for “Afro-Brazilians” and when visually surveyed, – none of the students look like Pelé….When black females and black males purposely mate with “ambiguous” “hispanic” partners – it’s not with the intention of having dark & nappy children.

    So again, and we’ve tangled with this before CREE – I stick with Black/non-Black based on immediate parentage on both sides and for me personally grand parentage as well. Living here in NYC I’ve come across too many ambiguous looking Puerto Ricans who mistreat Black Puerto Ricans but quickly claim African heritage to get a political vote or claim “homegirl” status to get favored treatment from black guys ….meanwhile knowing the black guy is only with them because of the white content in their hue/hair.

    It may be too staunch for some but my Black/non-black position has kept it simple for me. I ain’t playin’ with the some-timey folk.

  13. Kushite Prince Says:

    Okay okay you did predict this! No need to brag about it!lol This is a good article though. I’m following his blog now. He makes some very valid points. Although I’m interested to see if the people he names as the “collective black” will fight to enter honorary white status. But of course it’s all up to who whites allow into their “white club”. They can keep their damn club! I’ll stay undeniably black. 🙂

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