It’s What We Game-Makers Like to Call a “Wrinkle”

Trifling  and  Tacky Racist Woman Mocking the injury of LeBron James.  Reminiscent of the glee white women display in lynching photos.

Trifling and Tacky Racist Woman Mocking the injury of LeBron James. Reminiscent of the glee white women display in lynching photos.

LeBron James is an avid follower of The Hunger Games series.
So am I. If you’re not, this post may miss you.
This post will definitely miss you if you do not believe in conspiracies or if you do not believe that sport is important enough to racists (white dominators) to plan and execute schemes to effect their desired outcomes. It will miss you if you do not believe that there are no lengths to which they will not go. If that is you, reading this piece will be a waste of your time. Read no further.

Last night, the Miami Heat were beatin’ that ass; they were about to GET OFF and just dominate after all of that speculation that they didn’t really have to play any good teams in the weak Eastern Conference play-offs to get to the NBA Finals.

Coached by their beloved general “Pop”— the White Nation’s favorite Spurs were about to be embarrassed by those uppity Negroes like uppity District 12 tribute Katniss Everdeen was about to embarrass Pan-Am’s, white-rose-on-the-lapel-wearing, President Snow. When Katniss was about to just completely avoid all the gladiator sparring by hiking her way out to the camouflaged perimeter of the enclosed tropical arena, the Head-Game-Maker ordered the computerized control center to start a fire from which she had to run and in, so doing, back towards those who were hunting her.

NBA Finals. Big Business. But, the air-conditioning didn’t work last night in the Spurs arena. Heat for the Heat. The arena managers could not explain it. What a shame. The fans were fanning themselves with their programs even though they were just sitting there on their toosh.

Excessive perspiration and exertion, of course, drains the body of essential fluids that carry electrical impulses to the body; electrolytes. People with dense, fast-twitch muscles are likely to know the excruciatingly painful cramps that happens as a result. Elite sprinters have gone down on the Olympic track because of them. (I’m a fast-twitch muscled lady. So, I know the agony of these cramps.)

LeBron James, is probably the most densely muscled athlete in the NBA and has suffered leg cramps before in games. Being so durable, that’s about the only injury that hobbles him. With all the heat in that arena that wasn’t in uniform, it was not surprising that James got a cramp that took him out of play—in the final quarter of the game. After the first cramp, he was helped off the floor by the trainers and given fluids. (?) The question mark is there because he suffered a second cramp in that 4th quarter. But, this time, the standard protocol on an NBA team when a player gets a play-stopping cramp did not take place. NOTHING was done for LeBron the second time he cramped up. It was the oddest thing I have ever seen in an NBA game. He just stood there. There was no time-out called though play had stopped for an extended amount of time. He was not helped to the side-lines. He was not massaged nor given electrolytic fluids by the trainers. He was not even helped to the locker room after the game. His team mates seemed disoriented by it. Of course, they just headed down court for defense expecting the trainers to take care of it. When that didn’t happen and play had obviously stopped, a couple of his team mates, in an uncertain, confused state, went to lend a hand as James was hobbling best he could to the side-lines.

I have never seen anything like it in an NBA game. Rather than commenting on that, white folks are blaming and making fun of Mr. James. Gatorade officials are even joining in on the fun.

Plutarch Heavensbee, Head Game-Maker of Pan-Am and President Snow were discussing the threat that Katniss Everdeen posed in raising the morale of the oppressed districts and demoralizing those oppressing them. Heavensbee told Snow, “There’s a way we can still win. It’s what we game-makers like to call a ‘wrinkle.'” Fire, excessive heat in an arena, floods.

Morale is most important in war. And ALL is “fair” 🙂 in love and war. And all love requires war as this system is configured. Wrinkles and all. I have always been suspicious of Manny-Pacquiao-militant Spoelstra with the white dad. Y’all are free to call me a crazy mentally ill victim of racism or just a crazy nigg@r b!tch. Whatever. It’s not personal. It’s business.

If you have outrage that wasn’t sufficiently salved by this piece, you may find this radio broadcast helpful that my husband and I did on this matter.


17 Responses to “It’s What We Game-Makers Like to Call a “Wrinkle””

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thanks for the encouragent, KP!—from both Sonny and I. Will try to give you heads up on sports hows in the future. Would’ve been great to have you share.

  2. This was a great show Cree. You and Sonny made some excellent points. I downloaded this yesterday. Wish I knew ahead of time,would’ve loved to call in. But I give you guys much props on the points you made.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You’re correct, KP, that James he has not been as clear in speech as Ali or Brown. But, the racism of James’ time is practiced in a MUCH less straight-forward way. “The Decision” took place when there was a black POTUS. So, I do equate his words and, especially his actions, to those of Brown and close to those of Ali. LeBron James’ public stance on Trayvon Martin’s murder and on Donald Sterling are follow-ups to his move to Miami. That move to Miami— including the much maligned “way it was done””—was a defiant refusal to not be as cocky as he was endowed by The Creator just to quell the sexual anxieties of non-black men.

  4. I see your point. But it’s not impossible. In baseball the Red Sox beat the Yankees and the Sox were down 0-3! They won four straight games to win the World Series! I don’t think any other team has ever done that in any sport. I’d like to see the Heat pull it out. But we need Lebron and Wade to have a great game. The Spurs want their revenge! They will not back down. Lebron did make a stand in the Sterling-Clippers fiasco. And The heat team spoke out on the Trayvon Martin verdict. I give him props for that. But I don’t know if Lebron is outspoken enough to be in the same league as Ali or Jim Brown…yet. He’s still a young man though. Maybe in time he’ll speak out more and be put his career and reputation on the line. Remember the 1968 Olympics Black Power fist?? I don’t see any athletes doing that type of It would be cool to see though. But who would do it? Kobe? Chris Paul? Carmelo? Who has that type of guts?

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    KP, I hold open the hope that this team can be the first in history to win an NBA finals after being in a 3-1 deficit—while knowing what tall odds those are. How epic and fitting would THAT be? Yet, I am steeled against the probable outcome. What is really saddening is how so few back people are doing anything but viewing this a comparison between the basketball greatness of James vs Jordan. So few Heat fans appreciate the Ali-like importance of LeBron James. They cheer only his basketball feats.

  6. I know it’s hard right now Cree. It’s going to be a rough road ahead. But stay strong! I haven’t given up yet. They NEED to win Sunday! Let’s do this!

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:


  8. Don’t worry. Have faith, it’s coming.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, KP. They are trying to do that, too. I sure hope they win tonight.

  10. Are they trying to effeminize LeBron James? These people really have NO conscious. What is their problem?

    Oh well,no worries Cree. They’ll beat the Spurs tonight.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    mstoogood4yall, BINGO> I am sooooo glad, to have somebody else acting like they see this obvious sheist.

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    All I can say is RIGHT ON and ON POINT, M1.

  13. u read my mind this is what I was thinking today after seeing all these pics of people mocking LeBron. reminded me well if people were making postcards of blacks getting lynched and were standing there smiling of course they would be making fun of an injured black athlete.

    it’s like they expect these athletes to be invincible, I remember people made fun of derrick rose because they said he was taking so long to recover. These same mofos can’t do what these athletes do they live vicariously through them. I live right here in san Antonio it is hot as hell here and humid. They can make fun of him but was their arse in that sweatbox running around? no they were watching at home with the ac on or were sitting down fanning themselves.

    These athletes are treated like crap, got racist fans yelling at them and throwing their drink on them, then when they get injured they get mocked. lets see if they do the same when a white athlete gets injured or their favorite racing horse gets injured lets come up with a term for it and post pics mocking them.

    Then there are some black folks mocking him as well smh. I bet some are happy LeBron was injured because they mad that he spoke out about Donald sterling and saying he should not be the owner. black folks that speak out have a target on their backs, I respect LeBron a lot more than these other athletes nowadays.

  14. Sickening white females and their racism towards LeBron James. I notice Lauren Perdue swimmer LeBron took a “friendly”photo with hasn’t condemned her sisters for this. Yes movies are more than entertainment. Movies also influence real life,especially when it comes to real life violence. The Hunger Games joins the list of movies beginning with the Birth of Nation that have caused people to be killed. Remember,Elliot Rodgers dad was an asst director on The hunger games.

  15. Thanks Cree. I think we all need to take our blunders off. And face the reality of the situation. They’ve been telling us for decades what their plans are. We just choose to bury our heads. Some people say films are just escapism for the masses. That’s true to a degree. But the problem is they’re telling in the
    Mindless popcorn film? I think not.

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Right on, KP. You bet there is deliberate coordination between the white folks in entertainment and those who make and enforce public policy. I did not know it had been given a name, though. “Predictive programming” Looking forward to reading up on that—AND the HG symbolism email. Good lookin out, KP.

  17. That pic above is very sick! It shows that racist woman has no sympathy for the suffering our people go through. Even more so since the girl on the far left looks of mixed heritage. I could be wrong. There will always be sellouts among us. At any rate,I didn’t know Lebron was a Hunger Games fan. A friend of mine got me into the film. She told me it was a popular book series. I watched the first film on DVD. But I saw the second one in the theater with some friends. I found the plot very intriguing.
    If you know how the government operates then you shouldn’t be surprised by anything in the film. Hollywood and the government work together. There is a thing called predictive programming. They show you something on film(martial law,gun grabbing,food shortage) enough times you will accept when it happens in REAL life. There is tons of symbolism in Hunger Games. You and I discussed some of it on the Universal Jones radio program. I think black people should check out the films. It’s not just a silly action packed “white film”. There are things we can learn from these type of films if our minds are open. Anyway I think Lebron will play tomorrow night. And I think his game face will be on. I just hope that Dwayne Wade and the rest of the guys play well also.
    Cree,I sent you an email on the Hunger Games symbolism. Hope you like it. 🙂

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