Once Upon A Time….One Young Woman’s Journey Back to Her Roots

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This is a reprint of an entry into a brand new blog about a subject that is as important as any that I can think of. In this issue of hair is wrapped every other issue of white domination. It is, I think, like pulse or blood pressure, a measure of ease with ourselves as we contend with all at odds with it. My personal observation: In the photos of JJ, her beauty increases with each step closer to her naturally luxurious crown (excessive coil-busting “fros” being better than hair that’s been laid to rest but a step away from the luxurious, vibrant texture in the last pic) . While some counter-examples may exist in which attractive presentation decreases with a more natural coiffure, I’ve never seen one. And, this, for me, is a purely aesthetic opinion, not a political one.

You can keep up with this young lady’s work in this area at her blog here on wordpress: JJ Goes Natural
Once Upon A Time….

My History, or Rather, Hairstory

If you would have told me years ago that I would eventually muster the courage to wear my hair in its natural state, I would have laughed in your face! I have to admit that I’ve been through it all with this hair of mine over the years.

I was born into the world with hair that would evolve from being baby soft to REALLY thick like millions of other Black women and men worldwide. My mother did not have too much difficultly maintaining my hair as a toddler, but my hair was seen as an insurmountable challenge for her as I got older. Washing it was easy, but combing and styling it was a whole ‘notha matter! It was very difficult for her to use straight-tooth combs in my hair since it was thick and tightly coiled. I would either flinch or cry while it took her HOURS to finish. I thought, “God, what could be worse than THIS?!” She couldn’t even do cornrows for the most part, so I usually had my hair put in bubbles and barrettes.
Me as a 4-year-old with no perm

She could stand no more of this by the time I turned 8, so I started to get my hair permed.

I can remember her coming home with the “Just For Me!” No Lye Relaxer (or Chemical Mutilator) for the first time. It was this white box with the faces of other young black girls on the cover with curly and straight hair. I wasn’t necessarily excited about her getting the perm kit because I didn’t fully grasp what it would do to my hair. But when I got my hair permed for the first time, I absolutely LOVED how straight it was. I didn’t cry when she combed it, it felt sleek and I could shake it, and I had hair similar to my friends at Catholic school. I was the only black girl in my class for many years, so it felt great being able to fit in with my friends with long and straight hair. Little did mom – let alone me – realize the damage perming would cause to my hair.

Perming my hair was not too bad at first, but the overall condition of my hair started declining over time. ”Just Like Me!” simply didn’t work as it used to. I would get my hair permed on a Saturday, and it would get frizzy by mid-week. I went through two other perming products by the time I was 12 and dealt with the same problem. Even the perming process itself became more painful. When mom rubbed that white cream on my scalp, I felt like my head was literally going to catch on fire! I would get bumps, scabs, and burns all over my scalp as a result, and even developed a terrible case of dandruff that lingered for years.

Me in high school with short permed hair.Me in high school with short permed hair

I eventually started going to mom’s hair stylist at 13. I noticed that my hair grew longer than ever before it became extremely short. Little by little, I just became sick and tired of my hair, was tired of dealing with the perm, and wanted a change despite not knowing what to do next.

My mother’s hair stylist suggested that I consider wearing my hair braided. She herself was transitioning to natural hair and thought it was probably time for me to give up the perm and start keeping my hair in its natural state. She said, “The braids will allow you to keep your hair and is easy to manage since you won’t have to maintain it each and every day.” This was great news for a borderline LAZY person like me since I did not want to do my hair everyday, let alone wear it natural. A family friend did my hair in braids for the next six years, and they were easy to manage like my hair stylist said they’d be.
Me as a college freshman with BRAIDS 🙂Me in college with braids

The braids were long and looked like dread locs to many people, so I liked wearing them and getting them done every 2 months. They were also easy to wash each week and my natural hair kept growing until all my permed hair was GONE. However, I still had a terrible dandruff problem and noticed my hair was dry and full of dandruff between appointments. When I took out my braids in-between appointments, I would just marvel at my natural hair! I’d think, “Wow, my real hair is so interesting!” I had a big afro that extended from the sides from my head and upwards (to the sky, it seemed).
My afro freshman year

My desire for natural hair became too large to simply ignore, so I started wearing my hair braid-free this July. I have to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. I loved those braids a lot, and definitely much more than my old-time perm, but wearing my own hair feels so much better and seems right for me. I do more with my hair than I have EVER done before. It’s healthy and stays dandruff-free throughout the week. More importantly, I’ve developed this level of confidence I never thought I would have as a natural. I also don’t associate my hair with being “thick”, “nappy”, or all these other negative words that are only tied to Black people’s hair. My hair is “unique”, “a divine creation” like all other hair forms, and is my “curly, protective shield”. I look forward to nurturing it the way it was MEANT to be nurtured and cared for both now and in the future.

July 2013 - The beginning of my natural hair journey !!

That is my hairstory! Feel free to share yours 🙂


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A jury essentially composed of all white females found George Zimmerman not guilty tonight of the murder of an unarmed, 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. I emphasize the gender because there are still so many black men who believe that white women are victims of white men and significantly less likely to be racists (white dominators). (correction: the jury was composed of 5 white females who bullied a confused sixth juror, a woman I believe functions as black)

Next, I want to address the fact that there are many black people equating the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of his murderer with the carnage caused by black people pulling triggers on other black people. We grieve for them all. But, the level of threat from ALL forms of mistreatment just went up dramatically as a result of this one case. This ONE highly publicized case, perhaps the most publicized murder trial of all time, has removed almost all restraint from the conditions that cause the violence in places where black people are concentrated. If a private citizen can, again, hunt down an unarmed black person, be brought to charges in front of the whole world, and walk away, do you think anything will happen to non-black people who deprive us of the right to earn enough to reside in decent housing and know where the next meal is coming from? So, do you think that the conditions from which such violence stems has any chance of eradication? Do we now see that this mistreatment will never stop as long as we play along and hope along?

We are now, OFFICIALLY, back in the the night-rider phase of white domination in this part of the world. Having gone around twice, we should now be able to collectively understand that white folks NEVER intend to stop the practice of racism (white domination).

Investment portfolios and entrepreneurship are not going to get us out of this. We know what happened to Marcus Garvey and the UNIA, to Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, to our grandparent’s land in the south.

The first order of business for any group of people is defense. And, in this vast terror-dome, the guns these white/non-black people are carrying are like nightsticks that security guards carry in parking lots. They are backed up by the most awesome technology the world has known. We will need to develop a defense against their battering rams, drones, heat guns, and other chemical and biological weapons. In one generation, Japan went from an island nation of peasant farmers to a military power when, in 1904, they sank Russia’s flagship naval vessel that had been sent by Europe to block its access to the rest of the world. We can improve on Japan’s record of getting technology know-how. We can do it in less than a generation. Black people are the most creative people on this planet. It’s just that now, we MUST use it on the stuff that has a longer pipeline than fashion, or music, or slam-dunks. Even collective economics takes less determination than dedicating our entire population to scientific thinking. We don’t need meetings or rallies. We need study sessions. We need something that cannot be taken out by our tormentors focusing on one or a few laboratory groups. We need everybody to both think and learn and to support the most able of our kith and kin in this effort. If you know someone who is working so hard on a promising project that they barely have time to eat, bring them meals. We can all do something.

Science + creativity → Technology → Defense

We have to make it stop once and for all. Let’s dig in.


Everyone who is over the age of 9 and can read at a 6th grade level can start tomorrow or tonight. Start where you are and increase your knowledge in math. If you need to start somewhere in arithmetic, do so. The only shame is in not starting. At some point, chemistry and physics await us all. Here is a free resource most find very helpful. Let’s use it while we can:

We Are All Trayvon Martins

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“what’s at stake in this trial is NOT only whether Trayvon and his family will receive JUSTICE, the biggest unspoken question is: Can a PRIVATE CITIZEN–on a WHIM–stalk and murder ANY unarmed black male, female, or child, claim “self-defense,” and walk free? If Zimmerman walks OR is given an “Oscar Grant” slap on the wrist by a Jury (rigged) with five white females and one female Hispanic, the VERDICT puts a BULL’S-EYE TARGET on every black person in the United States, regardless of sex, age or infirmity.”

Racism Is White Supremacy

we are all trayvon martin

The Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman trial is about more than the murder of a young black male. It’s about the VALUE (or lack of value) of  ALL BLACK LIFE.

It has already been confirmed HUNDREDS OF TIMES that ANY law enforcement officer — including a security transit guard (toy cop) — can murder an unarmed black person and either walk free OR serve a sentence so out of proportion to the loss of a life that it amounts to a slap on the wrist.

More Details about the Oscar Grant MURDER  (excerpted from various news sources)

Oscar Grant III was fatally shot by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland, California, United States, in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2009.

grant and his murderer Officer Johannes Mehserle                       Oscar Grant

Responding to reports of a fight on a crowded Bay Area Rapid Transit train returning from San…

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Black Athletes: Idenitification with Power

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Anderson Silva Beaten by White men, err, Weidman in UFC 162

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The man who is said to be the best mixed-martial arts (MMA) practitioner of all time, who defended his UFC title a record 10 times, Anderson Silva, got dominated last night during his unsuccessful title middle-weight defense against Chris Weidman (sounds like “white man”). He was not dominated by Weidman alone. As is the case for every single day of Silva’s life, he was dominated by the folks who comprise the global system of white domination (racism). The only difference is that, last night, we got to see it on blazing display. To me, it is totally obvious that Silva was forced to throw that fight last night and that he wanted us to know it. I hold this to be true despite UFC president, Dana White’s, expletive-laced denial of the fight being fixed. I hold this to be true despite Silva saying, “He’s the best. I did my best, but he’s the best.” As standard news stories have reported, “Silva inexplicably kept his hands down and kept shouting to Weidman to fight.” Many white folks are saying that’s Silva’s characteristic cock-y-ness and that he paid for it last night. That is absurd. Silva is one of the most unassuming guys in the sport and he’s the smartest fighter in MMA. I agree with most of the sport world: If he’d planned on winning that fight with Weidman last night then, yes, it was inexplicable of him to keep his hands down as much as he did.

Silva’s is as smart as any victim I know. He knows that in combat, one must deceive. At some point, Silva, realized, that he was being combated outside of the octogon more than in it. Silva said, as early as 2008, that he wanted to complete the remaining six fights on his contract and retire. He said at that time, “It has nothing to do with money because I’m a humble person who has an ordinary life. Actually I never did it for money…Everything I could do for MMA, I already did. Now it’s time to help the new generation. You will not see myself pinching a fly anymore…I’m going to be fat, with a big belly by the side of the Octagon, eating popcorn behind the scenes.” I think he’s been tired of all of the white maneuvering for quite a while. Tired of not being able to have the say that white fighters have in who and when they fight. Tired of white fighters who he thought were “brothers” agreeing to fight him. Tired of having to defend his wife’s honor and his sons’ respect against the white guy, Chael Sonnen, who takes performance-enhancing drugs and said, “Tell Anderson Silva I will pat his wife on the ass and have her make me a steak.” But, the racists wanted to stop Silva from retiring undefeated in title defenses. And, they wanted him to take damage. Some severe pressure was brought to bear to keep Silva fighting. I do not know what it was. I just know white folks. And, as well as I know my toothbrush, I know that loud collective “boo,” when Weidman entered the arena last night, had to have been bought and planted. One thing white men CANNOT change is their gut-level antipathy for black-male physical prowess. I don’t recall any other time when the boos for Silva did not greatly outweigh any for his opponent. Now, if the boos were bought and planted, I knew it was a cover for the racist conspiracy, yes, damn it, conspiracy to take Silva down last night.

Silva had a couple of choices last night: 1) throw the fight as “asked,” or 2) anger Dana White’s mafia thereby putting God-knows-what and God-knows-who at risk and being forced into fights with little notice, enduring “accidents” by training partners, being tasked with super-fights in which he would have to lose weight, then gain weight, etc..
And, all the while, having to cap his testosterone so as to not offend white guys. He chose #1. And, he did it in such a fashion so as to deprive white men of chest-thumping while, at the same time, protesting that he had to make that choice. His corner men were visibly concerned and confused at Silva’s agitated behavior between the first and second round. This was not the man they knew.

After Weidman obliged Silva’s repeated invitations to knock him out, Silva said he had no desire to fight for the championship. No desire to be premier exhibit of big-game being taken down by the white hunter. This was Silva’s way out—five years later than when he’d first announced it. Dana White, UFC president and spokesman, said he has other plans for Silva. Anderson Silva is TIRED. He said so on the mic in the ring last night. Is there a black person over the age of thirty who does not understand that? *If you are so inclined to understand or relate metaphorically, The KJV book of Daniel 7:25 attests.
Most case studies in racism are sports events. Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Michael Vick, Serena Williams, Alan Iverson, LeBron James, Anderson Silva, the Michigan Fab Five, et al.. This is because, though there are always white folks working to mistreat black people in all areas of people activity, victims most often encounter direct mistreatment on the job. And, though most of us have trouble getting the interest of even our close kin in the abuse we are taking from white folks on our jobs, all eyes are on the jobs of a black professional athletes. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I watch tennis only to see what white folks are up to with Venus, Serena, and Gaël Monfils; that I watched gymnastics only to see the effects of white folks on Gabby Douglas; that I watched golf (yes, past tense) only to see what they were up to with Tiger, that I watch basketball only to see how white folks deal with each member of the Miami Heat “Big Three,” and watch MMA only to keep tabs on their moves against Anderson Silva and Jon Jones…. You get the picture. The big picture. The only “game” in the known universe. The only war in the known universe. The system of racism. The system of white domination.

Now, back to watching the conspiracy in favor of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. It’s time for a lot of us to put down the boxing gloves, basketballs, and tennis rackets, and start having fun with the periodic table of elements and writing computer code.

Hi, My Name is Timmy

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“Hi, my name is Timmy. I’m 37 yrs old , 7ft tall ,and weigh over two hundred pounds. I’m a future hall of fame inductee and I have helped my team to 4 NBA titles so far in my career. I’m not the highest paid player on my team, and Pop says I “shouldn’t worry about the money and focus on being a good boy”. My wife is leaving me and probably taking most of my money with her. But Pop says “give her whatever she wants and don’t make her out to be a gold digger in the media.” Oh and “be a good boy”.
I try my best to please Poppa. Tony does too, but sometimes I think that…(need to catch my breath)…sometimes I think that Pop is a big bully! He scares me!!! I’m doing my best to make him happy. Hopefully we beat those Big thugs(lol ,I mean three) and Pop will take me camping this summer After this divorce I will probably need a tent anyway. Hehe.- Goodnight diary.”

This is not my original content. I truly forgot, in my angst and anger, to credit its author, “Al.”

San Antonio Spurs Coach Pop: Supreme Manager of Black Cock-y-ness

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Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, talking.  Tim Duncan listening.

Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, talking. Tim Duncan listening.

Spurs power forward/center, Tim Duncan, at media conference after game 1 of the 2013 NBA finals series with Miami Heat. Emphatically style-less in plaid shirt

Spurs power forward/center, Tim Duncan, at media conference after game 1 of the 2013 NBA finals series with Miami Heat. Emphatically style-less in plaid shirt.

Gary Neal, undrafted Spurs role player after a had a break-out game 3 in the 2013 NBA finals against Miami Heat.  emphatically style-less in plaid shirt.

Gary Neal, undrafted Spurs role-player after a had a break-out game 3 in the 2013 NBA finals against Miami Heat. Emphatically style-less in plaid shirt.

Dressing stylishly for media events after games implies pride and confidence. Confidence, in any amount, in a black male is cocky-ness to white men. White folks’ chief complaint (only complaint?) against world MMA champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, and 4-time NBA MVP, LeBron James is that they are COCKY. I suspect that the reason that Spurs players dress down in post-game media conferences is that white “Coach Pop” (Popovich) rewards and enforces an “aw shucks, tuck in your confidence/cock” demeanor on the black Spurs players. Confidence in any amount in black people makes the black person a target for greater abuse. And, when it is in black men, it is, of course, berated as damnable cockiness. Everyone knows black men have big ones. I guess that’s why Ginobili, the Spurs best white player, has the biggest salary in order to compensate for his lack of cock-y-ness compared to Parker and Duncan.

Danny Green, who along with Gary Neal was a no-marquis player who shot the lights out last night in game 3 of the NBA finals, is “the only player in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) with 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 three-pointers, 150 blocks and 150 steals. He won the NCAA men’s basketball Division I national championship in his senior year at UNC and played in his first NBA finals in 2013 with the San Antonio Spurs.” Still, according to espn.go.com, the Spurs “couldn’t stand him… didn’t like his attitude and didn’t think he’d fit in with their team-oriented culture.” Green, then, left a voice-mail message for “Pop” saying, “I’ll do whatever you need me to do. Rebound, defense, towel boy, water boy … whatever you need me to do, I’m going to do that.” Ole Pop gave Green second and third chances after that—- the third time having his former white college coach at North Carolina vouch to “Pop” for his “attitude adjustment.”


In circumstances such as these, when black men are pulling down millions of dollars, white men feel strategically re-assured when black men date and marry white women as bed-side overseers. Being reassured that these black men want so desperately to please white folks. So, should we be surprised?……

 Spurs game 3 hero, Gary Neal, who says he wanted to come back to the states from Europe so he could "start a family."

Spurs game 3 hero, Gary Neal, who says he wanted to come back to the states from Europe so he could “start a family.”

 Duncan and wife----They're divorcing. Bet we won't hear anything about how she "doesn't deserve" the child support and spousal support Duncan forks out to her.

Duncan and wife—-They’re divorcing. Bet we won’t hear anything about how she “doesn’t deserve” the child support and spousal support Duncan forks out to her.

Being born into a system that allows white folks to so effectively punish black men for healthy confidence is the reason I blame white folks (and that includes the blonde “wives” shown below) not Mr. Duncan, Mr. Neal, or Mr. Green for all the tragic facts discussed in this post.

Goooooooooooooooo HEAT!

My Official Stance on Homosexuality in Black People: following the logic that seems to have no crowd

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Homosapiens/people are the only species that can intervene in nature to make a birth defect occur more frequently.  There are interventions that might involve intentional altering of the biological environment–such as estrogen-containing plastics in the water supply.  There are also social policies that can increase the natural occurrence of homosexuality.  I am going to discuss the social policies because those are the things that are most debated on this topic amongst black people and are most accessible to counter-racist efforts.

I do believe that homosexuality is innate in the overwhelming number of people who practice it.  To me, it is logical to assume that instinctual behavior—especially that leading to reproduction—is exceedingly difficult to alter.  I am differentiating homosexuality from gender-atypical behavior (interests and demeanor) though the latter is present in most homosexuals.  So, the clear agenda to effeminize black men and to masculinize black women which encourages atypical gender behavior in black people is not what I am addressing here.   I am here referring to policies that will lead to an increase in the rate of homosexuality that can likely be diagnosed in early childhood because it is innate in the child.

Being tolerant of and kind to people with birth defects is important for a society so as to not step onto that slippery slope of  savage totalitarianism.  Without such tolerance, some group of people will be set up to decide whether various types of people should be exterminated including those deemed too short,  who stutter, who have asthma, who are dyslexic, or who are simply “too” old. 

It seems to me that all birth defects have a natural limit because of the decreased likelihood of people with them being selected for sexual reproduction due to  the disabling effect(s) of each defect . The defect of homosexuality formerly had such a  limit. 

That limit is now greatly expanding because of the increase of homosexuals finding alternative ways to produce children with their genes.    And, this acceptance increases with each erasure of a social stigma associated with homosexuality—the ultimate of which is the acceptance of same gender marriages.

For all of these reasons, I support policies that prohibit legal discrimination against homosexuals that deny them the means to sustain their lives and some sense of happiness. As applies to black people, I see no reason to exclude them from discourse on the effort to replace white supremacy with  a system of justice  as long as such discourse does not include advocating acceptance of their disability as normal or advocating policies that promote such acceptance.   Of course, I adamantly oppose verbal and physical battery of homosexuals.  But, I also adamantly oppose policies that tend to remove the stigma of the condition.  All disabilities have a stigma as a self-correcting mechanism in nature.  Policies that remove this mechanism include the projection of homosexuality as normal in mass media and school curricula and, obviously, the legalization of same-gender marriage.

I am sorry that anyone has a birth defect.  No one has more empathy for this sad reality than me.  I’m all for science that can decrease birth defects of all manner.  But, we cannot ignore that these defects exist. 
We should not ignore the people that have them nor blame them for their own disabilities by saying they “choose” them.
Yet, black people, least of all, can  afford to pretend that defects are really just uneventful “differences” because, if we do, we as a collective will become more disabled.


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Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. In 2005, during his first interview in the United States, Chavez said: “When we were children, we were told that we have a motherland, and that motherland was Spain. However, we have discovered later, in our lives, that as a matter of fact, we have several motherlands. And one of the greatest motherlands of all is no doubt, Africa. We love Africa. And every day we are much more aware of the roots we have in Africa…. Katrina is—indeed, has a lot to do with racism–no doubt about it. Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth, because of my curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it’s African.”



Over 18 months period four progressive leaders of Latin America were diagnosed with cancer.

In August of 2010, 60-year-old Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo was diagnosed with a tumor of lymphatic system. One.

In October of 2011, 66-year-old former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was diagnosed with larynx cancer, nine months after the transfer of power to Dilma Russef. The doctors did not operate on Lulu, saying that as a result he may lose his voice forever – an extremely important tool for policy and communication.the ex-president who had a firm intention to return to politics. Two.

At the end of June of 2011, 57-year-old Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was diagnosed with pelvic cancer. Three.

In late December of 2011, media reported that 58-year-old Argentine President Cristina Kirchner would undergo surgery for cancer of the thyroid gland. Kirchner was re-elected for the second term in December of 2011 and takes a firm anti-American stance. Four.

Speaking on December 28, 2011, during an end-of-year address to the armed forces, President Chávez hinted that the odds of these persons all contracting cancer in such close succession could be a CIA plot. It is a matter of record that the murder of Fidel Castro was attempted numerous times by white folks and biomedical weapons have advanced since most of those attempts.

I believe that Hugo Chavez fights for us powerfully on the other side. It is certain that he does not rest in peace.

About Christopher Dorner’s Firing From the LAPD: It Never Was Complicated

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Former LAPD officer and accused murderer, Christopher Dorner.

The facts about former LAPD officer, Christopher Dorner’s, termination as they’ve been reported through various sources, is a classic illustration of the way racism (white supremacy) works.

Already we’ve been told both that Dorner was stripped of his badge in 2009 and that his badge was found in San Diego on February 7, 2013. So, in this piece, I am assuming that this situation isn’t some set-up or drama orchestrated by white folks — who are known to execute massive frauds.

In this piece, I am also not addressing the murders that Dorner is accused of recently committing in the southern California region except to say the following: 1) It is incorrect to harm any person or his/her personal property who poses no imminent danger to the physical safety of anyone else who or who is not known to the perpetrator of counter-violence to be a racist , and; 2) I am grateful to the Creator that neither I nor anyone whom I hold dear has ever reached the desperate state that Mr. Dorner would’ve had to have been in order to seek to end his own existence or that of another.

White reporters and white editors of media with the largest audience across the nation are cooperating with white persons who are officials in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by presenting the story of Christopher Dorner’s firing from the LAPD in 2009 as if it’s “complicated.” Racists (white supremacists) will always try to make things seem complicated whenever black people are close to clearly understanding anything about racism (white supremacy). This is not complicated. As said in that media release (“Manifesto”), it’s “plain as day.”

In order to make a determination that Christopher Dorner should be fired from the LAPD, its Board of Rights (BOR) was only required to determine that it was “more likely than not” that Dorner lied when he said that his white female partner, Teresa Evans, kicked white male suspect, Christopher Gettler, in an excessive use of force.

The state courts held a similar but lesser standard. The courts had to decide whether the Board of Rights (BOR) REASONABLY BELIEVED that Dorner was more likely to have lied than not.

Contrary to the findings of the BOR and the California trial and appellate courts, the testimony of neither the arrestee, Christopher Gettler, nor his father, Richard Gettler, is made less significant for any of the reasons the BOR cites. That testimony was that the female arresting officer kicked Gettler in the chin and the chest and that he told his father that he had been kicked by the female arresting officer who could have only been Evans. Simple.

It is irrelevant that Gettler suffers from mental illness.

It is immaterial that Gettler got Evans’ hair color wrong one of the two times he made a statement about it.
Anyone might have a condition that makes them more prone to be confused or forgetful about something. But, if such a person makes a statement that independently matches another person’s account, it is a practical certainty that the statement is true.

It is also irrelevant in this fact set whether, at the time of his report to his sergeant of the excessive use of force by Evans, that Dorner believed he was about to get an unsatisfactory performance review from Evans. This is the claim of Evans but one that has not been reported to have been documented anywhere. It matters not whether Evans was attempting to fabricate an unsubstantiated record of poor work performance by Dorner or whether Dorner actually was performing unsatisfactorily. It is immaterial because it is a statistical improbability that amounts to a practical impossibility that Gettler and Dorner would give independent accounts of Gettler being kicked by the female arresting officer unless Evans, in fact, kicked him. Dorner was not fired for poor performance. He was fired for lying about his report of Evans using excessive force. Simple.

It is clearly not more likely that Dorner lied than that he didn’t. It is, therefore, ridiculous to conclude, as the courts did, that the Board of Rights officials reasonably believed that Dorner lied. Yet, the system of racism (white supremacy) is as designed to produce such judicial and quasi-judicial outcomes as it is designed to produce resistance to them. As counter-racism science originator Neely Fuller Jr. wrote, “The seeds of the destruction of Racism (White Supremacy) are implanted in the existence of Racism itself.”

What does matter is that Los Angeles Port Police officer, Sgt. Hernandez, who is likely a white person that claimed to witness the entire arrest, lied about telling Dorner to fix his tie when Dorner wasn’t wearing one. I suspect that this was a code for the lynch rope that he and others were conspiring to metaphorically tie around Dorner’s neck. There is no other reason that I can think of for the man to include such an obviously false and extraneous piece of data. Malicious, coded language is an ever-present part of the practice of racism.

Fresh out of the police academy in 2006, Dorner reported officers (who have Hispanic names but are arguably white) for using the word “nigger.” From that moment on, he was on the clock kept by the terrorist collective of white persons as a target of even greater mistreatment than he would normally receive as a black person. I’m sure with Mr. Dorner’s confusion about the system of racism (white supremacy), he had no clue that racists were laying in wait for him with special plans for harm. This confusion was, necessarily, infused daily with his intimate interactions with white folks whom he “dated” and called his “friends.”
If Mr. Dorner is still breathing, he surely sees now that this entire planet is a prison run by white supremacists. Whether they smiled at him, cried with him, drank beer with him, swore an oath to justice, or whispered sweet and absolute nothings in his ear, white folks meant him harm. Heck, I wonder if he’s heard the latest about Richard Gettler? The elder Gettler says he told Dorner that filing the report about his son being kicked by Evans was making “too big a deal” out of it. Best wishes to Mr. Dorner on the other side. Simple but hard.
Doesn’t get any simpler or any harder.

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