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Tips for the Employed but Nervous Black Person

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Unemployment rates for black people in this part of the world are as high as 50% for males and 30% for females. White people always have bumping rights when it comes to jobs held by a black person. White people are even showing up in the “dark side of town” taking over the gigs… So, a lot of black people have been charged with stuff and are on the verge of losing their jobs right now…

A. A black person should not state the names of the persons he/she believes have violated due process on the job when beginning an inquiry into Constitutional due process in order to prevent being fired from a job

B. If pressured, give names of people who said/did things but without characterizing the statements or acts.

C. Do not allege that an act or omission is a racist one.


1. Under the system of Racism (white supremacy), regardless of official title, a black person is not qualified to be a witness or enforcement official of that system. When a black person who is attempting to counter racism makes that charge, he/she will get no effective cooperation in correcting the problem.

2. A black person who makes a charge will be subjected to and have his/her statements subjected to a MUCH higher level of voir dire (this is a legal term that I think every black person in this part of the world should know. Looking up its meaning for yourself will more likely stick with you. Anyone who uses laws is a “lawyer”.) than a white person or person acting on behalf of a white person. It is a profane fact that a black person making a charge will likely be counter-charged with an “informal” crime of libel/slander/undermining morale/aggression/hostility/etc. designed to be a quick road to the black person’s removal from her/his job: through firing, quitting because of exhaustion, or serious illness or death caused by the unrelenting acute stress.

3. Under the system of racism (White Supremacy), a black person’s duty is to do what white people tell us to do. Using the Constitution allows a black person to follow that duty in a manner that is counter to the orders of white people who are directly practicing R/WS against them. And, the latter white people will be forced to follow those orders or risk losing their preferred tool of deception.

4. People are more motivated to solve a problem when they have more to lose. Not naming names is a form of amnesty.


1. Any statement by one or more white persons that a white person at the workplace committed a racist act.

2. Help from other black people on your job no matter what they promise or how long you’ve been acquainted. Fellow prisoners are subject to harsh coercion (torture).

Let’s replace racism (white supremacy) with justice—now.


A Word to the Wise. Tim Wise, that is.

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Mr. Timothy Wise

When the renowned “anti-racist” speaker and writer was on the C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) radio show last Sunday, I got a chance to ask him a few questions. One of them was the following: Are you willing to share your speaking fees with one or more persons who are not white who are attempting counter-racist work so that your family’s standard of living is comparable to that of the average black “family?” I asked him to simply answer “yes” or “no.”

He said “no.” Of course, he ignored my request not to append additional words. Mr. Wise unzipped his file entitled “Buckets o’ Words” and began downloading them on me. The essence of his explanation for declining to share his family’s income with a black survival unit was that it would make his own children into “victims” without having any effect on the system of racism /white supremacy. He said that, until large numbers of white people are willing to share in a reasonable manner or forced by the”government” to do so, he’d just continue doling out a little charity here and there.

By that reasoning, wouldn’t it have been correct for a plantation owner to decline to release his slaves—and their offspring— until a whole lot of other owners were forced to do so by a group of white people pointing guns and cannons? And, anyway, the white people doing the forcing would have to voluntarily engage in such a show of force so that other white people comply. Why isn’t Mr. Wise motivated to —voluntarily—give up his unjust advantage r i g h t— n o w?

Tim Wise is building upon the original work of Neely Fuller, Jr, a black male, who has been speaking and writing on this subject for more than 40 years with much greater clarity and precision than Wise. Mr. Fuller does not reside in a style anywhere close to the Wise family. It is not plausible that Wise does not know this. So, Mr. Wise, please start sending Mr. Fuller his cut.

Michael Jackson Hit Muhammad Ali

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I suspect that Michael Jackson did “tha math” when his fingers thickened, his voice began to deepen, and his facial hair began to grow. Tha Math?

The only man under the global system of white supremacy is a white one.

White Supremacists (Racists) do not promote black males attempting to be men. As Neely Fuller has said, there are only THREE CHOICES offered to a black male: a boy, a wild animal that entertains when not caged, and/or a pretend female.

Michael Jackson was extremely talented. Eight or ten of his songs are on the mini-ipods of two generations in my family—the oldest of which is 51, the youngest 9, and includes several teens that have the device grafted to their ears. Michael Jackson’s talent is not debated. But, that is a different discussion.

Musical prodigies are abundant among black people. It takes Racist Man and Racist Woman, however, to do the promoting that turns ability into stardom. The discussion here is about the style presentation choices made available to Michael Jackson and to black people generally beginning in the late 1960s–a time when more black males in this part of the world were attempting to assert their manhood than any time before or since. So, The Organization (white supremacist collective—the real mafia) executed their plan: The original “boy band” was born. Little Michael was promoted as the premier male crooner of black male-female coupling. Under the system of racism/white supremacy, being a black, grown man outside of “greater confinement” is not permitted (All black people are confined in the global system of racism/white supremacy. I’m talkin ’bout prison bars and a rap sheet. Pun intended). There are no victory tours promoting grown black males. And, the late singer had it figured out early. I suspect that Racist Woman and Racist Man did “tha math” when his color and nose disappeared. Tha math?

Michael Jackson: Estate Lands Historic Record Deal
By Brennan Williams on Mar 17th 2010 5:55PM
“This week, the King of Pop’s estate brokered a record setting recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment that is estimated to be worth up to $250 million — the biggest known to date.”


Neither cosmetic surgery nor chemical hair-straighteners change genetics. Would Michael Jackson’s genes plus those of a a blond “Scandanavian” produce what you see above? Are those young persons above likely, despite all their words at the most recent Grammy award show about their “Grandparents,” likely to be white persons who do and/or will practice racism/white supremacy? The Jackson clan might want to contact Mr. Mark Riding who was a guest on the CO.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) Blogtalk radio show. Mr. Riding is a black male raising a white child and, well, listen for yourself…( the most applicable clip is at 1:17:26 to 1:20:01)

Let’s replace white supremacy with justice.

Protected: Washington Erected His “Flag”

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The New York Times says “Sotomayor’s focus on race may be hurdle”

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The New York Times headline is a true statement.

Evidence of the supreme power of the White Supremacists can be seen in the publicized speech regarding this nomination and similar topics. For about the last twenty-five years, as racism (White supremacy) has become more refined, there have been far more broadcasts of non-white persons being charged with being racist or “reverse-racists” than broadcasts in which white persons are charged with acts of participation in real (functional) racism (white supremacy).

It is extremely rare for a non-white person to publicly charge a specific white person with being a Racist. Non-white people are terrorized into avoiding such speech. When such a rare instance does occur, other non-white people are terrorized into disassociating themselves from and/or condemning the remarks and/or the non-white person who made them. Further, the charge of racism will not “stick” against a white person unless it is validated by one or more other white persons. And, that validation is astronomically rarer. The non-white person will, as a result, suffer harsh consequences such as harassment on and/or loss of his/her job. Usually, there will be a counter-accusation by one or more white persons that it is actually the non-white person who is a racist. These white persons will make this counter-accusation with IMPUNITY. And, in most cases this charge of “racism” or “reverse-racism” will be made against a non-white person who has not made a charge of racism against any individual but has simply made clear statements or asked clear questions about the subject of racism (white supremacy).

On the other hand, a white person is very rarely charged by anybody of actually being a Racist. What is said is that something was “racially charged,” or “had undertones of race,” etc. Whereas, Ms. Sotomayor and innumerable other non-white people are actually charged with being a “racist.” Even after Mississippi Senator Trent Lott said we’d all be a lot better off if Strom Thurmond had won his 1948 bid for the presidency, I do not recall any white person being quoted as saying that Lott is/was a Racist (White Supremacist). Many white people stepped forward to say that Sen. Lott’s statement was “unfortunate” and/or “insensitive” but that they knew he was not a Racist (White Supremacist).

Persons with the power and intent to mistreat other people will do so and will make it a crime for any person to defend himself/herself from the mistreatment. This includes punishing any speech that brings attention to the mistreatment.

The term “racist” can reveal truth and promote justice when used in the following three ways ONLY: 1) to describe the actions of those white persons who have helped establish, maintain, expand, and/or refine the SYSTEM of White Supremacy, and/or; 2) (If the person speaking is non-white or white) to describe such persons in general but not specifically, and/or 3) (If the person speaking is white), to describe one or more specific persons who are also white.



  • During the reigning system of White Supremacy, to avoid the kangaroo court that disposes of any charge of racism made by by a non-white person against a specific white person who admits no guilt, it is best to use the term “suspected racist.”
  • Non-white people are not members of The Race. The SYSTEM of White Supremacy (Racism) is the dominant socio-material system of the known universe. The only purpose of a “race” is to mistreat persons who are not members of it. When the Race-ists established their system, the tribal identifications of non-white people were functionally preempted. However, under the current refined stage of White Supremacy (Racism), non-white people are encouraged to take pride in their supposed “race” or “ethnic identity” in the same way that inmates are encouraged to take pride in their cell blocks and for the same reasons.
  • White Supremacists (Racists) have told non-white people that we are members of a race so that they can confuse us into believing that we can be “race-ists.” But, the true Racists know very well that they are the only people who have demonstrated that they are qualified to be a race because their power to mistreat people on the basis of not being white is supreme among people in the known universe. There are many shades of black: brown, beige, yellow, red, etc., but there are no shades of white. One either functions as white or one does not. White Supremacists (Racists) have the language working for them by setting up deceitful and/or shape-shifting definitions that serve the SYSTEM of Racism (White Supremacy).

Remember the old “Native American”/red-people/Indian saying, “White man speaks with fork tongue?” The point made in that old saying is that a fork has one starting point with several different prongs to which it is attached. Without one clearly defined meaning, racists can use a word all day long to keep us running up & down those prongs with no end in sight. This is done with the word “race” itself, then “racist,” then terms like, “segregation”, “integration” “reverse-racism,” “social justice,” “liberal,” “conservative,” “moderate,” “communism,” “capitalism,” etc.

That’s why victims of Racism (White Supremacy) have to redefine words to better reveal truth and promote justice.

Has Racism Been Reversed?

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There is now a likely Latina U.S. Supreme Court member, a black Director of NASA, a black U.S. Attorney General, and a Black U.S. President. So, has White Supremacy (Racism) been reversed? Let’s avoid the emotional button and click the logic button:

Justice = that condition in which NO ONE is being mistreated AND in which, if any help is given, it is given most to the persons who most need help.

Race = Race-ism = White Supremacy = the dominant socio-material system of the known universe in which each individual/independent but united person who classifies himself/herself and is accepted as “white” unjustly subject to him/her all persons that he/she classifies as non-white. These individual/independent persons are united in this ultimate purpose.

If racism is incorrectness, than reverse racism is correctness.

So, is correctness the current socio-material system? That is contrary to the evidence.

A few winners in a casino does not mean that the casino has the same odds as its patrons. The business of White Supremacy (Racism) is, like the casino, a business of percentages.

Protected: The Bottom Line of Racism/ White Supremacy : Sex (Hiding in Plain Sight)

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