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An Ode to LeBron: Post-Script to Game 4 of June 2014

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Athlete as Activist in the post-Obama world

Athlete as Activist in the post-Obama world

Just in case some are missing the dialogue between K.P. and I in the comments to the “Game-Maker’s” article, I decided to distill my thoughts Spurred by the very insightful Kushite Prince as a separate piece.

I hold open the hope that the Miami Heat can be the first team in history to win an NBA finals after being in a 3-1 deficit—while knowing what tall hope that is. How epic and fitting would THAT be? Yet, I am steeled against the probable outcome. What is really saddening to me is how so few black people are doing anything but viewing this as a comparison between the basketball greatness of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. So few Heat fans, even, appreciate the Ali-like importance of LeBron James. They cheer only his basketball feats.

It is true that James has not been as straight-forward in his speech against racism as Muhammad Ali or, football great, Jim Brown. But, the racism of James’ time is practiced in a MUCH less straight-forward way. “The Decision” took place when there was a black POTUS. So, I do equate James’ words and, especially his actions, to those of Brown and close to those of Ali. LeBron James’ public stance on Trayvon Martin’s murder and on Donald Sterling are follow-ups to his move to Miami. That move to Miami— including the much maligned “way it was done”—was a defiant refusal to not be as cocky as he was endowed by The Creator just to quell the sexual anxieties of non-black men. And, to add injury to psychic insult to said non-black folk, James married a gorgeous, undeniably black woman. (nod to LBM)

So, win or lose this year or any year, I will always admire what LeBron James has done. And, the admirable way that Bosh and Wade have held up under the heat has not been lost on me either.


Michael Jackson Hit Muhammad Ali

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I suspect that Michael Jackson did “tha math” when his fingers thickened, his voice began to deepen, and his facial hair began to grow. Tha Math?

The only man under the global system of white supremacy is a white one.

White Supremacists (Racists) do not promote black males attempting to be men. As Neely Fuller has said, there are only THREE CHOICES offered to a black male: a boy, a wild animal that entertains when not caged, and/or a pretend female.

Michael Jackson was extremely talented. Eight or ten of his songs are on the mini-ipods of two generations in my family—the oldest of which is 51, the youngest 9, and includes several teens that have the device grafted to their ears. Michael Jackson’s talent is not debated. But, that is a different discussion.

Musical prodigies are abundant among black people. It takes Racist Man and Racist Woman, however, to do the promoting that turns ability into stardom. The discussion here is about the style presentation choices made available to Michael Jackson and to black people generally beginning in the late 1960s–a time when more black males in this part of the world were attempting to assert their manhood than any time before or since. So, The Organization (white supremacist collective—the real mafia) executed their plan: The original “boy band” was born. Little Michael was promoted as the premier male crooner of black male-female coupling. Under the system of racism/white supremacy, being a black, grown man outside of “greater confinement” is not permitted (All black people are confined in the global system of racism/white supremacy. I’m talkin ’bout prison bars and a rap sheet. Pun intended). There are no victory tours promoting grown black males. And, the late singer had it figured out early. I suspect that Racist Woman and Racist Man did “tha math” when his color and nose disappeared. Tha math?

Michael Jackson: Estate Lands Historic Record Deal
By Brennan Williams on Mar 17th 2010 5:55PM
“This week, the King of Pop’s estate brokered a record setting recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment that is estimated to be worth up to $250 million — the biggest known to date.”


Neither cosmetic surgery nor chemical hair-straighteners change genetics. Would Michael Jackson’s genes plus those of a a blond “Scandanavian” produce what you see above? Are those young persons above likely, despite all their words at the most recent Grammy award show about their “Grandparents,” likely to be white persons who do and/or will practice racism/white supremacy? The Jackson clan might want to contact Mr. Mark Riding who was a guest on the CO.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) Blogtalk radio show. Mr. Riding is a black male raising a white child and, well, listen for yourself…( the most applicable clip is at 1:17:26 to 1:20:01)

Let’s replace white supremacy with justice.

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