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Pop & Timmy: Power Couple

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This is the photo ESPN has  under the title of their article, "Pop and Timmy: Power Couple

This is the photo ESPN has under the title of their article, “Pop and Timmy: Power Couple

All of the rape of black men and boys so prevalent before the Confederation did battle with the Union forces. Well, it still goes on both literally and figuratively. White men are obsessed with dominating the sexuality of black people: including that of black males. All that sexual tension in this drama with Pop and Timmy.

I was gonna say that cantankerous Popovich—which rhymes with Papa B!tch— is a prize arse hole. Butt, that has too much sexual in-u-end-doe.

Hey, I didn’t even have to try to be clever. This stuff is just woven into their language.

I’ve gotten sucked [ 😉 ] into this NBA theater every year since LeBron James ran to the other plantation. I’m gonna try to make this the last year.

David Stern and Associates are Startin Somethin Beyond Basketball

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My biological father was the first person to help me find the logic of countering racism. And, my Pops is second only to Neely Fuller, Jr. in his effectiveness in doing so. At the beginning of last year’s NBA season, I was telling my dad that I was dismayed how few black people seemed to understand the magnitude of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh successfully executing their plan to play on the same NBA team. He said to me, quite nonchalantly, while munching on some pecans, “The owners are gonna lock the players out next season. This is not about money. It’s about power. They’re going to say it’s about something else— but it’s not. They (the white men/ Racist Man) have to stop dat. At any cost.” Then, with a cheek full of pecans, he sat down at his computer to work on his algorithm—–uhhh, no, I can’t tell you what the algorithm is for.

NBA Cancels Games Through Nov. 30

by The Associated Press

October 28, 2011

NBA Commissioner David Stern has canceled all NBA games through Nov. 30.

The move came Friday after labor negotiations broke down for the second time in a week.

“It’s not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now,” Stern says.

After two days of making some progress on salary cap issues, the two sides brought the revenue split back into the discussion and got stuck on both.

Owners are insistent on a 50-50 split of revenues, while players last formally proposed they get 52.5 percent, leaving them about $100 million apart annually. Players were guaranteed 57 percent in the previous collective bargaining agreement.

No further talks have been scheduled.

Broken pipe-dreams for really, really tall, hard-working, goal-oriented, black males with no jobs who haven’t even gotten out of high school or junior college, yet. Not to mention the NBA athletes who have seen the world a bit and are gonna want white people to make more Magic Johnson-like room for them but are gonna find out that their money ain’t worth as much as they thought.

Somethin’s gonna happen.

That’s not my Pop’s prediction. It’s mine. I could be incorrect. I sure missed the call on Troy Davis. But, whateva we do, y’all: NO RIOTS.

Racist Man/Woman are looking for a reason to kill large numbers of us. They gonna kill some and I ain’t sayin not to defend yourself but riots ain’t gonna hurt no one but us.

Riots are a set up. This is all serious theater for Racist Man and Racist Woman. Planet of the Apes, London. Let’s spoil part 3 for them. Mmmm k.

Miami Heat: The Most Threatening Slave Revolt Since Haiti?

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Bosh, Wade, James making moves against the System (of racism/white supremacy).

Sporting News, May 26, 2010,

“As the Miami Heat have found out over the course of this season, pretty much wherever they go around the NBA, they’re a target for the disdain of fans who were put off by the way the team’s trio of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh conspired to join forces in South Beach. What they may not have known, though, is that the disdain can reach high up in NBA front offices.

Celtics partner Wyc Grousbeck, speaking to the Boston radio station WEEI at a charity event, said he has been tuning in to this year’s postseason even after his team’s disappointing Eastern Conference semifinal loss to Miami for the same reason many fans around the country are watching—to root against the Heat. ‘I’m watching this year because I want Miami to lose so badly,’ Grousbeck said.”

White Power Salute

Conspired. Conspired. The writer, editors, and publisher of this article have all pronounced the crime of these three black males and the pursuit of them is being reported.

I am not surprised by this consensus of white people. I fully expected it as soon as I learned of Mr. James’ decision. In the system of racism (white supremacy), the only man is supposed to be a white one. The Man. To white people, when a black male man-ages any significant part of his own affairs, it is a capital crime. In such a crisis, all white people are deputized crime-stoppers. Like I said, this is to be expected.

I am astounded that so many black people have cheered on the franchises competing against Mr. Bosh, Mr. James, and Mr. Wade.
–No.– I’m more than astounded. I’m wondering when the ship for the 100 black supporters of this trio is going to beam us up to our home planet. Surely, this must be a planet operating on a whole different logic system than the one installed in my galaxy. Here, the most abused reward their abusers and never reach their limit.

Of course, white people all over the globe know they are on the same team. The team whose sole objective is to dominate black people.


It is that same objective the pale-skinned people had who kidnapped our ancestors on distant shores. Then, we did not grasp the oneness of purpose with which white people operate; that there are no tribal constraints on their unity of purpose. 500 years later, we haven’t gotten any smarter. That’s harsh. Reality often is.

Millions of black people are cheering against Mr. Bosh, Mr. James, and Mr. Wade in favor of the NBA franchise nearest them or of the franchise with uniforms the same colors of their alma mater. But, white people get that this NBA season is the most important one in history because it could be the beginning of the most threatening slave revolt since Haiti’s. The trio took salary cuts deciding that managing their own basketball careers was more important than the tallest stack of paper. They are working under much greater pressure because of that decision to place greater value on trying to be men than on comfort. See where this is going if it catches fire?

Go H E A T

Or, beam me up Scotty.*

* Scotty Pippen, a Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer, supported the Miami Heat in their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Bulls.

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