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What’s So Funny? Oh! A Black Woman Being Hurt!

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Awww, I’m too serious, right?
1990-1994: In Living Color television comedy hour. Jaime Foxx is in drag for the recurrent character, Wanda, a hideous, bizarre-acting character with exaggerated buttocks and lips and a deformed walk.


1992-1997: “Martin”, the television sitcom. Martin Lawrence plays a character that has nothing but venomous and contemptuous exchanges with the dark-skinned side-character, Pam, whose nappy hair is often the punch line of a joke.
Martin, in drag, also portrays Sheneneh, another hideous bizarre-acting side-character with exaggerated buttocks and lips and a deformed walk.

Throughout the sitcom series, Martin’s title character is involved with and eventually marries a very-light-skinned female character, Gina.

2000 and 2006: Big-screen movies Big Mama’s House & Big Mama’s House 2. Lawrence is in drag again as a loud, large, masculine black grandmother.
2005-2013: Eight (8) Madea movies . Madea is a character created and portrayed by Tyler Perry. The character is a towering, massive, and thuggishly tough elderly woman


Black people have been primed to laugh at and/or cheer when black women are battered; or at least, have no outrage about it. After all, we have been primed to see black women as , really, black men in drag. So, we deserve to be battered. Or, can surely take it. We’re the tough-as-nails. “strong black woman” who can compete in an 800 meters collegiate race white eight-months pregnant and we can take a heavy-weight left hook on a bus after being a public nuisance. Madea can.

So, why not take, upload to social media, and laugh at videos of black women being injured or sneer at very brown little girls being sexually exploited or exposed. Or, talk of black mothers, generally, as being of the character that grows to full form from these tots. Why not laugh?

Non-black people are laughing, too. And, gunning us down—female AND male.

The gender of beasts; of vermin, is of no consequence. Once the females have been divested of expected consideration— even grandmothers— children are simply potential threats. And, black males, if you think you had it bad before, you ought to hear the gears shifting into overdrive now. If you thought this black-men-in-a-dress thing was only about feminizing black males, think again.

Poisonous propaganda about a people is almost always served early with the sugar of comedy. We might laugh ourselves into a killing field.

Zombies Go to Gas Chambers—or Bottoms of Oceans

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The Huffington Post just published a piece about white folks in Maine doing a disaster preparedness drill for a Zombie attack that originated in Jamaica.

All of the news stories of face-eating attacks, of which I am aware, have involved black attackers. AIDS was said in the 1980s to have originated in Africa. There has been little official retraction of this statement though it has been known for decades to not be true… Black people are STILL falsely being said to engage in more illegal drug abuse and selling than other people… And, so soon, are we forgetting the phony Kony viral video demonizing black males? Given the centuries long trend of TOTAL WAR waged against black people, the great weight of the evidence is that this is just one more incident of malicious propaganda to inspire more terrorism against black people and to encourage cooperation and submission by black people to the system of white domination.


Post the paragraph in green font above, or one similar, to as any online forums, articles, etc., as you can afford:


Younger black people are being conditioned to believe white folk are safer than black people even more so than their elders have been so conditioned. To the extent this is successful, the collective time and energy of black people that supports our own domination will be increased.

When more black people see a trend of malicious deceit orchestrated by white folk against black people, black people are much less likely to trust white people. And, white people will have to use more of their time and energy to maintain their system of domination over black people—this includes making it more difficult for them to successfully execute population tailoring (killing large numbers of black people.)

The Black People’s Anti-defamation League is composed of an “Army of 1” x an effective number of black people. Don’t go passively. We can win this thing. Time matters.

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