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1st Anniversary of Zimmerman Acquittal

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We will put our minds on it and to it:  Within this generation, when they come to harm even one of us, WE will be ready/

We will put our minds on it and to it: Within this generation, when they come to harm even one of us, WE will be ready.

“Criminal Justice is an Oxymoron”- and Other Reflections of the Never-Fun-House of White Domination

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A black male associate of mine said the following to me and some other black people a couple of days ago:

“Another twist to what’s going on; each and every time one of these killings happen, you see this so-called leadership run as fast as they can to the white media. Why I do not know because I only see them either getting thrown further under the bus, made to look quite illiterate, and contributes to NOTHING getting accomplished! How do you run to your murderer to plead your case? I’m confused as hell right now.”

That’s the way this deceptive house of distorted mirrors works. It makes you think that down is up, that out is in, that the illogical is logical. My associate is only confused because, in this particular room of the not-ever-fun-house, he is walking out and so many other black people are in a daze continually walking into the room and slamming into glass and mirrored walls.

This is the same madness that has hold of the so-called Native Americans who, for a couple of centuries now, have been pleading their case, literally, for their sovereignty before white judges. If you’re sovereign, what jurisdiction would anyone else have over you?

? ?

“Black people” of all shades (people who are not white) will be on our way when we can take a slap from white folks; a slap that produces blood, even death— and HONESTLY admit that we are not in a position to do ANYTHING about it. Only then will we do the hard work to GET in a position to do something about the murder, rape, and theft of black people everyday but happens to make the morning news here and there.

Getting the PHYSICAL power to deal with these savages is not as simple as getting guns and bullets. Muammar Quaddafi, Sudaam Hussein, and the Black Panthers had guns and bullets.

Working on now nonexistent technologies like “remote viewing neuromelanostimulators” (telepathy powered by melanin), melanomagneticforce fields, time gappers– hold more promise than guns and bullets, or even nukes. Something. Something new. Something that cannot be used against us even if these oxyhominoids (white folks) know all about it. It will take imagination, testing, and strategy to produce an effective PHYSICAL defense that our opponent cannot breach. That’s the mission.

Instant gratification from statements about what we’re “not going to take” are not going to stop anything. Get real. We ARE going to take it— until we have a defense more powerful than their weapons. We can wait on it or work on it. And, every person has to decide which strategy suits them. Let’s just stop deluding ourselves that pleading with white folks— whether in courts of law, in front of cameras, or on the steps of any capitol— is anything more than high-energy waiting.

Pleading can only be effective when the body you’re pleading with has some ultimate regard for you.

Molestation Victim is Zimmerman Defender

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Joe Oliver, defender of the killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. To be clear, the police report listed Zimmerman as "white Hispanic." No hyphen. Zimmerman was classified as white at the time of the murder.

Joe Oliver with his "wife" and offspring. Deep breath. There is only one person at whom venom should be directed in this photo. She's second from the left.


  1. It removes or reduces the suspicion that any white person who can practice racism does practice it. This reduced suspicion is then recommended to other non-white people with whom they talk—offspring, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, etc. ( During formal slavery, black people in this part of the world were clear about the fact that white people who pump us are not mutually exclusive from those who thump us. The fathers of many slaves were also their massuhs. )
  2. It confuses the non-white person about the supremacy of racism. If the bed is a racism free-zone, the victim of racism starts to reason that maybe the skateboard park is, too! This confusion is then spread to other non-white people with whom they talk—offspring, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
  3. It does not reinforce self-acceptance. Caressing the uniform of the enemy (the white supremacists) is likely to produce something similar to the Stockholm Syndrome.
  4. It can produce offspring with more acute effects of 1-3. It is extremely difficult to convince himself/ herself that a white parent may have been mistreating him/her on the basis of color even though the white parent pushed him/her in a stroller and swing.
  5. It compromises the non-white person’s will and/or ability to counter racism (white domination). At minimum, to avoid the disapproval of the white sexual partner, the non-white person will limit or stop his/her study and discussion about countering racism. More often than not, it produces victims of the system who become so confused that they act as “defense attorneys” for Racist Man and Racist Woman in court rooms, on camera, on social media, on the job, at the lunch table, etc.
  6. Mr. Joe Oliver gave up his job to do public relations work on behalf of the white murderer of Trayvon Martin, repeatedly saying that he knows that Zimmerman “is not a racist.” Oliver has recently admitted that he is not even a close friend of Zimmerman but only a former co-worker. Mr. Joe Oliver is a long-term victim of maximum racist aggression (sex between a white person and a black person). When the system of White Supremacy has been terminated, one can only hope that he can be fully restored to mental health.

    *FB friend Patricia Tee coined the term “defense attorney” to describe black people who have become so mentally ill that they vigorously defend their dominator at every opportunity.

Stop Talking About Trayvon Martin

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I wish to associate myself with the remarks of Facebook friend “TaterPie.” It is my official statement about the murder of Trayvon Martin:

“I get why black people are asking ‘Am I next?’ in relation to the Trayvon Martin situation. However, why are we pretending that there hasn’t been an ongoing assault since the womb on us? Our nonstop mistreatment affects us mentally which affects us physically and helps lead to early deaths of ourselves and of our relationships with each other. Racism isn’t an event. It’s a system. We need to be honest about that.”

This is not/ a picture of the crime scene of Travon’s murder. It’s a picture of white enforcement officials corralling a white guy, Andrew Joseph Dennehy in Oklahoma, who actually fired a gun at them. A lot of guns. But, they didn’t kill him.

White male had gun. Trayvon had none.

White male shot at enforcement official with a badge and two others. Trayvon shot at or assaulted no one.

Said white male was surrounded, taken into custody and hospitalized. Trayvon was shot dead.

Shooter of Trayvon was taken into custody alright—protective custody in his own house, car, and streets.

(Remember unarmed and black Kenneth Harding in San Francisco? Guns were turned on crowd members attempting to assist him as he bled to death from enforcement official gunfire.)

This is every day. Every year. Every century since this system has been in place. Why— why— are we still talking to white folks about it?

If you are still laying in bed with one after he/she expressed his/her oh-so-sincere sorrow for such “senseless” acts, I plead with you to get your clothes on and get to work.

Jason, Jared, and Tom—I’m talking to you.

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