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How to Unconciously Defend Racists: Chris Paul not Saved by the Bell

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ChrisPaul's KellyKapowski

Former L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling/Tokowitz, goes to a black baptist church for forgiveness. His former star black employee, guard Chris Paul is given, for a birthday present, an autographed pic of a white woman that the now married-to-a-black woman hoopster says was his first love. Racist Man and Racist Woman are a devastating tag team.

Sterling warned his cha-cha, V. Stivano, that she was viewed as a “Latina or delicate white woman” and to stay away from black men. Chris Paul protested that statement. But, he’s married to, in the parlance of the world of people Sterling is in, a not-so- delicate woman: a very brown-skinned woman. The delicate white woman was Paul’s first love. By, implication, it is his first choice. Especially since he flipped out about getting the pic. How would that play in your marriage? I know how it would play in mine. And, it proves that Sterling was justified in his concerns. Why does King Kong deserve Fay Ray?

Race-Prisoners: Let a Boy Show You how to Be a Man

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First, about the title of this piece: The general reader will see nothing strange about the use of the word “man” to refer to a black male. But, readers may be perplexed who know that I try to practice the scientific use of words to counter white domination (racism) [as explained in The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept for victims of White Supremacy by Neely Fuller, Jr. ]. Since black people are dependent on white folks then, relative to white folks, black people function as children not as adults.
From that, it follows that, as long as white domination exists, no black person can be a man or a woman–only boys and girls. Yep, boys and girls just as white folks referred to our grandparents before white folks got slick. Yet, even today, lots of black people refer to our closest black associates as our “girls” or our “boys.” Slang ofttimes conforms to logic that is calculated at the subconscious level. Until recently, I followed that logic.

A couple of days ago, I had an email exchange with another black female/woman who, like me, would be considered middle-aged. She said the following:

I understand the difference in the power dynamic but if we’re going to classify black males as “boys” then what’s the beef when they have relations with our 10-12 year old daughters? I just don’t think an adult black male should be able to claim “rape” upon realizing he was played by Becky….maybe it’s a language issue but I’m having a hard time equating what takes place between an adult and a child, or a willing male and absolutely unwilling female with what takes place between a willing adult male and willing adult female. I think it reduces the brutality of “rape”. While I understand Fuller’s logic – and can agree within the context of that conversation – I still think we need to be careful calling adult black males and females boys and girls. Rather than it being an incentive to want to be “grown” – it’s more of a crutch to remain childish. I hear it among counter-racists too often, “well, I’m not really a man/adult so……” So what? That’s the excuse to continue to be mediocre, inept? At what point do we expect Black males and females to be what’s necessary to really fight out of this cage – men and women. If we’re going accept and assist us being boys and girls – and WE DO – what’s our point?

Counter-racist codification is supposed to produce thought, speech, and action that is the best known way of replacing the system of white domination (racism) with a system of justice. If black people using the words “boy” and “girl” to refer to all black people promotes behavior that is compliant with our brutalized state, we need to not use them that way. We need words that reveal the truth that we are in a state of unjust dependence on white folks but not words that do not promote countering that dependence. So, I will henceforth use the words, race-prisoner, race -prisoner man and race-prisoner woman, race prisoner child/girl/boy to reflect that dependence. This is a term that I think more clearly focuses on race = racism. A boy or girl has no ability to not be a boy until nature changes that. A prisoner always has a chance of getting out of the prison by any means necessary. The “boy”/”girl” reference is a metaphor. But, I don’t think it is an accurate definition because there are critical differences in what an 8-yr-old black person or what a 17 yr-old black person can do and what a 35-yr-old black person can do. The brain of a 35-yr-old is physically different than those younger persons. The older brain is generally capable of more abstract thought and has more complex needs.
In the video linked to the pic above, the race-prisoner girl behaved terribly. She needs some memorable and harsh consequences that are not in conflict with justice. But, an upper-cut punch to her jaw by the race-prisoner boy is not what she needed. That is not what black people need to see either. This girl also needs some attention to her behavioral and mental health needs. She’s not just “some lil black bitch.” The race-prisoner girl needs some urgent care in the form of therapy sessions with a reasonably sane black care-giver. And some long-term attention to her behavioral and mental health needs by way of help in understanding how the global system of white domination (racism) has made all the black people around her dysfunctional to varying degrees—including her kith and kin. The race-prisoner boy needs exactly that same care and he needs to be applauded for showing black men how to behave as men in such situations. Somewhere there is a father/father figure he had/has that I want to send a gift card to. (The foul language…that’s another post.)

One last thing: A black male cyber-space associate of mine, S-Dot, explained that the girl’s behavior might have been a set-up—a set-up that is based upon the accepted premise that males should not strike females. S-Dot explained the following to me:

This female has been socialized to be ‘bait’ since she constantly affirms “I’ll get somebody to…” clearly indicating her motive for the conflict…[bait is for] males seeking conflict justification against other males encourage females to engage in behavior that will increase the possibility of physical altercations so the female is ‘justified’ in getting backup without others getting involved. Hence, being “bait” to trap prey. So-called “gangs” use this tactic quite consistently.

Twisted, isn’t it? Race-prisoner men need to turn away from physical conflict with Race-prisoner women—whether “bait,” deranged, or standard. Race Prisoner Men need to turn away from conflict with other Race-prisoner men, too. Race-prisoner men need to turn directly to face Racist Man, Racist Woman, and Racist Child.

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