Anderson Silva Beaten by White men, err, Weidman in UFC 162

The man who is said to be the best mixed-martial arts (MMA) practitioner of all time, who defended his UFC title a record 10 times, Anderson Silva, got dominated last night during his unsuccessful title middle-weight defense against Chris Weidman (sounds like “white man”). He was not dominated by Weidman alone. As is the case for every single day of Silva’s life, he was dominated by the folks who comprise the global system of white domination (racism). The only difference is that, last night, we got to see it on blazing display. To me, it is totally obvious that Silva was forced to throw that fight last night and that he wanted us to know it. I hold this to be true despite UFC president, Dana White’s, expletive-laced denial of the fight being fixed. I hold this to be true despite Silva saying, “He’s the best. I did my best, but he’s the best.” As standard news stories have reported, “Silva inexplicably kept his hands down and kept shouting to Weidman to fight.” Many white folks are saying that’s Silva’s characteristic cock-y-ness and that he paid for it last night. That is absurd. Silva is one of the most unassuming guys in the sport and he’s the smartest fighter in MMA. I agree with most of the sport world: If he’d planned on winning that fight with Weidman last night then, yes, it was inexplicable of him to keep his hands down as much as he did.

Silva’s is as smart as any victim I know. He knows that in combat, one must deceive. At some point, Silva, realized, that he was being combated outside of the octogon more than in it. Silva said, as early as 2008, that he wanted to complete the remaining six fights on his contract and retire. He said at that time, “It has nothing to do with money because I’m a humble person who has an ordinary life. Actually I never did it for money…Everything I could do for MMA, I already did. Now it’s time to help the new generation. You will not see myself pinching a fly anymore…I’m going to be fat, with a big belly by the side of the Octagon, eating popcorn behind the scenes.” I think he’s been tired of all of the white maneuvering for quite a while. Tired of not being able to have the say that white fighters have in who and when they fight. Tired of white fighters who he thought were “brothers” agreeing to fight him. Tired of having to defend his wife’s honor and his sons’ respect against the white guy, Chael Sonnen, who takes performance-enhancing drugs and said, “Tell Anderson Silva I will pat his wife on the ass and have her make me a steak.” But, the racists wanted to stop Silva from retiring undefeated in title defenses. And, they wanted him to take damage. Some severe pressure was brought to bear to keep Silva fighting. I do not know what it was. I just know white folks. And, as well as I know my toothbrush, I know that loud collective “boo,” when Weidman entered the arena last night, had to have been bought and planted. One thing white men CANNOT change is their gut-level antipathy for black-male physical prowess. I don’t recall any other time when the boos for Silva did not greatly outweigh any for his opponent. Now, if the boos were bought and planted, I knew it was a cover for the racist conspiracy, yes, damn it, conspiracy to take Silva down last night.

Silva had a couple of choices last night: 1) throw the fight as “asked,” or 2) anger Dana White’s mafia thereby putting God-knows-what and God-knows-who at risk and being forced into fights with little notice, enduring “accidents” by training partners, being tasked with super-fights in which he would have to lose weight, then gain weight, etc..
And, all the while, having to cap his testosterone so as to not offend white guys. He chose #1. And, he did it in such a fashion so as to deprive white men of chest-thumping while, at the same time, protesting that he had to make that choice. His corner men were visibly concerned and confused at Silva’s agitated behavior between the first and second round. This was not the man they knew.

After Weidman obliged Silva’s repeated invitations to knock him out, Silva said he had no desire to fight for the championship. No desire to be premier exhibit of big-game being taken down by the white hunter. This was Silva’s way out—five years later than when he’d first announced it. Dana White, UFC president and spokesman, said he has other plans for Silva. Anderson Silva is TIRED. He said so on the mic in the ring last night. Is there a black person over the age of thirty who does not understand that? *If you are so inclined to understand or relate metaphorically, The KJV book of Daniel 7:25 attests.
Most case studies in racism are sports events. Joe Louis, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Michael Vick, Serena Williams, Alan Iverson, LeBron James, Anderson Silva, the Michigan Fab Five, et al.. This is because, though there are always white folks working to mistreat black people in all areas of people activity, victims most often encounter direct mistreatment on the job. And, though most of us have trouble getting the interest of even our close kin in the abuse we are taking from white folks on our jobs, all eyes are on the jobs of a black professional athletes. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I watch tennis only to see what white folks are up to with Venus, Serena, and Gaël Monfils; that I watched gymnastics only to see the effects of white folks on Gabby Douglas; that I watched golf (yes, past tense) only to see what they were up to with Tiger, that I watch basketball only to see how white folks deal with each member of the Miami Heat “Big Three,” and watch MMA only to keep tabs on their moves against Anderson Silva and Jon Jones…. You get the picture. The big picture. The only “game” in the known universe. The only war in the known universe. The system of racism. The system of white domination.

Now, back to watching the conspiracy in favor of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. It’s time for a lot of us to put down the boxing gloves, basketballs, and tennis rackets, and start having fun with the periodic table of elements and writing computer code.


18 Responses to “Anderson Silva Beaten by White men, err, Weidman in UFC 162”

  1. what a fucking joke are you kidding me? is this article satire or racist? yougo on and on about the “white man” as racist like every single fucking white is racist and like no other race had its own set of racists give me a fucking break. why don’t you go play the victim in the corner and die its 2015 you fucking idiot. stop generalizing an entire race of people you of all people should understand that’s being prejudice.

  2. @Cree
    I’m not sure if you follow this blog but they have some great information on black women in Brazil. It mostly deals with the problem of racism in the world of entertainment,sports and modeling. But this new caught my eye. It shows a guy in blackface poking fun at Silva. Wait a minute……I thought Silva was seen as a hero in his homeland. Well maybe he’s a hero to certain people and just a n*gga to others. What do you think?

  3. I am white. Reading these comments makes me never want to watch a black man lose a fight again as it seems to be so healing for black people. But I do not like dumb people like Rampage he didn’t fight with his true heart. Maybe it will happen in Bellator. Jon Jones isn’t liked and it bothers me so much. He is a normal intelligent athlete and I really have come to be a fan. Why the hatred? The excuses people use for the hatred for Jones say he is arrogant. Well he is the best and yet talks up other fighters so that is not arrogant. Vitor and Alan Belcher are so cocky and arrogant. Jones is nice.

  4. I was voting for Weidman. Silva doesn’t speak English. And he isn’t fan friendly. Jon Jones, Phil Davis’s and Cain and Connor McGreggor are my favorite fighters. I am white and I guess I never saw it from your angle. But I won’t disagree or argue. Your points are well taken. I actually saw it a different way. 1.) Silva gave the belt to a humble religious man with great values and no greed or hatred in his heart in Weidman. He is a true worthy successor and Silva admitted the USA gave him his wealth so he paid it back by giving Weidman great Wealth. Weidman unlike Chael, is not from the reptilian aryan white race because he has brown eyes. Blue eyed people have reptilian aryan souls which are the true oppressors on Earth. A black man with bright blue eyes has the soul of a traitor.
    2.) Anderson might have really lost because actually he did almost win and his game was scary and intimidating. Maybe he was trying to scare the lesser experienced fighter which he did. It may have been a last ditch effort to win the fight and embarass Chris in the process.
    3.) Someone actually made a 2.2 $million bet the biggest in UFC

  5. I recently listened to an interview featuring Jim Brown in which he was asked if he retired “too soon.” He said, as Fred Williamson said – a moon or two ago – that he wanted to go out on top and (paraphrased) had no intention of being beat up and beat down and forced out of the game. When legacies are established or about to be established anti-humans get more vicious.

    Serena better rest her head on daddy’s shoulder and listen a bit more.

    I think it bears well to remember that professional athletes are still young when they enter the pros. Anti-human females are marketed to these guys in college (aside from the general media marketing of them to black males.) It’s on the parents and adults who are sending these young men into the dog pits to warn them. Black females are often in school/work environments with few black males and still maintain desire black males – even with the female-attracted-to-power paradigm in place….I’m typing and watching the trial – forgot my point…

  6. Cree your prose is nourishing kindred. Further examination of the “Black on Black Violence” is ensconced in the very real Psychopathic notion of fratricide, borne from the psyche of Europeans.

    Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill whites, therefore it is outside their experience…
    ~Bobby E. Wright, The Psychopathic Racial Personality

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “no matter how gracious, humble, professional, conciliatory he conducted himself, Open Hate & Hostility was heaped upon him”.

    That is the essence of it, isn’t it, baldwinsghost2012? And that he still has us, his kin. Our people are so very sweet, so innocent in our essence. That is how we know one another. For those who would point out the venom and violence that black people spew at one another, I will simply say that when and if you come to understand what I mean by “our people,” you will know what I mean. Our tormentors seek to destroy the innocents. And, we the innocents must be there for each other. See, baldwinsghost2012? You made me try my hand and prose, too.

  8. I can not tell you when my love for Anderson Silva blossomed, all that I know is that it was enveloping and strong. Perhaps it was his kindness displayed, perhaps it was the warmth of his smile that shines a beauty juxtaposed with his ferocious martial arts mastery…i don’t know, What i know is that i witnessed the kindred soul of greatness that my people exude effortlessly. I too was keenly aware of the venom & vitriol that suffered Mr. Silva, I avidly watched all that I could of this man, how the racists on the mma blogs & at my place of work spoke of him with seething hatred. simply for being the result of his hard work, discipline & gifts god given. I noticed that no matter how gracious, humble, professional, conciliatory he conducted himself, Open Hate & Hostility was heaped upon him. I also saw it on greater & lesser levels with former UFC fighter Quinton Rampage Jackson & current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. This “Psychopathic” reaction is par for the course for these racists, to hate innate greatness that doesn’t amplify their already maniacal, supremest albeit delusional self image & perception. The night of the fight I could hardly rest, I had a tangible uneasiness unlike any other challenge Mr. Silva faced, This was “Chael Sonnen” V2, the “great white hope” that would bring the belt home & make all things right in the twisted fantasy that is the white male psyche. My wife tried to assure me that win or lose Anderson would be fine, he has accomplished what is sure solidify his station & position amongst the giants, not only in MMA but in the pantheon of greatness that countless black people have ascended in spite of the choking chains of white supremacy. Alas, I awoke at 4:42am Sunday morn breathless, lying in the dark consulting the ancestors & hoping for their blessings, Headline read ‘Weidman ends Silva’s title reign with KO’ my heart sunk. I immediately felt the sadness of Brazil’s greatest warrior defeated by for all intents & purposes the machine of white supremacy…he represented hope to dispossessed black & brown slave descendents of Curitiba, I was deeply saddened, while I do realize it is folly to some, silly sports to others, I can’t forget the faces of those men, women & children when Anderson is amongst & amidst, His camaraderie with his team & the brothers Nogueira- i longed to know that kind of bond for myself & my people. It was a liberating feeling to witness the warmth & nobility of these beautiful people displayed. Their faces look just like ours, their struggle mirrors ours, their heritage is kindred to ours, they too have endured(continue to endure) the Psychotic, Sociopathic onslaught of Europeans. I hold Mr Silva warmly in my heart, he is a greatness that encourages, he is an example focused ferocity that awes, he is a reminder of what we all have lineage to. As my wife opined…He’ll be fine, he has his legacy, his family, & a country that loves him, no dollar amount or world title belt could take the place of being loved for being your true self.

  9. Amilkar Says:

    There could have been a lot of other things on Mr. Silva’s mind (wife, son, personal, future career choices, etc.) that I’d like to think he may be considering. After all, he has more than himself to think of planning for tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome of the last fight, he made a wise decision, especially when you think of how much more tragic his career could have ended. There are still many opportunities he can review at a relatively young age, allowing him to continue to enjoy family life. Whatever the choices may be, I congratulate him for the exemplary sportsmanship and value he’s brought to MMA. Now, the real fun begins for MMA by losing him…

    The 7th area of people activity is an escape for most of us where when we really put our minds to it, we have a greater chance to excel. If I could produce a perfect world, the same would be said of the remaining 8 areas of people activity. Sports is also one of the few areas where we can safely “release” or counterattack racism in a constructive way, whether through actual participation or safely spewing jaw-numbing facts, figures or engaging rhetoric. Not much credit is given to the often-overlooked technical skills as well as physical shape an athlete needs to be recognized as a “superior” performer. Therefore, there should never be any shame in our “game”. The Creator gave these individuals that “something” special, a gift that they can use to inspire the rest of us, whether through imitation or spiritual empowerment. You never know what impression you are having on others. Hell, I still get fired up every time I hear or see Muhammad Ali in his warrior years:


    All I can say at this point is:

    “Thanks Mr. Silva. May The Creator continue to bless you and your family!”

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    You bet diaryofanegress. It’s sort of homo-erotic, if you ask me, the way white males want to be next to but in control of black male virility.

  11. Yeah I agree. He also said “he is the best.He won the fight,he’s the best.” Almost sounded scripted to me. This guy can’t hold Silva’s jock strap! Silva is still the greatest and they know it! These anti-humans make me sick!

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Indeed on everything you said and, specifically that I think he was coerced into throwing that fight. Per the rematch, white folks WANT him it. Silva doesn’t and neither do I. There will be nasty things done to tilt the odds in Weidmans’s favor both in a re-match and in events leading up to it. If Mr. Silva can get out without putting his dear ones at risk, he should.

  13. Great post(as usual). You said:
    “Silva had a couple of choices last night: 1) throw the fight as “asked,” or 2) anger Dana White’s mafia thereby putting God-knows-what and God-knows-who at risk and being forced into fights with little notice, enduring “accidents” by training partners, being tasked with super-fights in which he would have to lose weight, then gain weight, etc..
    And, all the while, having to cap his testosterone so as to not offend white guys. He chose #1. And, he did it in such a fashion so as to deprive white men of chest-thumping while, at the same time, protesting that he had to make that choice. His corner men were visibly concerned and confused at Silva’s agitated behavior between the first and second round. This was not the man they knew.”

    Do you really think he threw the fight? I thought about mentioning that to my co workers but there’s no way in hell they would believe it. They want to believe so badly that this n*gger got put in his place. Silva said he didn’t want a rematch. Hmmmmm………what champion doesn’t want revenge for his loss?? Maybe this is designed to make White man Oops! I mean Weidman go down as “the white man that knocked out Silva.” And he can be marketed as such. Maybe it really was fixed. Silva reminds me of a modern day Muhammad Ali. He was a great fighter that could talk tough and back it up in the ring. And white folks couldn’t stand him for it. Silva is going through the same thing. I may have to do a post on this or maybe sports in general. Its’ obvious that racism permeates this culture in every way. People tend to thin that sports is just fun and games. But if you’ve red Isis Papers you know that’s not true.

  14. Something that always struck me as odd about sports was this: It’s mostly black males yet white males are always the coaches and owners.

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Whiz, you amaze me. Such a person of action.

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Totally understand that, diaryofanegress. So much of the quality time I have spent with both my father and my husband have been watching sports with them….I didn’t even know what MMA stood for six years ago until I got tired of being ignored while my husband was watching Anderson Silva on YouTube and Hollywood Video rentals before Silva became champion. Then, we both starting seeing the boos Silva would get no matter who he was fighting and no matter how courteous he was…I’ve been hooked ever since. But, I’m fixin to get unhooked.

  17. darryl-cmptrwhiz whiz Says:

    This is so well written I will find a way to get this to Dana White (fitting name)

  18. Since learning about “buck fighting”, I never got into sports.

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