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Black Men Magazine Covers Don’t Cover Contempt for Black Women

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I’m supposed to criticize black women for crossing over? I cannot.

Let me first state that we are dealing with numbers here. It has gotten to be annoying but necessary to preface all comments that deal with social phenomena with an acknowledgement that what is discussed is of a general nature based upon statistical odds. Please do not reply with singular examples or point out that this does not apply to all black men or all black women. Obviously, it does not. Not all people fall ill to anything. An epidemic does not have to affect everyone for it to be an emergency.

The evidence is that the vast majority of black men prefer women who look more like the non-black man’s mother when he was conceived than his own. That evidence is blaring in the dating site statistics; studies done by black people in social psychology journals; marriage and cohabitation studies done by black and white scientists and economists; the casting calls for rap videos, and, most importantly; the everyday experience of black girls and women. This last proof is what young women see when they walk into their brothers’, cousins’, and male friends’rooms or into convenience stores where black men are browsing these magazines. Friday night at the club shows more of the same. Black men carrying toddler seats to the restaurant table shows more of the same.

Statistics showing that currently married black men are mostly married to black women do not contradict this evidence. A large percentage of black men do not marry at all. And, when they do, they overwhelmingly strive to do so with women who have traits atypical of black women in any significant part of Africa that has not been exposed to admixture with non-black genetics. Again, this a matter of plain fact that is demonstrated by solid scientific data. Men all over the world have always availed themselves of the opportunity to put their penises in the available vaginas when the vaginas of the women they most desired—- beyond their genital’s ability to produce brief physical pleasure with eyes closed, if necessary— were not available. And, when there are no vaginas, the evidence is that many men will use another man’s rectum. So, the mere result of a nappy-headed baby being born of such sexual contact is not any evidence of preference for their nappy-headed mothers.

The evidence is also that the overwhelming majority of black women, however, prefer black men over every other type of men. Said evidence can be found in all of the sources referenced in the paragraph above this one.

These are the facts. This is not a matter of “debating over who’s been oppressed the worst, who isn’t valued the most, who’s been hurt the most etc.” It is, to me, disingenuous to attempt to put this matter of preference in a hat with all of the issues termed “gender wars” between black men and black women. All other matters of behavior are moot between a man and a woman when the man really does not want her because of how she looks. This is similar to tabling all communication and other issues when one spouse learns that the other is homosexual.

So, what are the millions of black women to do with no prospects of marrying a black man who truly wants and desires her? She has four options:
1) Be back-up pu$$y whether dating or married;
2) Be in a polygynous relationship with one of the few black men who do genuinely prefer black women;
3) Be celibate; * In my view, this includes changing one’s intimacy orientation to lesbianism and seeking to only have one’s eggs fertilized by some means unrelated to heterosexual pair-bonding.
4) Accept an offer of marriage or a date she believes could lead to marriage with a non-black man

These are all bad options compared to being with a black man who truly desires her. Option 1 encourages this trend among black men to continue or accelerate and is the option most black women are taking. But, for most black women, each of these four options compromise both her physical and emotional health. Far be it from me to criticize any black woman for reaching for the poisoned food from which she is left to choose. It is up to black men to work among themselves to get the poison out of the soil.


If you have food to offer me in a prison when I have none, how do you with any sanity and honor criticize me for taking food from a guard? That is what black men do who criticize black women for accepting offers from white men.

* “Option 3” was amended to correct an oversight that originalwoman13 pointed out in the comments to this piece.

Listen to Counter-Views: “It was Self Defense—She Got What She Deserved”—NOT

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Punching a Black Female: Sport, Laughter, Contempt…The audio (CREE RADIO podcast)

The hosts, Cree and Sonny, discuss the reactions to the video and their implications. It seems to the host that many victims of the system of white supremacy need attention in the infirmary before they are ready to even begin counter-racist basic training and that others already on the battle-field need to report to the infirmary as well.

Part 3: Crazy Nigga – understandable. Crazy Black Bitch – not so much Guest Post by LBM (Loves Black Men)

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The caption on this pic from it’s original source reads “Ratchet Females Vs. Orlando Police.” (This pic is unrelated to The Cleveland Incident.)

This is Part 3 in an undetermined number of posts in this blog’s special coverage of THE CLEVELAND INCIDENT.
Given: If the female in this incident had behaved exactly the same way with Mr. Hughes, the black bus driver, and she had been ANYTHING besides black, no punch would have been thrown.
Crazy Nigga – understandable. Crazy Black Bitch – not so much
Guest Post by LBM (Loves Black Men)

As if watching the video of a robust older black male attempt to knock out a female who could easily have been his daughter or even granddaughter (these days) wasn’t painful enough, I was a glutton for punishment reading online response after response.

Those responses made one thing very clear to me. When a Black male loses his mind, for whatever reason, black people, especially black females dig to the depths of patience, tolerance, compassion, empathy, and sympathy to understand his “righteous anger.” Black women have allowed themselves and, worse yet, their children to be continually abused in the name of “understanding” Black male anger. Black people have turned their heads as Black males sold drugs to our children because “what’s a brotha to do?” We’ve allowed the rape and pimping of our girls because “hurt people, hurt people.” Black women have endured years of loveless relationships because “he didn’t have his father so he doesn’t know how to love.” So it would seem that while many Black fathers were absent for their sons, they somehow stayed on the scene for their daughters?

There are tons of rationalizations for the mental illness of Black males yet zero for the Black female. The bitch is just crazy. She was born masculine. She was born promiscuous. Combativeness is in her DNA. The only way for Black males to help her is to have contempt for her. To knock the bitch out when she displays mental illness. No understanding. No compassion. No sympathy no empathy. It’s “that’s why we deal with white females” or “sometimes you gotta knock a bitch out.” That “knockout” could be physical, verbal, financial, or effective acts of indifference. Just don’t care. Just don’t care what has happened and is happening in the life of a Black female to drive her ass “crazy.” Now whether Black males don’t care because they feel impotent to do anything about it, or they don’t care because they feel Black women are not worthy of their care, doesn’t matter. Understand that you “not caring” makes you a predator. It makes you clench your fist and hit a Black female in her face. It makes you stand by and laugh at such an act. It aids the mental illness of Black females because the one person who SHOULD understand and attempt to help her is busy punching her. But check this out: What are Black males going to do when Black females are no longer concerned about THEIR mental illnesses? When the beatings and the dope dealing and the pimping and the raping and the unemployment and the underemployment and the bending over for other males is no longer rationalized– ?

Break-up & Never Make-up: The Racist Plan for Black Couples

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Today, my black male partner, Sonny, and I decided to splurge on some gourmet coffee before heading out to the beach. As of about two weeks ago, we would try to enjoy our coffee at a particular local coffee house— find a plush chair to read or a table to play chess— which Sonny wins 19 out of 20 times (I trounce him in scrabble).

Anyway, today was the third time I waited outside while Sonny purchased our drinks. And, the third time was a charm. Upon handing me my drink, Sonny reported that the tone and behavior of the white female baristas and white male owner were the most courteous of all the times we have patronized the place. Clearly, the white persons involved are pleased with the new equilibrium of Sonny and I acknowledging the refined Jim Crow arrangement. Sonny and I have a well-established history of being mistreated at this place which includes having extra shots added to drinks ordered decaffeinated; refusing to replenish water pitchers when asked until— with the staff watching—we asked white people to request the water; not being offered ceramic mugs customarily offered to white people until questioned with precision, etc. This is a consistent phenomenon everywhere Sonny and I go together. He and I are almost always treated much better by persons who are not black when we are alone than when we are together…We got the message a couple of years ago. If it’s something important to our survival, we know to not show up together.

May 2010 Issue of Heart & Soul Magazine

Black coupling requires one functional black male and one functional black female. As said before in my post on Michael Jackson, “White Supremacists (Racists) do not promote black males attempting to be men. As Neely Fuller has said, there are only THREE CHOICES offered to a black male: a boy, a wild animal that entertains when not caged, and/or a pretend female.” For doubters, maybe this will help. I really hope the magazine pictures and captions are self-explanatory because having to narrate and explain further would be torture for me.

From the May 2010 issue of BUST---a magazine by and for white females.

May 2010 Issue of BUST--a magazine by and for white females

From May 2010 issue of BUST--- a magazine by and for white females.

This is a black male in the celebrated New Orleans Sissy Bounce Rapper Trend. May 2010 issue of BUST---a magazine by and for white females.

Black male Sex Toy for White females---May 2010 issue of BUST, a magazine by and for white females.

* Note: in this May 2010 issue of BUST, there is a testimony about how Elvis Presley was a “lousy lay” with a disappointing phallus.

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