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Who’s Playing Along with the NBA? On LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kawhi Leonard & The Rules on Color

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I look Arab.  Don't I?  Draft me!

I look Arab. Don’t I? Draft me!

I woke up this morning to a slew of Facebook posts by black people saying how ridiculous it was to have ever spoken of LeBron James as being anywhere near the greatness of Michael Jordan— after last night’s 4-1 San Antonio Spurs blow-out win over LeBron James’ Miami Heat team in the NBA Finals. These posts were given thousands of thumbs-ups — by other black people. White folks wouldn’t go to much trouble to disagree with that. But, white folks were spending their basketball-trash-talking minutes this morning fawning all over the greatness of the most international team (and, arguably the most explicitly anti-black team) in the NBA and, of course, the greatness of their beloved Great White Father, “Pop.” That latter title of the Spurs’ coach always sets to mind for me Adolf Hitler’s name for Nazi Germany as the “Fatherland.” But, I’ve digressed. What I’m going to do in this article is point out: 1) why so many black people show love to Jordan but throw glare on James, and; 2) why so many black people REALLY delighted in seeing the Spurs demolish the Heat.

No, the facts do not bear out that MJ and LBJ are widely separated by performance.

From the outstanding article on Black Men on Sports (BOSS), BOSS Sports | Vigalantee: LeBron, Show Black Pride Openly And You’ve Got MJ Beat:

“Michael Jordan’s team did not clear .500 in the regular season until his fourth season in the league, 1987-1988, when Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant came aboard and Doug Collins was coach….”

The Cav’s went to the playoffs [James’] 3rd season in the league and that was coming straight out of H.S. while Jordan came into the league after 2 years of college ball. James left Cleveland for Miami and has reached the Finals in all three years, winning twice. Through 10 years, Jordan holds a 3-2 edge in championships and Finals MVPs. James has a 4-3 edge in Finals appearances and regular-season MVPs. The numbers for these two all-time greats are through Jordan’s age-31 year and James’ age-28 year. “

Like most beliefs that do not reconcile with the facts, this one about Jordan far out-performing James is based upon bias. In this case, it is a bias caused by white folks to further their system of domination.

A lot of black people dislike LeBron James, essentially, because a lot of white folks dislike him: kinda the way black people disliked Malcolm X in his day because, they were told was an adequate reason, The Minister advocated “violence” ( self-defense).
In LBJ’s case, somehow it’s related to “how The Decision was done.” That was a product created by the white folks who control marketing. LBJ had every right to profit from it though all the money he made from it went to charity. James also had/has every right to be vocal about his confidence. When white men do it, it’s called “leadership.” When black men do it, it’s called “cockiness” (not surprisingly). Think about the word, “cocky.” Minister Malcolm was not a well-behaved Negro and neither is King James of America. I understand that we don’t like those of us whom our dominators don’t like because those rebels make us nervous. But, we gotta deal with that nervousness in a more constructive way. The rebels are right and the dominators are wrong.


Black people hate blackness, of course. We hate seeing it like a vain 50-yr-old hates looking into mirrors. We prefer to see ourselves as something different, something better, we believe, than we actually are. Most black people prefer to see ourselves as the mulattoes that have replaced us in mass media. This is often discussed as regards black women and hair weaves. But, witness it now in black men: A friend of mine told me this morning that she was watching game 5 last night in a lounge. My friend told me, “at a table next to mine were several young black men who talked about The Spurs having a black man from this country and that…how this one was mixed with this and that….they high-fived when the Spurs scored and one yelled for them to whoop them ‘black mutha fuckas asses'”

Hasn’t anyone noticed how the NBA has had, for the last 5-10 years, a much higher percentage of lighter-skinned black players than exists in the general population or that existed before that time? Professional sports have now become like any other job. Lighter skin can qualify you when ability alone cannot. This change in policy by the racists was quite deliberate and explained very well in a piece on Aljazeera, entitled, Far from Sterling: Rebranding racism in sports, written during the 2nd round of this year’s NBA play-offs:

“The National Basketball Association (NBA) has evolved into a global commodity. With fans all over the world, its top athletes are as recognisable as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Although a worldwide brand today, the NBA’s struggle has long been selling a “Black game” to a white audience stateside, and non-Blacks on the international front.

‘Less black and more professional’

Today 76 percent of NBA players are Black. Before the influx of international talent in the 1990s, the proportion of Black players was even higher. NBA owners, all of whom were white until 2002, set off to do the impossible: convert a predominantly Black NBA into a non-Black league.

First, league owners sought to transform the league’s image. Hip-hop culture was ubiquitous in the NBA, manifested by the music played at stadiums to the style of dress worn by its biggest stars. The corn-rowed Allen Iverson, who commonly wore baseball caps and medallions at press conference, replaced the suit-and-tie professionalism of Michael Jordan.

The shift was far more than merely aesthetic. Jordan personified the apolitical sensibility and trans-racial marketability NBA owners coveted. Jordan was said to ‘transcend race’, while Iverson’s slang resonated more with street kids than corporate sponsors. While Jordan faded away from race and politics, claiming: ‘Republicans buy sneakers, too’, Iverson represented the very culture and community NBA owners sought to clip.”

To “transcend race” means to not talk about racism (the domination of black people). That can include not talking much AT ALL and looking down when not looking at some task on the court. It’s not his fault and I’m not demeaning the Spur small-forward, Kawhi Leonard’s, talent. But, of course, his behavior and speech fit the latter specs. The same can be said of The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Reggie Jackson. Let me reiterate that I am NOT blaming Mr. Leonard or Mr. Jackson. They are being severely victimized and it shows. Victims are not to blame for their victimization. Period.

To be “more professional and less black” as referenced in the Aljazeera piece, means to as much as possible, literally and phenotypically be less black. The international list of black NBA players fits this bill more than it does not. But, it also includes many born right here in these 50 united states in North America. An Arab in Dubai watching an NBA game might think that Danny Green, Tim Duncan, Stephen Curry, or Blake Griffin are Arabs. And, a lot of black people would like to escape their black self-perception by seeing themselves in such players.

In other words, a lot of the dislike that black people have for the Miami Heat, as currently constituted, and much of the fondness we have for the Spurs is not because of the way the latter play team ball but is just plain colorism born of being dominated by non-black folk.

Increasingly, it’s becoming clear that Grandma’s house isn’t the place for our little ones to be when we cannot watch them if Grandma is going to have that TV on. Or, is going to buy white dolls given with hugs and kisses. Or, is going to fawn all over people with lighter-eyes, straighter hair, and/or lighter skin. Or, is going to have a picture of white Jesus or Fard Muhammad on her wall. ETCETERA.”’


An Ode to LeBron: Post-Script to Game 4 of June 2014

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Athlete as Activist in the post-Obama world

Athlete as Activist in the post-Obama world

Just in case some are missing the dialogue between K.P. and I in the comments to the “Game-Maker’s” article, I decided to distill my thoughts Spurred by the very insightful Kushite Prince as a separate piece.

I hold open the hope that the Miami Heat can be the first team in history to win an NBA finals after being in a 3-1 deficit—while knowing what tall hope that is. How epic and fitting would THAT be? Yet, I am steeled against the probable outcome. What is really saddening to me is how so few black people are doing anything but viewing this as a comparison between the basketball greatness of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. So few Heat fans, even, appreciate the Ali-like importance of LeBron James. They cheer only his basketball feats.

It is true that James has not been as straight-forward in his speech against racism as Muhammad Ali or, football great, Jim Brown. But, the racism of James’ time is practiced in a MUCH less straight-forward way. “The Decision” took place when there was a black POTUS. So, I do equate James’ words and, especially his actions, to those of Brown and close to those of Ali. LeBron James’ public stance on Trayvon Martin’s murder and on Donald Sterling are follow-ups to his move to Miami. That move to Miami— including the much maligned “way it was done”—was a defiant refusal to not be as cocky as he was endowed by The Creator just to quell the sexual anxieties of non-black men. And, to add injury to psychic insult to said non-black folk, James married a gorgeous, undeniably black woman. (nod to LBM)

So, win or lose this year or any year, I will always admire what LeBron James has done. And, the admirable way that Bosh and Wade have held up under the heat has not been lost on me either.

It’s What We Game-Makers Like to Call a “Wrinkle”

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Trifling  and  Tacky Racist Woman Mocking the injury of LeBron James.  Reminiscent of the glee white women display in lynching photos.

Trifling and Tacky Racist Woman Mocking the injury of LeBron James. Reminiscent of the glee white women display in lynching photos.

LeBron James is an avid follower of The Hunger Games series.
So am I. If you’re not, this post may miss you.
This post will definitely miss you if you do not believe in conspiracies or if you do not believe that sport is important enough to racists (white dominators) to plan and execute schemes to effect their desired outcomes. It will miss you if you do not believe that there are no lengths to which they will not go. If that is you, reading this piece will be a waste of your time. Read no further.

Last night, the Miami Heat were beatin’ that ass; they were about to GET OFF and just dominate after all of that speculation that they didn’t really have to play any good teams in the weak Eastern Conference play-offs to get to the NBA Finals.

Coached by their beloved general “Pop”— the White Nation’s favorite Spurs were about to be embarrassed by those uppity Negroes like uppity District 12 tribute Katniss Everdeen was about to embarrass Pan-Am’s, white-rose-on-the-lapel-wearing, President Snow. When Katniss was about to just completely avoid all the gladiator sparring by hiking her way out to the camouflaged perimeter of the enclosed tropical arena, the Head-Game-Maker ordered the computerized control center to start a fire from which she had to run and in, so doing, back towards those who were hunting her.

NBA Finals. Big Business. But, the air-conditioning didn’t work last night in the Spurs arena. Heat for the Heat. The arena managers could not explain it. What a shame. The fans were fanning themselves with their programs even though they were just sitting there on their toosh.

Excessive perspiration and exertion, of course, drains the body of essential fluids that carry electrical impulses to the body; electrolytes. People with dense, fast-twitch muscles are likely to know the excruciatingly painful cramps that happens as a result. Elite sprinters have gone down on the Olympic track because of them. (I’m a fast-twitch muscled lady. So, I know the agony of these cramps.)

LeBron James, is probably the most densely muscled athlete in the NBA and has suffered leg cramps before in games. Being so durable, that’s about the only injury that hobbles him. With all the heat in that arena that wasn’t in uniform, it was not surprising that James got a cramp that took him out of play—in the final quarter of the game. After the first cramp, he was helped off the floor by the trainers and given fluids. (?) The question mark is there because he suffered a second cramp in that 4th quarter. But, this time, the standard protocol on an NBA team when a player gets a play-stopping cramp did not take place. NOTHING was done for LeBron the second time he cramped up. It was the oddest thing I have ever seen in an NBA game. He just stood there. There was no time-out called though play had stopped for an extended amount of time. He was not helped to the side-lines. He was not massaged nor given electrolytic fluids by the trainers. He was not even helped to the locker room after the game. His team mates seemed disoriented by it. Of course, they just headed down court for defense expecting the trainers to take care of it. When that didn’t happen and play had obviously stopped, a couple of his team mates, in an uncertain, confused state, went to lend a hand as James was hobbling best he could to the side-lines.

I have never seen anything like it in an NBA game. Rather than commenting on that, white folks are blaming and making fun of Mr. James. Gatorade officials are even joining in on the fun.

Plutarch Heavensbee, Head Game-Maker of Pan-Am and President Snow were discussing the threat that Katniss Everdeen posed in raising the morale of the oppressed districts and demoralizing those oppressing them. Heavensbee told Snow, “There’s a way we can still win. It’s what we game-makers like to call a ‘wrinkle.'” Fire, excessive heat in an arena, floods.

Morale is most important in war. And ALL is “fair” 🙂 in love and war. And all love requires war as this system is configured. Wrinkles and all. I have always been suspicious of Manny-Pacquiao-militant Spoelstra with the white dad. Y’all are free to call me a crazy mentally ill victim of racism or just a crazy nigg@r b!tch. Whatever. It’s not personal. It’s business.

If you have outrage that wasn’t sufficiently salved by this piece, you may find this radio broadcast helpful that my husband and I did on this matter.

Just Say No to Combs

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It’s just plain math, i.e., logic. No one likes pain. IF combing hair causes pain and hair must/should be combed, THEN, hair that can be combed with no/less pain IS “good hair.”

Time is precious. IF combing hair rakes a lot of time and hair must/should be combed, THEN, hair that can be combed with no/less time IS “good hair.”

If you have very tightly coiled-hair that you don’t regularly change into not-so-bad hair with chemical or mechanical heat, your hair could logically be reasoned to be bad unless you style your hair WITHOUT COMBING in a manner that does not require pain or undue time (more than about 90 minutes per week). Or, unless you shave it all off.

I do not have “bad hair” and I am not bald. My hair is a mix of curls of various diameters (some natural and some fashioned with conditioner and my fingers) and naps and locs. I REASONABLY de-tangle my hair with my fingers before and after washing. I do use scissors to clean the lines here and there as I got myself emotionally unattached to length except enough to see the luxurious, has-its-own-mind textures. But, I’ve no need to rid my head of every single tangle anymore than I’ve a need for the shrubbery in my yard to look just like the grass. And, I get compliments all the time on both my hair and my yard.

I had a math problem to solve and I solved it.

In South Africa, during “apartheid,” white folks would administer the “comb test” to determine whether to classify some children as “coloured” (mixed race) and, therefore qualified to be spared of some mistreatment coming to those classified as black. THAT is a “racially biased” test if ever I heard of one. I refuse to administer it to myself.

I must, according to my counter-racist code, tell the truth about my weaknesses and faults in any matter that I solicit the same of others. And, that truth is that I did not correctly solve this problem at the time that I chose to have offspring. I solved the “bad hair” problem of my offspring by selecting a father with straight hair. He also has pink skin.

Hi, My Name is Timmy

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“Hi, my name is Timmy. I’m 37 yrs old , 7ft tall ,and weigh over two hundred pounds. I’m a future hall of fame inductee and I have helped my team to 4 NBA titles so far in my career. I’m not the highest paid player on my team, and Pop says I “shouldn’t worry about the money and focus on being a good boy”. My wife is leaving me and probably taking most of my money with her. But Pop says “give her whatever she wants and don’t make her out to be a gold digger in the media.” Oh and “be a good boy”.
I try my best to please Poppa. Tony does too, but sometimes I think that…(need to catch my breath)…sometimes I think that Pop is a big bully! He scares me!!! I’m doing my best to make him happy. Hopefully we beat those Big thugs(lol ,I mean three) and Pop will take me camping this summer After this divorce I will probably need a tent anyway. Hehe.- Goodnight diary.”

This is not my original content. I truly forgot, in my angst and anger, to credit its author, “Al.”

San Antonio Spurs Coach Pop: Supreme Manager of Black Cock-y-ness

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Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, talking.  Tim Duncan listening.

Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, talking. Tim Duncan listening.

Spurs power forward/center, Tim Duncan, at media conference after game 1 of the 2013 NBA finals series with Miami Heat. Emphatically style-less in plaid shirt

Spurs power forward/center, Tim Duncan, at media conference after game 1 of the 2013 NBA finals series with Miami Heat. Emphatically style-less in plaid shirt.

Gary Neal, undrafted Spurs role player after a had a break-out game 3 in the 2013 NBA finals against Miami Heat.  emphatically style-less in plaid shirt.

Gary Neal, undrafted Spurs role-player after a had a break-out game 3 in the 2013 NBA finals against Miami Heat. Emphatically style-less in plaid shirt.

Dressing stylishly for media events after games implies pride and confidence. Confidence, in any amount, in a black male is cocky-ness to white men. White folks’ chief complaint (only complaint?) against world MMA champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, and 4-time NBA MVP, LeBron James is that they are COCKY. I suspect that the reason that Spurs players dress down in post-game media conferences is that white “Coach Pop” (Popovich) rewards and enforces an “aw shucks, tuck in your confidence/cock” demeanor on the black Spurs players. Confidence in any amount in black people makes the black person a target for greater abuse. And, when it is in black men, it is, of course, berated as damnable cockiness. Everyone knows black men have big ones. I guess that’s why Ginobili, the Spurs best white player, has the biggest salary in order to compensate for his lack of cock-y-ness compared to Parker and Duncan.

Danny Green, who along with Gary Neal was a no-marquis player who shot the lights out last night in game 3 of the NBA finals, is “the only player in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) with 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 three-pointers, 150 blocks and 150 steals. He won the NCAA men’s basketball Division I national championship in his senior year at UNC and played in his first NBA finals in 2013 with the San Antonio Spurs.” Still, according to, the Spurs “couldn’t stand him… didn’t like his attitude and didn’t think he’d fit in with their team-oriented culture.” Green, then, left a voice-mail message for “Pop” saying, “I’ll do whatever you need me to do. Rebound, defense, towel boy, water boy … whatever you need me to do, I’m going to do that.” Ole Pop gave Green second and third chances after that—- the third time having his former white college coach at North Carolina vouch to “Pop” for his “attitude adjustment.”


In circumstances such as these, when black men are pulling down millions of dollars, white men feel strategically re-assured when black men date and marry white women as bed-side overseers. Being reassured that these black men want so desperately to please white folks. So, should we be surprised?……

 Spurs game 3 hero, Gary Neal, who says he wanted to come back to the states from Europe so he could "start a family."

Spurs game 3 hero, Gary Neal, who says he wanted to come back to the states from Europe so he could “start a family.”

 Duncan and wife----They're divorcing. Bet we won't hear anything about how she "doesn't deserve" the child support and spousal support Duncan forks out to her.

Duncan and wife—-They’re divorcing. Bet we won’t hear anything about how she “doesn’t deserve” the child support and spousal support Duncan forks out to her.

Being born into a system that allows white folks to so effectively punish black men for healthy confidence is the reason I blame white folks (and that includes the blonde “wives” shown below) not Mr. Duncan, Mr. Neal, or Mr. Green for all the tragic facts discussed in this post.

Goooooooooooooooo HEAT!

About Christopher Dorner’s Firing From the LAPD: It Never Was Complicated

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Former LAPD officer and accused murderer, Christopher Dorner.

The facts about former LAPD officer, Christopher Dorner’s, termination as they’ve been reported through various sources, is a classic illustration of the way racism (white supremacy) works.

Already we’ve been told both that Dorner was stripped of his badge in 2009 and that his badge was found in San Diego on Febrary 7, 2013. So, in this piece, I am assuming that this situation isn’t some set-up or drama orchestrated by white folks — who are known to execute massive frauds.

In this piece, I am also not addressing the murders that Dorner is accused of recently committing in the southern California region except to say the following: 1) It is incorrect to harm any person that is not white who poses no imminent danger to the physical safety of anyone else who is not white or to major property owned by persons who are not white, and; 2) I am grateful to the Creator that neither I nor anyone whom I hold dear has ever reached the desperate state that Mr. Dorner would’ve had to have been in order to seek to end one’s own existence or that of another.

White reporters and white editors of media with the largest audience across the nation are cooperating with white persons who are officials in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by presenting the story of Christopher Dorner’s firing from the LAPD in 2009 as if it’s “complicated.” Racists (white supremacists) will always try to make things seem complicated whenever black people are close to clearly understanding anything about racism (white supremacy). This is not complicated. As said in that media release (“Manifesto”), it’s “plain as day.”

In order to make a determination that Christopher Dorner should be fired from the LAPD, its Board of Rights (BOR) was only required to determine that it was “more likely than not” that Dorner lied when he said that his white female partner, Teresa Evans, kicked white male suspect, Christopher Gettler, in an excessive use of force.

The state courts held a similar but lesser standard. The courts had to decide whether the Board of Rights (BOR) REASONABLY BELIEVED that Dorner was more likely to have lied than not.

Contrary to the findings of the BOR and the California trial and appellate courts, the testimony of neither the arrestee, Christopher Gettler, nor his father, Richard Gettler, is made less significant for any of the reasons the BOR cites. That testimony was that the female arresting officer kicked Gettler in the chin and the chest and that he told his father that he had been kicked by the female arresting officer who could have only been Evans. Simple.

It is irrelevant that Gettler suffers from mental illness.

It is immaterial that Gettler got Evans’ hair color wrong one of the two times he made a statement about it.
Anyone might have a condition that makes them more prone to be confused or forgetful about something. But, if such a person makes a statement that independently matches another person’s account, it is a practical certainty that the statement is true.

It is also irrelevant in this fact set whether, at the time of his report to his sergeant of the excessive use of force by Evans, that Dorner believed he was about to get an unsatisfactory performance review from Evans. This is the claim of Evans but one that has not been reported to have been documented anywhere. It matters not whether Evans was attempting to fabricate an unsubstantiated record of poor work performance by Dorner or whether Dorner actually was performing unsatisfactorily. It is immaterial because it is a statistical improbability that amounts to a practical impossibility that Gettler and Dorner would give independent accounts of Gettler being kicked by the female arresting officer unless Evans, in fact, kicked him. Dorner was not fired for poor performance. He was fired for lying about his report of Evans using excessive force. Simple.

It is clearly not more likely that Dorner lied than that he didn’t. It is, therefore, ridiculous to conclude, as the courts did, that the Board of Rights officials reasonably believed that Dorner lied. Yet, the system of racism (white supremacy) is as designed to produce such judicial and quasi-judicial outcomes as it is designed to produce resistance to them. As counter-racism science originator Neely Fuller Jr. wrote, “The seeds of the destruction of Racism (White Supremacy) are implanted in the existence of Racism itself.”

What does matter is that Los Angeles Port Police officer, Sgt. Hernandez, who is likely a white person that claimed to witness the entire arrest, lied about telling Dorner to fix his tie when Dorner wasn’t wearing one. I suspect that this was a code for the lynch rope that he and others were conspiring to metaphorically tie around Dorner’s neck. There is no other reason that I can think of for the man to include such an obviously false and extraneous piece of data. Malicious, coded language is an ever-present part of the practice of racism.

Fresh out of the police academy in 2006, Dorner reported officers (who have Hispanic names but are arguably white) for using the word “nigger.” From that moment on, he was on the clock kept by the terrorist collective of white persons as a target of even greater mistreatment than he would normally receive as a black person. I’m sure with Mr. Dorner’s confusion about the system of racism (white supremacy), he had no clue that white folks were laying in wait for him with special plans for harm. This confusion was, necessarily, infused daily with his intimate interactions with white folks whom he “dated” and called his “friends.”
If Mr. Dorner is still breathing, he surely sees now that this entire planet is a prison run by white supremacists. Whether they smiled at him, cried with him, drank beer with him, swore an oath to justice, or whispered sweet and absolute nothings in his ear, white folks meant him harm. Heck, I wonder if he’s heard the latest about Richard Gettler? The elder Gettler says he told Dorner that filing the report about his son being kicked by Evans was making “too big a deal” out of it. Best wishes to Mr. Dorner on the other side. Simple but hard.
Doesn’t get any simpler or any harder.

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